Blinking Screen During Boot - Taking 10 Minutes To Load Windows

Oct 19, 2015

After upgrading to Windows 10 on an acer gaming notebook, the screen is blinking when booting and it takes 10 minutes to load windows.

Everything is okay when the system has started...

This happened to a friends laptop, just got it now.

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Computer Slow After Restart - Taking About 3 Minutes To Load Application

Aug 3, 2015

So I restarted my computer and router because my internet was being slower then usual. After I restarted my computer it took almost 30 secs to show the log in screen, that's the longest it's ever taken. After I log in it takes about 3 mins to load an application. Even when I attempted to open my windows setting it's slow. My computer is a gaming computer with an i7 and a gtx 970 with 16 gigs of dd3 ram.

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Performance :: 6 Minutes To Restart - Screen Is Black With A Small Blinking Light

Jan 21, 2016

For the last 3 weeks anytime I "restart" my hp 32 bit pc it takes 6 minutes and all the while the screen is black with a small blinking light in the upper left corner everything is fine after it finally restarts and if I shut it down and start it back it starts normally and in the morning when I first start it up it starts normally it just happens any time I restart it for any reason.

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Websites Taking A While To Load / Respond - What To Do

Aug 17, 2015

A few days ago websites began taking a very long time to load/respond. I was just browsing the internet when it happened (wasn't on any questionable websites). Other computers in our house work fine, so I know it has nothing to do with the router. I pinged a bunch of websites and they are taking anywhere from 1000-1500ms to respond. There were two instances where it only took 40 and 42ms to respond.

Usually the page will act like it's loading, then just stop as if I never clicked on anything. Then five or 10 seconds later whatever I clicked on will pop up in no time. Also, on iTunes when previewing songs I'll get the pop up that says opening url/connecting, then the song may or may not play. I've also had the pop up that says there's no network connecting.

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Start Up Is Too Slow - Taking About 1 To 2 Minutes

Mar 20, 2015

I just updated my windows 10 build 9926 to 10041 and I found start up is too slow about 1-2 min, in 9926 is was just around 20-30sec. And its also freezing a lot on my dell laptop.

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Apps :: Store Taking Forever To Load?

Sep 26, 2015

Ok, I loaded the Windows 10 Store. Next thing I got to know, there is no 'Open' or 'Install' button on the Windows 10 Store, along with the Windows 10 Store taking forever to load.

How do I fix this Windows 10 Store madness? I just fixed my Start Menu some days ago, so the Windows 10 Store might be mad at me for removing the Windows 10 Store icon out of the taskbar, too.

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Browser/Email :: Outlook Taking Ages To Load

Oct 8, 2015

Ever since I synced my email I have had a problem with all Microsoft sites taking ages to load. What I can do about this?

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Installation :: Slow Animation On 2nd Startup Screen / Can't Load Windows

Jan 12, 2016

I am running Windows 10 1511 10836, having upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 back in August 2015. This morning when I turned on my Lenovo B575 laptop, after the first Windows screen with animated circling dots at the bottom, when it refreshed the screen and went to the 2nd Windows screen, I noticed that the animation with the circling dots was slow. After several minutes, the computer was still on this screen. After 15 minutes and no change, I restarted the computer.

Upon 2nd startup I got the same results. On 3rd startup I got the Please Wait screen and then eventually got to the Startup and Repair screen. After diagnosing found nothing, I then went to the System Restore page and found that a Windows Update had installed yesterday afternoon. I restored to the Restore Point created yesterday, and restarted.

(Last Thursday I had to force the upgrade to the 1511 10836 update by downloading the 3.5Gb file because Windows Update kept failing. I have had no problems since then.)

No change. I can get to Safe Mode after 2 failed attempts, but without knowing what to check or look for, this does me little good. Of course can I reset/reinstall Windows 10 but would rather not if I don't have to.

