Any Way To Get System To Recognize Extra Space (SD Card)?

Sep 20, 2015

I have a Samsung 700T tablet (think Surface Pro). It only as a 128GB SSD, but I read about a trick Surface Pro owners use to add extra storage. You format an SD card as NTFS, don't give it a drive letter, then map it to a folder on your C: drive.

It works great - I've added a 128 gig SD card & essentially doubled my storage, but I'm running into one problem. Windows 10 doesn't count the SD card when it calculates free space. I have all my libraries mapped to the SD card, including my downloads folder. When I try to download something large, Windows reports there isn't enough space & Chrome refuses to download the file.

Is there any way to get the system to recognize the extra space?

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Card Reader On Gateway FX530 Will No Longer Recognize SD Card When Inserted?

Aug 24, 2015

I have installed Windows10 on a Gateway FX530 desktop PC. All has gone well with one exception. The OS seems to recognize that there is a card reader attached, I can see them through Device manager. When I insert a SD card the system completely ignores the device and will not allow me to access it. I have tried to change the drivers, without success. This card reader worked just fine with Windows 7 Pro and there was no indication that they would not work with Windows 10 when I ran the upgrade test.

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Installation :: Remove Extra Partitions And Reclaim Space

Nov 14, 2015

In ADMIN TOOLS|COMPUTER MGMT|DISK MGMT the following are listed...

C: 952 GB
"healthy recovery partition" 450 MB (the box is shaded)

"healthy recovery partition" 449 MB
D: 909 GB

How can I get rid of the recovery partitions (or at least one, if the other is required) and reclaim the unused space for C: ?

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Recovery Partition Getting In The Way - Extending C Into Extra Allocated Space

Feb 29, 2016

So, I've had this 1Tb HDD lying around unused, so I had the bright idea of shoving it in place of my Dell Latitude E6410's original 640Gb HDD, use that in place of the old 60Gb HDD on my T60 (a mere 60Gbs just weren't enough to accommodate my Google Drive - running on Linux with InSync - and Mega cloud storage), and put my latest W10 Pro system image on the 1Tb in the E6410.

All well and good so far - except when I checked the partitions after I reinstalled the system image from the original 640Gb, this is what I got:

Which wasn't too surprising, given how Windows works. What I wanted to do was to expand C: into all that extra unallocated space, but as you can see, the recovery partition is in the way. I wouldn't be too surprised, either, if there was no workaround that doesn't involve reinstalling Windows.

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Apps :: How To Remove Extra Space At A Glance Menu

Sep 1, 2015

is there any way to remove all that useless space created by the at a glance menu?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Failed To Find Audio Device - Doesn't Recognize Sound Card?

Aug 19, 2015

My laptop does not want to recognise the sound card/audio driver that are built into it. The fun part is this just happened. Audio played yesterday, and the time before that, and even before the upgrade. The only thing that has changed (or at least is the biggest change i can think of) is downloading and installing Cygwin (sans audio packages). In trying to play a song on the new microsoft Groove, i get this;

Further inspection in the playback devices, the only two options are the Speakers/Headphones and communications Headphones, the former of which i can only assume is my actual computer speakers (otherwise its completely gone!).Looking at the device manager, everything seems okay. All the drivers are up to date so im not sure what could be wrong there?

Its Windows 10 pro (upgraded from Win7 Pro) and the computer is a Dell Precision M4600. (I am pretty sure the audio driver is in the device manager image).

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Do Not Recognize The Image System In A Backup

Oct 26, 2015

I had updated windows 7 home premium to windows 10 then when the update was complete I created a backup image of the whole system.... and saved in an external HD. then my fixed disk died, replaced by a new fixed HD I can not recover the backed up windows ten image from my external HD ... is that due that when replaced the new HD I am contrived to recover the system with windows 7 home premium and windows 7 do not recognize the backed image of windows 10?

