Apps :: How To Stop CCleaner From Skipping Cleaning Files In Edge

Oct 8, 2015

How can I stop CCleaner from skipping cleaning files in Edge? Is there a setting in Edge that's stopping CCleaner from cleaning the files?

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Apps :: CCleaner Needs To Close Microsoft Edge And Internet Explorer?

Sep 29, 2015

I ran CCleaner today (Great program by the way!), like I do every couple weeks, and it said that edge and internet explorer needed to close to finish. Thing is, I use neither. So Do they auto run in the background? How can I keep them from starting?

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Whenever Run CCleaner On PC - Newsfeed From Edge Browser Lost

Aug 16, 2015

Whenever I run Ccleaner on my Win 10 PC, I lose my newsfeed from the Edge Browser, Why? It also does the same thing if I run Wise care 365

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Performance :: File History Skipping Files / Folders

Feb 10, 2016

I have custom libraries set up to back up my X:Pictures directory and it's been backing up just fine. I dumped a large amount of pictures to a sub folder and didn't get around to deleting the bad ones before file history threw them on my history drive. No big deal, I went through the files at their main location and deleted the bad ones and then simply deleted the entire sub folder from the file history drive and then forced file history to run.

It's no longer backing them up.

I changed my settings to back up every 10 minutes and keep forever and forced again.

There's about 800GB of free space left so that's not an issue. I tried a restart and I even tried to wait the 10 minutes. It's still not backing them up again.

If I delete a file inside that sub directory and leave it in the recycle bin and then go to previous versions for the sub folder, it shows previous versions. When I choose to restore from one, it tells me the file is no longer in the location. It seems there's an index somewhere that needs to be deleted that's telling file history that I have files backed up that I manually deleted. In relation to that, what's the best practice to remove backed up files that I wouldn't mind backing up again. The scenario I pointed out happens quite often actually. I take a thousand pictures and don't get to deleting the bad ones before file history backs them up.

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Apps :: Windows DVD Player Skipping

Aug 13, 2015

I was watching a DVD using the Windows DVD Player, and the movie kept skipping. I thought it was a damaged DVD that Netflix sent me, so I sent the DVD back for a replacement.

When I received the replacement today, it was also skipping. Then it occurred to me that the problem does not originate from the DVD, but from the DVD player.

I played the same DVD that was skipping with VLC Media Player, and the skipping was gone.

Noticed this skipping problem with Windows DVD Player? Is it a driver issue? VLC Media Player is more versatile anyway, so I am glad that I have that alternative player installed.

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Apps :: CCleaner Keeps Crashing

Oct 25, 2015

My CCleaner Pro keeps crashing in Windows 10 and leaving a critical event in the Reliability History.I uninstalled it, then reinstalled it but the same thing happens.

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Apps :: Ccleaner Removed By Updates?

Dec 3, 2015

On three occasions I have re-installed Ccleaner after it was removed for some reason after an update

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Apps :: Ccleaner - Secure Deletion (Overwriting)

Jan 15, 2016

I want to always Permanently Delete (Shred) files and folders on my PC so that no one can recover those data. Now I heard for a program called Eraser which allows us to shred files/folders by clicking right click of mouse on the files/folders and then choosing Shredding (Permanently Delete).

So my question is: can I normally delete all files/folders which means that those files/folders are now in Recycle Bin. And then I just open Ccleaner and I set Secure Deletion to Very Complex Overwrite (35 passes) and I also check 3 boxes there (Wipe Alternate Data Streams, Wipe Cluster Tips and Wipe MFT Free Space) and I also check Local Disc (C) and Local Disk (D) boxes and then I just click Run Cleaner and now all the files from Recycle Bin will be Permanently Deleted (Shredded) and no one will be able to recover those files? If this is true, then I don't need Eraser to permanently delete (shred) files/folders.

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Apps :: Unable To Restore CCleaner Registry Backup

Mar 5, 2016

I have a new HP Pavillion desktop PC. I downloaded Ccleaner today and while tinkering, I "Fixed" a few registry problems . It is unable to access the registry to restore using the Merge option in the context menu. I tried typing in the whole path to the file at the CMD prompt with the same results.

