How To Make Search Bring Up Programs / Files From Other Drives

Dec 28, 2015

You know how hitting windows and then typing in a program name brings it up? How do I bring the programs from another drive? I'm okay if that means ONLY bringing up programs that the other drive.

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Make The File Explorer Shortcut In Taskbar Show Only The Drives?

Feb 10, 2016

When opening it i don't want to see Frequent folders and files, how can i change it so i can see only the drives?

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How To Make Certain Programs Only Open Up On Certain Monitor

Aug 8, 2015

Is there a way to make certain programs only open up on a certain monitor in Windows 10? Right now I am using 2 monitors for programs and a TV to run Netflix app, etc.

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Want To Upgrade - Windows 7 Programs Split Across Two Drives?

Jan 17, 2016

I currently have Windows 7 installed on a 128 GB SSD (C drive), which also houses my more "essential" programs and the Users folder.

I also have a 1 TB HD (E drive) which I installed the rest of my programs on (though, the registry still remains on C) and also contains most of my personal data. I moved the My Documents, My Music, etc. from C to E.

If I decide to upgrade to Windows 10, will the installer detect that I also have programs on my E drive? Or does it only look at the primary drive, my C drive?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Search Through All Drives

Nov 28, 2015

So I have set up my SSD and using it for my OS (Win10) and my F drive (1TB HDD) as a drive for my programs and documents, however when I try to search for items vis Windows Start Menu it only shows items for my C drive, how to make it to search both drives for documents/files?

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Apps :: No Option To Make Cortana A Search Box

Jul 30, 2015

So I just installed Windows 10 a day ago, and all I have to say is wow, Microsoft did great. I'm blown away by it's speed/ease of use! Anyways, when I click on Cortana, the only options that I have are to show or hide the Cortana icon, I don't have a "Show search box" context menu selection. I installed Windows 10 through the insiders program page when I installed.

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No Ethernet And How To Make Cortana Search Google

Jul 29, 2015

I have no Ethernet what so ever... I updated everything I could including the Ethernet from ASUS. I get limited connection.

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How To Make Search Find The Stuff In Other Partitions

Oct 23, 2015

My windows is on C and my music is on Z. If I write one of my track's name into the search it doesn't say anything.Can I make the search find those things?

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How To Make Cortana Use Chrome And Google Search

Aug 13, 2015

I found this video on youtube. It fixed one of my major problems with windows 10, bing! As much as i love having a search right on the taskbar, bing just does not seem to work with me !
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
[URL] ....

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Accounts :: Make Search Stop Telling To Sign In?

Aug 7, 2015

I know that a huge part of Windows 10 is that they are trying to make it all on the cloud, but I feel MUCH more secure with everything on my computer. I will want to use the cloud for some things, but not for everything.

The thing I want to avoid the most is using my Microsoft account to sign into my computer. I want to have my own local account that is separate from all internet as my computer login. If I want to do stuff online, I will go to the browser.

My annoyance is that Every time I try to search for a folder or program using the search button, it opens Cortana, who immediately asks me to sign in with my Microsoft account. At first I was fine with it, but then I noticed that it changed my computer login into my Microsoft account login.

Is there a way to make Cortana stop telling me to sign in to Microsoft every time I try to search for a folder?

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Start Menu Search Programs Only

Dec 12, 2015

When you open the start menu, is there a way that when you start typing, it displays only programs installed starting with those letters? Or at least show more than just the top 3 options?

In windows 8.1 you could have just your programs displayed, and typing would only search through those. (maybe there is also an extension to bring that back?)

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Apps :: Windows Search Returning No Results On One Of External Hard Drives

Oct 15, 2015

Windows Search returning no results on one of my external harddrives. I have already:

Tried indexing the HDD and rebuilding.Non-indexing and rebuilding.Indexing only specific folders on the HDD and rebuilding.Specifically disabling indexing for this drive in the drive's properties.Checked that I have the appropriate permissions on the drive (they are identical to my other HDDs).

Crude example of my problem:

I am looking for the following file, A:Example est.txt.I am inside the A:Example folder.I search for "test", "*" or "txt".It says there are no results.

And it says "no results" instantly - it doesn't appear to even try.

I do not have a second drive with sufficient space to move the contents to do a format - so I'm looking for non-destructive solutions.

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Apps :: Installed Programs Not Showing Up In Search

Feb 10, 2016

I have found a few threads on here and other sites to try and fix it, but no such luck. I am not hitting that old 512 app limit, as I only have 242 installed:

PS C:WINDOWSsystem32> Get-StartApps | measure

Count : 242
Average :
Sum :
Maximum :
Minimum :
Property :

I also have tried rebuilding index, and removed everything and set to default. This does still include my start menu icons, which have apps. Any time I search though, NO app is found.

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Search Function Finds NO Programs Or Start Menu Shortcuts / Desktop

Jan 11, 2016

I recently performed a clean upgrade from a clean 8.1 Install of Windows Pro. It's connected to a domain and uses Folder Redirection. The search function finds NO programs or start menu shortcuts, desktop etc. When I click the start and start typing, a few things are found, and at the top of the window it says "these results may be incomplete".

