Boot On Dell Laptop From USB?

Feb 23, 2016

How can I boot my Dell Studio 1749 Laptop from either a USB or External HP CD/DVD drive in order to bypass a disabled internal CD/DVD (with stuck disk)? And how do I create the USB Boot Drive?

The F12 boot options freeze up trying to boot my repair disk in external dvd.

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Dell Laptop Goes Off?

Dec 16, 2015

while working on my laptop, it suddenly goes off, and I cant get it to switch back on, so I take the battery out and after few seconds I try to switch it back on, no go, then

after a minute or so, the computer suddenly springs back to life, saying its doing a windows update,i had no notification of a windows update, so I cant understand whats going on here, and best of all , this is the second time this has happened

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Dell Laptop Will Not Turn On (at First)

Dec 6, 2015

I went to Dell and saw that my laptop is compatible with Windows 10. It's a Dell Inspiron 3737. I thought I fixed my issue when I disabled "fast startup" in power settings. It occurs to me that some of my problems were fixed (excessive battery draining).

If I shut the lid and leave it, the next day the laptop won't turn on. I have to hold the power button down until I see the power LED flash and then I can press the button again to turn on the laptop.

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Dell Laptop Won't Come Out Of Sleep Mode

Jan 16, 2016

I have a Dell laptop with Windows 10 on it. When it goes into sleep mode, if I swipe the touch pad within a few seconds it will come out of sleep mode. However if I'm not at the computer so that it is in sleep mode for a while, then when I swipe the touch to pad wake it up sometimes it will wake up but sometimes it won't. If it won't wake up then I have to use the power switch to shut it off and reboot it.

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Can Downgrade A New Dell XPS Laptop To Windows 7

Aug 30, 2015

I'm thinking about getting a new Dell XPS laptop. It comes installed with Windows 10. I would rather use Windows 7. My question can I format the the new Dell laptop and install a new copy of Windows 7. Or are there too many driver specific components on a new XPS that need Windows 10 to function properly.

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Dell Laptop Stuck In A Loop When Resetting

Nov 7, 2015

URL... and now its been stuck on a screen that says "Installing Windows" at the top with a percentage and circle in the middle and a note at the bottom that it's installing features and drivers. However, it has been doing this for two full days now. It comes back up at 64%, goes to 100%, restarts, then goes through the same thing. I have a Dell laptop and no error messages come up at any time.

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Dell Inspiron 17 Laptop Built-in Camera Not Working

Aug 26, 2015

When I select "Camera" I get a white box, with one word printed in the upper left hand corner,"Camera". This appears for two seconds and then I am back to my desktop picture.

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Why Don't Have Sound After Updating Dell Vostro V131 Laptop

Aug 4, 2015

Yesterday I updated my OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10. All seems to be working swimmingly apart from the sound, which doesn't work at all. I checked the drivers and it says that they've been updated yesterday along with the OS change. Oh, I use Dell Vostro V131 laptop.

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Dell 15-3521 Laptop Automatically Turn On Whenever Shutdown

Jul 31, 2015

I have Dell 15-3521 and it was working perfectly with no issues like this, now as the new update of Windows 10 is automatically installed, now after upgrading to Windows 10 whenever i shutdown my laptop it automatically turns itself ON. It is happening after upgrading to Windows 10. Whenever i shut it down it turn it self on after some time. Their is no task in Task Management which could turn it ON.

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Screen Flickers On Dell XPS Laptop After OS / Driver Updates

Sep 20, 2015

Installed Windows 10 plus all driver updates on Dell XPS laptop. Screen flickers and dances sometimes.

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No Internet Access After Upgrade On Laptop (Dell M3800)

Jul 29, 2015

I have a Dell M3800 and a work colleague has a Lenovo something, both pretty new. We have both upgraded to Win 10 and have no internet access. We can see our wifi devices in device manager, but no wifi shows up. Direct wired connections also don't work.

I have win 10 on 2 pcs and an old laptop, all with no issues.

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Laptop (DELL L502X) Screen Backlight Doesn't Turn Off

Dec 19, 2015

I recently updated my DELL L502X to Windows 10 from Windows 7. All drivers have been installed and Device Manager shows no problem. However I'm seeing a weird issue. I'm using an external monitor (ASUS) through HDMI. I'm setting the display to show on external monitor only. In Windows 7, everything works fine. After the Windows boot logo disappears, laptop screen turns off and external monitor turns on. In Windows 10, however, there is an issue.

After boot logo disappears, external monitor turns on, and laptop screen turns off - but not completely. There is no content anymore but the back light is still on. If I switch the display mode to Duplicate or Extend (just to turn on the laptop screen) and switch back to Second Monitor Only, the laptop screen can turn off completely.

Both monitors are shown as Generic PnP Monitors in Device Manager. I don't know if this is a driver problem or something related to my laptop. The bottom line is in Windows 7 there is no such a problem.

