Installation :: Formatting SSD Without Using Quick Format Option

Aug 28, 2015

I know that it is advised that one should not format a SSD without the Quick Format option enabled.

However I want to start with a completely clean SSD. This is not my C drive (Windows 10) but rather a second SSD used for certain applications. Question is, will doing this degrade the SSD's performance (i.e. speed and efficiency) or only theoretically reduce it's lifespan by one read/write process?

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Installation :: Cloning HDD To SSD - HDD Is 512 Format And SSD Is 4096 Format?

Feb 10, 2016

If so, what are my options? This HDD came from HP w/Win 7. I upgraded it to Win 10 but would like to clone it to the SSD for the speed increase.

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Installation :: Lost Installation After Formatting The Other Drive

Aug 23, 2015

I have 2 seperated (physically) SSD drives in my laptop.Previously I had windows 8.1 on one drive, and I installed windows 7 and upgraded it to windows 10 on the other SSD drive.I enjoyed windows 10, so I formatted the drive with the windows 8.1, but now suddenly my laptop says he can't find system drive, and I can't load the windows 10, althogh it was installed with no connection to the windows 8.1 and on another drive.

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Installation :: Will SSD Boot After Formatting Windows 7 SSD

Dec 24, 2015

I have 2 SSDs and a few mechanical HDDs. I was dual booting (with Win 7 and 10) by changing the bios boot order for a while but have now decided to stick with Windows 10. By default Windows 10 loads. However I used to have Windows 7 as my boot drive. I want to now format the older SSD that Windows 7 is on and use it as a backup drive. Before I format my old Windows 7 drive I want to check that 10 will load okay. In the past years I have removed drives and found my OS no longer boots, so I don't want to make that mistake this time. I need to make sure my boot is coming from the 10 drive. So I have done a screen grab for you to see. Do I need to make the actual 10 partition active, or is just having the 500mb reserved partition as active ok ? The windows 10 drive is listed as such (C) and the Windows 7 drive is titled "Ready to Format" (H).

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Lost Installation After Formatting Other Drive

Aug 23, 2015

I have 2 seperated (physically) SSD drives in my laptop.

Previously I had windows 8.1 on one drive, and I installed windows 7 and upgraded it to windows 10 on the other SSD drive.

I enjoyed windows 10, so I formatted the drive with the windows 8.1, but now suddenly my laptop says he can't find system drive, and I can't load the windows 10, althogh it was installed with no connection to the windows 8.1 and on another drive.

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Installation :: Installing From Bootable USB And Formatting Drives

Dec 27, 2015

I have this Windows 7 PC with two drives, drive 0: SSD has current windows and drive 1: 1TB HDD for storage. I'm planning to do a clean install of windows 10 by formatting the ssd drive and installing windows there. Now my question is: do I have to format my hdd storage drive for a clean install? it contains general files, music, pictures, videos and a Steam folder of some games or will it cause issues with windows 10?, and what good can come from formatting it if there's any.

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Installation :: Is Formatting Required During Clean Install From USB Stick?

Nov 24, 2015

I bought a new SSD drive and used it to replace my old slow HDD in my laptop. I have just successfully installed windows 10 on it.

During the step shown in the picture below, I clicked on "New"

Which brought me to this step

From here, i just chose "Drive 0 Partition 4", clicked "Next", and the installation began.

Now here is my question, does it make a difference (or is it better) if I had chosen to format "Drive 0 Partition 4" first and then install? cuz my friend is saying that I should always format before installing Windows.

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Photo Rotated To Portrait Format On PC But Thumbnail Stay In Landscape Format

Aug 27, 2015

Why, after rotating a photo from landscape format to portrait on my PC, does the thumbnail stay in landscape format even though the photo is now in portrait format?

In Windows 7 and previous Windows OS's, the thumbnail of photos rotated with the actual photo but in 10 the thumbnail does not rotate with the photo. How can I correct this?

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Installation :: Format Factory Restore Drive D For Other Uses?

Nov 1, 2015

I Bought an HP Pavilion Slimline (s5310f) computer in 2010 with Windows 7 Factory installed OS. Than I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate OS.

Installed Windows 10 Pro.

I deleted Windows/OLD.

What is in the Factory Image that shows up in MY PC files ? It is also listed in System Restore? Is it Windows 10 Pro or Windows 7 that originally came with purchase.

I read somewhere that Windows 10 does not have a Factory Restore only Recovery.

[URL] ...