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BSOD :: Stuck On Black Screen Large Cursor Arrow And Windows Will Not Load

Jan 7, 2016

I recently started getting a black screen when trying to turn on my laptop, a Sony Vaio running Windows 10. I am unable to download the DM log collector tool since I cannot use my computer at all. It stays on the black screen even if I let it sit for hours. It's possible that I backed up a Windows 10 file when originally upgrading from WIN7 but I'm not sure and if so, it would be on an external hard drive.

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Performance :: Taking Too Long To Boot

Dec 21, 2015

I know there are several threads by this name, but my problem, as far as I know, is quite peculiar and I haven't seen anything similar to this in any thread. Yesterday I did a clean install (actually I wiped the whole hard drive and converted it to MBR since it was in GPT and Windows wasn't letting me install it on GPT filesystem) of Windows 10, and installed all the necessary drivers and the basic essentials. I don't know exactly when but after I was done doing some housekeeping, my Windows started taking too long to boot. What happens is that it shows the Windows loading screen (like in the image attached), does the boot animation for about 5-10 seconds, then blinks the screen momentarily, and then shows the Boot animation screen again. But this time, the loading circle animation is really choppy and the pixels seem to be slightly blown out. Then it takes a good 1-2 mins at that screen and then shows the blue screen with loading animation, shows it for another 15-20 seconds and then shows the Login screen.

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Stuck At Black Screen With Blinking White Dash

Aug 23, 2015

So i don't know what happened to my computer last night (Maybe it did an automatic update) I did a normal shutdown, and in the morning after I couldn't boot my Windows 10. It won't go pass the black screen with the blinking dash. I don't want to do a fresh install. I got all my important files in this computer.

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Blinking Cursor Line Before Windows Starts

Feb 10, 2016

I installed an extra HDD, but after that every time I boot up I have this black screen with blinking cursor line for ages before Windows start. I actually counted how many times it blinks .....178 times.

I checked in the bios settings to see if it is set to start with the correct HDD, and it is.

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PC Taking 2 Hours To Boot / Crashes With Page Fault In Non-paged Area

Feb 16, 2016

For a while now my PC takes about 1.5 hours to start loading Windoiws and loading Windows itself takes about 30 minutes. Reinstalling didn't fix this issue. Now adding to my problem my PC froze today and after the 2 hour boot I now get the page fault in non-paged area every time I boot, and can't boot at all. I've reinserted my ram sticks the day before (trying to fix the first problem) and was able to log into Windows once until the freeze. I can't boot into safe mode or anything because of the time that it takes to start loading Windows. Makes this a lot trickier. I've got a lot of valuable data too so how should I approach this?

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After Reset Laptop Screen Is Blank And Dash Line Blinking On Top Left Side

Sep 3, 2015

I have msi laptop Windows 7 now I updated online to Windows 10 and reset. After reset now my laptop screen is blank and dash line blinking on top left side. Nothing working tried lot by pressing f10, f2, ctrl+alt+del...

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BSOD :: Black Screen With Blinking Cursor Bar Before Booting Into Window Just After BIOS Page

Nov 8, 2015

I recently upgraded to window 10 from window 7 with iso file. I didn't had internet access then, but my window run successfully. Later, when i tried to attach another display with Laptop it did not detect it. So, i installed the windows updates. But after installing i was unable to boot into windows. A black screen with blinking cursor appears right after the Dell Logo. I am only able to go into bios setup by pressing F2, no safe mode option. I tried making a bootable Pen drive for repair but even it wasn't detected. I already change the boot priority in bios menu. Therefore i am unable to fresh install the window as laptop cd drive is not functioning from quite some time.

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Computer Show Asus Splash Screen Then Instead Of Going Straight To Windows Black Screen Appear On Boot Up

Jan 13, 2016

When I boot up my computer (to windows 10). It will do the Asus splash screen then instead of going straight to windows if does this black screen with the kinda terminal thing (with no writing/text) then goes on to windows. Does this affect my computer?

