Customization :: Open Folder Window At Same Position Every Time

Aug 2, 2015

Whenever I open a folder and position it on desktop whereI want it to be, after closing and reopening it again, it repositions. With a few opening-closings I realized that every time I open the folder anew, it gets repositioned a bit lower, diagonally. This wasn't happening on Windows 8.1. Is there any way to keep the folder in the same position every time I open it?

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Explorer Opens A New Window Every Time Double-click A Folder

Nov 7, 2015

every time I double-click a folder in Windows Explorer, it opens in a new window. I know there have been problems on this in earlier versions of Windows.The ONLY time a folder opens in a new window, is when the folder is located in the PICTURES folder. On some occurrences, the folder I'm clicking is opening twice.

Another strange thing I noticed, is when I delete something. When I used to delete something, the folder would automatically update and remove the file without me needing to do anything. Now, I have to refresh the folder I'm in to actually be able to see the picture I deleted gone.Making sure the registry key of HKCRFolder is empty.Running the sfc /scannow command in an elevated command promptChecking the Explorer options for opening a folder in the same window or a different one on and off.Checking the double-click and single-click options on and off.Making sure I do not have this "Vault" program that everyone is talking about... SourceGear Vault?Refreshing the Windows Explorer process in Task Manager.

Explaning the .GIF I linked (if you didn't understand it).I'm double-clicking a folder within the PICTURES folder.Two windows open of the folder I clicked. There are now currently 3 windows openI close the two windows, and redirect into the MUSIC folder.I double-click a folder in MUSIC and the folder opens in the same window.

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Can A File Folder Open In A Window All By Itself

Mar 5, 2016

Can a file folder open it it's own window all by itself without any of the drive's other folder structure showing?
I have certain folders I must refer to frequently and I'd like to create a shortcut which would pop one open in a new window without having to wade through the whole drive's folder structure. This was normal on my last pc running XP but I can't seem to duplicate in Win10.

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Remember Window Position On Desktop?

Jun 30, 2015

In every version of Windows 10 I have used, including the most recent official build (and unlike every previous Windows including XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc...) my window positions on the desktop are not remembered (sticky) each time I close the window. Meaning that each time I open a window I have to either re-position it or adapt to wherever Windows has chosen to place it.

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Possible To Reset File Explorer Window Position?

Aug 9, 2015

Every time I open File Explorer the window jumps to a new position (possibly a glitch). Is there a way to reset these settings through the registry?

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Folders Inside Downloads Folder Open In New Window

Jan 28, 2016

It only happens when I open the Downloads folder from Quick Access and This PC.

I've already checked the Folder Option. Launch folder windows in separate process and Open each folder in its own windows both are unchecked and I also tried everything that I've found, but nothing works

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Customization :: Changing Mouse Hover Time For Tooltip Popup To Stay Open

Oct 10, 2015

How do you change the amount of time the tooltip popup stays open in Win10 when I mouse over an icon that generates a popup? I want to make it so the popup stays longer.

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Customization :: Lock The Wallpaper Position?

Aug 2, 2015

I have a third party wallpaper changer that I like, but when I updated to Win 10 every change comes out as centered, with a boarder. No matter how many times I change it to "fill" next changes to "centered". I have plated with the settings in the program but nothing works. The program is Wallpaper Master. if there is a way to set the fit in windows to default to fit instead of center.

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Customization :: Change Position Toast Notifications?

Nov 7, 2015

My windows 10 Build 10240

i want change position Toast Notifications Windows from Bottom to Top.

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Desktop Icons Position / Dimension Reset Every Time Sign-out / Sign-in?

Aug 24, 2015

Until yesterday everything was working fine. This night I shutdown my computer and this morning, when I started it up, I noticed the icons of my dekstop in the default location and with the default dimensions.

I repositioned them , I changed icon dimensions again but if I sign out/sign in , restart , shutdown/startup the computer , all my desktop icons go back to default position and default dimension.

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Getting Window Pop-up Every Time Start Up Computer

Mar 27, 2016

When my friend was at my house he got a hack on my computer that obviously didn't work.Now everytime i start my computer the hack pops up.

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BSOD :: Unexpected White Window At Time Woke Up From Sleep

Dec 3, 2015

After after upgrading my laptop to windows 10 , I found a small blank white window at left side when it woke up from sleep.It last till restart.

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Downloads Folder Keeps Opening In New Window

Sep 4, 2015

So "This PC" has a series of folders: Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, etc...I have my preferences to "Open each folder in the same window". For most folders, this works exactly as it should.However, whenever I open a sub folder in the Downloads folder, it opens up in a new window.

