Dual Boot Menu Not Appearing When Starting From Shutdown

Jan 11, 2016

I have a laptop which had Windows 7 installed on a normal HDD and an SSD which I added after it was lying around spare. I then updated to Windows 10 via the free upgrade. Everything was working fine, and I decided to put Windows 10 on the SSD for quicker booting.

I did a clean install on the SSD using the Windows 10 installation media and everything now works fine until I shut down the laptop.

After powering on and seeing the Bios screen I then just get a black screen and the boot menu to choose which OS to boot off (Windows 10 is now installed on both the HDD and the SSD) does not appear.

A workaround is to go into the Bios after powering on and exiting the Bios without making any changes, then the boot menu appears as normal and I can log in to either installed OS. Also if I'm in Windows and restart then everything works as expected.

I've tried the repair tools from the Windows 10 installation media., which said there was nothing to repair, and have tried swapping to the old text based boot menu, which had the same problems.

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Installation :: No Dual Boot Menu At All

Feb 10, 2016

I recently (clean) installed Windows 10 on a new SSD. Windows 7 resides on my first drive.

1) I first set the USB to boot from;

2) Began to install Windows 10;

3) First snare: upon first reboot, after removing the USB, the system just started my old Windows 7 (!). (I expected a dual boot menu there.)

4) Rebooted, set SSD to first disk, and finished installing Windows 10;

5); Tried to add boot menu later (both in Windows 7 and Windows 10), using the Advanced System Settings, to no avail: neither OS sees another boot partition.

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Installation :: Wrong Drive Letter In Msconfig / Boot In Dual Boot System

Jan 27, 2016

In my desktop I have two hard disks ( disk 0 and disk 1 ) . Disk 1 is a clone of disk 0 created by Macrium Reflect
Disk 0 : ( C: ) windows 10 pro , upgrade from windows 7 , ( E: ) windows 8.1 pro , ( G: ) Storage partition
Disk 1 : clone of disk 0

problem description : I see in msconfig / boot a wrong listing

windows 10 ( C:WINDOWS) : Current OS ; Default OS

windows 8.1 pro ( H:WINDOWS ) instead of ( E:WINDOWS )

Nevertheless the dual booting works fine as well as the shift between the disks via BIOS.

The question is , could I fix the situation using the EasyBCD of Neosmart Technologies to edit the bootloader ?

I see can change drive letter H: to E: and save the change , am I right or wrong ? or any other way ....

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Installation :: Upgrade Path From Dual Boot Back To Single Boot

Sep 24, 2015

My laptop has dual boot - Windows 7 and Windows 10. My Win7 environment is my main working environment with lots of programs installed and important files. I installed the Win10 environment just to play around with 10 during the technical preview. Now, I would like to disable the 10 environment and upgrade the 7 to 10. Am I able to do this, or have I already "used up" my one upgrade on this computer's Windows license?

I notice that in Windows 7 I have not received the icon in the notification area that invites me to upgrade to 10. This makes me think I might have used up my chance to upgrade.

My end goal is to have a single Windows 10 environment. Note that the reason I want to upgrade my 7 environment to 10 is because I don't want to have to re-install all of my programs and files into the current 10 environment.

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Installation :: USB Not Appearing In UEFI Boot Sources

Feb 10, 2016

i've installed windows 10 on linux before and i've never had any problems booting it (from what i remember, through UEFI boot sources). currently the windows 10 iso seems to be the only one that isn't appearing in UEFI; i installed peppermint from lubuntu using the same image disk writer on the same usb 30 minutes ago.am i supposed to have some specific settings enabled/disabled in my bios to boot the windows install? secure boot is disabled and legacy boot is enabled.

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Installation :: Convert Dual Boot Install To Normal Boot

Jun 15, 2015

After several weeks of testing I'm ready to go full on Windows 10 and want to get rid of Windows 7 but I have some partitioning issues I want to clean up. I currently have Windows 7 on drive 0 (360 GB) and Windows 10 on drive 1 (500 GB). Both are SATA drives and RAID is enabled in the bios but not active.

