Customization :: How To Make Menu Folders In All Apps Section

Aug 3, 2015

How does one make more folders like screenshot of All apps?

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Customization :: Trying To Make A New Headline In Touch Menu

Dec 4, 2015

I'm trying to make a headline that says "News and Sports" and I'm clicking everywhere on the menu area. It will not let me type anything???

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Remove Name Group From Top Of Tiles Section On Start Menu

Aug 18, 2015

How Do I remove "Name group" from the top of my tiles section on the top of my start menu.

I have all the tiles removed. But can't get this to remove.

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Apps :: Cortana Missing Live Tile And From All Apps Section

Feb 10, 2016

I have had this issue for a while, any way to restore these. The Cortana Live Tile and Cortana entry in the All Apps section are both missing so I cannot re-add the Live Tile back.

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Customization :: Folders On Start Menu

Sep 2, 2015

Customizing Windows 10 ...

Settings > Personalization > Start > Choose which folder appear on Start. I need to enable ONLY the following ones:

File Explorer
Personal Folder

As usual via registry!

In Windows 7 the key was:


For example: "Start_ShowDownloads"=dword:00000001

But in Windows 10 registry address is changed I think. What is the new address?

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Apps :: How To Make Control Panel Appear In Start Menu

Jan 19, 2016

I'm wondering if there is a way I can add Control Panel to my start menu in the same area where Settings is currently located.

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Customization :: Create Folders In Start Menu?

Nov 30, 2015

I have tried creating a folder in every known location to get an additional folder to show up in the start menu so I can throw some games and what not under it..I've tried creating a folder named "Games" in the following:

C:Program Files
C:Program Files (x86)
C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms

Apparently the 0-Z list doesn't read any of these directories, but I am baffled that my Nvidia driver created a folder and it shows up under "N" just fine...I'm assuming this is some type of regedit but I have no clue where to begin.

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Customization :: Create Folders In Start Menu To Organize?

Jun 26, 2015

In W7 I have created folders in the start menu so I can organize by topic. I can't figure out if/how to do that in W10.

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Apps :: Cannot Open Calendar Section In Outlook 2013

Aug 9, 2015

Since I installed Win10 I cannot open the calendar section in Outlook 2013. I get the following message: This set of folders cannot be opened. The information store could not be opened.

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Customization :: Windows Store Apps In (All Apps) Menu

Aug 15, 2015

So you know how it's possible to move your shortcuts into folders and rename said folders on regular "desktop" apps? Is this possible with Windows Store "Metro" apps as well?

What I'd really like to do, for example, is have a folder called "Games" where I put all of the games I've gotten from the store. Similar to how Office 2013 is its own folder and you don't HAVE to have Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc on their own in the start menu.

However, opening up the Explorer folder with the Start Menu only shows my "desktop apps" plus a couple choice Metro apps (like Settings)... none of the others.

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How To Make All Folders Large Icons

Nov 20, 2015

I can't believe I can't find this solution online. I've seen like 8 tutorials and none of them have worked. I have my Surface Pro 2 and 4, and basically, I want to make it more touch friendly. For the last 2 years I have been going into a folder and making it "large" or "medium" icons; but I did it for the same folders every time. Now, I just got my Surface Pro 4 and I just want ALL the folders to be like that by default and change the ones I don't want when I need it.

How can I do it!? Most places on the net say "right click folder, customize, optimize for pictures" and apply to all subfolders, but it doesn't work on my desktop, my surface pro 2 nor my surface pro 4. So... how can I achieve this?

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Make Folders On Flashdrive Appear Same Way When Plugged Into Different PC

Oct 17, 2015

I am preparing this flashdrive for a friend with his favourite anime on it and I carefully prepared all the folders to have neat little icons and hidden the icons files (along with some surprises) in an invisible folder, etc.

But when I try the drive on my laptop everything's gone. The icon's revert back to regular folder icons, everything is in details view (which also makes the invisible folder decidedly noticeable). is there ANY WAY to have a folder retain all of its settings when plugged into a different PC? Both PCs (mine and my friend's) are Windows 10. My laptop that I used for testing is Windows 8 however.

