How To Force Subfolders To Display Parent Folder Columns

Sep 21, 2015

So example, I have folder named MP3.

Inside this folder I have folder named FLAC.

MP3 folder has Name, Title, Artist, Type, Bitrate columns.

How to make FLAC folder to display the same things in the same exact arrangements?

If I have FLAC 1, FLAC 2, FLAC3 then to set up manually would be a nightmare.

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Duplicate Subfolders In User Folder

May 9, 2015

Have been working with Build 10074 for several days. Just realized yesterday that my main user folder has duplicate sub-folders (2 Documents, 2 Music, 2 Videos, 2 Downloads, 2 Pictures). They are the same size, have the same properties). Whichever one I delete, makes the other one unusable, where there is an error message like it doesn't exist. Is this a Registry problem? Now I am dual-booting on this particular installation with Windows 7.

When I boot into Win7 and access that User folder, it only shows SINGLE entries, no duplicate. What can I do? I have thought of creating a new user, moving my files into those new sub-folders, then deleting the original user. However, the main user with the duplication is a Microsoft account as opposed to a local account. So that complicates everything.

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Remove Read Only Attribute In My Documents Folder And Subfolders?

Aug 24, 2015

The documents folder and its subfolders are "read only" which prevents me from storing files in them. I am the administrator and can not remove the "read only attribute." How can I accompiish that? I went to properties for the documents folder and the system appeared to be doing what I wanted, but was not successful.

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Move All Files Inside Folders To Parent Directory

Nov 19, 2015

I have a folder (let's call it BASKET), inside that folder I have many other folders (for the sake of the example, I will name for example 3 folders - banana, apple, and cucumber). These 3 folders (in my case its many many folders) have files in them. I would like to move those files (from banana, cucumber, and apple) to the BASKET folder. The folders are so many, it's tedious to go in each one and move the files back one by one.

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How To Select A Folder Not A File To Display Wallpapers

Aug 2, 2015

how to select a folder not a file to display my wallpapers on windows 10.The example shown does not have those windows that my new windows 10 has. It seems like windows 8.1/

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Customization :: Desktop Icon Columns

Oct 1, 2014

I have lots of shortcut icons on my desktop for files and programs. That means 2 or 3 columns of small icons. It would appear the Win 10 will only allow 1 column. I've messed with the icon spacing and vertical spacing (regedit) and the vertical spacing works but horizontal spacing seems to have no effect.

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Customization :: Adding Columns In The Start Menu

Jul 26, 2015

I am currently trying to increase the amount of columns displayed to 2. I have a tiny 7 inch screen with DPI set at 150% which makes the start menu only show one column. How to increase this to two?

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Why To Only Have Two Columns Of Tiles In Tablet Or Full Screen Mode

Jul 31, 2015

In windows 10, you're given the ability to drag the start menu to a larger size and enable a third horizontal row of tiles. Im an insider, and using 10240 (rtm). Even in tablet or full screen mode, still only the two columns.

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Exporting CSV Using Excel - File Is Missing Columns And Not Formatted Properly

Aug 7, 2015

Have just upgraded to windows 10 and when I try to export a csv file using excel, the file is missing columns and not formatting properly. Have tested same csv file on different laptop (not upgraded to 10) and it's working fine. What I need to do to correct this problem.

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Remove Subfolders From Search

Dec 7, 2015

In Windows 7 under Folder and Search options I could uncheck to include subfolders in a search. Is it possible to make this the default search in Windows 10? I only see the option to choose Current Folder in the Search Tools but that would have to be clicked for each new search.

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How To Create Subfolders In Start Menu

Jul 24, 2015

I would like to organize my All Apps portion of the start menu in W10 as I did in W7.

So far I have not figured out how to do this. There are a couple of problems.

1. Some programs just do not appear. I have one folder containing 3 shtcts. 2 appear and Uninstall does not. I believe another instance of an Uninstall shtct does appear, so I don't think MS is just eliminating Uninstall shtcts. All the files are in the actual Start menu folder seen with FE.

2. Any folders under the first folder in the Start menu do not appear but the files under them do. So everything is mashed together.

This is what you see in file explorer in C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms

Garmin << folder
Basecamp << folder
Basecamp << shortcut
Uninstall << shortcut
Express << folder
Express << shortcut
Nuvi << shortcut

This is what you see in the All apps list.

