Apps :: Is Cortana Disabled With A Local Account

Sep 21, 2015

I would prefer to use a local account, but unless I use my Microsoft account I can't get Cortana to run.

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Apps :: How To Enable Cortana On Local Account

Jul 30, 2015

I've noticed that I need to switch the entire computer to a Microsoft account, just to use Cortana!

Is there a way to use Cortana normally, but while keeping the local account?

On Windows 8, I used to be able to sign in individually for each app, can I do the same thing for Cortana?

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Apps :: Effect Of Signing Into MS Account To Get Apps If Using Local Account?

Dec 17, 2015

I run my W10 computer using a local account. I want to avoid using a MS account and don't have one set up one the computer at this time. My local account is the only account.

That being said, I was interested in installing a couple of apps from the app store. However, it is requiring that I log in with my MS account to download and install them.

My question is if I log into the MS account to download and install the apps, will that create a new user account of any kind or otherwise mess with my computer settings or user accounts?

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Apps :: How To Have Users Sign In And Have Cortana Disabled For All

Jan 21, 2016

Is there a way to make this layout and settings for every user that signs on to a computer through our domain? Teachers do not need Cortana or any web searching through the search box. Is it possible to make these settings a default for all new users who sign on?

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Apps :: How To Go About For App Purchase With Local Account

Jan 15, 2016

How do I make an app purchase using a local account? Do I need to switch to a Microsoft account? Is there a way to switch to a Microsoft account temporarily?

I'm going to be doing a clean install of Windows 10 because of issues I'm having with it. I believe I will lose the free DVD player eligibility.

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Will Local Account Be Able To Access Apps

Mar 29, 2015

I have a desktop PC at home, shared with the whole family, parents, sister and I. In win7, We have 3 separate account, one for me, one for sister, these two accounts have password. And also a third account for my parents to do simple things, like net surfing or watching youtube.

However, since win8, MS encourage us to use microsoft account, which must be protected by password. There is no problem for me and sister, as we are using win8 laptop. But my parents are not good to remember password, and it is even not necessary to use password.

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Apps :: Install Apps And Keep Local Account?

Aug 19, 2015

Installing apps from appstore and keep a local account?

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Apps :: Cortana - Unable To Sign Into MS Account

Aug 31, 2015

I've upgraded to Windows 10. I'm trying to set up Cortana (in UK) and I'm stuck with a sign in problem with MS account.

I know my MS account password but the next window asks for my previous password, which I don't remember. In fact, I didn't have to log in to my local account. I've tried several different passwords and I've tried it 'blank' but to no avail.

So, I'm stuck! I can still use my machine ok but I can't finish setting up Cortana.

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Apps :: Cannot Link Microsoft Account / Setup Cortana

Aug 5, 2015

I'm trying to setup Cortana and have been doing for some time now.

I've fixed the issues regarding "Not Available in your Country / Region" by setting all my settings to UK and made sure they're all the same.

NOW MY ISSUE is that when I go through the setup of Cortana, it says "Finally I need you to sign in to a Microsoft account", the Window pops up very briefly and the disappears, therefor I CANNOT ADD a Microsoft account.

I have also tried going to Settings -> Accounts -> Other accounts I use

I have gone to "Add extra accounts" and I can successfully add my Microsoft account there, upon logging in I can setup Cortana perfectly fine. However I need it to work with my Domain (Work) account and not signing in with a Microsoft Account (hope that makes sense). Everyone else in my team has managed to link their Domain account with a Microsoft account using the Cortana setup, however I can't as the box just disappears!!!

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Accounts :: Logging In With Microsoft Account Rather Than Local Administrator Account?

Jan 9, 2016

I would like to use some of the features that require you to log in with a Microsoft account rather than my own local administrator account. But when I did that, it totally changed my settings for my local account including desktop, etc. So I deleted the Microsoft account. how to keep my local account settings when signing in with a Microsoft account.

