Drivers/Hardware :: Unable To Extend Partition

Nov 23, 2015

Since upgrading to Windows 10 I have had to keep extending the primary partition, now up to 250Gb and full. I do have free capacity on another partition from which I have been taking spare capacity with any problems so far, but the partition tool won't let me take any more.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Can't Extend Partition Into Unallocated Space

Jan 21, 2016

Until recently, I ran a dual boot system with Ubuntu - but for business reasons, I uninstalled it (along with it's bootloader). Anyway, I cleared up the hard drive space in the Disk Management app on windows 10, I have about 350GB free space from Ubuntu and I cannot extend the C: partition, you can see what I mean here

I can't seem to extend my partition and whatever program I use I have to buy the full version to extend my partition,

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How To Extend The Size Of Partition

Sep 27, 2015

When I first got my PC I installed RAID 5 across it. I stupidly gave Windows 30GB and the rest as storage. Big mistake I know. Now I have no room at all to update windows and cant figure out how to extend the size of the partition. I would prefer to make a fresh install and give windows around 100GB and keep the rest for storage.. How would I come around to do this without losing the storage contents

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Unable To Extend Volume For OS (C) In Disk Management

Mar 11, 2016

I have received this message about not enough storage on my OC (C: ). So I searched and made changes to some of my files such as MyDocuments. I changed the location of it to my other disk (D: ). However, after a few days I get that message again so I have searched it up again and merging my extra space from other drive into OS(C: ). Perhaps looking at the image attached would explain my situation better than my English

My OC(C: ) Is only 119 GB and its almost full, yet I have plenty of storage in "Disk 2" as my "Data 2" File is empty. 

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Drivers/Hardware :: Unable To Create / Combine Partition From Unallocated Space

Jan 27, 2016

I just assembled a new PC. It has a single 4TB hard drive. During Windows 10 installation, I created a 200gb partition to install to as the C: drive. It auto partitioned my drive into a 500MB system reserved partition, my C: drive, and two unallocated spaces of 1852.69GB and 1678.02GB respectively. The 1852GB space I can create a partition on, but the 1678GB space I cannot do anything with: Cannot create a partition, and cannot combine it with the rest of the unallocated space.

I would like to combine the two unallocated spaces to create a single partition from the remaining unallocated spaces, but cannot figure out how. I contacted Microsoft tech support via chat, allowed them to remote in to my machine, but they could not determine the issue either.

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Drivers/Hardware :: No Given Option To Extend Volume

Nov 3, 2015

Okay, so I have a 3TB Seagate BUP BK External Harddrive, I recently partitioned it for some Ubuntu action. Problem is, I got rid of all the Ubuntu leftovers and now i'm not able to reunite the two parts on my HDD. However, I can do whatever the hell I want with the other two terabytes. I can partition, extend, and manipulate it however I want.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Cannot Extend Un-allocated Space

Sep 26, 2015

I cannot extend my c drive to take this unallocated space of 651MB? How do i do it?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Extend Hard Drive Space?

Dec 13, 2015

I'm going under Computer Management>Disk Management and have deleted a partition which gave me the unallocated 48gb, and I'm trying to add that unallocated space to the main drive (C), and it's not letting me, When I right the C drive there is only a shrink volume option, the extended volume is shaded gray.

I have windows 10, not 8. I'll attach a picture. Dropbox - issue.png

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Installation :: Unable To Install - Couldn't Update The System Reserved Partition

Aug 6, 2015

I get the error message: "Windows 10 couldn't be installed - We couldn't update the system reserved partition".

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Can't Extend C Drive

Oct 22, 2015

I was installing Linux as second os and split my drive in partitions.

After 2 hours (and installing linux) I can't extend my primary drive into the space thats left. I right click and "extend" button is grey. i want my 100gb back.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Unable To Install Any Drivers For Oneplus One Phone

Sep 21, 2015

Unfortunatley I am unable to install any driver for my phone; the Oneplus One. This is the error I'm getting:

"one of the installers for this device cannot perform the installation at this time"

I get the same error for ADB and Fastboot drivers.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Unable To Get Brother Printer Drivers Working?

Aug 9, 2015

After upgrade from 7 to 10 my 2 brother printers were visible and apparently ready. The HL2270DW would not print - just spooled forever but the MFCJ825DW worked. I tried using the Brother uninstall tool to remove the laser driver then installed the W8.1 package for it. Would not install. So I wondered if the other printer was to blame and removed it as well and re-installed. I have done this many times now getting progressively more thorough including removing all mentions of Brother drivers using Devices and Printers interface, uninstalling in Device Manager installing in a different order and as administrator, removing folders left over etc. The result is always the same. I can get one of them installed but attempting to print gives the error Driver not installed - do you want to install? Click through, install via windows process but it fails anyway.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Cannot Find Partition

Nov 1, 2015

I recently installed Windows 10 on my Samsung Series 7 Chronos (NP700Z5A-A01DX). The HDD is a Hitachi HTS547575A9E384 which I originally thought was a hybrid HDD with 8gb ssd partition, but I'm not 100% sure.Anyway, with Windows 7 the computer came back from sleep in 1 or 2 seconds, now it's much slower. I've followed all the instruction online for reinstalling ExpressCache etc. but I get the error message "SSD not fund, please create a partition manually".Running DISKPART, List Disk I only have a one disk showing. (750gb, Drive 0)

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Drivers/Hardware :: HDD Partition Becomes Allocated After Installation

Aug 1, 2015

I have a SSD where my operating system is installed.I also have a 3 3TB drives. A 746.52 partition on one of the drives became unallocated after installation of windows 10. I've managed to recover all the data from the unallocated partition. Would now like to fix the partition. I think it may be something to do with MBR/GPT?