Garmin << folder
Basecamp << shortcut
Uninstall << shortcut
Express << shortcut
Nuvi << shortcut

how to work around this - until maybe MS fixes it?

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Customization :: Apply List View To Only All Subfolders

Jan 9, 2016

How do I apply a view, specifically the "list" view, to only all of the subfolders of a folder without changing each one individually.

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Can Subfolders Get Recognizable Icon On The Total Area?

Jan 24, 2016

Can subfolders get a recognizable icon on the total area?

When i right click at a subfolder - properties - customize - mapicons > other icon - browse and then choose the .ico image i want, always get this:

The result:

What I want is the image on the total area of the folder-icon. Is this possible?

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Browser/Email :: Possible To Have Subfolders Of Inbox In Mail App?

Nov 17, 2015

I am just about to convert my main machine to Windows 10 from 7. In 7 I use the Outlook part of Office 2013. I have developed a method of keeping my mail in subfolders of the Inbox.

I have tried to create subfolders in the Inbox of the Mail app but cannot see how to. Is it possible or whether I should examine alternative mail apps. Office 2013 runs quite happily in Win10 but I am not about to pay for Office 2016 or Office365 yet.

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Apps :: OneDrive Lost Photos Stored In Subfolders?

Sep 29, 2015

We recently upgraded the OS of our old Win7 desktop to Windows 10. This came with OneDrive, and we decided to put all our photos on OneDrive, to save space (which I since discovered it doesn't do). So we transferred all our photos, saved in several folders and subfolders. We then got a new computer, so we synced the new one to OneDrive, and all the files (or so we thought) automatically downloaded to it.

Today I discovered to my horror that even though all the folders are there, and the photos saved in primary folders are there, most of the subfolders are empty! How come - why didn't the files in those subfolders transfer when the folder itself was transferred? Most of the folders were fortunately backed up on USB sticks, but not all of the children's photo folders - including my daughter's photos of last year's school trip to Iceland.

Are Windows aware of this problem? Is there any chance they could still be hanging around somewhere? (And yes, I've checked the Recycle basket.)

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Display / Folder Size And Text Size Changes?

Dec 29, 2015

I am having repeated problems with text and folders sizes. I had set them up to suit me a while ago, but every now and then they change, apparently by themselves - perhaps after an upgrade? I certainly don't remember making any changes myself.

At the moment the folders I have on my home screen are very small and bunched up into the top left hand corner of the screen. And the text labels to the folders are almost too small for my tired old eyes to read.

How do I get the folders to be bigger, the same size as I had them in Windows 7? And how to I get the text labels to be the same size as they were before? I already have text size set to 175%.

Also, when I open a folder or list contents in some programs the text looks fainter than it should, and has a strange look to it - certainly not the same as when I was running Windows 7; it's much poorer.

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Store App Force Closed?

Aug 17, 2015

I've just upgrade to Windows 10 a few weeks ago and since then I cannot open the sotre app It gives "The Server Stumbled" error message, without any error code and then force closed The same cases also happened to Xbox app I've updated a few times via windows update but it seems the error still occur

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Way To Force Shutdown And Restart PC

Jan 22, 2016

looking for a way to force shutdown and restart of pc. How to do this for win 10?

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How To Check And Force A Upgrade

Jul 28, 2015

To check whether your download is coming, look for a folder called:
In the root of your C:

If its not there, check there are folders dated with todays date, here:
Files start here, before being unpacked into the location above.

If those folders don't exist, type this at the command line:
wuauclt.exe /updatenow
(This worked for me, and my download has started)

If you have to hit Windows Update with a hammer, try this:

1.Uninstalled the KB2976978
(In an elevated cmd prompt) stop wuauserv
2.rd /s /q C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution start wuauserv

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How To Force 99% Usage Max On A Computer

Dec 16, 2015

So I really feel like using my bluetooth keyboard now, but whenever my computer reaches 100% cpu usage, it just disconnects and reconnects and make it laggy. I'm on the hp stream 11 by the way, so yeah... intel celeron n2840 processor. Like that it will make the bluetooth experience better. Or maybe it won't because I didn't ''allocate'' the bluetooth service to the 1% or whatever.

