Apps :: Can't Access Cortana Settings - Keeps Freezing Once Click Settings

Jul 29, 2015

I'm trying to access the settings for Cortana, the program works fine and all but I want to access the settings but once I bring up the options and specifically click settings,Cortana freezes and forces me to have to end the task, and it happens every time. What can I do?

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Why Is Settings App Freezing On System Apps And Features

Nov 9, 2015

My settings app keeps freezing, but only when I select System > Apps & features and System > Storage, at least as far as I am aware of.

I am running build 10586, but already had this problem in build 10571, the first one I had as an Insider for PC.

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Apps :: No (Hey Cortana) Option In Settings

Jan 7, 2016

I have Windows 10. When I select the Settings option there is not an option to turn on Hey Cortana. The first option is "Cortana can give you suggestions..." and the second is "Device search history". Where to find the option to turn on "Hey Cortana" as it should be under Settings according tot he sites I have read.

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Apps :: Cortana Can't Find Where To Turn It On In Settings

Aug 21, 2015

Have the mike setup also location but can't seen to get it turned on.

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Right Click On Desktop And Click On Personalize Or Display Settings

Aug 2, 2015

I just upgraded to windows 10 and when I right click on the desktop and click on "Personalize" or "Display Settings" I get the following error message:"This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action, please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the default programs control panel".

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10041 - Cortana Deactivated Due To Region Settings

Mar 20, 2015

I updated the TP on my Surface Pro 3 this week - I had the mentioned bugs like mail, people and calendar not installing etc, but something odd happened. Cortana said she's not available in my region.

I am in Australia, but up until then, had no problem using Cortana in the W10 TP, with my region set to US. My region settings haven't changed at all, and I've even tried changing them, and then changing them back.

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Settings Will Not Open When Click On The Icon

Aug 25, 2015

The settings window will not open when I click on the icon either in start-up, apps or "This PC" what's the problem is it an installation fault or something I'm not doing correctly? I can access device manager etc. and all the other Icons I've so far tried.

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Cannot Access Settings

Aug 17, 2015

My dad has just upgraded to windows 10 and is having a couple mof issues the first is that he cant access the settings.

He presses it via the start>settings but it just flashes up then goes off.

Has tried the Windows key + i same thing happens

Also via windows explorer>This Pc>Computer>Open Settings

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Lost Access To Settings

Oct 19, 2015

Used free upgrade to install Win 10 Pro 64bit to desktop computer. After successful installation, used Start button then Settings, to select Tablet Mode. After restart cannot access Settings from Start button or Action Center. How can I turn off Tablet Mode?

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Cannot Access Settings Menu At All

Jul 29, 2015

I cannot access my settings menu at all. I did the express install instead of the manual one for windows 10. I am using a Lenovo h515, that i upgraded from windows 8.1. Can I use a power shell command to fix this? If so what is the command so I can get my settings back.

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Installation :: Need To Downgrade But Can't Access Settings

Sep 22, 2015

I recently upgraded to Win 10 on my laptop but it's completely broken. I boot up and sign in ok but then I just get a black screen with a cursor. The only way I can access anything is through the task manager > run new task. I've tried everything but nothing works so I want to rollback to Win 7.

But the problem is that in order to do so I need to access settings which I'm unable to. I can click the link under user controls in control panel but nothing happens. I tried a fix (Settings doesnt launch, or launches the Store instead - Microsoft Community) but it didn't work. There doesn't seem to be any way of accessing it and hence no way of rolling back.

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Cannot Access The Settings For Start Menu

Feb 10, 2016

This is pretty straightforward: I cannot access the settings for the start menu. When I do a right click on the task bar and then click on "properties", I should have a "Start menu" tab in the window. The problem is : I don't have that tab.

Also, I don't have the possibility to pin apps to the start menu, this is a bit annoying.

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Installation :: Cannot Access Settings Menu

Aug 13, 2015

Since i have downloaded 10 i can not access the settings menu .All that happens when i press settings is a white flash and nothing.

