Can't Print 6x4 Photos Using Windows Print Function

Mar 16, 2016

there doesn't seem to be a way to print a standard 6x4 photo using the Windows print function for pictures. how to do this as it was possible on earlier versions of Windows.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Print Spooler Chokes When Attempting To Print Certain PDF Files

Jan 10, 2016

The print spooler chokes on both of my Windows 10 machines when trying to deal with certain pdf files. For instance when I tried to print [URL] ... via my browser (Chrome), it printed the first 6 pages, but the printer showed an error when it came to the seventh page. When I then tried to create another job just to print the seventh page, it just hung around in the print spool and nothing happened at the printer.

I tried this several times on two machines. It was also impossible either to cancel the job in the print queue manager or to stop the spooler in the services manager in order to manually clear the print queue, which meant that the only way I could clear the queue was to restart the machine. I got the same behaviour whether I was printing to my physical printer or to the MS pdf printer. I also got the same behaviour when I tried to print from a different browser (Edge). This is not the first time I have had a problem with an unprintable file like this in Windows 10.

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Cannot Find A Print Button For Photos

Dec 24, 2015

New to Windows 10 from 7...Cannot find a print button for photos. Have tried right click on photo but it only offers share, copy or print option.

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Can't Print PDF In Windows Edge

Sep 29, 2015

When I download a pdf file from another source and view using Windows Edge, there's no way I can find to print it. No menu or file box. When I right click there's no print prompt. 

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Print Spooler Won't Start After Upgrading From Windows 7

Aug 12, 2015

I'm stuck with my print spooler that doesn't want to start. It was working fine before the upgrade. I get the following message when going to the "view services on local computer" Windows could not start the Print Spooler service on Local Computer. Error 0x80070057: The parameter is incorrect.

I get the following message in the event viewer: The Print Spooler service terminated with the following error: One or more arguments are invalid

In the details view I see the following info:-EventData param1Print Spooler param2%%2147942487
Binary data:

In Words

0000: 00700053 006F006F 0065006C 00000072

In Bytes

0000: 53 00 70 00 6F 00 6F 00 S.p.o.o.
0008: 6C 00 65 00 72 00 00 00 l.e.r...

I have checked the following registry entry as described in [FIX] Windows Could Not Start The Print Spooler Service how to make the print spooler service work?

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Mastercook 15 Fails To Print - Windows Error And Program Shuts Down

Nov 22, 2015

Mastercook 15 not Compatible Windows 10 ver 1511 bld 10586.11 ... Since update Mastercook 15 fails to print. Windows error and program shuts down. Contacted Mastercook support and this is apparently a windows compatibility problem now. Note when using Mastercook 11 when trying to print receive error can't locate print drivers. 

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HP Envy 7640 / Cannot Print From Windows Apps - Mail - Edge - PDF Viewer

Jan 10, 2016

I am unable to print anything from Windows 10 apps on my desktop PC. Both my HP Envy 7640 and Samsung Laser are wired to the home network. 
However I can print from Chrome Browser and Paint, Photoshop and Word. Just not from the Mail app or Edge Browser. After pressing print a section opens up with the printer listed in a drop down menu, but says "connecting" all the time, which it never does. 
I have used the troubleshooting feature, removed the printers and installed them again, even via the add a printer option on the apps themselves, but nothing has worked.
To print an e-mail I have to open Chrome and access the email provider site directly.

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Right Click On JPG File And Select Windows Photo Viewer - Print Pictures Opens Instead

Jul 4, 2015

Having problem with Windows photo viewer in build 10162? When I right click on a .jpg file and select the open with Windows photo viewer, the print pictures opens instead.

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Can't Print From CD

Aug 17, 2015

Cannot print from CD to EPSON printer. 

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Can't Print Off PDF From Desktop

Sep 4, 2015

I have my own business. I pay CRA on line then I print off the receipt as I need a hard copy. Windows 7 it is easy as I open the pdf on my desk top and then right click on the document and the menu shows me print then I print.

Windows 10 I save the CRA receipt to my desk top, I open the pdf and then right click and all that appears is "Save as" nowhere can I find a print option or icon?

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Can't Print From Edge

Dec 2, 2015

When I try to print from Edge, I get a blank preview block, and the printer produces a blank page.