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Can't Startup After Freeze And Force Shut Down

Dec 4, 2015

Windows 10 froze suddenly when I went through the search results tabs of a search done on I was using Firefox (latest version). My fear is that I may have come across a dodgy website which caused the freeze. My Keepass Passwords Database was open at the time so I was even more apprehensive. This type of freeze had never happened before. The CPU light on my laptop turned on full-time and the interface became generally unresponsive. I could use the mouse but could not access task manager. So I saw no other option than to force shut down by holding down the power button.

When attempting to boot up again the CPU light was on full-time again at the beginning. Then, after a little longer than usual CPU goes dead (no light) and I am left with the black screen with the blue windows logo and the spinning circle. At this step the boot process gets stuck.

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Apps :: Force Deleting Folders

Jan 16, 2016

sometimes i get stuck with a error that it cant delete a folder because of too long filename or it says it's in use when infact it isn't is there some nice tool for this?

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How To Force Program To Start In IE Rather Than Edge

Aug 17, 2015

I have a program that came with an IP cam I use for remote viewing that will display the video in IE but not in Edge. The program correctly displays the internal parameter screens from the camera ie-resolution settings, alarm settings et-al. just not the video.

When I use Edge to view the camera directly by typing in the IP address I get the normal sign in screen from the camera and everything I would normally expect but no video image. Just a blank black screen within the camera software border. When I use IE the video is fine.

I have viewed the " How to Change Default Programs" article and it only shows how to force an IE start for "groups" of programs not a specific program.

Is there a way to force a SPECIFIC program to use IE in Windows 10 rather than Edge?

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Force To Remember Where To Open Windows?

Dec 12, 2015

I upgraded to Win 10 few weeks ago and I have a small issue with it.I can't make Win 10 open windows where i want them to open.

Previously with Win 7 I had the Explorer open on the right side of the screen, taking about half of the screen. My browser would open on the left side taking up the rest of the screen. It was very easy to set up. I just resized it to what I wanted, placed it where I wanted and closed it down. After reopening it would open in the same place, same size.

I tried the same with Win 10 and it doesn't work... Every time I reboot and open my browser and Explorer I have to readjust them. I know that's a very minor thing, but it bothers me every time I turn my PC on. how I can force Win 10 to remember where to open windows?

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How To Force Stop Automatic Updates

Aug 5, 2015

This is a short solution to Force Stop Windows 10 UPDATE


1)Check your Windows Update (if it's updating or not)

2)Now Open Task Manager & Go to Processes n find Windows Process named "Service Host: Local System"

3)Expand it by clicking on ">" symbol &Search for Windows Update

4)Right Click on that and Select Open Services.

5)Now you will see a list of Windows Services. Here find a Service named "Windows Update" (Drag Down to Last)

6)Right click on that and go to "Properties"

7)In "Startup Type:" Drop Down Option , Select "Disable" & Apply It.

8)Finally, in "Service Status:" Click on Stop.

>>There You Go windows Update is Permanently Blocked<<

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PC Force Reboot When Playing Game

Oct 4, 2015

My PC sometimes restarts when I am playing game. This occurrence is sporadic and is spread between long periods of time. Once it starts to happen, every time I try to play a game after the restart it reboots almost instantly & then reboots before anything else would show up on the screen or just switch off when I press the power button.

After I leave the PC & unplug everything it works again until the next time after I played a few games. Almost all of the time it would reboot the PC but rarely it would crashed to desktop. Other times Geforce experience has stopped working and would crash. Once when my pc force restarted the screen showed a few vertical red, white and blue pixelated lines across the screen.

The most recent problems was when I was not playing any games at all and the pc just shutdown. To try and resolve my problem I have swapped my RAM with new RAM. Removed one of the monitors, changed the graphics card checked to see if my motherbored bios was up to date.

When trying all of the above my PC still force reboots when playing games at times. I have also used my onboard video card for a day and no force reboot has occurred. But this was for one day and I have gone for a day with my GTX 980 or asus 560ti without having a my pc rebooted when playing games.

Motherboard Manufacturer: Gigabyte
Motherboard Model : G1.Sniper M3
Graphics Card Model : EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Superclocked
Number of Graphics Card : 1
CPU : Intel i7 3770k 3.50Ghz

[Code] ....

I may have clicked accidentally on my mobile. its extremely difficult to navigate using a mobile.

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