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No Window Appearing With (Open With) Option

Aug 23, 2015

Running Windows 10 and whenever I tried and right click a file and select "Open with" I don't that that small window to appear and show me what apps to select. The window where the file is on loses focus but nothing happens until I click or press a key.

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Any Way To Open Files (such As Pictures) In Same Window?

Feb 23, 2016

I've been using windows 8 since it was about a month old, and this always worked this way for me, if I am in file explorer looking at pictures and i open one, a window opens for the image viewer then if i go back to the file explorer and click another picture it will open in the same window that the other picture was in.

now when i upgraded to windows 10 it made me use the new win10 photo viewer, it was ok but it always opened pics in a new window. so i found out you could use the old win8 photo viewer in win 10 so i did that, but it still opens in a new window every time.

is there any way to make each picture open in the same window like it did in windows 8?

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Can't Drag Open Window Across The Screen Sometimes

Dec 29, 2015

It's a minor annoyance but once every 5-10 tries the mouse will fail to grab a program or explorer window when it should be dragging it across the screen. I'm positive it's not an issue with my wired mouse because I never had problems before Windows 10. Just to make sure I used the mouse to drag files and folders around over 100 times with perfect accuracy, so it's definately something funky related to just the title bar of any program. 

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Pop Ups Do Not Open Separate From Original Window

Oct 17, 2015

Win 10 problem, was OK but now messed up. I tried with Opera & Chrome on 2 computers - same thing. Is this a set option somewhere ...

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Frozen And Locked With Open Window

Mar 24, 2016

Windows 10 is frozen and locked with an open window ... no luck with ctrl alt delete , tab , esc , power button ... nothing ( Lenovo ideapad )...

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Error - Cannot Open Outlook Window

Dec 24, 2015

my Outlook just won't work.

This is the error message I'm getting; "Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. The of folders cannot be opened. The operation failed".

I have tried the following;

- Running outlook.exe /resetnavpane

- I have ran the SCANPST.EXE program.

- I have also COMPLETELY uninstalled Office (using REVO Uninstaller, which removes registry entries also) and reinstalled it.

What happens now, after a fresh install, is that Outlook just will not open. It's looking for a PST file, and if I point it to any of the 3x PST files I had before this issue it gives the error as above. So why should a clean install not have a PST file?

PC SPec;

Windows Professional 10 64Bit
Intel i7-5820K Haswell-E (3.30GHZ, 15MB L3 CACHE)
Nvidia GTX 980 4GB Extreme
MSI X99S SLI Plus Motherboard
32GB Crucial (4 x 8GB) 2133Mhz DDR4

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Apps :: Photo App Open Double Window

Aug 12, 2015

When I want to open some picture in windows 10 photo viewer he open separate window with some album and other stuff, and I don't want that, I just want to see that photo that I open. I am really struggling with this new photo viewer, is there any fix or something to force that photo viewer to just open my photo when I click on her and not the other window with albums too.

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How To Force The Properties Window Open In The Foreground

Feb 10, 2016

I've been fighting properties window since I installed window 10... I use this function a lot. The problem is the properties window opens in the background. So I have to minimize all the windows I have open to see the properties window. The weird thing is the properties window is the only one that does that, When I open a new window of anything it opens in the forground. Is there a way to force the properties window open in the forground.

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Browser/Email :: Open Link As New Window In Edge

Sep 19, 2015

In IE, there was a setting to open links (e.g., ones selected by shift-clicking, or ones with a target attribute in the anchor tag) into a new window instead of a new tab. I can't find a way to do this in Edge - in general, the number of user-adjustable settings seems to be MUCH smaller in Edge. Is there a way?

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Booting Up And Getting To The Home Screen With Task Bar Can't Open Window

Oct 22, 2015

Updated to 10 and it's been working ok but now after booting up and getting to the home screen with task bar I can not get the main window to open. If I open an app (left click opens the menu ok) ie Firefox it shows in the task bar and the small window appears but the main window will not open. It probably something simple but I am stuck.

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Why Start Menu Tab Missing In Taskbar To Open Properties Window

Oct 19, 2015

When right clicking on taskbar to open properties window it does not show start button tab in Win 10?

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Customization :: Won't Allow Window Appearance Changes

Aug 9, 2015

I've spent hours installing and customizing Win 10, but can't find out how to set windows so they always open to the format and specifications I'd like.

For instance, in Win 7, I was able to change the Scroll Bar, Title Bar, Borders, Menu Fonts, Window Fonts, etc.

I'll try to attach/embed a JPG showing how a typical window looks in Win 7 on my laptop. I'm apparently not bright enough to figure out how to do this in Win 10 on my desktop.

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Customization :: Change Look Of Window Buttons?

Aug 1, 2015

I was wondering if there was a way to change the look of the window buttons to something like Windows 8.

Here's what that looks like: [URL] ....

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