Syncing Files Automatically To Foregoing Drives

Sep 10, 2015

I have just copied all my files from google drive to one drive. In Windows 10, where should I copy them so as to have a master file that will automaticly sync them to the foregoing drives?

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Browser/Email :: Mail App Not Automatically Syncing Email

Jan 24, 2016

The Mail app is no longer syncing my email automatically. I have to open the app and click the sync button manually for email to update.

I see the app no longer runs in the background as it did when I first upgraded to Windows 10.

And if not, is there an alternative mail client that you recommend that will run in the background and sync emails?

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Antivirus :: Windows Defender Automatically Scan Thumb Drives

Feb 10, 2016

plugged in USB thumb drive opened windows explorer right clicked drive scan with windows defender and it said scanning pc but it never shows any options so I dont know if it scanned pc or usb for sure why or not

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How To Copy Files From PC To OneDrive With No Syncing Enabled

Feb 10, 2016

Windows 10 OneDrive seems to only want to operate as your primary file storage repository with your PC being a potential backup for OneDrive. I do not want to use it in that manner. How do I use OneDrive to simply copy selected files and folders from my PC to OneDrive without any Syncing enabled? If I deselect 'Sync files and folders' in OneDrive settings, it seems to disable the OneDrive link in File Explorer. Ideally I would like to have a backup setup to sync OneDrive with my PC so that OneDrive mirrors my PC...not the other way around. how to copy files from PC to OneDrive using File Explorer.

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Automatically Search Files In Start Menu

Jul 28, 2015

In Windows 7 I type xxxx.txt and it searches the file in the indexed files.

In Windows 10 I have to type Find in Documents. How do I make it searches in my files without clicking a second time ?

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Automatically Mirror Files From Windows To Network Drive?

Feb 23, 2016

How do I automatically mirror files from a hard disk drive to a network folder?

In this case I want to mirror the contents of an entire disk containing photos (no system files) to a shared folder on an OpenMediaVault server running on my home network.

This is separate from the regular backup of the rest of my system which is done with backup software. For the contents of this disk, I don't want them compressed into a backup container file. I want them to be exact duplicates of the original files, kept up to date in that shared network location (login required).

Also, it doesn't matter if they update in real time. Once a day is fine, for example.

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Files Automatically Renaming Themselves - Duplicate File Names

Oct 12, 2015

I have a new laptop, so unless this is some weird feature that's specific to the laptop, then I assume it's a Windows 10 settings issue because I've never encountered anything like this before. I downloaded several JPGs and PDFs from various emails and began to change the arbitrary "234809238ksdfjskdfjsdlkf" type filenames to specific things indicating what they are, and I got done and realized all the stuff I typed was gone and the JPGs had changed to "filename(1)", "filename(2)", "filename(3)" and the same with the PDFs.. and "filename" was the name I'd assigned to the first file of each file type. The subsequent names I'd chosen were entirely different and the files were all unrelated to one another.

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Since Recent Update Was Automatically Installed Can't Open Any Exe Files

Feb 15, 2016

Since a recent Windows 10 update was automatically installed last week I can't open any exe files.I get the following error "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc00000e5). Click OK to close the application."

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Installation :: Reset / Clean The Drives And Wipe All Files?

Feb 10, 2016

I am currently an Windows 7 Professional user, and I was seriously considering to jump to Windows 10.

After upgrading, I was thinking in doing a factory reset, in order to try to mimic a clean install of the system. When exploring the options on Internet, I discovered an option to clean de drives completely.

Currently I have 2 drives, my C unit where the OS and most of my software is, and a D drive, in which I have my music, documents, videos and other files not relevant for the system itself.

If I select the options to clean the drives, will it delete both drives or just the C drive?

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Copying And Transferring Files Between 2 External Hard Drives?

