How To Rebuild The Main Icon Set

Dec 16, 2015

How can I rebuild the main icon set for Windows. The music folder icon is broken and not showing properly.

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How To Rebuild Icon Cache After Clean Install

Jan 6, 2016

I looked online on how to rebuild my icon cache in windows 10 after I did a disk clean and it never rebuilt. The instructions told me to locate this folder 'C:Users\%username%AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsExplorer' but the problem is when I reach reach windows there is no 'Explorer' but instead to folders named 'INetCache' and 'INetCookies', both of these folders are empty. How I rebuild my icon cache?

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Rebuild / Refresh Start Menu Icons On Tiles?

Feb 10, 2016

I would like to refresh start menu icons in Windows 10 and haven't been able to find any info about it. These is the rebuild icon cache thread but that method works only for the desktop and explorer icons - not for the start menu icons (tiles).

I have many portable programs that I run off my USB stick and I've placed tiles for them in my start menu. Most often there are not problems with them and even if I start Windows without the stick the icons are intact. However, from time to time (after some windows updates or unexpected system shut down) the icon cache gets wiped out and the icons are gone - I can see the tiles with some generic icon instead of the programs' icons. I would like to clear this cache so that Windows rebuilds the icons when my USB stick is inserted.

So far I have discovered that resizing the tiles refreshes the icon as well - so this is at least some partial workaround - not ideal because I have to do it one by one for each tile. Can I refresh all the tiles in one go?

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Can Alt-tab To Main Desktop

Jul 31, 2015

I was a Windows 8.1 user and I just can't get it through me that there is no button to go to desktop. When I alt-tab it only shows applications i have running I tried to enable all-desktops in the mutli-tasking option in settings.

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Registry Is Not Starting From Main Exe

Aug 21, 2015

what's making it not pop up im trying all the ways to get it to open, i tried:

* regedit in run(win+r)

* registry.exe in cmd with admin rights

* clicking on the main .exe located in the windows folder

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Main SDD Won't Boot Without Secondary HDD

Aug 12, 2015

I wanted to make an image of my machine since upgrading to Windows 10 and saw it kept on including my secondary drive (which has over 600 gigs of movies). I am not able to uncheck it.

I figured what the hell and disconnected the drive.My box will not boot without the drive!

I just built this machine back in December and I used a 500GB SSD for my main drive, while I have 2 regular HDD's for storage and movies.

I turned off, "hide protected operating system files" and found the folders "Boot, Recovery, System Volume information and $Recycle Bin" all showing up!

how this drive got dragged into the install, but I certainly do not want my main drive depending on it to boot.

I don't want to change ownership of the files and delete then manually either since I have a strong feeling it will kill my system.

how to go about "unlinking" these 2 drives?

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Transferring Main Account?

Dec 13, 2015

Now that I have purchased a Surface device I would like to transfer my laptop to my spouse. However, when my laptop turns on the only choice I have to sign in is my own account. How do I transfer main ownership to her such that when the laptop comes on it is her name that comes up?

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Autoplay Not Working In Main Profile

Aug 29, 2015

I recently did the free upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 on my desktop. Everything went smoothly, except for the fact that Autoplay doesn't want to work anymore. I can get it to come up with the notification in the Action Center when I plugged a USB device in, but clicking the actual device name just gets rid of it from the list, and nothing else happens.

The weird thing is that this only happens in my main profile on my PC. I created a new profile recently (in addition to my main one), and Autoplay works flawlessly there. Is there some setting that got messed up for me during the upgrade?

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Main Page On IE Refuses To Load

Oct 15, 2015

I recently downloaded the Windows 10 upgrade and find when I switch to Internet Explorer , which I am told is included , the main page on IE refuses to load and I cant get into anything else . Is there something I should be doing to enable IE to work properly . It is listed in the Start Menu on Windows 10 so I assume I can use it .

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Forcing A Program To Open On Second Monitor Rather Than The Main

Aug 8, 2015

I have my TV connected to HDMI and a small, old monitor connected to VGA on a Radeon 4600 video card. I have Kodi (multimedia player) set to open full screen when the default user account logs in and it does so on the main monitor which is my TV. I have the smaller, older monitor set up so I can still use the computer when someone is watching a movie on the TV. I have multi-monitor set to extend the desktop.

But my problem is when I open a program it wants to default to opening on the main monitor and when I open a program from the second monitor, it opens behind Kodi on the main monitor (and I have to click and drag it over to the second monitor) - so I would like to switch the old VGA monitor to be the main monitor and the TV to be the second.

Is there a way I can force Kodi to open and stay on the second monitor once I make my TV the second monitor?

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BSOD :: Extended And Main Display Blank?

Sep 10, 2015

I am currently running windows10 on a HP tablet. I have it in a docking station, which has a second larger screen attached.

Last night set it up, perfect movie playing on external, able to browse ect on tab. Removed it today, re-docked, no display (blank screen) on external. Reset duel settings, making tab the primary screen.

Now neither screen shows a display, both blank.

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Performance :: Main Download Folder Is Still Slow

Feb 10, 2016

Even after I got my new SSD it spedup everything but when bringing up the Download folder it super slow at adding up all the file details and icons. It's weird because this only happens in this folder while browsing in file explorer. Even my picture folder loads faster.