What I think I'd like to do is simply swap the drives physically so that Drive 0 has my current Windows 10 install on it and make it primary boot active etc. The drive with Windows 7 on it would become drive 1 and I would delete the Windows 7 partition and re-partition it with a clean empty partition just for extra space.

Second question, any advantage to using this drive configuration in a RAID setup?

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Intel HD Display Driver Not Starting At Boot

Oct 22, 2015

Alright, My specs:

Intel i7-4720HQ processor
nVidia GTX 960M
Intel HD Graphics 4600

Every time I start off a boot, my intel display driver fails to work. Right after logging in on Windows 10, I can clearly see that the animations are laggy and my computer isn't running on the intel HD 4600 driver. When I open up the device manager I get a yellow triangle next to the driver and I have to disable it and re-enable it, for it to work. This happens after every boot and it's annoying. Everything is up-to-date. And I tried system restore, didn't work. BIOS reset, didn't work. It's a laptop so there is no switching ports and what not.

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No Boot Manager On Dual Boot System

Oct 9, 2015

Today I installed Windows 10 on my machine (ASUS N55SF laptop) for the first time on a separate hard drive. Now I have Windows 7 on my main hard drive and Windows 10 on my new drive (the latter being an SSD one). After installing Windows 10, I got a new boot option in my BIOS called "Windows Boot Manager" which is set as default, but it runs Windows 10 directly, I can't see any boot manager (I can assure "Windows Boot Manager" behaves this way because my BIOS lets me override the boot option, so that I can directly run any boot option, and this is probably the only way I can run Windows 7 currently).

If I go to Start → Advanced system settings → Startup and Recovery → Settings, I only see Windows 10 in the "Default operating system" drop-down menu, while I only see Windows 7 if I do this while on Windows 7. It's like the two OSs are not completely aware of each other.

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MSI Fast Boot Causing Bluescreen On Every Startup - Mouse And Keyboard Not Starting

Sep 4, 2015

Installed MSI's "Fast boot" software, upon restarting every time I am greeted with a bluescreen mentioning it not detecting a device.

MSI Fast boot also seems to increase the time it takes for the mouse and keyboard to start so when it asks "Press enter to Retry, or F8 to change settings" i cannot do anything as the keyboard and mouse are not on.

If its possible to fix this without reinstalling.

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Graphic Cards :: Computer Starting From Manufacturer Boot Animation After Suspend / Sleep?

Oct 15, 2015

I've had a problem where I would put my laptop to sleep, and when it wakes up it doesn't save my session; it's basically boots from scratch so when I log in it has to reload all background applications as well as restoring my open applications. I've posted this here because it may be related to the Intel HD Graphics 4400 driver I recently updated (with which I can't roll back, as I just reset the system).

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How To Dual Boot With OS X

Aug 15, 2015

I would like to know how to dual boot my win 10 pc with osx as my secondary os. I need mac as I need to see important messages that I receive when I use my pc.

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Installation :: Dual Boot 32 Bit And 64 Bit?

Dec 19, 2015

I have win10 64 installed on my SSD and win10 32 bit on a HD. The SSD is GPT partitioned and the HD MBR. I can boot from the Windows boot loader in the BIOS into 64 bit windows on the SSD and, by selecting the appropriate HD in the BIOS into the 32 bit windows in the HD. I cannot figure out how to get that boot menu (either gui of text based) that I have read about in the forums. Do I need to convert the HD to GPT as well. Do I need to change anything to get this to work?

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Installation :: Can't Get Out Of Dual Boot

Mar 4, 2016

I have Windows 10 and 8.1 dual booted but I’m having trouble removing 8.1. 10 is on a Seagate 2TB HDD, and 10 is on a Samsung 2TB HDD. Both are SATA and my motherboard is BIOS. As long as the Samsung (8.1) is drive 0 and is boot’s first choice, all is well. I get the option to select either OS, and either one can be made default.

In attempting to remove 8.1 I have tried several things like making the Seagate drive O, removing power from the Samsung, swapping boot choice, but always fail and I continually get, “an operating system wasn’t found” no matter the disk or boot sequence, except the one above.