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Drivers/Hardware :: DVD / CD Drive Not Recognizing Media On New Dell Laptop

Dec 5, 2015

Dell Inspiron 5000 series, brand new

Originally the DVD drive would not show at all in File Explorer, despite Device Manager recognising, drivers up to date, etc. Dell diagnostics reported various feedback ranging from perfectly ok (SupportAssist, on-line smart diagnostic quick test) to failing some tests (on-line optical drive tests) and requiring attention (sadly, the attention it suggested I use was a 'fix' tool on the Microsoft website that would not run on Windows 10 operating platform so I have not been able to persue further)

Things improved a little after downloading and installing all of the urgent and recommended Dell updates, plus installing all of the Windows updates. Now the laptop shows the drive in File Explorer, and occasionally media is recognised and even played. For example, inserting an audio CD into the drive immediately after booting up will run autoplay and the tracks are displayed as expected in File Explorer.

However, subsequent CDs (or any other media) are not recognised. The drive 'acts' like it should (led goes on, whirring sound made, etc) but nothing happens. File Explorer displays whatever the previous media contents were.

So for example, if I insert an audio CD with 10 tracks immediately after booting, the CD will autoplay and the 10 tracks will display in File Explorer. Everything seems fine. If I then eject this CD, and put in an audio CD with 5 tracks, File Explorer will continue to display the 10 tracks from the first CD. The new CD wont autoplay. Its basically not recognised.

This is quite frustrating because it means I have to reboot every time I want to change media.

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Dell XPS 8300 / Can't Get Boot To BIOS

Sep 5, 2015

Have a Dell XPS 8300 which came with Win7 Home Premium. 10-12 days ago, finally got my system upgraded to Win10... but, after completing the password, all I get is a black screen.

FINALLY figured out it's because this motherboard came with an on-board VGA and delivered with an add-on VGA/HDMI board... It's truly annoying... but tapping Window-P (keys) gets me to where I can choose "which screen"... biggest rub being I'm doing it in the blind.

Soooo... I want to get into my PC's BIOS to disable the on-board video... at other times, I'd like to be able to change other BIOS stuff like Boot Sequence, etc. HOWEVER... Win10 seems to have disabled the keyboard (no F2, F12, etc) until Win10 takes control and intercepts. Googled and found several "fixes" but none work.

how I can boot this system... and get into it's BIOS... PREFERABLY directly at startup?

Also, why does SHUTDOWN NOT totally power this machine off?? Hate internal lights being on... keep seeing my Ethernet lights blink... and getting tired of pulling the cord?

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Window Hangs At Dell Logo During Boot

Nov 3, 2015

When i start the laptop it stops at the dell logo and does nothing till the time i dont press a key. After pressing a key it starts log in.

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Dell Venue Pro 8 Secure Boot Violation - What To Do

Sep 19, 2015

I was updating my Dell Venue Pro 8 to Windows 10 Build 10547 and got a red error message that read. "Secure Boot Violation" "Invalid signature detected. Check Secure Boot Policy in Setup". There is an OK button at the bottom of the message, but nothing happens when I try to click on it. I can shut the tablet off, but when I start it I get the same message. I am stuck. Where to I go from here.

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Gestures On Touchpad Not Working On Recently Updated Dell Inspiron 3537 Laptop

Aug 6, 2015

I have dell Inspiron 3537 Laptop recently update in windows 10 before it was using windows 8.1 that time my laptop gesture touch pad was working when I scroll in our touch pad with 2 finger it was working but now is not working. My touch pad driver already installed and update.

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Installation :: OS Hangs At Dell Logo Despite Various Boot Options On XPS8700

Oct 2, 2015

New Dell XPS8700. Upgraded from Win 8.1 to Windows 10 and worked fine for about a month.

On start-up, it now hangs on the Dell logo or when trying boot options to start from USB or recovery DVD go to blank black screen. Dell phone support sucked but they sent me a recovery USB drive (to factory set Win 8.1), however start-up would still hang at the Dell logo. Tried all different boot combinations from CD/DVD, USB, OS/Boot partition but cannot proceed beyond Dell logo or black/blank screen. I do not have a original Windows 10 OS disc, however did a download from

HTML Code: [URL] .... to USB and PC does not boot up from that media either.

Used an original Windows 7 Ultimate installation CD to start and get to command prompt to recover files from C: drive and can browse through all folders and files. Copied user data to USB drive. So HDD appears OK.

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Laptop Will Not Boot At All Not Even From DVD

Oct 16, 2015

The other day I was trying to install Ubuntu on my laptop. I searched the Internet for a guide, and it told me to use a software to create a bootable USB and let BIOS boot from it. I did that, and attempted to change it to boot USB as the first priority. After saving changes, exiting and restarting the laptop, it will not boot at all.

The exact process is as follows, when the power button is pressed:

Power button itself, 2 out of 3 LEDs beside the power button (WiFi, Caps Lock, Num Lock; only the last 2 light up), power light indicator (not sure what the exact name is, but it has a light bulb symbol above it), and the disk activity indicator all light up at once after one second. Screen also lights up (super dim) but only for around 200 miliseconds?All lights and indicators then disappear, except for power button and light bulb indicator which are still lit. Battery indicator flashes only when it is very low on power (< 7%).

