Exporting CSV Using Excel - File Is Missing Columns And Not Formatted Properly

Aug 7, 2015

Have just upgraded to windows 10 and when I try to export a csv file using excel, the file is missing columns and not formatting properly. Have tested same csv file on different laptop (not upgraded to 10) and it's working fine. What I need to do to correct this problem.

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New Context Menu - Missing New Excel Worksheet?

Nov 20, 2015

after upgrading to new version of office (from 2013 to 2016) i have no new excel worksheet in new(folder) of context menu.I followed Shaun s tutorial for removing and reinstating New context menu New context menu - Add or Remove in Windows 10..I have also noticed that some programs report that i have more items in the new context menu than i really have! Is this normal?

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Documents (Word And Excel) All Missing After Migration?

Aug 11, 2015

I have a problem where all my Office 2013 documents (word and Excel) disappeared after migrating to Windows 10. Microsoft support just say that they have gone without a trace. Not much support there. Fortunately I have a 99% backup but I now do not trust Windows 10 not to lose more. I think there is a bug in the migration but cannot get the message to Microsoft 

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Apps :: Saving MS Excel CSV To TXT File

Nov 4, 2015

Ok I am a bit stuck here as I need to save a very large csv file to a txt file that has a certain format for it to be used in another application as an import file, I will attach the sample csv files here

My sheet will look like this

And the saved txt file needs to look like this in this format with the first line reflecting the same headings as below.

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Saving Excel Input File?

Aug 21, 2015

In Windows 7 and 8, when I saved an Excel input.csv file to a master.csv file, it would just save.

Now in Windows 10, the Excel file opens up and has to be saved manually (file save as...).

Is there a way to get it to just save as it did in Windows 7 and 8, as opposed to having the file open up like that?

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Can't Open Emailed Excel File After Upgrade

Aug 5, 2015

Outlook & Excel 2013 (not 365) cannot open emailed excel file after windows 10 upgrade. states file is corrupt cannot open. worked fine before. Had another open same file on their windows 7 it worked fine. I can open excel files that are already in my computer 

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Apps :: Office 365 / Excel - Corrupt File

Aug 19, 2015

Running W10 pro...with office 365 Outlook/Excel etc...

Opening an excel file within an email gives me 'corrupt' file. If I save the file I will be able to open it up *sometimes*. I have tricked the OS into opening the file by printing from the email attachment and then clicking 'save'. Sometimes that will actually open the excel file but not always.

I even installed excel previewer for mobile and confirmed that excel (desktop) was the app to open excel files but that did not work.

This is happening with Word as well.

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Apps :: Excel Icon On Taskbar Does Not Open File - Only Program?

Feb 10, 2016

I've been running Windows 10 since last August, after upgrading from Win 8.1 on my Asus laptop.

I use the taskbar (launchbar?) to start my favourite programs, such as Excel, and some 8-10 files are stacked on the icon so I can right-click the icon and select/open my desired file.

That was until approximately 10 days ago, when clicking on a file name only opened Excel, and I have to do a file/open within Excel to get the file I want open. Other programs that are also on the bar e.g. my PDF program, still opens the file name I click on.

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Apps :: Unable To Copy File From Excel Jump List

Aug 11, 2015

With Win7 I used to be able to copy a recent or pinned file from any MS Office jump list by right clicking and selecting Copy from the context menu.

For Win 10 the menu is still there but when you r/c the file it doesn't appear to be in focus and consequently nothing is saved to the clipboard.This is certainly the case for Excel and Word , I expect it's the same for all Office apps.Can't find anything applicable in the usual places?

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Importing And Exporting Browser Favorites

Aug 11, 2015

I am currently customizing my Win10 upgrade. I like to customize my Favorites … Folders before single URLs, and not have things necessarily in alphabetical order. So, is there a way to Export your Favorites to a file, so that when said file is Imported to another PCs browser, the Favorites retain the customized order?

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File Explorer Doesn't Load Properly

Aug 16, 2015

Every time I go to "This PC" section in my file explorer it never loads and is very slow. If I try to launch it from the Start I get what's shown in the pic. I can still navigate to other places on my drive and access the files as such but I cant use this section. 

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In File Explorer Graphics Icons Not Displaying Properly

Aug 1, 2015

After the Windows 8.1 debacle, Windows 10 has been a breeze. But instead of seeing the actual thumbnail of a graphic file in file explorer, I get this. Is there some setting where I can actually see what the picture is in file explorer?

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Customization :: Desktop Icon Columns

Oct 1, 2014

I have lots of shortcut icons on my desktop for files and programs. That means 2 or 3 columns of small icons. It would appear the Win 10 will only allow 1 column. I've messed with the icon spacing and vertical spacing (regedit) and the vertical spacing works but horizontal spacing seems to have no effect.

