How To Disable WinKey And Arrow Preview

Sep 2, 2015

I use the WinKey + Arrows to move or resize open windows to half of the screen (left or right side). It's always been quick and easy. However with the upgrade to Windows 10, I now get a thumbnail of other windows that are open (in the picture provided - they are the two smaller windows on the right side).

I would really like to know if there is a way to disable this feature.

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How To Disable Or Stop Update In Insider Preview

Jul 22, 2015

How to disable or stop windows update in Windows 10 insider preview?

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Shortcuts Winkey V For Notification Doesn't Work?

Oct 13, 2015

According to the shortcut keys list, Winkey+V can Cycle through notifications. There is a lot of notifications in my action center, but there is no reaction after press Winkey+V on desktop or Winkey+A first then Winkey+V. How this shortcut key works.

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Down Arrow Key Not Working After Update

Sep 24, 2015

I did my windows 10 update recently land since then my down arrow key isnt working. This applies for both the down arrow key and the down arrow function on the numeric key pad. How to rectify this issue?

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Right Arrow Key Not Working On User But Does Work On Other Ones

Feb 10, 2016

I am using a ThermalTake eSports Challenger Ultimate Gaming keyboard. Everything worked fine for the first few months, until for some reason the right arrow key was not working. I reinstalled drivers. I unplugged and plugged keyboard back in, used a USB keyboard. Then I found out that it would work on the login screen, and on other users. I found out that it wasn't working on my user for some reason. I even used KEYBOARD tester, on MY user, and it showed the key being pressed, but no SOUND as a response. I went to another user, the key was pressed, it was shown, and it did the tick sound meaning it worked. I don't know what to do, and it annoys me. My main account was made a "child account" or child protected account, but then I set it to ADMIN. Typing from the ALT account right now. Some games that use the right arrow key are unplayable, like UNDERTALE. I even plugged a PS4 controller and it wasn't moving right either.

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How To Get Rid Of New Double Arrow Shortcut Overlay

Oct 13, 2015

My shortcuts all have a new double blue arrow overlay since upgrading to Windows 10565. None of my older fixes (reg edits, etc) seem to work getting rid of this new visual change.

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Desktop Shortcut Icon Arrow Disappeared

Nov 18, 2015

<-Before <-After

I upgraded to Windows 10 recently, and I've noticed something strange happening. When I boot up my computer, the desktop looks fine, but after a while, the little arrow overlays at the bottom left corner of the shortcut icons disappear. Sometimes, if left long enough, the overlay will be some weird picture (Instead of an arrow, it will be a batman picture, like from the shortcut to my Batman: Arkham Asylum games, or something else.) When I right-click on the desktop and hit refresh, it reverts back to normal, but I still want to know why it is doing this. My previous OS was Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

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Can Only View Photos One At A Time - Next Arrow Is Not Working

Nov 6, 2015

I've loaded Windows 10 on five computers and other than a few bugs,all are working well. Last night I noticed when I plugged in a thumb drive to view stored photo's I cannot "arrow" over to the next photo in the file. No program tried will allow me to do this. All photo's have to be opened one at a time by backing up to the menu list and selecting it.

The arrows for Forward and Back are there but gray and not active. This just started. I then went to stored images on the HD and they worked normally. I went back to the thumb-drive to see if anything changed,it did not. I returned to the HD photo's and now they too have to be opened one at a time. You can no longer arrow over to the next photo in line and view it.

How to restore the arrow function to view the photo's? It must be some global setting as it does not work in any viewing software on my computer.

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Lost Use Of Arrow On Mouse When Editing Website

Aug 4, 2015

Have recently changed to Windows 10 and while my mouse works perfectly on all sites so far I can't seem to edit with it and lost my 'arrow' ability when editing my Wix website which incidentally uses HTML 5. 

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Browser/Email :: Back Arrow In IE Explorer

Dec 10, 2015

I have a problem with the back arrow when trying to go back to the beginning page that I started, It only backs so far then no farther,

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Browser/Email :: Edge - Right Tab Arrow Is Grayed Out

Apr 14, 2016

When I have a bunch of tabs open & click on the "+" on the top right of the screen to open a new tab. In the lower part of the screen it reflects the new tab, but when I look in the tab row, I do not see the new tab.

If I try to scroll over to the right, I cannot because the right tab arrow is greyed out, however if I click on Left tab arrow once, then the right tab arrow goes from greyed out to white & I can click on it.

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Customization :: Remove Shortcut Arrow From Desktop Icons

Jul 18, 2015

How remove shortcut arrows from desktop icons in Win10 ?

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Fullscreen Arrow Missing In Title Bar Of Modern Apps?

Aug 14, 2015

So I just noticed that the little diagonal double-arrow at the right of the title bar that you use to run modern/universal apps fullscreen is suddenly missing. The arrow was there when I installed Windows 10 and was still there (afaik) up until a few days ago. Now I just have minimize/restore/close.

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Shortcut Arrow On Desktop Replaced By User Icon?