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Customization :: Start Screen Taking Over The Desktop?

Jan 8, 2016

I am having a problem on Windows 10 where the desktop has been taken over by the start menu. I am no longer able to resize windows as one would on a desktop, but rather they are treated as apps. I will try to post some pictures of the problem. It is almost like Windows 10 has forgotten that it is not Windows 8 and has in addition deleted the desktop. I will try to post some pictures of what the problem looks like (the image in the background was my desktop background, now the remnant of the old desktop). I have tried changing the option in the settings->personalization->start->use full start screen, but to no avail. I have turned my computer on and off a number of times. The funny thing is that my other account on the same computer does not have the same problem, it still has the desktop fully functional.

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Update Is Taking Forever - PC Has Been Working On It Screen For All Day

Aug 4, 2015

I have been waiting for my update to install for hours?????

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Windows Folder Taking Up Way Too Much Space

Dec 28, 2015

Is there anyway I can decrease the space if the windows folder. My laptop is only 30 gigs and the windows folder us taking up 21 gigs

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Windows Taking More Disk Space?

Sep 13, 2015

I have upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Now, my C drive is almost full with 714GB occupied by "System and reserved". I was in an assumption that, Windows 10 was suppose to take less space.

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BSOD :: After 30 Minutes Of Boot Up

Nov 5, 2015

I run Win10 under Parallels at MacBook. Few days ago it started to crash about 30 minutes after boot. I don't need to do anything, just wait and it will die. Usually it's REGISTRY_ERROR, but sometimes another error.

sfc shows some errors, but they don't look dangerous.

I've talked to Parallels guys and they claim it's Windows issue, not VM. Checked Win7 VM and works fine.

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Loud For About 10 Minutes When Boot Up

Mar 3, 2016

I shut down my computer when i go to bed at night. Lately when i boot up in the morning, it is very loud for about 10 minutes and then it becomes quiet. also, a small window pops up that says "did not load or could not load".

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Installation :: Boot Disc Won't Load

Sep 19, 2015

Trying to install Windows 10 Pro 64 bit on an older desktop computer (AMD 4000+ CPU, Asus A8N-SLI Premium motherboard) and the boot disc won't get past the Windows logo splash screen; normally it would load the language and keyboard options after this, but in my case the process just hangs at the Windows logo and does not go past that.

I also notice that eventually the boot disc stops spinning in the drive, but the Windows logo remains. I've tried switching DVD drives but the same happens on another drive that I know is working

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Bootup - After Logo Black Screen Take 2 To 3 Minutes To Show Welcome Screen

Jan 2, 2016

win10 after showing logo black screen take 2 to 3 mintus to show welcome screen. amd radeon dual graphic card 7400+6310 driver amd site shows it a latest updated driver ...

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Boot Takes Many Minutes Before Loading

Dec 7, 2015

HP desktop I just put new hard drive in and installed Windows 10. The Windows 7 hard drive was failing, had no backup or image. Tried to access drive with USB but drive too far gone.

Decided to install Windows 10 as an upgrade. After a few minor glitches like no activation, was finally able to install and activate.

Used USB Build 10586, 1511 and was able to activate using the Key on the COA sticker. (Alphanumerical). PC now will take up to 20 minutes before boot.

The black screen, blue Windows flag and spinning dots just sits there. All of a sudden, it continues to boot. I don't have any programs, apps, starting.

In fact, it just booted now to the User name, passed, and now is at Desktop. Had been starting for about 20 minutes as I'm posting this. In the Task Manager, Startup, I don't have anything enabled.

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Performance :: Unknown Windows Software Taking Lots Of Memory

Dec 9, 2015

I tried google searching just the direct phrase of "system and compressed memory", but came up with nothing. I have never seen it before until recently, and it is using half a gig average. When I open file location, it does bring me to the windows folder, but it does not mean it was something that was put there by windows.

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