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Cannot Access Uefi Firmware Settings

Feb 23, 2016

So Im trying to install a new graphics card, and I have to tweak some settings in the bios. Unfortunately, when I try to open it(pressing escape at startup, scrolling down, and selecting uefi settings and pressing enter) nothing happens. I looked this up, and it said to go to advanced startup and go through some steps to get to a menu that supposedly contains "uefi firmware settings". Now, I confirmed that this is the right menu, but the option is just not there. I thought about updating my BIOS, but there are no updates for it available.

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Account Settings - No Access To Sign In Options

Oct 31, 2015

When I try and access sign-in options in the settings account screen, I get the dreaded dots that shoot across the screen but the sign-in options don't open.

Also i cannot access my microsoft account, when I try I just get the circle of dots. 

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Updates :: Settings Window Closes After Click On Update And Security Button?

Dec 1, 2015

I am running a fully updated Windows 10 Pro Eng. Build 10586.

I go to the start menu, click on settings and when I click on the Update & Security button the window just vanishes !

I have restarted and tried several times to no avail.

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Power And Sleep Settings Won't Save Screen Brightness Settings?

Aug 23, 2015

Power & Sleep settings won't save my screen brightness settings. On my plugged in HP laptop default the screen brightness is set to maximum despite making changes in the Power & Sleep menu screen. I've even tried creating my own Power Plan but the next time it restarts it changes to the HP recommended power plan which sets the screen brightness to maximum.

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Unable To Access Settings - Application Has Failed To Start

Aug 10, 2015

When I try to access Settings, I get the following error:

ms-settings:// The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail.

I tried the command-line suggested and right after I hit enter, I get a flash of a window popping up on my screen and then it's gone. It's so quick I can't see what it's trying to open.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Not Allowing To Access Advanced Mouse Settings?

Oct 22, 2015

So, I recently upgraded to windows 10, and I was trying to change some settings to do with my mouse, and when I tried to open the additional mouse options: settings>devices>Mouse & Touchpad, but whenever I click "addition mouse options" an error comes up saying "windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access them" however, I have administrator access on my computer. This was working before I upgraded to windows 10 (I was on windows 7)

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Apps :: How To Enable Contacts Access To Cortana

Oct 12, 2015

I'm facing a problem when Enabling Cortana, It asks me to give permissions to read Contacts but when I click on settings, there is no Cortana to give permissions, any solution ?

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Lost Ability To Access Modern Screen / Cortana And Apps

Aug 26, 2015

I upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7. All was working fine. Now, I can't access the modern start screen, cortana or apps. The following things might have cause this: I changed my PCs name, I installed more ram, I created a local log in and there was an update just before this happened. I tried to use a restore point but the laptop said it failed. I have tried the powershell solution with no luck. I have tried creating a new user but it won't let me add a new user.

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Apps :: How To Restrict Windows Search Only To Desktop Apps And Settings

Aug 22, 2015

How to setup windows search to not search my personal folders but only desktop apps and settings...

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Set Different DPI Settings For Various Apps?

Aug 7, 2015

I mainly keep my computer hooked up to my TV and my scaling is set to 125%, generally this is fine for everything, however there are some apps (particularly, Readily, from the windows store) that could be at 150% or so. Is there a way to give this app a custom parameter (Nothing in the apps settings that I could find) like this while retaining 125% for everything else?

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Apps :: Action Center Settings

Oct 15, 2015

All of a sudden I am getting stock market notifications on my action center. Where is that coming from and how do I change the action center settings to stop this?

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Apps :: Configuration Settings For Store App

Nov 6, 2015

Is there a configuration setting for this "store" app. I see people post shots of downloads available for certain apps thru the store. I might have set mine to automatic, and want to change it.

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Apps :: Settings Sync Between Devices?

Aug 11, 2015

In win 8 if I made a change to a setting in mail or IE or added a favourite this information would sync to my other devices so everything was identical

with Mail or Edge in 10, they seem to run totally independent on my machine, no settings or favourites get synced, so I have to do the same config/changes on both devices

If syncing will come back at some point or are all devices independent now same MS account on both and all syncing options turned on

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