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How To Stop Videos From Auto Playing In Microsoft Edge PC

Jan 30, 2016

How to solve this without the requisite switch to another browser.

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Installation :: Deleted Boot Manager Along With Cleaning Old HDD

Dec 20, 2015

My windows is not booting the m.2 ssd. I bought a new laptop with a hdd. Bought m.2 850 evo ssd and installed it.Installed windows 10 on it without removing the hdd. It was loading fine but i noticed that the boot loads the previous hdd before continuing to the ssd. Tried deleting the hdd from msconfig boot and that didnt work.

Still in the bios i only saw "windows boot manager HDD" under the uefi bbs boot priorities. But it recognized the ssd in storage information. All that and i even tried cleaning with diskpart the hdd ( the big mistake ).So i now got no boot manager now. And ssd is not loading. Is there a way to fix it without reinstalling windows ?

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Installation :: Cleaning Up Removal Of Dual Boot With Ubuntu

Sep 6, 2015

I set up Ubuntu in dual boot with Win 10 and tried to replace it with Mint, which failed at installation. I then had a "grub rescue" prompt regardless of what I tried. I fixed the mbr by booting from Win 7 .iso and running Bootrec /fixmbr.

I can now boot into Win 10 OK. However, when I first installed Win 10 and dual boot Ubuntu, the Windows 10 selection screen used an icon for Win10 and for Ubuntu. Now the Win10 selection screen is all text, like the original Win 7 screen before Win 10 upgrade. Possibly because I used a Win 7 .iso. I can't find how to get to a dos prompt when booting from Win 10 .iso. It is only cosmetic, but how to restore the Win 10 icon type.

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Deleting All History / Flash / Java And Cleaning Up Disk

Oct 6, 2015

Is their anyway to speed up window 10 have tried deleting all history,flash,java and cleaning up disk nothing seems to work...

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MOV Files Suddenly Stop Working

Sep 23, 2015

Up until a few days ago I was able to import .MOV files from my iPhone 5 to my Windows 10 computer and play them with the default 'Films & TV' app. For some reason my computer now hates this file type. It wont play any audio unless its through the slow Quicktime media player, even vlc doesn't work. Also I edit these video with Sony Vegas Pro 13 and now whenever I drag them onto the timeline the video corrupts and screen freezes!! 

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How To Stop / Remove Preinstall Files

Jul 14, 2015

I have signed up for nothing, nor agreed to anything (knowingly) but I am concerned that Win 7 updates are 'prepping' me for the win 10 upgrade.  Rather than MS having my interests in mind, I've been forced to scrutinize every update that is offered so I have turned Automatic Updates off.  I caught the KB 2952664 update and have hidden it, but I am wondering if there are other such "updates" out there that will force/nag me to "upgrade"? 

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Mouse Skipping Pixels

Sep 2, 2015

I recently got a decent PC setup and have had problems with pixel skipping, I have video evidence of it on BF4 and BF3, but the issue is system wide not game-related.When moving my mouse left, right, up or down, it doesn't move by each pixel, it skips pixels. I have a mouse which goes up to 3200 CPI (DPI) and I currently use it on 400 CPI but when I try higher CPI it still does it! My Windows sensitivity is 6/11 and I have tried adjusting it also, mouse acceleration is disabled. I have tried multiple mice and surfaces.It's usable on the desktop, but when in games, it is just irritating and makes the game looks like its 'jittering'.

Here is me testing it in the games:
BF4 Video
BF3 Video

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Apps :: Stop Automatic Download Of Windows Apps From Store

Aug 28, 2015

Is there any way, so that I can stop automatic download of Windows apps from the Store. Since "New apps will save to" button is greyed out and I don't want space to filled with apps or can it be turned to manual check.

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10041 Build - Video / Audio Skipping?

Mar 25, 2015

SP3 running 10 preview build 10041 and I'm getting terrible clicking, skipping, buzzing, etc on everything from youtube videos, local videos played in VLC, soundcloud streaming music, etc

Had these problems on 9926 and prayed it would be resolved but nope. I've read a bunch of "update your drivers" posts but they NEVER have the correct version. Also experiencing the 1/27 hardware update install loop.