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Customization :: Moving Files Into Folders Puts Them Under Recent Folders

Nov 20, 2015

I have the option "Show recently opened items in Jump Lists on Start or the taskbar" off.

However since the last update whenever I either copy or move a file into any folder windows puts that folder under the Recent group in the taskbar.

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Customization :: Possible To Add Apps To Most Used In Start Menu?

Aug 10, 2015

How to do it? I removed a couple of apps from there and they either get replaced by a random program or disappear.

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Customization :: Some Apps Cannot Have A Big Start Menu Tile?

Oct 2, 2015

Why is it that some programs (like Edge, which I don't use), can have a bigger tile, on the start menu, and others (like Firefox, which I use) don't?

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Customization :: Removing Power And All Apps In Start Menu

Jul 25, 2015

It's a simple question, with probably a more complicated answer: How do I remove these two buttons, as I think they are ugly as OS X (ok, maybe not that ugly)?

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Customization :: Unable To Add To All Apps List In Start Menu

Dec 6, 2015

I can place a new folder or custom shortcut in the correct start menu location (current user or all users) but it will not appear in the All apps list. If I go to the folder or shortcut and right-click Pin to Start it will appear as a tile in the start menu, but still will not show up in the All apps list. I think this behavior started with Version 1511 since it was working for me in the previous version.

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Customization :: Start Menu Width Adjustment For All Apps

Aug 28, 2015

I have read everywhere on how to change the start menu width, however what I am asking for does not seem to be covered anywhere. When I open the "All Apps" section of the start menu to get to my installed programs I am unable to distinguish between some of them due to their width. (See attached screenshot)

What I want is to extend the width of the list of apps, NOT the width of the live tiles area. Seems everywhere covers how to change the width of the start menu but it only affects the live tiles area, not the app list.

I have searched through the registry and can't find anything there. Maybe I missed something?

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Customization :: Start Menu Open With All Apps As Default?

Jan 20, 2016

Is it possible to have the start menu open with all apps as default?

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Customization :: How To Edit All Apps Icon And Text In Start Menu

Aug 4, 2015

I wonder if there is a way (through editing system files or registry) to change Windows 10 Start Menu "All apps" to something else like "My Programs". Also where is the icon file located in the system and how to change the default icon.

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Customization :: Anyway To Change Names Of Apps Pinned To Start Menu

Aug 12, 2015

Windows 10 out of the Edge Browser allows almost anything to be pinned to Start Menu which is great but many of the names are too long, so once again, can names of apps be changed that are pinned to start menu?

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Start Menu Folders Within Folders

Jan 2, 2016

On Windows 7 start menu you could have a folder such as EA Games and then sub folders within. For example a folder for tiger woods golf, a folder for say Fifa and so on. It seems on Windows 10 you can only have one folder level. I have tried creating sub folders but all the shortcuts within the sub folders all appear under the one top/master folder when actually viewing the start menu. Am I correct in this observation/restriction?

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Customization :: Start Menu - Missing Customization Menu / Personalize

Aug 15, 2015

I hope this hasn't been already asked. I'm trying to get my "Start Menu" to look similar to the below right image. I've read tutorials and I simply do not have or can not find the "Customize Start Menu" dialogue box. I am currently running the final release of Windows 10 Enterprise x64.

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Can't Seem To Make Start Menu To Work

Feb 17, 2016

I've tried all the generic ways, using powershell, using Tweaking WIndows Repair Etc.I don't want to keep restoring windows 10 everytime it happens. I remember I fixed this once by using regedit.

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Customization :: Trying To Make Invisible Desktop Folder

Feb 10, 2016

I have been trying to make a desktop folder invisible. I have had invisible folders since XP...

On Windows 10 I have an issue of the 'blank icon' being black on my desktop.

I just don't get it.. I have tried clearing my thumbnail cache, all the 'blank icon' options, made my own icon, and have been scouring the internet.

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Customization :: Any Way To Make Account Pictures Square And / Or Transparent

Aug 28, 2015

Is there a mod or something out there (or a registry edit maybe?) that will make the profile pictures for accounts square instead of circular, and use a transparent background? I have a custom image I'd like to use, but it gets rendered with a black background and parts get cut off by the circle.

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