Drivers/Hardware :: Cannot Read HDD With Windows After Formatting With Mac OS

Feb 10, 2016

After I formatted my external Hard drive with the terminal in Mac OS, I cannot read the disk with windows. Here is the result from diskutil list:

#:TYPE NAMESIZEIDENTIFIER 0:GUID_partition_scheme*251.0 GB disk0 1:EFI EFI209.7 MB disk0s1 2:Apple_HFS MacOS47.0 GBdisk0s2 3:Microsoft Reserved 16.8 MBdisk0s3 4:Microsoft Basic Data BOOTCAMP203.7 GB disk0s4/dev/disk1
#:TYPE NAMESIZEIDENTIFIER 0:FDisk_partition_scheme*500.1 GB disk1 1:DOS_FAT_32 WSYSBACK125.0 GB disk1s1 2:DOS_FAT_32 DATENBACK375.1 GB disk1s2

This is the error I get in Windows 10:

The last USB-device you plugged in this computer did not work properly and is not recognised by windows...

So I can read and write with Mac OS, but not with Windows. In the device manager of Windows, I cannot see the device either.

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch,Early 2015), iOS 9.2

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Dec 21, 2015

What Drivers should I install after formatting windows 10? Is there a way to, say, scan my PC and it'll tell me the drivers?

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Jan 29, 2016

Lately, every flash drive I've bought requires to be NTFS formatted. Quick formatting gives me the option to change allocation size. Is there a specific size I should be using or just go small?

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Sep 10, 2015

Need to undertake the above for my daughter's college course. Haven't a clue where to start and I am not particularly technical (understatement). Have found a lot stuff here about merits of FAT and exFat, but just need a working how to. Video will be involved at full 1080p so I suspect that the 4gb limit will be a hindrance (assuming 3 minutes per gb).

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Installation :: Will SSD Boot After Formatting Windows 7 SSD

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I have 2 SSDs and a few mechanical HDDs. I was dual booting (with Win 7 and 10) by changing the bios boot order for a while but have now decided to stick with Windows 10. By default Windows 10 loads. However I used to have Windows 7 as my boot drive. I want to now format the older SSD that Windows 7 is on and use it as a backup drive. Before I format my old Windows 7 drive I want to check that 10 will load okay. In the past years I have removed drives and found my OS no longer boots, so I don't want to make that mistake this time. I need to make sure my boot is coming from the 10 drive. So I have done a screen grab for you to see. Do I need to make the actual 10 partition active, or is just having the 500mb reserved partition as active ok ? The windows 10 drive is listed as such (C) and the Windows 7 drive is titled "Ready to Format" (H).

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Drivers/Hardware :: Drives Marked Read Only

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I have several hard drives on my PCs; some are physical, some are partitions. In every PC I've upgraded, W10 marks these as RO. I go through the ritual of setting permissions to Full and marking RW, but occasionally a drive will revert to RO. I can't find a Take Ownership option for drives, only folders. Am I looking in the wrong place?

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Drivers/Hardware :: USB Drive Having SSD Shows Read Only

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Recently, I connected a new SSD as a USB drive. It shows "Write Protected" in windows 10. However, same one if I connect to Windows 8.1, then the write protection is not there. Can not do driver update under windows 10 as it is write protected.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Disk Cannot Be Read By DVD / CD-ROM Drive

Feb 10, 2016

I have a program that I wanted to install into my Win 10 Pro Machine (64 Bit) and have found that the disk can not be read by the DVD/CD-ROM Drive. I also tried it in another Windows 10 Computer (64 Bit) and it also can't read the disk.The disk worked fine under Windows 7, in both the same computers. The drive works as it reads other CD/DVD's.

The disk is good as it works perfect in an other Windows 7 (32 Bit) and Vista computers (32 Bit). Computer is up to date with builds etc.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Slow To Read A Partition?

Jan 6, 2016

Why is w10 so slow to read a partition ?

For example if i click on a partition J , w10 start to read the partition but is a lot slower then w7 ...

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Drivers/Hardware :: Cannot Read USB Drive (The Parameter Is Incorrect)

Aug 1, 2015

I am using am iMac with Bootcamp running Win 7. I have just upgraded to Win 10 with no problems. Except I can now not read my 2 x WD USB external drives. I am getting "the parameter is incorrect" error. In disk management it says the drives are active but RAW. If I connect the 2 drives to any other machine either Win 7 or 10 they are fine, so no fault with the drives. These 2 drives have always been used on the PC in question when running Win 7.

I have tried changing the drive names etc but still cannot read.

My only solution may be to connect the drives to another PC, back up, then format the drives?

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Some Windows Open And Are Too Small To Read?

Sep 28, 2015

I have a new Dell Inspiron 15 series 7000 which can with Windows 10. I am still learning my way around 10 and I'm no computer wiz. Some windows which open are very tiny. I am not referring to the size of the icons and text as it appears in some windows. Most windows are fine but a few are hardly legible. This is not browser specific, as one of the places I encounter it is when I do a Remote Desktop Connection. I have tried changing all of the display settings I can find but these adjust things across the board and once I get the small stuff large enough to see, much of what I do becomes way too large to fit on the monitor and is a real pain.

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Can Send Epub Files On Bluetooth And Read On Windows Phone

Jun 27, 2015

Being more techie, year ago I recommended my bro Lumia 520, over Android, tho it was way behind Android, expecting it to improve over time.

I sent an epub file to my bro's Lumia 520 from my android and lost it. Cant open that file on his Lumia. Cant browse bluetooth folder in Microsoft Files explorer and Aerize File Explorer.

No book reader Sparrow reader, bookvise reader shows up that file in their list.