Cooling fan doesn't seem to be running, and laptop gets warm after a minute until powered off.Keyboard is apparently not turned on, so spamming all kinds of keys like Del, Esc, and F hotkeys doesn't bring me to BIOS.Inserted a system repair disc (that is created in Windows 10 from a spare laptop, which is currently the one I'm using). Disc reader only spins the disc for a few seconds and stops, and laptop doesn't boot from disc. Force shutting it down and power it up again with the disc still inside still won't boot from the disc.

I've tried several other options, like draining all the power from the laptop and taking out the CMOS battery then putting it back again, but all to no avail . Operating systems installed in both laptops are Windows 10.

I changed the boot order to boot USB first, and laptop won't boot AT ALL. BIOS isn't accessible; it doesn't do anything.

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Laptop Won't Boot?

Nov 30, 2015

Recently(September) I bought a new laptop, with an i7, a ssd with windows 10 installed in it and a hard drive 1tb for memory. However, 3 weeks after I bought it, the ssd suddenly disappeared. I googled about that and i saw it was a common problem so i let it go and reinstalled windows10 on the hard drive. It worked perfectly(only a bit slower) for 2 months until 2 days ago it displayed a message that my ssd drive needs to be fixed. It was weird and i was scared to do it so i let it go. But after a few hours, the screen went black and nothing would happen. I decided to reboot the laptop, but it wouldn't boot, it stuck on the win 10 logo with the loading circle forever.

Then, after a while i rebooted again but this time it stuck on the same thing only with the message preparing auto repair. Again, nothing happened. I tried to reinstall the windows from the usb stick, and it seemed to stuck again on the same screen after the screen saying loading files. However, i let it load all night and in the morning it had loaded successfully. I let it install the windows, which btw took strangly too long, but after it installed and rebooted in order to open, boom, same loading screen again forever. I let that screen load for a couple of hours, and then i got a message saying installation failed press ok to restart. The same thing again.

By the way, i have tried entering recovery mode from the usb to reset the windows but it doesnt load again. The hhd seems fine on bios, the ssd appears but 0gb.

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USB Installation - Laptop Won't Boot

Mar 3, 2016

I am currently attempting to install Windows 10 but I am having some troubles. I have just removed my existing hdd and replaced it with a Samsung 850 evo 250gb.

As expected, the laptop is now displaying a "Boot device not found" error. I have inserted a usb that I created with the Windows 10 tool however the laptop won't boot it.

I have gone into the bios and put the usb at the top of the boot order but it still won't work. Do I need to disable secure boot or go to legacy mode?

Finally, will windows install the system using in the newer GPT mode?

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Installation :: How To Boot From DVD Drive On HP Laptop

Nov 19, 2015

How do I boot from dvd drive on HP laptop? According to Google it says press esc repeatedly and then f9. I did this and it did not work so I went into the BIOS and changed boot order to cd/dvd drive at the top but it will not boot do I have to press another key?

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Laptop Keeps Long To Boot Anytime

Oct 28, 2015

Am using and accer laptop and am using windows 10 but the problem i have is that my laptop keeps long to boot anytime i put it on. This hasnt happened before even after months getting into windows 10 but now it is lways happening and have restarted my laptop for a million times hoping it stops but it still doesnt stop eventhugh have even set my BOIS to default but yet still it is still happening.

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Laptop Stuck In The Boot Menu

Mar 10, 2016

laptop specs-
Toshiba satellite C55t series
Touch Screen
4gb RAM
500 gb HDD
Intel HD graphics.
WIndows 10 home

I bought my laptop some 2 months ago and reset it a month ago cause of some minor problem. After the reset it was working pretty good and i downloaded games and other stuff. THen yesterday night i realised that after my built in Toshiba service apps had been uninstalled after the reset, so went download and install them from the official site and the suitable versions. I think i download too many of them at the same time and installed, so after 5 minutes it got hung. I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del. After that the screen went black and i hit the power button to shut down. Then after that switched it on and there it said under toshiba logo that automatic repair was taking place and diagonising your pc, and took me directly to that bue Boot Menu. There i tried stuffs like restart, turn off and ultimately came to resetting giving up the rest. When i pressed reset it look good till 36% then after that it said "There was a problem Resetting your PC".

After this i went to this site- [URL].... And did only Method 1 cause for doing method 2 I cant get into my windows.

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After Laptop Reset Can't Boot Anymore

Jul 24, 2015

After resetting my laptop (specs below) from within Windows 10, it cannot boot anymore. It just displays the hp logo and after that it's a black screen with my mouse pointer, indicating that something is loading (the spinning circle). But how long I wait doesn't matter, because it doesn't boot ever. I have tried booting in safe mode, and that worked. But I'm not able to figure out how to boot normally.

my specs: HP Envy 15-j190nb
Intel i7 M 4700MQ
Intel HD 4600 graphics + nVidia gforce 840m
12 gigs ram

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Laptop Stuck On Boot Manager

Jan 8, 2016

I keep having trouble with my laptop it hasn't been even starting up in weeks, I turn it on and this it's black with a blue window that sus Default Boot Device missing or Boot Failed, insert recovery media or hit any key

Then select boot manager to choose a new boot device or to boot recovery media. So I hit enter and I go to boot manager and boot option menu but there's no options....

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