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System Does Not Recognize (non US) Date Format

Aug 13, 2015

I am having trouble with the date format for Australia (dd/mm/yy). It seems to coincide with the Windows 10 download. While my system clock shows the date correctly and the Date and Time setting are correct both in Region and Format, third party programs do not recognise the dd/mm/yy format. For example, the Photos app show the date in mm/dd/yy format and my spreadsheet, WPS Office will not recognise 13/8 mas 13/08/2015.

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System Files Taking WAY Too Much Space

Nov 28, 2015

So I recently bought a Razer Blade 14" 2013 and I looked through the storage in the Windows 10 Settings. I tried using windirstat and it showed nothing of 10+ gigs in size.

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BSOD :: Critical Process Died - System Does Not Recognize Any Bootable Device

Nov 2, 2015

I am using a Lenovo Y510P, originally installed with Windows 8.1. I upgraded to Windows 10 in July and it worked fine-ish up until now. I have recently (for the past few days) encountered quite frequent BSODs, most of the time with the code CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED. I tried clean-resetting Windows 10 but the error kept recurring. It happened really randomly, sometimes when I was browsing the web in Chrome, sometimes when I was typing something in Skype, or in Microsoft Word, or sometimes when I just tried to refresh the desktop. So there's really no predicting when it is going to happen

P/s: After rebooting from BSOD, for some reason the system does not recognise any bootable device (and so it tries and fails to boot from my network?). But when I hard-reset the computer by holding the power button the system can boot into Windows again. I used to have grub2 bootloader for my Ubuntu, but after the first of such BSODs it died, somehow, so the system just booted straight into Windows from then on.

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Low Disk Space System Backup Drive

Nov 13, 2015

I am getting a low disk space message from my system backup drive. It's 1 TB and it is full. There are not any files that I can delete. They are all system files.

Two questions:

1. Why is it so large?
2. Can I install a new larger drive and have it move the system files there? 

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System Can't Read SD Card (with Files No App)?

Aug 11, 2015

I just installed windows 10 on a Sony Vaio svp132a1cw and the system is not reading my sd card with all my files.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Combine Unallocated Space To System Partition

Dec 17, 2015

I had 2 useless partitions, one at the very beginning of my HD and the second at the very end. My setup is GPT Basic btw.

I would like to know, using MiniTool Partition Wizard version 9.1, if it is possible to merge these former partitions (now 'unallocated' space) into the Windows partition (C??

I right clicked on both of the unallocated space 'partitions' but any operations (namely, move) was greyed out.

I would like to clean up the disk layout (even if we are talking about only 1 GB. of space)

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Performance :: How To Make System Recovery Disk On SD Card

Dec 4, 2015

I am using a small tablet with Windows on it. It already has little space (32GB which is actually 29 GB), with Windows eating up a ton of space. Now, with a virtual partition on the tablet reserved for system recovery, I have less than 5 GB left, not enough for Windows to update. I would like to merge the virtual partition so as to get ~5 GB extra space, in or to do so I would like to make a recovery disk on a SD-card.

The problem is, Windows does not seem to recognise the SD-card when I try to make a recovery disk! Is there a workaround, or did I get the SD-card in vain?

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Card Reader In Laptop Won't Upload Photos From SD Card Slot

Oct 20, 2015

I have tried inserting my card into slot, I get message, connect a device and try wont read the card.

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Realtek PCIE Memory Card Reader Causes 80% / CPU In System And Compressed Memory

Apr 4, 2016

I have an HP DV4 Laptop(i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) that came with Windows 7, I recently updated to Win10. Everything seems fine except of the high CPU usage in System and Compressed memory. I narrowed it down to the Realtek Memory Card reader. I should also mention that right after the Win10 update two Realtek Memory Card Reader entries were in Device Manager with yellow exclamation icons. 
I deleted them and had Windows install the drivers from Windows updates, after that everything LOOKS fine. And there's only one entry now.After a while I noticed the fan making a lot of noise, wasn't like that in Win7.Anyway, after hours of troubleshooting I eventually came back to the Realtek reader, sure enough after disabling it CPU went to normal.I have also downloaded the newest driver from realtek site.