Whats going on? 2-3 years later, does WP still lacks capability to open up epub file sent over bluetooth?

Gotta try out this precise scenario: "Send epub file from Android to WP and open it in WP" and tell me, I lost 2 hrs today.

If not possible in WP 8.1, hope Windows 10 fixes this, but need confirmation about WP 8.1

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USB Not Formatting

Jan 9, 2016

I had an issue of USB that thing when all of your files was renamed to gibberish text because you put it in an old PC, So I tried to format it.

However, things didnt go as planned and when I clicked right-clicked->format, both quick and full format returned "Windows was unable to format the drive".

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Installing On SSD Without Formatting HDD

Jul 31, 2015

Installing Windows 7 to my new SSD and keep my HDD for storage. Now, I want to upgrade to Windows 10, I like the look of it and feel that it has a lot to offer to me. If I install Windows 10, and then do the install again from a CD or USB onto my SSD will this affect my HDD at all (that does not have Windows on it)?

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Files Recovery After Formatting?

Jan 22, 2016

So, I upgraded windows 7 to windows 10 and didn't like the performance. So I formatted my laptop and did a clean install of windows 10 as recommended. However during the process, I lost some files that I didn't remember to backup. Is there a way to recover those files? or this process completely erase the hard drive?

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Lost Installation After Formatting Other Drive

Aug 23, 2015

I have 2 seperated (physically) SSD drives in my laptop.

Previously I had windows 8.1 on one drive, and I installed windows 7 and upgraded it to windows 10 on the other SSD drive.

I enjoyed windows 10, so I formatted the drive with the windows 8.1, but now suddenly my laptop says he can't find system drive, and I can't load the windows 10, althogh it was installed with no connection to the windows 8.1 and on another drive.

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Installation :: Formatting SSD Without Using Quick Format Option

Aug 28, 2015

I know that it is advised that one should not format a SSD without the Quick Format option enabled.

However I want to start with a completely clean SSD. This is not my C drive (Windows 10) but rather a second SSD used for certain applications. Question is, will doing this degrade the SSD's performance (i.e. speed and efficiency) or only theoretically reduce it's lifespan by one read/write process?

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Installation :: Installing From Bootable USB And Formatting Drives

Dec 27, 2015

I have this Windows 7 PC with two drives, drive 0: SSD has current windows and drive 1: 1TB HDD for storage. I'm planning to do a clean install of windows 10 by formatting the ssd drive and installing windows there. Now my question is: do I have to format my hdd storage drive for a clean install? it contains general files, music, pictures, videos and a Steam folder of some games or will it cause issues with windows 10?, and what good can come from formatting it if there's any.

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Installation :: Is Formatting Required During Clean Install From USB Stick?

Nov 24, 2015

I bought a new SSD drive and used it to replace my old slow HDD in my laptop. I have just successfully installed windows 10 on it.

During the step shown in the picture below, I clicked on "New"

Which brought me to this step

From here, i just chose "Drive 0 Partition 4", clicked "Next", and the installation began.

Now here is my question, does it make a difference (or is it better) if I had chosen to format "Drive 0 Partition 4" first and then install? cuz my friend is saying that I should always format before installing Windows.

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Drivers/Hardware :: How To Let Windows Search For ALL New Drivers For ALL Devices

Oct 21, 2015

Windows 10 should find new drivers through the update mechanism, which doesnt work always though. And if you go into device manager and click on a device and do a look for new drivers, it always finds new ones with a high chance. But it' just stupid to click all 100 devices single through. Isnt there a smart way to do this? Why isnt there an option for search and download all devices drivers.

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Installation :: Lost Installation After Formatting The Other Drive

Aug 23, 2015

I have 2 seperated (physically) SSD drives in my laptop.Previously I had windows 8.1 on one drive, and I installed windows 7 and upgraded it to windows 10 on the other SSD drive.I enjoyed windows 10, so I formatted the drive with the windows 8.1, but now suddenly my laptop says he can't find system drive, and I can't load the windows 10, althogh it was installed with no connection to the windows 8.1 and on another drive.

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How To Read SMS Via PC

Dec 11, 2015

I have w10 on both pc and phone. How can i read sms via pc? The app dont show them, should i use cortana? How?

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Stuck In Read Only?

Aug 10, 2015

After updating to Windows 10 I created a homegroup and now everything in documents is stuck in read only. It's the filled in box not the checked box. I manually uncheck the read only and it goes right back to read only. I left home group and tried unsharing folders but no luck. I'm at a loss in what else to try. Also tried rollback and it fails. Tried reset and it fails. Tried image rollback and fails.

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All Folders Are Read Only?

Aug 21, 2015

Since I have upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, I noticed that all my folders' attributes are read only . Even if I create new folders, they are read only on creation. When I try to remove the read only attribute in the folder properties, it looks like it's removed, but when I check it again, it shows that it's read only. I tried other methods, like diskpart, and tried to take ownership of the folders

Is there any way to fix this problem? I can create new files and modify existing files in the folders without any problem, but it's really annoying, for example Steam says it can't install games and updates, because the folder what I choose to install games is in read only mode, the only solution is to run it as an administrator. I need to run almost every program as an admin, to make them usable, or they report problems with read only folders. The OS itself is up to date.

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Excel - Read Only Bug?

Sep 1, 2015

I have recently installed Windows 10 on my desktop. I now find that most of my files are "read only" I have tried to deactivate this in properties for the various folders but it does not work. Other than trying to copy every file that is currently in use?

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Can't Read JPEGs

Aug 20, 2015

I have been using Windows 7 and all my JPEGs worked fine. Upgraded to Windows 10 and about 1/2 of all my JPEGs can't be read by ANY programs. I get the message "Not a valid JPEG-JFIF File".

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