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Customization :: Adding Columns In The Start Menu

Jul 26, 2015

I am currently trying to increase the amount of columns displayed to 2. I have a tiny 7 inch screen with DPI set at 150% which makes the start menu only show one column. How to increase this to two?

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How To Clean Up DLL Formatted Files

Jan 31, 2016

Recently  I boot up and get 4 bad dll messages. I have Windows 10, an older Lanovo notebook PC. How can I clean up my dll formatted files?

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How To Force Subfolders To Display Parent Folder Columns

Sep 21, 2015

So example, I have folder named MP3.

Inside this folder I have folder named FLAC.

MP3 folder has Name, Title, Artist, Type, Bitrate columns.

How to make FLAC folder to display the same things in the same exact arrangements?

If I have FLAC 1, FLAC 2, FLAC3 then to set up manually would be a nightmare.

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Why To Only Have Two Columns Of Tiles In Tablet Or Full Screen Mode

Jul 31, 2015

In windows 10, you're given the ability to drag the start menu to a larger size and enable a third horizontal row of tiles. Im an insider, and using 10240 (rtm). Even in tablet or full screen mode, still only the two columns.

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Making Bootable USB (Formatted As NTFS)

Aug 26, 2015

Just built a X99 system, now I need to install Windows 10 and I don't have a optical drive but the copy of Windows 10 I bought is on a disc, so I need making a bootable Windows 10 USB. The USB is empty and formatted as a NTFS.

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Cannot Install On Laptop Because SSD Is Not Formatted As NTFS

Sep 5, 2015

Laptop System: Toshiba P755-S5120 / 8GB Ram / PNY SSD 240GB / Ubuntu OS. I have a new copy of Win 10 Home USB.

The latest Ubuntu is currently installed on the SSD. I tried to replace Ubuntu by installing Win 10. I can boot from Win 10 USB, enter the product key, but the 'Where do I want to install Windows' dialog box shows the warning 'Windows can't be installed on drive 0 partition 1. Windows must be installed to a partition formatted as NTFS'. I have the option to delete the partitions but not format. It doesn't ask me if I want to format the SSD anywhere during the process.

What would be the steps to get Win 10 on SSD or possibly reformat the SSD to NTFS?

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Install On New SSD - Drive Wasn't Formatted Correctly

Aug 8, 2015

When I made the decision to move to Win10 I also decided to get a new SSD. So I had Win8 on my HDD and I've been trying to get Win10 on the SSD. I tried cloning the drive however it does not look right and it won’t boot to the cloned drive.

I also tried installing Win8 on the SSD but it said the drive wasn't formatted correctly.

[URL] ....

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Stuck In Install Loop With Error - USB Was Formatted In NTFS Instead Of Fats32

Aug 10, 2015

I recently tried to fresh install Windows 10. I ended up getting stuck in a install loop with the error INCOMPATIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE so I tried to use a USB instead. This resulted in an error saying my USB was formatted in NTFS instead of Fats32 (even though I had just formatted it to be fats32).

My first question would be how to fix this error? Now, while trying to download Windows, I accidentally deleted my Linux partition (woops). My second question is to just delete all partitions on my hard drive and restart from scratch? I'm attempting this on a Lenovo Ideapad y510p.

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Missing Print Option In File Explorer

Feb 10, 2016

Using file explorer to browse directories, and right clicking the document, there is no print option!

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Missing File For Office 365 - Error 0x8004FC12

Oct 13, 2015

When I am trying to use my Outlook or Word for Office 365, I keep getting error "0x8004FC12". How to fix this?

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File Explorer Icon Is Missing In Taskbar?

Dec 9, 2015

The Windows 10 1511 File Explorer icon is missing in taskbar. How can I get it back?

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Apps :: Missing Directories In 2 Popular File Managers

Nov 5, 2015

Both FreeCommanderXE and MultiCommander fail to show the c:Program Files (X86) directory. Furthermore, FreeCommanderXE fails to show Users<username>Appdata and it's subdirectories.

The following screenshot shows this in 3 overlapping windows; Windows Explorer is the top windows that shows all the "missing" directories are really there. And, BTW, my system runs fine. But why do those file managers not show stuff that is really there?

Yes, I did set both programs to show both Hidden and Systems files.

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Windows Won't Boot Up - Factory Reset Came Up With File Missing

Oct 18, 2015

I have a 3 month old toshiba laptop it crashed last night and now won't boot up a factory reset has taken 7 hrs and came up with file missing il attach pic now it just stuck on toshiba screen spinning no I won't upload says pic is too big

System32/msasn1.dll was supposedly missing at 92% during factory reset 

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