I have rebuilt the search, stopped the services, renamed the data folder, and tried a new user profile, and it does the same thing.

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Syncing Files Automatically To Foregoing Drives

Sep 10, 2015

I have just copied all my files from google drive to one drive. In Windows 10, where should I copy them so as to have a master file that will automaticly sync them to the foregoing drives?

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Installation :: Make A Clean Install Or Keep Files And Update Over 8.1?

Oct 25, 2015

Successfully upgraded to Windows 10, all applications and settings works perfectly and all previous problems are gone.

I've been facing a collection of annoying problems with my Windows 8.1, specifically setting saving problem, for example can't save settings like default app, folder and icon size, i didn't update to Win10 yet because i am working on very important projects.

My question is, do you think this kind of problems will be fixed after updating to Win10 by keeping all my files, programs, etc... ?Or should i do a clean installation of Win10 so my computer will be "system-new".

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Installation :: Reset / Clean The Drives And Wipe All Files?

Feb 10, 2016

I am currently an Windows 7 Professional user, and I was seriously considering to jump to Windows 10.

After upgrading, I was thinking in doing a factory reset, in order to try to mimic a clean install of the system. When exploring the options on Internet, I discovered an option to clean de drives completely.

Currently I have 2 drives, my C unit where the OS and most of my software is, and a D drive, in which I have my music, documents, videos and other files not relevant for the system itself.

If I select the options to clean the drives, will it delete both drives or just the C drive?

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Copying And Transferring Files Between 2 External Hard Drives?

Jan 28, 2016

With Win7 I used to open one external drive, then through My computer locate the other drive. I would have each drive on its own window. I could then select relevant files on one drive copy and paste into the other drive. With Win10 if I click on File explorer I can open one external drive, where can I locate the other drive to put in a separate window. If I click on the other drive, it just opens it in the same window. Win7 and previous versions used to be so simple. 

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Mapping Network Drives To Access Saved Files

Aug 4, 2015

I am using two computers at home one with windows vista 32bit and the other with windows 10 64bit both are home versions. I want to map the drive on my win10 machine to access my saved files and wanna share from my vista one but when I do it I cannot connect to it because it my windows 10 machine doesn't have the same user and pass but that's irrelevant I guess because no matter what use/pass i use it says this drive is mapped to another user/pass even though there is only 2 accounts on the pc that i have access to and have full access to the shared drive.

I have password protection off for the vista machine because it would be stupid to have to use a password to print since my printer is shared just fine and I can print from any pc. Everguid I use is just not detailed enough I have tried using different credentials bt they don't work.

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Will Not Allow To Open Files Or Programs

Dec 30, 2015

How to get windows 10 to allow me to download files...or open programs. I keep getting security setting messages as well as an alert saying that an app has been blocked by the administrator. I am the administrator.....

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Setting That Will Bring Up (Are You Sure You Want To Delete This File)

Oct 3, 2015

I'm looking for the setting that will bring up the "are you sure you want to delete this file" box instead of the default for Win 10 which deletes as soon as I hit the delete key.

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Performance :: Transfer Files And Programs Between Two PCs?

Dec 6, 2015

I just received a new Win 10 PC with a 500 Gb SSD for my primary drive (OS and programs) and an internal 1Tb conventional HDD for my data (library).

I would like to transfer my programs and files from my existing Win 10 PC to my new PC. My existing PC has two conventional HDDs -- both are 500Mb. The C drive has everything and the E drive is a clone.

Both the new and old PCs are running Win 10 Pro x64.

What programs do you recommend? I do have Macrium Reflect that may do the job. I'll be checking with their excellent support this week.

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Don't Want To Lose All Files / Games And Programs

Aug 6, 2015

I'm gonna do a clean install of win10 but I don't want to lose all my files and games and programs etc. I need to do a clean install because I have a custom built pc and people have been having problems with simply upgrading so to prevent those problems I am doing a clean install. So, how to do a clean install to where I don't have to reinstall anything just sign in and it works?

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Customization :: Bring Back The Start Screen

Jul 21, 2015

The Start Screen in Windows 8.1 is a masterpiece with its horisontal scroll and simplistic grouping.

The Start Screen in Windows 10 is a mess with the mix of a Windows 7 style Start Menu and the vertical scroll of the tiles.

Would there be any way to bring the Windows 8 Start Screen to Windows 10 as in the early builds?

I don't need any fancy additional features, just the Windows 8 Start Screen style and behaviour.

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Missing Cortana And Cannot Find Any Way To Bring It Back

Dec 7, 2015

for some reason Cortana has dissapeared from my desktop computer I cannot find any way to bring it back, it is just no longer there.
I have posted this on the Microsoft community but have no useful answers.

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Migrate Settings - Programs - Files To Another User

Aug 27, 2015

Is it possible to migrate settings, programs and files to another user in Windows 10 Pro?


Is it possible to just change the user accounts name, email address etc without having to migrate anything?

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