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Drivers/Hardware :: GPT - Hide Recovery Partition

Jan 10, 2016

I need to hide my recovery partition but i'm using gpt. How to hide? The Set id only work in mbr mode ....

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Drivers/Hardware :: Slow To Read A Partition?

Jan 6, 2016

Why is w10 so slow to read a partition ?

For example if i click on a partition J , w10 start to read the partition but is a lot slower then w7 ...

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Drivers/Hardware :: Put 4gb Fat16 Partition On 8gb USB Stick?

Oct 21, 2015

I work with HAAS CNC lathes and mills, which only accept FAT16-formatted USB drives. I have an old 2gb drive that is starting to fail so I got a new drive. problem is the smallest size I could find is 8GB, which is too big for FAT16. I tried using Disk Management but the resize option was greyed out. Is there any other tool I can use?

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Drivers/Hardware :: How To Partition Into Two Separate Drives

Oct 31, 2015

I did once manage to Partition in to 2 separate drives the Disk 2 - New Volume (G:) external drive

However I can not repeat that and instead I keep getting it split in to 3 partitions?

I only want 2 partitions 1 x 1TB + 1 x 2 TB

I am doing this on this system (Windows 10, 32 bit) Home edition, because my ACRONIS Total Image 2016 won't recognise a 3 TB drive.

BTW: I have two other registered Windows systems 1. Windows 10 Prof. & 2. Windows 7 Prof. both using 64 bit, that I don't have problems with.

Please see attched .jpeg image

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Extend The Desktop When Using Dual Monitors?

Oct 6, 2015

What I would like to do is to Connect Two Monitors to my Computer (which I have already done)

But how do I display different Content on each Monitor.

As an example, I would like one Monitor to display my email all the time while using the other Monitor for normal Surfing

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Drivers/Hardware :: Restore Partition Showing Up As Z Drive

Oct 26, 2015

I have a DELL-XPS13 Laptop. After upgrading it from win8 to win10, i noticed a restore partition is getting showed up in explorer as Z drive.

When I open Disk Management, i do not see this Z drive assignment to the drive.

I do not know how I can hide this drive.

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Drivers/Hardware :: How To Set USB Flash Drive Partition As Inactive

Feb 10, 2016

I have a USB flash drive which for some reason is formatted with an active partition.

I usually use Minitool Partition Wizard to set a partition as inactive but for some reason it doesn't work on this flash drive. I also tried booting from the Partition Wizard boot disk but that won't set the partition inactive either. I even deleted the partition and reformatted the flash drive but it popped up as active again!

How can I force the partition to be set inactive? Note it's quite an old USB flash drive so I'm wondering if there something in the hardware which stops it being set inactive?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Can Remove EFI Partition From Non System Disk

Aug 17, 2015

I have a drive that I want to use as a backup drive for a Windows 10 machine. The problem is the old drive has a boot partition on it that is making Windows 10 go nuts every time I plug it in. If I wait until after the machine boots and then plug it in via USB adapter then I can get to the files but I want to install it inside the machine permanently.A photo of the Disk Manager is below. How do I (or should I) remove that EFI System Partition? The Disk Manager won't let me do it.

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Drivers/Hardware :: How To Remove Unwanted Partition Without Losing Anything

Nov 14, 2015

I have recently built my own PC. During the initial setup process my friend create a partition on my ssd. I would like to remove the partition without losing anything.

I have a 250 GB SSD and a 1TB HDD. My OS and personal data is on the SSD. I want to keep everything where it is at or at least be able to put it back.

is there any way to move EVERYTHING to my HDD, clean the SSD, then move it back.

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Drivers/Hardware :: How To Partition 1TB External Hard Drive

Feb 10, 2016

I purchased a 1TB hard drive to place media files on it so that I could plug it into my DVD player which has a USB port. I made sure to format the hard drive to Fat32. What I can surmise is that the 1TB hard drive is too big for the DVD player to read. I plug it in and it says Device Not Supported. But I've successfully plugged in an external card reader and used a 16GB SD card to place files on and it reads them fine. So I'm thinking it's the size of the drive that is the issue.

I might have to partition the hard drive into two partitions. One partition 16gb and then the other partition with whatever is left. They did say they were not sure if there was a way to set it up so the 16gb Partition is what is recognized first when plugged into the DVD player. This way I would transfer movies I want to watch to the 16 GB partition, and transfer them over.

Now when I search hard disk partitions in Windows 10 the manager comes up and I can see the hard drive, but I can not change the size to partition it. It's grayed out. Is there a freeware program that works with Windows 10 that will split the hard drive into two partitions in sizes I specify, and make sure that the 16GB partition is the first one loaded or seen? And if I set it up that way when I plug it into my computer will the computer see both partitions?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Option To Increase Partition Size

Feb 10, 2016

Had 8.1 then downloaded 10, unfortunately when I originally installed 8.1 I made my C partition too small and it's almost full all the time.

Is there anyway to increase the size?

Also I want to reset my PC right now since it's gotten extremely sluggish for some odd reason and I can't see any thumbnails for many things despite trying loads of stuff suggested on the web.

When resetting will I get any option to change the partition size?

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Drivers/Hardware :: GPT Reserved Partition Showing As Local Disk

Mar 5, 2016

I have a two laptops with Windows 10 x64. Recently I noticed new partition with next available letter. Size is 128mb and it can't be accessed. I checked in Disk Management but this partition is not listed there as per the below screen:

I used MiniTool Partition Wizard and managed to see details about this partition.

I tried Diskpart to remove Drive Letter but no luck:

This happened at the same time on my two HP laptops but not sure what could cause it. Maybe some Windows update? I do not remember installing any new apps. I would like to remove this disk from the list of available disks.

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