How To Read SMS Via PC

Dec 11, 2015

I have w10 on both pc and phone. How can i read sms via pc? The app dont show them, should i use cortana? How?

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Stuck In Read Only?

Aug 10, 2015

After updating to Windows 10 I created a homegroup and now everything in documents is stuck in read only. It's the filled in box not the checked box. I manually uncheck the read only and it goes right back to read only. I left home group and tried unsharing folders but no luck. I'm at a loss in what else to try. Also tried rollback and it fails. Tried reset and it fails. Tried image rollback and fails.

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All Folders Are Read Only?

Aug 21, 2015

Since I have upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, I noticed that all my folders' attributes are read only . Even if I create new folders, they are read only on creation. When I try to remove the read only attribute in the folder properties, it looks like it's removed, but when I check it again, it shows that it's read only. I tried other methods, like diskpart, and tried to take ownership of the folders

Is there any way to fix this problem? I can create new files and modify existing files in the folders without any problem, but it's really annoying, for example Steam says it can't install games and updates, because the folder what I choose to install games is in read only mode, the only solution is to run it as an administrator. I need to run almost every program as an admin, to make them usable, or they report problems with read only folders. The OS itself is up to date.

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Excel - Read Only Bug?

Sep 1, 2015

I have recently installed Windows 10 on my desktop. I now find that most of my files are "read only" I have tried to deactivate this in properties for the various folders but it does not work. Other than trying to copy every file that is currently in use?

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Can't Read JPEGs

Aug 20, 2015

I have been using Windows 7 and all my JPEGs worked fine. Upgraded to Windows 10 and about 1/2 of all my JPEGs can't be read by ANY programs. I get the message "Not a valid JPEG-JFIF File".

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Unable To Change Read Only

Aug 25, 2015

Just upgrading to Win 10 and noticed this morning that I am unable to change the settings from Read Only to allow all saved work. I have tried changing the Preferences, but as soon as I do, Apply, Ok and the settings refer back to Read Only. I haven't noticed this on any documents,only on Pictures. I have tried changing the directory and Pictures, but no luck.

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Can't Unmark Read Only From Folder

Aug 4, 2015

I cant make a folder to full access. It remains as READ only always, when I try to unmark the square mark. Its like there in all of my files and folders. Do anything special to do to make them full access other than unmarking read only ?

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Cannot Take Ownership AND Remove Read Only

Aug 30, 2015

I upgraded from win 7 to win 10 pro and now i am unable to take ownership of my extra drives as well as change the folders from read only...

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Text Has Become Hard To Read

Sep 3, 2015

My computer recently did a disk check because of a perceived problem. Since then my text has become hard to read and nothing I do in the settings options makes any difference!

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All Documents Changed To Read-Only

Jul 31, 2015

I have a PC, and have been using Windows-7 until today, when I started using the free Windows-10 instead. One huge problem is that Windows-10 changed all my documents to "Read-Only." (Regarding my documents, I use "Microsoft Office Word 2007," which has been working great, and I use it daily!) What can I do to fix this situation?

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All Word Files Are Read Only

Dec 15, 2015

Recently downloaded the recent update and now all my word files are read only, how do I change them all without doing it one at a time.

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Unable To Read PDF Files

Aug 7, 2015

A friend gave me some medical reference materials before I left on a volunteer position in Trinidad and Tobago, but most are in pdb format. I can open the MSWord and pdf files but unable to read the pdf files.

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BSOD :: How To Read Dump Files

Nov 24, 2015

I wasn't quick enough to note down the full error as Windows did a crash dump, but I did notice the offending file was an Atheros driver. This was confirmed by Control Panel | Reliability Monitor

Shut down unexpectedly
‎24/‎11/‎2015 10:35
Report sent

[Code] ....

I've used the DM Log Collector to get the DMP file, but I'd quite like to study it myself, and send relevant parts to Alfa (who make the offending Wi-Fi adaptor with the Atheros chipset).

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Some Windows Open And Are Too Small To Read?

Sep 28, 2015

I have a new Dell Inspiron 15 series 7000 which can with Windows 10. I am still learning my way around 10 and I'm no computer wiz. Some windows which open are very tiny. I am not referring to the size of the icons and text as it appears in some windows. Most windows are fine but a few are hardly legible. This is not browser specific, as one of the places I encounter it is when I do a Remote Desktop Connection. I have tried changing all of the display settings I can find but these adjust things across the board and once I get the small stuff large enough to see, much of what I do becomes way too large to fit on the monitor and is a real pain.