Included are jpg’s of disk management while in Windows 10, both disk and volume views. How to decouple 8.1?

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Installation :: Trying To Set Up Dual Boot With Win 7 Pro

Jan 3, 2016

I attempted to set up a dual boot configuration using my existing Win 7 Pro on a Samsung SSD drive, and a clean install of Win 10 Pro on a fresh Kingston SSD drive. I created bootable Windows 10 installation USB, reset the UEFI Bios boot order and proceeded with the install. Win 10 installed, however it would not recognize the Win 7 Pro drive. I checked the UEFI Bios again, and the Samsung SSD was no longer shown in the "Fixed Boot Order Priorities". However, it was listed under "Hard Drive BBS Priorities", and under "Boot Override". It also shows up in Win 7 in the drives listings.

My motherboard is a MSI Z97 Gaming 5, with Click Bios 4 v1.9.

I must also mention, my Samsung SSD with Win 7 Pro was set up not with UEFI but Legacy boot. This was my first mobo with UEFI, so I made that mistake due to my ignorance.

I reformatted the Kingston Win 10 drive. Rebooted, but got error message that boot device not found. I rebooted and hit F11 to get back into Bios. A popup box gave me a listing of bootable devices and the Samsung SSD appeared. Selected it and it booted into Win 7 no problem. I went back into the Bios, but the Samsung SSD still not listed. I shut down the system, unplugged the Kingston SSD, rebooted, went back into Bios, and the Samsung returned.

I then shut down the system, connected the Kingston into a different SATA port, rebooted the system, went back to Bios, and the Kingston remains unlisted in the "Fixed Boot Order Priorities" as before, but shows up in "Hard Drive BBS Priorities", and under "Boot Override". It also shows up in Win 7 in the drives listings. Remember that the Kingston is just formatted, no op system installed on it.

I set up the Win 10 install on the Kingston SSD as a legacy drive too. Another question I will ask is can you have one operating system on a legacy drive and one on a UEFI drive in the same PC?

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Dual Boot Taskbar

Oct 31, 2015

My dual boot configuration has 10 with classic shell and 7 pro. Classic shell has settings for taskbar which control opacity and color. My 7 just showed a nearly transparent taskbar so I went to 10 and changed classic shell taskbar settings to opaque then back to 7 and the taskbar was now opaque.

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Can Add Dual Boot To Current OS?

Jul 16, 2015

So i currently have windows 10, build 10162, and i like the OS X, especially since i do video editing, and i love the workflow. The problem is, everything on my PC is optimized for windows, and some things wouldnt work on a mac, and i didnt want to spend the money on a mac. I know its possible to dualboot some OS's so i want to know if theres a way i can just add an OS to my current pc. I have an extra HDD that i could put it on. And i want to put Yosemite on it, and i also have an intel CPU, nvidia card, which i believe is necessary for a hackintosh.

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Dual Boot Without Disk

Jul 31, 2015

I'm planning to download the iso, or whatever file it is from the Microsoft website, and install it using that. (I never got the taskbar notification,.how I can make a dual boot on my second hard drive using that download (another thread I made, I've gotten the hard drive working and want that to be my dual boot, not having two operating systems on one hard drive)

I would like Windows 10 on my second, completely wiped hard drive.Unless I'm able to use my Windows 7 disk to install it on the second hard drive, and use the Windows 10 download to upgrade it on that hard drive in particular?

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How To Dual Boot And Pick What OS To Run

Aug 4, 2015

I just installed windows 10 on my second ssd and I have win 7 on a different.

How do I get a screen at bootup so I can pick what os to start?

Now I have to go to bios and change boot order of drivers every time I want to boot into a different os. I get no boot screen where i can just select what to start.

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Dual Boot Configuration

Jul 18, 2015

On the bottom of windows 7 there is a icon to upgrade to windows 10. However, is there/will there be a way to upgrade to windows 10 and keep windows 7 in a dual boot configuration.