Mar 2, 2016

I noticed today that the usual arrow at the bottom left of desktop shortcuts has been replaced by the user icon of two figures[URL]. When I go into security properties, there are two user groups that I don't see in other files. One called INTERACTIVE, and the other called Account Unknown(S-1-5-21-4180935659-2234933324-3389827175-1000). Upon doing some research, it was said these unknown accounts can pop up when an account was deleted. I only created one account on this computer since I built it, my main account. I scanned with Malware Bytes, which came up clean. I am currently scanning with Bitdefender as well. Trying to delete the user results in a message describing how I can not remove it as it is inheriting permissions from it's parent, and that I would have to disable the inheritance feature in order to remove it.

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Blue Spinning Circle Next To Arrow Pointer - Temporarily Freeze

Dec 5, 2015

Have desktop HP Pavilion P 6000 4GB DDR3 1 Terabyte memory. Had no problem with Win 7, but frequently get the blue spinning circle next to my pointer. Some times it continues to surf other times it give a temp freeze. Checked CPU percentage not high but disk will jump to 100 on startup. The computer light and sound is chomping away when I am just reading the news. Ads in the middle of the page on both sides of any game I play along four or five TV commercials during a 15 minute online Hearts. Reset to factory settings. Hardware problem or Win 10 too busy data mining. I google an issue and 10 minutes later check my email getting solicitations on the same issue.?? Edge was very fast when first downloaded. Oh yes download speed is 35 but runs closer to 40.

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Page Hang Up - Blue Spinning Circle Next To Arrow Pointer

Dec 6, 2015

Have a Pavalion P6000 series $GB DDR3 ram and a Terabyte hard drive. Page hang up. Check and all drivers indicate updated and the ram is running about 49% with Edge browser open. Using Webroot Security Suite I did an Analyze function and got bac k "Active process has a possible memory leak (Edge.exe)" When I googled this it was a problem asked several times when people changed from Win7 to 8.1.

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Browser/Email :: Edge - When Right Click Back Arrow It Shows No History

Aug 9, 2015

In IE I could right click the back arrow and see my history and select a previous page, I can't do that in Edge. I right click-nothing, I left click and hold and nothing.

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BSOD :: Stuck On Black Screen Large Cursor Arrow And Windows Will Not Load

Jan 7, 2016

I recently started getting a black screen when trying to turn on my laptop, a Sony Vaio running Windows 10. I am unable to download the DM log collector tool since I cannot use my computer at all. It stays on the black screen even if I let it sit for hours. It's possible that I backed up a Windows 10 file when originally upgrading from WIN7 but I'm not sure and if so, it would be on an external hard drive.

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Can't Disable Ctrl Alt Disable On Login Screen

Sep 28, 2015

I activated the ctrl alt disable login screen for Windows 10 by using this registry key from this forum.(Lock Screen - Enable or Disable in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums).

I downloaded and installed the key to disable only to find it didn't work so I tried to manually do it by changing the number from 0 to 1 only to find its already at 1.
I also tried going the user passwords2 to find the box to disable ctrl alt disable login is already ticked, but is greyed out meaning I can't untick the box.

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PREVIEW Option Gone From JPGs?

Aug 4, 2015

One feature I used alot in Win 8.1 was the right-click "Preview" option on photos. I could open them in the viewer without having to launch a full blown editor like Photoshop. So I would use Preview and Open to accomplish two different goals.But now, I noticed there's no more Preview option on the JPG's..

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Apps :: Get Rid Of Preview Pane

Sep 12, 2015

I have looked everywhere. I just upgraded from Windows 7. I use Explorer ++ but it has limitations.I have no use for a Preview Pane.

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Cannot Install / Preview Any Fonts At All

Jul 31, 2015

Basically, I cannot seem to install any new fonts at all. Any font I try to install or preview, I will get a message saying "Not a valid font". Now here's the strange part, if I click to view a font from the /windows/fonts/ folder, it lets me view it of course but if I copy that font outside that location, like to my desktop, I will again get the same error, "Not a valid font". I tried logging on the built-in Administrator account as well to see if maybe I could do it from there, but no, same error.

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How To Register For Preview Via Insider

Jan 22, 2015

I am wondering how do I register to be able to download the preview version or developers version of Windows 10 when it arrives. Do I need to install an app on the phone or what? Like we used to do for windows 8.1, that Developer Preview app?

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Can Use A New Windows 8.1 Pro Key To Activate Pro Preview

May 13, 2015

Can i use a new windows 8.1 pro key to activate my windows 10 pro preview?

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Preview Image Not In Context Menu

Aug 2, 2015

After updating to Windows 10, I find that the Preview button in the context menu is no longer visible as it once was in 8(.1). Is there a way to re-enable this? I mainly open my image files using something like Paint.Net and I also need to view previews of images when I program as well.

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Explorer - Folder Preview Resize

Aug 15, 2015

I downloaded Windows 10 on release and despite its flaws, I actually like it.

I am finding an issue with Explorer though. I've noticed that the preview image icon for folders doesn't resize itself to fit within the folder preview section, so if the image I want to show as a preview on that folder icon is tiny, it'll show as being tiny in the preview with loads of blank space around it, for larger images it does seem to fit in, though if the image is longer than it is wide than it'll cut the bottom bit off. This wasn't the case in previous versions of Windows and I presume it can be tweaked in the registry.

I'm using a 4K monitor and Microsoft have improved the scaling in this OS, but it's still not exactly brilliant. Third party software is the main culprit tbf.

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