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After A Change In Folder Read Settings

Sep 27, 2015

Following instructions from a game manufacturer I changed the 'read only' settings for users / documents folder. Win 10 now disfunctions (instable, search unavailable, chrome closing incorrectly, etc). How should I proceed to restore the folder settings without restoring windows completely?​

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After Update DVD Player Don't Read Discs

Feb 21, 2016

Well before some months i updated my windows 7 to windows 10.. ALL GOOD my pc is faster.. okay all works fine except my reader which I didn't check it on time..So recently i found that my reader ( drw 00032dvdrw lg 22x sata black) don't read any discs! it has power but it doesn't read! I unplugged it several times ( 2 times with power on and 1 time with power off..) I also can`t find it on the device manager so I thought that my system cant find it because of the changes that may have been from the update 10 . After that big finding, I searched for any update for the reader but i cant find anything...

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Documents Folder Read-only Since Upgrade

Aug 7, 2015

On Windows 7, everything was fine. Since I upgraded to Windows 10, I have a problem with c:usersftrdocuments (ftr is the user account name)

It is locked to read-only, and when I change it, it immediately changes back, despite me giving administrator privelege. This is messing with so many programs that expect to be able to write here, and the biggest is Adobe Premiere. It can no longer write to the folders it needs to in here and when it offers to switch scratch disks to My Documents, the program craps out - probably because it's running into the same error.

I thought at first this may have been because I changed to an Outlook account, so I switched the machine back to Local - but I still cannot take control of the folder.

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Why Can't Save To C Drive (Documents) - Read Only Is Not Set

Aug 8, 2015

I installed Win10 recently on my PC.

When I try to save to local C drive (Documents) I get an error:

"SAVE AS ... You don't have permission to modify files in this network location. Contact the administrator per [sic] permission to make these changes."

I have looked at the C drive and can see no obvious issues, e.g. 'read only' is not set.

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System Can't Read SD Card (with Files No App)?

Aug 11, 2015

I just installed windows 10 on a Sony Vaio svp132a1cw and the system is not reading my sd card with all my files.

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Why Unable To Read Desktop Icons

Mar 23, 2016

When a light background is displayed on my desktop, I am unable to read my desktop icons name / description, as the font characters do not have a shadow or solid background.

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Disk Read Error On Boot Up

Sep 26, 2015

When I again turned on my pc, it says "disk read error". I do my job on my pc. I have too much work on it. There are too many files on my hdd.

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JSON Bookmark Won't Read On IE Or Other Browser

Aug 23, 2015

before I swapped from 8.1 to 10 I had saved my bookmarks on ie to a json file. I didnt realize this until i installed windows and when i pulled up my bookmarks it wasn't in HTML. When i tried to import it to ie, it doesn't work.

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Font After Upgrade Too Small - Can't Read Webpages

Nov 30, 2015

I just upgraded tonight from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10, but i don't like this new font.

It's too small.....i just can't read webpages. This is horrible !

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Drivers/Hardware :: Drives Marked Read Only

Sep 23, 2015

I have several hard drives on my PCs; some are physical, some are partitions. In every PC I've upgraded, W10 marks these as RO. I go through the ritual of setting permissions to Full and marking RW, but occasionally a drive will revert to RO. I can't find a Take Ownership option for drives, only folders. Am I looking in the wrong place?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Cannot Read HDD With Windows After Formatting With Mac OS

Feb 10, 2016

After I formatted my external Hard drive with the terminal in Mac OS, I cannot read the disk with windows. Here is the result from diskutil list:

#:TYPE NAMESIZEIDENTIFIER 0:GUID_partition_scheme*251.0 GB disk0 1:EFI EFI209.7 MB disk0s1 2:Apple_HFS MacOS47.0 GBdisk0s2 3:Microsoft Reserved 16.8 MBdisk0s3 4:Microsoft Basic Data BOOTCAMP203.7 GB disk0s4/dev/disk1
#:TYPE NAMESIZEIDENTIFIER 0:FDisk_partition_scheme*500.1 GB disk1 1:DOS_FAT_32 WSYSBACK125.0 GB disk1s1 2:DOS_FAT_32 DATENBACK375.1 GB disk1s2

This is the error I get in Windows 10:

The last USB-device you plugged in this computer did not work properly and is not recognised by windows...

So I can read and write with Mac OS, but not with Windows. In the device manager of Windows, I cannot see the device either.

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch,Early 2015), iOS 9.2

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BSOD :: How To Read Or Understand Dump File

Sep 11, 2015

Windows 10 created a new crashdump file called ShellExperienceHost.exe.3708 in my AppData/local/Crashdumps folder, how to read one of these dump files or what this one means to me?

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