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How To Setup A Dual Boot

Jul 7, 2015

I've installed Win10 on secondary HDD and I kept my WIndows 7 on different HDD.How do I setup dual boot?Each time PC reboots its loading only windows 10 without any dual boot.I can change the boot order in my BIOS but it would be great if I can do it via dual boot

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Dual Boot OS Selection

Jul 19, 2015

I'm using WIn 8.1 as my main OS, but I have the 10 Home preview (Build 10240) on a second hard drive and I'm dual-booting. But there's something strange happening:

- If i set WIndows 10 as the default OS, then the PC boots to the OS selection screen and gives me 30 seconds to pick which one I want to use

- But if I set 8.1 as the default, it boots directly into 8.1 and doesn't let me select the 10 preview.

I'd prefer to have 8.1 as the default, but I don't want to go into BIOS every time I want to switch between them.

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Dual-Boot And GPT Partitions

Jul 2, 2015

So, currently, we're trying to dual-boot Windows 10 Technical Preview on a Toshiba laptop with Windows 8.1. We already got the partitioning set up and everything, but when trying to install, it says we can't install to a GBT partition, or something along the lines of that.

We went to try to install it the same way that you do for Windows 7 and everything else, but upon setting the disk drive to the boot device, it still loaded into Windows 8. After a little Google work, I found that Secure Boot must be turned off, and that the BIOS option has to be changed from UEFI to CSM. After doing that, we could boot into the Windows 10 disk. However, when trying to install it, it says "Windows cannot be installed on this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style"

We would like to fix it, and I found a way to do so on a Microsoft forum, and that's as follows:

1. Boot up to installation DVD/CD.
2. Click install but don't follow through.
3. Press SHIFT-F10 to bring up console.
4. Type "diskpart"
5. Once inside diskpart type:
-> list disk (find the one you want to convert)
-> select disk 0 (select the one you want from the list)
-> convert mbr (should take a second or two)
-> quit
6. Continue with install

But I need to know if it will format the entire hard drive, as I'd prefer not to lose the data on the primary partition. If we can do it while only formatting the partition for Windows 10, that would be fine (as that's empty already anyway).

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Boot Windows On A Schedule After Shutdown

Feb 10, 2016

I prefer to have my system shut down overnight rather than sleeping. Is there any way to schedule a system boot at a specific time in the morning? Windows update is able to boot from shut down when it feels like it. Is there any way I can do this, apart from putting my PC to sleep overnight?

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Slow Boot And Shutdown Time

Jul 30, 2015

10 doesn't seem to be booting very nicely. What I mean is that it seems to be having a difficult time initilizing my SSD, so upon boot I get a blank black screen for anywhere from 60-180 seconds, where the primary drive activity LED is inactive, before it actually boots. This could be problematic, because I need it to both boot and shut down very quickly since I use my laptop for class; no sleep mode, either, because my system is old and batteries no longer work with my mobo.

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Windows Fails To Boot After Shutdown

Jan 1, 2016

I have just built a new gaming PC and everything works fine, windows installed correctly, all drives are recognized programs are installed etc.

But I have a small problem... When I shut down, power off and leave my PC for a while, upon startup, windows wont boot. It goes onto the motherboard screen and then says ''starting automatic repair''. It gives me a list of options, and the only option which gets me back to windows is to restore to a windows recovery backup which I created. Every time I shut down, I have to restore and then add a few programs that got removed which is very annoying.

The PC is stable and all my programs which are installed are working fine, but for some reason, it enters this recovery mode when I start up from a shutdown.

I am running windows 10 64bit, my motherboard is an Asus VII Hero and I have installed all the drivers which are needed along with a few programs. I am thinking I may need to do a re-installation of windows, would that fix the problem?

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How To Remove Windows 7 From Dual Boot

Aug 4, 2015

I have Windows 7 and Windows 10 Enterprise Build 10240 set up in a dual boot configuration on the same hard drive. Windows 7 is the first partition on that drive and Windows 10 is the second. I have decided to keep Windows 10 as my main OS and want to remove Windows 7 and reclaim that space for the Windows 10 partition.

What is the easiest way to accomplish this without a complicated and long procedure? I have tried Easeus Partition Master 10.5, but am unable to format or delete this active partition. I tried to format and/or delete this through Windows 10 as well with no success.

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