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Installation :: Skipping Reservation Wait By Using Media Creation Tool?

Aug 12, 2015

I've done the upgrade on my computers just fine. My mom gave me her laptop to upgrade for her. But she needs it back soon. With the upgrade "app", I reserved the upgrade. But I'm not sure how long it will have to wait. I have the installer on USB, since I used that for my clean re-install on by two computers. Is there a way to skip the reservation wait? Or does Microsoft require the upgrade to be "cleared" in sense in order for the upgrade to work or to be activated?

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CCleaner Disappeared From Computer After Update

Dec 29, 2015

I went to run CCleaner after the last update, and it had disappeared. I paid for that! I'm more than angry. Windows 10 has been a pain since I got it.

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Can't Delete CCleaner Registry Entry

Oct 1, 2015

Right after I upgraded from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 10, I downloaded the new version of Ccleaner.   I noticed that the following entry kept showing up in the registry cleaner: 

"ActiveX/COM Issue    InProcServer32C:Program Files (x86)HPCommonAclmControlProxy.dll   HKCRCLSID{047466F1-82AE-455A-AFC4-D3AC463FBF6B}". 

Under Windows 7 I never saw that entry pop up in the Ccleaner registry cleaner. I got sick of seeing it so I saved a copy and deleted the entry.  However, it came right back again. Every time I deleted the entry, it came back.
My computer is running fine and this entry does not show up as malware in MBAM, MBAE or Windows Defender.  However, I am concerned as to why it keeps showing up in the Ccleaner registry cleaner.  Emsisoft lists the file as being safe and a legit Hewlet Packard file and I do have an HP printer.
Is this behavior due to the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

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No Files Can Be Downloaded Using Edge

Nov 11, 2015

I upgraded a HP desktop from the factory-installed 8.1 to 10 about two months ago.  I seldom use that computer, but from what I have discovered so far is that everything seems to work quite well with the exception of Edge.  In fact, nothing about Edge seems to function properly.  Here are my issues:
Regardless of what settings I choose on the Edge home page (top sites and suggested content, top sites, or a blank page), Edge always open to a blank page.  I have researched that issue for days and nothing solves the problem.When I attempt to clear my browsing data, I always receive the message “all data could not be cleared - try again”.
Absolutely no files can be downloaded using Edge.  Downloads start and then abort.  IE11 works properly.Unfortunately I waited too long to revert back to 8.1, so now I am stuck with 10.  Well, not exactly stuck because I do have an 8.1 image on an external drive I could restore.  Still, I rather like 10 and would prefer to keep using it.  So, am I facing a clean install of 10, or are there some other possibilities? 

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How To Stop Apps From Moving From One Monitor To Another Upon Monitors

Aug 15, 2015

I have two monitors. One uses dual DVI cable and one uses DisplayPort. When the monitors wake up after a sleep, the apps on the DVI monitor move to the DisplayPort monitor. This probably has to do with the difference when Windows senses which monitor is active first.

Is there a way to stop the apps from moving? Is there a tool which restores the apps positions after a wake up?

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Browser/Email :: Save MP3 Files Using Edge?

Oct 22, 2015

When I right click on a mp3 file in Edge I don't get the save as option to save the file. If I change to IE 11 it works.

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Apps :: Deletion Of Temp Files And Previous Installation Files Not Working

Aug 25, 2015

Even when using disk cleanup in admin account it will say deleted but after restarting and going back into disk cleanup they are back.Even using Windows app they come back after deletion.On another note system restore doesn't seem to work , i did a system restore and even though i got the message that system restore completed successfully after i rebooted my screen was frozen and i had to do a system refresh to get it up and running again.I have been waiting for it to delete my temp files for 8 minutes already.

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Apps :: Cannot Edit PDF Files - All Acrobat Files Open With Through Internet Explorer

Nov 13, 2015

Just upgraded to Windows 10, and now all of my acrobat files open with through internet explorer (whatever its called now) rather than through the acrobat program. As I result, I cannot edit my pdf files.

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