Is it safe to format the Factory Restore drive D for other uses?

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Installation :: Cannot Format Windows - Stuck After Asus Logo

Sep 1, 2015

I bought an asus tranformerbook t200(with windows 10 update) on 11 august and was very happy with it.

Occasionally, the laptop couldnt find any wifi networks but that was fixed quickly by just turning the computer on and off, until today.

Today at school(my second school day at university), i had no internet anymore. He didnt find any networks anymore at all. Turning the laptop on and off wouldnt so a thing. So i tried some things, like turning the broadcom device on and off via device manager. That also didnt work. A user in the internet on another topic suggested to delete the broadcom and then reboot, i did it and things only got worse. My laptop didnt recognize the broadcom wifi adapter anymore at all.

Then I tried to format windows(with saving documents addition) which unfortunately failed. After that, i tried to format it and added the option that everything would be cleaned, that failed also. c windows system32 logfiles srt srttrail.txt is apparently the error.

Now if i start the laptop, the asus logo will show but thereafter the screen just turns black. I tried system recovery and even startup repair but both fail.

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Installation :: Completely Format Over Disk Partition Before Doing A New Install On New Drive

Feb 23, 2016

I have to do an install of Windows 10. It was only a few days ago I just installed to a hdd. The hdd is clearly screwed at a certain point. I copied a load of stuff to it and it is now totally locked into doing something. Whatever it is trying to figure out - I have seen it do it before. Just to cut a long story short - I am about to install win10 to a new drive. ssd incidentally.

do I need to completely format over that disk partition with win 10 on it before doing a new install on the new drive? What I am asking is whether it will refuse to license it if it detects another win10 on the system. Just that portion of the disk is screwed but I have stuff on different parts of that disk that are fine... They can stay. I will simply consider that partition out of bounds from now on.

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USB Not Formatting

Jan 9, 2016

I had an issue of USB that thing when all of your files was renamed to gibberish text because you put it in an old PC, So I tried to format it.

However, things didnt go as planned and when I clicked right-clicked->format, both quick and full format returned "Windows was unable to format the drive".

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Installing On SSD Without Formatting HDD

Jul 31, 2015

Installing Windows 7 to my new SSD and keep my HDD for storage. Now, I want to upgrade to Windows 10, I like the look of it and feel that it has a lot to offer to me. If I install Windows 10, and then do the install again from a CD or USB onto my SSD will this affect my HDD at all (that does not have Windows on it)?

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Installation :: No Rollback Option

Aug 5, 2015

I have a few issues with the Windows 10 install on my Asus X200 laptop and want to rollback to Win 8.1.

However, when I go into Settings/Update and Security/Recovery the only 2 options I have are 'Reset this PC' and 'Advanced setup'. The 'Go Back to Windows 8.1' option is not there.

Is the only option a reinstall of 8.1 from the USB backup I made?

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Installation :: Not Getting The Option To Go Back To 8.1

Aug 29, 2015

Here's a screenshot of how the recovery option looks...

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Files Recovery After Formatting?

Jan 22, 2016

So, I upgraded windows 7 to windows 10 and didn't like the performance. So I formatted my laptop and did a clean install of windows 10 as recommended. However during the process, I lost some files that I didn't remember to backup. Is there a way to recover those files? or this process completely erase the hard drive?

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Drivers To Install After Formatting?

Dec 21, 2015

What Drivers should I install after formatting windows 10? Is there a way to, say, scan my PC and it'll tell me the drivers?

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Installation :: Sign In Option Screen Is Blank

Aug 12, 2015

After the update, I have Windows 10 installed on my laptop. I was not asked to change my password to a pin. I thought this was odd, because that was the process with another laptop at work that I have successfully updated. Thinking nothing about it, I proceeded, and it looks as if everything is updated properly. I don't have anymore current updates to install and have shut down and restarted this laptop several times using my password. I was wanting to set a pin, so I went into Settings/Account/Sign-In Options. The screen never shows any information and the active circle indicator just keeps gyrating in a circle. Here's a snip ....

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Installation :: Does Upgrading From WU Have Clean Install Option?

Feb 10, 2016

I'm planning to upgrade my Win7 laptop to Win10 next week and I'd like to know if there is an option for clean install (Delete all files, fresh windows settings, old windows moved to "windows.old" folder) from Windows Update or do I have to download Windows 10 Media Creation tool?

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Installation :: Option To Delete Person Files From Old OS?