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Cannot Print Or Save To PDF

Aug 18, 2015

Since upgrading to windows 10 I have not been able to use my print primo pdf - keeps saying system error and file path not regonised system win 32.

Saving or printing using microsoft print pdf comes up as error;

File system error (-2143322111).

How can i save my files to my dropbox location as needed. as so far i cant save anything.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Can't Print From Any App

Jul 31, 2015

Can't print from any app in Windows 10. Printing from Edge, Google, etc. just spins around and Microsoft Word or any pdf just freezes and eventually says "not responding"

Printers are HP LaserJet Pro P1102 and HP 7250. The download and install assistant for update firmware is very slow. 2 hrs in.

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How To Print Or Capture A Page

Aug 2, 2015

I guess I'm getting old but somehow i've missed how to print or capture a page. I can find nothing that tells me about printing. I have the win 10 download from yesterday.

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How To Add Print Icon To Taskbar

Aug 1, 2015

I am still adjusting from IE to Edge and Windows 10. How do I add a Print icon (or something similar) to the taskbar?

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Print Out Goes Into Documents Folder

Aug 20, 2015

I try to print out my bank statement but it goes into documents folder. How do I print out from the documents folder when win 10 puts it back?

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How To Print In Reverse Order

Feb 22, 2016

Most documents I need to print are 20+ pages. How do I print pages in reverse order so I don't have to rearrange everytime? 

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Canon MG4200 Will Not Print?

Aug 16, 2015

when trying to print get message to say off line even though it is connected to wifi router.

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Edge Print Pop-up Too Large

Aug 22, 2015

When I use the Edge Print function the pop-up is too large so the PRINT "button" is partially covered by the Task Bar at the bottom of the screen. Is there a way to make the pop-up smaller. I am using a Lenovo G555 upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Since the Task Bar at the bottom of the screen is covering the PRINT box I have moved the Task Bar to the right side of the screen. I was not able to resize the pop-up vertically so moving the Task Bar to the side allows me to access the PRINT box. 

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How To Print Out Email Attachment

Sep 11, 2015

having problems printing out an email attachment I can go into it put can't print it out. 

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Resize Of Web Print Document Not Same As IE

Sep 7, 2015

I regularly print pages from a website, & with IE I was able to re-size the document to 95%, 85% etc to use less paper. I can't do this with Microsoft Edge-it doesn't give me any options to re-size the document for printing? Is there an option I am missing? 

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Suddenly Cannot Print From Mail App?

Dec 1, 2015

I was printing emails ok from the windows 10 mail app on Sunday but when I tried today, the print panel was different ( black and different layout, rather than normel screen) and emails would not print. On clicking print box there was no indication of anything happening and no message. I am able to print from documents on my pc and see the print panel I expect. If I go into, say gmail via the web I can print ok and again see the print panel I expect?

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HP L411 Mobile 100 Will Not Print Using BT

Oct 19, 2015

I am using a Samsung Slate 2 64 Bit. Since upgrading to Windows 10, it will not print. The paper feeds as if it's going to print, the power button begins to blink slowly as if it's spooling, then nothing. It eventually times out and I get a print error, sometimes it tells me that there is no driver. I have updated the driver through the HP website, I've wasted countless hours online with support controlling my computer. I've had 3 technicians from HP just disconnect and not say a word because they can't figure it out.

My BT is working fine, I've checked. The printer works as it should with a wired connection. I have bought another identical printer and the same thing happens, so I know my printer is not broken. One tech told me that the print spooler isn't running, and indeed sometimes it does stop suddenly. What does happen is that I hit print, the printer does its typical "nothing", the paper feeds and everything stops until I reboot. It will not even allow me to delete the print job until I reboot. As soon as the computer shuts down, the job will print. I've read that there is an issue with the print spooler for Windows 10. I cannot seem to find any updates with a fix. My only solution I can see possibly is somehow go back to Windows 8.1 until Windows 10 actually works.

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Can't Open Files To Print

Nov 8, 2015

I'm having problems opening files in excel to print.

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Emails Will Not Print In Outlook

Aug 5, 2015

since installing windows 10 I cannot print Emails in Outlook. 

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Why Can't Print From Computer Since Installing

Dec 19, 2015

My computer recognizes my printer as my selected device and prior to installing Windows 10 I could print easily.

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