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Networking :: How To Set Shares Using MS Account - Works Fine When LOCAL Account

Jul 2, 2015

Using a LOCAL account I have no problem with Shares -- how do I set these now using an Ms account.

Samba just times out trying to access Windows machine where I'm logged on with an Ms account. Also I can't access other Windows machines from the Ms account. The other Windows machines can't access the Windows machine where I'm logged on with an Ms account.

All these problems DISAPPEAR when using a LOCAL account.

I think my future strategy will be just keep a MINIMAL Windows VM with an Ms account to GET the insider builds and then revert back to Local accounts.

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Merging Local Account With Child Microsoft Account?

Oct 27, 2015

Now that there are no parental controls on local user accounts, I set up a Microsoft account for each of my children so that I can limit screen time and accessibility to websites. I am now trying to merge their old local accounts to the new Microsoft accounts. I can log in to their local accounts and I can log in to their new Microsoft accounts, however, I cannot sign in to the Microsoft account from their local account (I'm only assuming this is how to do it). I go to settings, accounts, Sign in with Microsoft Account instead, enter email and password, enter old password, click Next and get the message "Oops, something went wrong Whatever happened, it was probably our fault. Please try again."

My goal is to save everything they have on their local accounts (Minecraft files especially) and get it over to the Microsoft account so that I take advantage of the parental controls. So, deleting profiles is not an option, but if there is a way to get everything moved over, then I can delete the local account, but how to move everything over.

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Use Local Account To Log In But Microsoft Account For Store

Aug 10, 2015

Title says it all. I like to boot up and log in with no password but I want to use my Microsoft account when I am fooling with store apps.

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Why Is Disabled Cortana Still Running

Oct 2, 2015

I have disabled Cortana but it still runs in the background.

And can it be disabled completely ?

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When Try To Open Cortana Get A Message That It Is Disabled

Oct 31, 2015

I find that when i try to open Cortana i get a message stating that Cortana is disabled by company policy and there is no icon for me to click on. I fail to see how a home computer can be classed as a company.

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Cortana And Edge Can Be Removed And / Or Disabled?

Mar 11, 2016

Are these built in to Windows 10? Can they be removed and/or disabled? Does Windows 10 have "stealth" or force updating? And (I have trouble interpreting EULA agreements) does any part of Windows 10 do data collection? (I strongly oppose ANY data mining)

I just built a new PC and need an OS. I use Windows 7 presently on my old pc and am happy Windows 7. I don't care for Win 8.1 and Windows 7 retail is difficult to find. So Windows 10 was my next option unless any of the mentioned concerns have "yes" attached to them.

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Disabled Windows Search Service - Cortana Still Running

Aug 1, 2015

So I've gotten fed up enough with the terrible windows search system.

I went into services.msc and disabled the windows search service; then restarted my computer.

However, "Cortana" is still listed in my task manager taking up 50mb of memory.

How do I kill Cortana?

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OneDrive And Local Account

Sep 20, 2015

Can OneDrive be used with a local account? I Know I would have to login with a MS account but can this be done from a local account?

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Accounts :: Can Have Both MS And Local Account

Jan 27, 2016

The last update triggered (13-01-2016) the loss of access to the start menu, many apps, as well the apps store and MS Edge. The exact same thing happened with the first version of Win 10 Pro received as an upgrade from WIN 7.

This time, as soon as build 1511 was received, I immediately created a ISO USB stick and then proceeded to use the machine as normal. At some stage, I created a Local Account with Administrator rights as I am the only user of the PC.

After the January upgrade, I can no longer switch back to the MS Account as the screen where one is supposed to be able to do this under [settings/accounts/Your email and accounts] does not load anymore, thus removing the option to switch back to a MS account. The screen is just blank.

I ended up activating the in-built Administrator account so that I could try and see what was going on.