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Possible To Merge Two Extra Drives Together

Aug 30, 2015

I'm currently using Windows 10 and have a 1TB hard disk. It has been divided into 4 parts. One for OS, another for it's drivers, and the rest 2 primary partitions for media storage.

Now, I need to install Ubuntu as well and I'm not sure how to go about it. I have a few queries like: Is it possible to merge the two extra drives together and in turn creating a partition for Ubuntu. Is that even possible. Should the new partition for Ubuntu be logical or primary, and the reason for choosing the same.

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Get Rid Of Extra Column In Folders?

Sep 13, 2015

how I can get rid of this

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Accounts :: How To Get Rid Of Extra Password Logins

Feb 23, 2016

This is my home computer. I just upgraded to Windows 10 (Home). At my login screen I see all my family's login names (as I should) but I also see 6 logins labeled "Password".

It seems that each "Password" login is associated with an individual user. So if I select one of the "Password" logins it will bring up the login for "Kevin" select a different one and it will up the login for say "Amanda" etc... This is just confusing is there anyway of getting rid of these extra logins?

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MS Outlook Adds Extra Sender Line?

Feb 7, 2016

Somehow, I tripped something that adds an extra line to the Sender line in my Microsoft Outlook in Windows 10(formerly Hotmail). Now I get TWO indications of who the sender is, instead of just one. The extra sender line is in smaller font, and appears just above the “normal” sender name. The “Junk” page doesn’t have this doubling up feature. I’ve gone through every settings and option feature, and none of them even mention it. how to get rid of the additional sender line?

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Latest Update Has Created Extra Drive Partition

Nov 15, 2015

OK so I received the update on my clean install of win 10 on my split Intel NVME SSD. Just went to do a Macrium image backup and discovered that the update has created an extra partition on my drive. Although small it is stealing space from my second partition that I save the backups to. I also have some extra files on C: as shown.

To regain space what files can I delete? Can I restore the extra partition without damaging windows. Do I need to include the extra small partition with C: for a Macrium backup to be able to restore if anything gets screwed? I was expecting the update to just update the C:/ drive.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Adding Extra Storage To Surface Pro 3?

Sep 2, 2015

I want to add extra storage to my Surface Pro 3. I have 128gb on my HDD and would like to add at least another 64gb.

Would I be better with an SD card or Flash Drive?

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Thumbnails Not Showing (Extra Large Icons / Large / Medium)

Nov 7, 2015

found this (finally) on the net:


except this one:

In reply to Pinaki Mohanty's post on April 6, 2013

I tried this and it didn't work. But together with what I did next it probably worked.

Open up the folder with the pictures and click on the View tab
Next click on Options to the far right
Then Click on Change folder and search options
This opens up an options menu
Navigate to the view tab
uncheck the box that says Always show icons, never thumbnails
And Check the box that says Display file icon on thumbnails.

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Does Not Always Recognize MP4 Files

Aug 21, 2015

Sometimes the video streams, other times I get the message ...

Can't play. Try playing something else. This items file format may be unsupported, the file extension incorrect, or the file may be corrupted 0xc00d36c4 (0xc00d36c4)

I know that the file extension is correct, and the file is not corrupted.

I didn't ever have this problem when using Windows 7.

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Pc Install Disk Does Not Recognize SSD

Aug 10, 2015

I want to clean install Windows 10 on another hard drive. When the custom dialogue comes up and it asks me which hard drive I want it to go on to, it does not give me the hard drive I want to put it on as an option. It is a 160 GB SSD. Windows 10 was registering it as a removable drive. I have a dual boot system and Windows 7 does not register it as a removable drive. It' s been working well as in internal drive for a couple of years until this Windows 10 thing.

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Will Not Recognize The DVD / CD Drive Since Installing

Dec 4, 2015

Since I have installed windows 10 I am unable to use the DVD/CD drive on my computer. 

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