Crackling Audio - SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD

Aug 2, 2015

I have been up all night and morning now, trying to get my sound to work properly. But without any success.

I keep getting some noise / crackling as any kind of sound plays (even Windows tones), and I cant figure this out any more.

I reinstalled via. Device Manager, tried another driver (won't let me install, says Windows found the newest and best tho)

I'm about to give up on this Windows 10 already, seems like this is a huge problem, but to Realtek tho.

I have a Asus Rampage Extreme II with the SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD, and I tried literally everything.

My DxDiag [URL] ....

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Drivers/Hardware :: Constant Audio Crackling And No Sound

Aug 26, 2015

It seems that there are constant issues with windows 10 and sound blaster sound cards like mine. I have a sound blaster x-fi titanium pci express sound card and every time i turn off my speaker controller(unit with volume and adjustments for sub, center and rear speakers); then turn it back on after awhile; it gives me a high pitched hum noise and the audio comes out all garbled and crackling.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Constant Audio Crackling And High Pitched Hum Sound

Aug 22, 2015

Every time I reboot it seems I lose my audio on my sound blaster x-fi titanium pci express sound card. Also; it seems like every time I turn my audio controller off for awhile then back on; i get at high pitched hum sound and then when i try and play something I get crackling audio. What the heck is up with windows 10 and these issues? Ive never had these problems with my sound card under windows 7.

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Why Isn't OneDrive Integrated Into File Explorer Itself

Apr 15, 2015

I understand the reason why onedrive is a standalone app on phones and pcs, because they can constantly update and improve the app.But the current onedrive app has enough features for regular use.And if they want they can always improve it with small minor updates even if it is integrate into the system's file explorer..So why don't they just integrate it into phone's and pc's file explorer itself instead of making it as a standalone app?.It will be more convenient to access all our files in one place instead of using two different apps.Giving great importance to ondrive by baking it into system's file explorer makes even more sense to MS's""Mobile-first cloud-first" strategy.I am not sure why they don't do that.are there any special reasons that you can think of why MS doesn't want to do that?

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Scratching / Crackling Noise Whenever Playback Anything

Jan 29, 2016

I have recently bought a new motherboard (ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming) and a new CPU (i5-6600K). After I formatted the system to start fresh, I installed a minimum of drivers before upgrading from Windows 7 to 10. Now, the problem is that EVERY time I playback any kind of sound (music, youtube, or just the speaker tests in Windows), a brief crackling or scratching noise is heard although the audio quality afterwards is fine. When playback stops, the same crackling or scratching sound comes once again. If I open youtube and keep a video open in a tab, the crackling/scratching noise never comes. If I close the browser with the youtube video open, the noise comes.

So far I've tried this:
- disable all sound effects (under enhancement in speaker properties)
- change the default format to the lowest (16 bit, 44100 Hz)
- uninstall and reinstall the Realtek High Definition Audio driver
- tried different headphones, earplugs, speakers
- tried different audio ports (front and rear)

I'm currently not sure whether the problem is caused by Windows 10 or the motherboard, although I have not tested it in Windows 7.

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Crackling And Stuttering When Watching YouTube On Chrome

Jul 29, 2015

I get crackling and stuttering when watching YT on Chrome in Win 10. Pandora, etc work fine. MS edge works fine for Youtube.

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Digital Camera Download

Nov 1, 2015

When inserting camera disk to computer, Windows 10 will not open. Is there a special driver or update I need to make this work? It worked just fine on Windows 7.

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OS Migration To SSD With Digital Entitlement Key

Apr 5, 2016

I am switching to an ssd soon but my W10 key is a digital entitlement. I was given an iso of W10 from windows tech support in case I ever needed to reinstall W10.

If I install W10 using the iso that is now on a flash drive (media creation tool) to a brand new ssd, will the digital entitlement key be transfered as well, or will i have to purchase a copy of W10?

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Second Digital TV Monitor Not Detected

Oct 29, 2015

I have a digital tv hooked up to my laptop via HDMI and windows 10 doesn't detect it. But when I go into AMD catalyst it sees it. What am I doing wrong?

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Updates :: Restoring Digital Entitlement

Feb 10, 2016

Bought Windows 10 Pro from an authorized dealer and successfully installed then activated Windows 10 on a standalone PC with the Activation key that came with the CD.

With that same CD I installed Windows 10 on a Laptop I had as well, (an additional machine). Could not activate because the key was already being used on the standalone. Okay fine....went to Windows Store and bought another key...arrrrg. The laptop activation was successful "Windows 10 on this device is activated with a digital entitlement"

So what happens if my Laptop goes south, crashes and burns lets say. I re-install Windows 10 with the CD I have, how is that Digital Entitlement I just bought for the Laptop, going to be applied? Or remembered? Surely I'm not going to have buy another...

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Download Pictures From A Digital Camera?

Aug 15, 2015

When I installed Windows 10 upgrade I was pretty happy about how it ran.However, when I had finished a day of photography I went to download the pictures onto my computer, but Win 10 couldn't recognise Jpeg's or an other graphic extension such as raw.

When I connected my camera to the computer Win 10 did recognize the camera, so it's not a hardware issue.

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Drivers/Hardware :: No Bass With Dolby Digital Plus

Aug 16, 2015

I did a clean install to Windows 10, because upgrading it break the WiFi connectivity.

Now I got another issue, I noticed that the Audio Driver downloaded from Windows Update is somehow didn't sound good, if I enabled Dolby the bass is drastically reduced like no bass at all. I tried with headset and a small sound system, they both sound like a laptop speaker. The old driver couldn't be installed, the installer always failed.