I now notice under C:users the following user folders:

(1) Administrator
(2) Default
(3) Default.migrated
(4) DefaultAppPool
(5) My Name ---- I presume this is the user profile for my MS account?
(6) My Name (Local ----- This is the created local Account

yet the "name of the account" when I log in has been truncated to My name L

Is this why the settings page for accounts cannot find the profile information which will allow me to switch back to my MS account?

I feel I have to unravel this mess before going any further in trying to establish why the start menu and all the apps have now "dissapeared"

Of course I can just redo the clean install but I feel I should first sort out the user profiles before going any further.

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Cannot Access Own Account - Disabled

Oct 13, 2015

I was on my Window 10 Administration account (Called Tavernier). Then Windows wanted me to link a email so security. I do so. I set my own password. But I realise that it asked me at each starts of the computer. Since I'm the only user I want my computer to start directly on the desktop. So I remove the password.

I wanted to install something for my work, it pops me the normal "Use the Admin rights to execute this" clic yes or no. But this time it asked me a password. So I try my last password and an empty one, the Yes bouton was always gray. So I couldn't install anything on my own computer.

So I decide to open the Super Administration account with the user net Administrator /active: yes

So I go in user options and I realise that my normal account (Tavernier) is not here any more. Gratter. So I want to add one, impossible. Even in command line. Then I unactivate the Super Administrator account, restart computer.

And the result is : "Your account has been disabled. Contact the adminstrator of this computer".

I can't launch the computer in safe mode to open again this Super Admin account. So I feel like I can't use my own computer. I have so really important things to do with my computer. 

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Accounts :: Local Account Deleted

Jan 1, 2016

My computer crashed and when it rebooted, it required me to login with my Microsoft account. Now, this computer has had a local account since I got it 5 or 6 years ago. I have never used the Microsoft account on this computer.

Trying to switch back to the local user using guides on this site, that local account apparently doesn't exist anymore.

I'm obviously concerned that it deleted an account on its own. How do I get the account back? Creating a new one is easy enough, but are there any permission issues? I have enough of those between Windows 10, and the previous 7 installation.

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How To Convert Back To A Local Account

Aug 4, 2015

So, not sure what it is that I did but something to do with one of the Microsoft services had me sign in using my email and password to the live Microsoft stuff (might have been trying to play solitaire).

Now when I boot up my desktop, it's always asking me for my password which I don't want to deal with as it's quite the extreme password. I think prior to signing in on Solitaire Win 10 never asked me for a password as it was being used local account.

How do I switch it back to being a local account so that I don't have to sign in to my desktop every time that I start it up.

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Accounts :: Can't Switch To Local Account

Jan 9, 2016

when i first got windows 10 i had a local account and used it as normal then for some reason i added my Microsoft account and now every-time i log in i need to use the Microsoft account, just now i tried to switch it to the local account and i got this error?

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Installation :: Can Upgrade From 8.1 With Just A Local Account

Jun 2, 2015

My current 8.1 account is just local, I have no 'Microsoft Account' created.

Does 10 require the MS account or will it force me to have one?

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No Way To Create Just A Local Guest Account?

Jul 23, 2015

I want to create a local account without or with a simple password. However, that doesn't seem to be available on Windows 10. Am I wrong in this or is there really no way to create just a local guest account?

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Why Can't Access Local Administrator Account

Mar 13, 2016

When I "upgraded" to Windows 10, apparently I set up everything on the local administrator account. When I went to set up a separate account yesterday it disabled me from getting onto the administrator account, which is where I have everything set up. When I go to log in, both accounts are on the log-in screen but it won't take the passwords for the administrator account, which I know are correct and it even gives me the right hints but won't accept the pw. It says, "Your password was changed on a different device and you must sign in to this device once with your new password and then you can sign in with your new PIN. Well, I haven't added any devices, just a new local account. I really need to get back into the administrator account since that is where everything is. I've done the prompt, CMD, net user administrator /active:yes and it just denies access obviously because I am logged in as an administrator.

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