Jan 28, 2016

With Win7 I used to open one external drive, then through My computer locate the other drive. I would have each drive on its own window. I could then select relevant files on one drive copy and paste into the other drive. With Win10 if I click on File explorer I can open one external drive, where can I locate the other drive to put in a separate window. If I click on the other drive, it just opens it in the same window. Win7 and previous versions used to be so simple. 

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How To Make Search Bring Up Programs / Files From Other Drives

Dec 28, 2015

You know how hitting windows and then typing in a program name brings it up? How do I bring the programs from another drive? I'm okay if that means ONLY bringing up programs that the other drive.

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Mapping Network Drives To Access Saved Files

Aug 4, 2015

I am using two computers at home one with windows vista 32bit and the other with windows 10 64bit both are home versions. I want to map the drive on my win10 machine to access my saved files and wanna share from my vista one but when I do it I cannot connect to it because it my windows 10 machine doesn't have the same user and pass but that's irrelevant I guess because no matter what use/pass i use it says this drive is mapped to another user/pass even though there is only 2 accounts on the pc that i have access to and have full access to the shared drive.

I have password protection off for the vista machine because it would be stupid to have to use a password to print since my printer is shared just fine and I can print from any pc. Everguid I use is just not detailed enough I have tried using different credentials bt they don't work.

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Why Isn't Mail Syncing

Aug 4, 2015

I am unable to sync the native email app. When I open it, it shows "Not synced yet". When I press the Refresh button, I get "Still working on it..." indefinitely. It just never finishes and never shows content. My work email does sync but not my Hotmail one (and I am logged into my computer using a local account). It has been like this since day one, four days ago.

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Why Is Mail Not Syncing

Jan 1, 2016

set up account but not syncing while receiving emails

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Cortana Not Syncing With Phone?

Jul 29, 2015

So I was excited to get Windows 10 today and try out Cortana. I do have a Lumia 1020 and I do use Cortana frequently. I wanted to see how fast she could sync between PC and phone. I asked Cortana to remind me to buy milk in five minutes. After five minutes she did remind me, but only on PC. I checked my phone and there were no new reminders. Maybe I need to log out of PC???

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App Licenses Not Syncing Properly

Apr 16, 2015

My app licenses aren't synced properly. I bought Tubecast via IAP which isn't being recognized as purchased on my Surface running Windows 10 preview 10049, and now after buying Halo Spartan Strike, shows up on my list of purchased (but not installed) apps, but when I go to install it, only gives me the option of buying it. I haven't read anything about others having this issue, and I only noticed it after updating to this build (TubeCast was unlocked in the last build).

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OneDrive - How To Pause Syncing

Jul 30, 2015

how to pause OneDrive's syncing? Also, how to make the icons in the taskbar bigger?

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Mail App Not Syncing With Folders Set Up?

Aug 24, 2015

I recently upgraded to windows 10. So using new Mail App. Got all my email accounts on there fine, inbox's syncing no problem. But the folders I had set up on my email account are all empty, says there is nothing to see, including the sent folder. So when I send an email, it doesn't go in to the sent folder on the app. I have to log on to my 1and1 email account and access sent items from there, along with content of all my other folders. Why its not syncing with the folders set up??

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Customization :: Themes Not Syncing Backgrounds

Nov 25, 2015

I have a theme on my desktop PC which obtains its backgrounds from a folder in My Documents. There are about 300 in there. I have no issues with the theme using all the backgrounds available.

Until, that is, I switch on the sync theme option. Then the theme which magically appears on my laptop is the same, but only has about 10 backgrounds which the theme is accessing in a new folder called Desktopbackgrounds. In other words, they don't all sync across.

I go back to my desktop PC and it then has the same issue. Instead of using the folder in My Documents with all my backgrounds in, it is also only using the 10 or so stored in the roaming folder Desktopbackgrounds.

I'd like to sync my theme across my PC and laptop, but if it doesn't let more than 10 backgrounds sync, whats the point!