I tried to use the same driver for windows 10 from another lenovo product with no different. It is not a big deal because I'm using a USB Headset. What matter is when I use a sound system to play music/movie the sound really bad. The solution for now is to disable Dolby but the sound is really low. I would like to know is there is a way to install the old driver to Windows 10 at least?

My sound card is Conexant SmartAudio other spec can be found in Sytem Spec and the installed driver version is

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Downloading Photos From Mobile And Digital Camera

Aug 22, 2015

Since upgrading to Windows 10 I have been unable to download photos from my mobile (not a smartphone just a Nokia with keypad) and my Sony camera. I always use one of the USB slots on my PC or a dongle on my desk which is attached to the PC and I keep getting a message saying it doesn't recognise the source. I am completely at a loss as to what to do next. 

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Videos Appear Green Or Like Digital Scrambled On Facebook

Aug 7, 2015

Why can't I view video anymore on Facebook and other videos since downloading Windows 10? - videos appear green or like digital scrambled on Facebook now...

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Lost Audio After Clean Install On HP Envy TS M7-J120DX With Beats Audio Quad Speakers And Two Subwoofers

Jul 31, 2015

My PC is the HP ENVY TouchSmart M7-J120DX with Beats Audio quad speakers and two subwoofers. After running a clean installation of Windows 10, my volume icon had an error "no audio device output" / IDT High Definition Audio Codec. The troubleshooting option did nothing. I uninstalled my audio device, and restarted my pc. My sound is back, but it seems that the middle speakers are the only ones working. My volume icon and sound device now is labeled "High Definition Audio Device" which now sounds substandard, just like those cheap tinny speakers you can find at the dollar store. How to recover my original great-sounding original speakers!

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Maxx Audio Not Working With Realtek HD Audio?

Aug 2, 2015

ever since I got windows 10 my maxx audio doesn't work and now just says "MaxxAudio processes internal speakers output only"

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No Audio After Replugging Audio Jack

Sep 24, 2015

I don't know if this started since Windows 10, but I use headphones for PC sound and if I go outside to smoke a cigarette or something I take my headphones with me so I can listen to music from my phone. When I come back and replug my headphones into my PC, audio no longer works in games, FL studio, YouTube videos, etc. Until I restart the entire program. Systemsounds work fine after replugging but audio in anything other than Windows don't

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Audio Is Not Working In RDP

Jul 30, 2015

I upgraded last night from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Pro.I am connecting from work with RDP to my home PC. RDP is Working, but there is no Audio.This is an existing connection that worked yesterday when both PC had Windows 7 on them.I have checked group policy on the server and it allows audio redirection. On client it is setup to bring audio to remote pc as it has always been. Client is with updated rdp client to allow protocol 8.1 with remotefx.I don't have another pc with Windows 10 to check if this is some incompatibility between Windows 7 as a client and Windows 10 as host. I did install the official Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for Android on my phone and tried with it, but the result is the same.

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No Audio From Computer

Dec 7, 2015

I held off to upgrade to Windows 10 until I thought it was safe. My motherboard manufacture said it was Window 10 ready, so I upgraded over the weekend. Now I have no audio. This is bad, because this is our media center for our house hold. As a quick fix I purchased a replacement sound card that has Windows 10 x64 drivers on their website. I installed it today, installed the newest drivers, and still no audio. I hooked multiple speakers to it and no sound. I hooked the speakers to my TV and play a regular show, and there is no problem there. Just no audio from my computer. The additional sound card I just put on to try to get Audio working is an Asus Xonar DGX PCIE 5.1 Audio card.

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Why Don't Have Audio After Upgrading

Aug 13, 2015

like I said - NO audio

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Why Don't Have Audio After Downloading

Aug 11, 2015

There is no audio even thought my Conexant Smart audio is upto date

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Web Cam Audio And Cortana

Aug 11, 2015

I have a Dell XPS 8100 desk top. I use a Logitech web cam with mic for face chat and skype. Will this set up work with Cortana, as far as speaking to and getting answers from her?

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Videos Not Working Only Audio

Aug 4, 2015

I have just updated from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on my laptop and everything works fine except for videos. When I try to watch a video on Windows Media Player, I get a black screen but the audio of the video works fine. I have been using the VLC player without problems. YouTube videos for Microsoft Edge didn't work until I switched to use software rendering instead of GPU rendering. If I try to use the Film & TV for my videos, I get an error 0xc00d11cd (0x80004005) and to visit Xbox support. In the Xbox App, when I try to watch a friends video, it says the video could not be decoded. When I try to stream my Xbox, I get a black screen but the audio of my Xbox works with what I am doing on my Xbox controller. So the streaming works, but no video. i have tried everything.

Sony Vaio
Model: VPCCB27FD
Processor: Intel Core i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz
Memory: 6GB RAM
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7400M Series

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Audio Jack Not Working?

Sep 13, 2015

after installation of windows 10, my laptops audio jack is not working. No sound is coming in headphones.

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No Audio Device Installed

Aug 7, 2015

I noticed the sound was off on my task bar (just installed Windows 10), anyway when I went to the control panel it said there was no audio device installed. So how do I go about installing it? I googled but all the advice was for older editions of Windows

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Can Stream Audio Over USB On Mobile?

Feb 27, 2016

Can stream audio over USB on windows 10 mobile? I want to get an external DAC and feed audio into over USB... (not mass storage mode though) just want to check if it might work.

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