Jun 16, 2015

I want to start afresh with Windows 10 and have a clean installation of it without my old cluttered files. Does the installation give you an option to delete your old person files?

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Installation :: About Clean Install - Recovery Option

Jan 13, 2016

Windows 10 has a recovery option, comprising of two choices. I know the differences among them, so, yeah.

My question is: what's the difference(s) between a bootable disc and recovery?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Formatting Flash Drives

Jan 29, 2016

Lately, every flash drive I've bought requires to be NTFS formatted. Quick formatting gives me the option to change allocation size. Is there a specific size I should be using or just go small?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Cannot Read HDD With Windows After Formatting With Mac OS

Feb 10, 2016

After I formatted my external Hard drive with the terminal in Mac OS, I cannot read the disk with windows. Here is the result from diskutil list:

#:TYPE NAMESIZEIDENTIFIER 0:GUID_partition_scheme*251.0 GB disk0 1:EFI EFI209.7 MB disk0s1 2:Apple_HFS MacOS47.0 GBdisk0s2 3:Microsoft Reserved 16.8 MBdisk0s3 4:Microsoft Basic Data BOOTCAMP203.7 GB disk0s4/dev/disk1
#:TYPE NAMESIZEIDENTIFIER 0:FDisk_partition_scheme*500.1 GB disk1 1:DOS_FAT_32 WSYSBACK125.0 GB disk1s1 2:DOS_FAT_32 DATENBACK375.1 GB disk1s2

This is the error I get in Windows 10:

The last USB-device you plugged in this computer did not work properly and is not recognised by windows...

So I can read and write with Mac OS, but not with Windows. In the device manager of Windows, I cannot see the device either.

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch,Early 2015), iOS 9.2

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Drivers/Hardware :: Formatting 1tb External For OS On HP Pavilion G6

Sep 10, 2015

Need to undertake the above for my daughter's college course. Haven't a clue where to start and I am not particularly technical (understatement). Have found a lot stuff here about merits of FAT and exFat, but just need a working how to. Video will be involved at full 1080p so I suspect that the 4gb limit will be a hindrance (assuming 3 minutes per gb).

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Installation :: Upgrade Requires Product Key - No Skip Option

Sep 16, 2015

I have a newly installed Windows 7 Professional x64 (not single language) with SP1 that is fully updated, genuine and activated. If I slip the Win10 CD used to upgrade several Win 7 Home Premium PCs in and ask it to upgrade me it requires a product key to continue. There is no option to skip this. The Win7 product key fails, the Insider key fails, the Next button is greyed out. The same issue irrespective of whether I take recent updates or not. I am logged on to a local admin account.

I clicked the flag in the system tray to register for Win 10 but that tells me my report is not ready yet. This after 8 hours of continuous connection to the internet. SFC shows no corruptions.

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Installation :: Initial Setup Showing No Option For Upgrade

Aug 2, 2015

As I stated in the subject line, Windows 10 setup, whether using the regular update method, running the ISO from within Windows, or using the Media Creation Tool, only asks for product key and there is no option (button) for 'Upgrade'.

This may sound confusing so I want to make it clear that I am NOT trying to do a clean install on a system that hasn't been activated yet. I'm talking about the very first upgrade install. It won't work.

A couple of days ago I DID see the 'Upgrade this PC' (or something like that) and the install started but failed due to the ever popular Pentium G3258 CPU problem. There was advice all over the 'Net that all you had to do was disable one of the CPU cores in the BIOS and the install would complete just fine.

So I disabled the core and tried to start the install again.

Now the installation procedure won't even begin. It just sits there. It says 'Product key" in big letters and "Windows isn't activated on this PC. This means you'll have to enter the Windows 10 product key below or exit" and the only two buttons are Back and Next, both of which are grayed out.

I thought maybe the Windows 10 installation files were corrupt or something so I wiped the system and reinstalled 7 from scratch (Oh yeah, that was really a fun part of my day) and re-downloaded and used the Media Creation Tool again and selected (whatever it says) to begin the upgrade installation and now it's still doing what it was before, asking for a product key instead of running the upgrade installation.

I want to make it clear one more time because I'll get TL;DR answers such as "You can't do a clean install, you have to do the upgrade method first so Windows 10 can generate your hash and activate":

I am NOT attempting to do a clean install. I'm trying to run the initial 'Upgrade' method. I fully understand that you can't do a clean install without the upgrade being completed first. Why it's asking for a product key instead of starting an upgrade installation?

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