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Customization :: Custom Sound Set Not Syncing

Oct 8, 2015

I like to use my own sound effects for Windows and keep them in My Documents. So I right click on the speaker icon in the bottom right hand corner and select sounds. Then find and select my own wav files for each event I'd like to use.If works for a while, but then reverts back to default.

I have another PC, a laptop, and would like to use the same sound set on that too - except the laptop does not have the same files on it. I had hoped that the laptop sound theme would sync from the desktop, but clearly not! Could the laptop not having the relevant sound files be the cause of the desktop's sound theme reverting to default?

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People Hub / Contacts - Not Syncing On One Device?

Mar 24, 2016

Problems syncing Contacts to one PC - how to fix!? I have the following setup:

- My contacts in the Microsoft Account on the web (People.Live.Com) with Outlook Contacts, Windows Messages, Skype and LinkedIn-integration, works perfectly
- A Lumia 925 with Windows Phone 8.1 and full sync to my account which works fine (including LinkedIn)
- A MS 950XL With Windows Phone 10 and full sync to my account which works fine (without the LinkedIn-integration)
- a PC with Win 10 Prof. which also works fine with all contacts showing up in the "Contact" app on my PC (except the LinkedIn integration)

But then also a laptop with Win 10 home, setup in exactly the same way with the Outlook account, Skype etc. but where the contact sync worked initially BUT HAS NOW STOPPED WORKING!

If I add a new Outlook contact on any of my other devices it syncs with all but the laptop and the same is true for changes of contact data. Somehow the sync function of contacts to the laptop has stopped working!!

I have forced sync but no new contacts show up. The settings in the Contact App on my laptop is the same as on my other PC (same server, same setting on what to collect and how to sync my outlook account, ticking the same boxes on how to filter the contacts etc). I have uninstalled and reinstalled Skype, Messages + Skype-app etc. but cannot make it work. I cannot detect any other differences between the devices and all other things work great.

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PC And Phone Not Syncing Calendars With Outlook?

Aug 29, 2015

I added a few URL calendars on the Outlook website yesterday yet neither my WP10 phone nor my Windows 10 desktop show the changes. Also on my Outlook account I only see a "switch" for email so I can't adjust the sync time for calendars like I can for my Google account. Is this a known issue otherwise what am I doing wrong?

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Microsoft Edge Favorites Syncing?

Jul 3, 2015

i have windows preview for both my PC and surface pro 3.

I updated my pc first and got Microsoft edge browser and created my favorites tab.

I then updated my surface pro 3, but i dont see a way to sync up the browsers so that my favorites show up on my microsoft edge on my pro 3. I rather not have to do the favorites bar again.

Is there a way to sync these up?

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Why Aren't Email Accounts Syncing

Sep 28, 2015

I have an (POP) email account. This is the name I used for my Microsoft or Outlook account. I linked to my earthlink account. Now I have added this one account (earthlink) to my (Android) phone and my Windows 10 tablet (Thinkpad 10).

First problem is that the default account that I use to sign into Windows is my earthlink address but it NEVER syncs in the email client. I had to add a separate (pop) account for it to even retrieve an email when sent.

Second, when I do receive an email it shows up on both my tablet and my phone... for a short time but then disappears but sometimes if phone is off or hasn't synced I don't even get an alert. Even deleted from within the Earthlink web mail.

All these emails sit untouched on the inbox which I'm not able to sync with either phone, tablet or desktop computer.

This had been going on before the upgrade to Windows 10 but now with the deletion its even worse since the upgrade.

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Apps :: People App Not Syncing Google Contacts?

Aug 6, 2015

I have the release Windows 10. I have successfully linked my google account, and mail and calendar seem to work fine. But not the people (contacts) app. The account is listed in People, I can tell it to sync, get no error message, but no contacts arrive.

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Browser/Email :: Mail Not Syncing Anymore

Dec 24, 2015

When I used to turn my computer on or wake it up from when it was sleeping, it used to sync my emails in the Windows 10 Mail app every time. Now it doesn't sync anymore.

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