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Second Monitor Does Not Work And Main Screen Just Goes Black

Sep 7, 2015

I have a acer Z5600 and use an acer AL1916W as an additional monitor which worked fine with Windows 7, since I upgraded to windows 10 my second monitor does not work and my main screen just goes black.

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How To Disable Automatic Updates From Main Server

Aug 23, 2015

like i mentioned in the question to turnoff the installation of automatic updates in windows 10 platform ...... in pc..

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Can't Use Main Explorer UI And Auto Updates Are Turned Off?

Apr 7, 2015

A: Is there an issue with explorer.exe crashing and reopening on build 10041?
B: Is there a fix for this?
C: how can I get this update because I can't use the main windows explorer UI and Auto updates are turned off?

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Computer Can't Boot / Can't Seem To Read Main Partition

Dec 13, 2015

My computer froze during a Windows update, and I had to force a shut down, which really messed up my computer.

My computer was stuck in a boot loop, so I attempted to reinstall windows 10 onto it. At around 3% it crashed again, and since then has been really messed up.

If it tries to boot normally, it no longer gets stuck in a boot loop, but now just instantly crashes to blue screen, saying a required device can't be accessed (error 0xc000000f).

I tried to boot into the windows 10 install disk to try and run chkdsk or attempt other recovery tasks, but it crashes after a few seconds of being on the menu, saying to search for FAT FILE SYSTEM to try and fix the error.

I downloaded gparted onto a USB and ran it. It gave me this error: [URL]

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Display On Main Monitor Was Out Of Bounds (1920x1080)

Aug 12, 2015

Today I upgraded to windows 10, and the first thing I noticed was that the display on my main monitor was out of bounds(1920x1080 btw). I know the task-bar and icons on the desktop are there, but they aren't in the frame of the monitor. My other display is flawless, but the main one isn't. I turned down the refresh rate from 60 to 30 on the main monitor, and that let me see everything on my desktop, however, there is a flicker when I go over stuff. Also, I feel that there is somewhat of an input lag with the mouse.

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Main Administrator Account Taskbar Keeps Flashing And Oscillating

Aug 17, 2015

I have 2 user accounts as previous before upgrading to win10, user account opens and works perfect, the main administrator account after logging in, the taskbar commences flashing and oscillating preventing me choosing i.e. Microsoft edge or chrome etc.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Touchscreen Only Works When It Is Main Monitor?

Aug 16, 2015

I have a two monitor set up, with my main monitor being a 27" screen and a second 22" touchscreen as a secondary monitor.

I can only get the touchscreen monitor to pick up touches if I make it my main monitor. As soon as I switch my main monitor back to my 27" monitor touches to the touchscreen monitor appear on 27" monitor.

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Accounts :: Hidden Administrator Cannot See Main Local Account

Feb 10, 2016

For one reason or another I managed to delete administrator privileges for my one local account. After several hours messing about I have managed to activate the hidden Administrator - but I am finding that this Administrator is not working.

1. It cannot see my main local user account. It does not list it at all in User Accounts, so I cannot change any settings etc. Similarly, when I open User Accounts with my main account, it cannot see the Administrator, or the new account I created (see below)

2. When I access User Accounts using "netplwiz" it sees my main account but will not highlight it (or any other account). It is stuck on Administrator.

3. It will not create a new account. When I use it to access Accounts and try to add a new user the cursor spins and nothing happens.

4. I added a new user (with administrator privileges) using the command prompt - this was successful, but it bumped my main account off the login page, and it doesn't acknowledge it on the dropdown list with the start menu. (Yet when I restarted it took me straight in to my main account.)

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Installation :: Main Hard Drive Failure - How To Reinstall

Sep 11, 2015

W10 has replaced my W7 operating system and I really like it. However if I have a main hard drive failure or somehow get in a situation where W10 won't start, how can I reinstall windows 10? What do I need to do before something like this happens?

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Installation :: Cannot Find Files To Go Back Even If WINDOW OLD Still In C Main Drive

Aug 3, 2015

It's not even a week when I upgraded to wds 10 ..Now It won't let me roll back.When I fo to Recovery and click roll back ..START .. It keeps showing wds can not find the files to go back even if WINDOW OLD still in drive C "main" drive.The only way to roll back is to restore factory settings ..

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Customization :: Disable Start Menu Hover On Main Desktop

Jan 6, 2016

When I'm in the main desktop and I hover over the start button for 2 seconds, the start menu appears. Is there any way to disable that?

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Focus Stays On Main Window - Warning Dialogs Hidden In Background

Aug 10, 2015

For instance: Edge downloads a program which has a setup dialog. On hitting run, the setup dialog appears on the taskbar, but Edge remains in front. Once you bring the setup screen is in focus, you don't realise that it will not respond because, again, behind Edge, another dialog has opened saying "another instance of setup is already running".

This behavior seems to happen with other error messages, and property sheets etc. which ought to be brought to front, but open in the background.

what is the resolution to it?

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Start Icon Not Working And Edge Icon Disappeared?

Sep 1, 2015

After a driver (I think one related to Intel graphics, but i am not shure) was unsuccesfully installed, I had a BSOD problem, hard restart, kernel error message (unable to reproduce it afterward). Some applications from taskbar partially work (Office, Skype), some not. I am unable to open the Start menu (but the right click still works). The Edge disapeared, I post from anothe PC. Restarted a few times, tried to restore to a previous backup of drivers - nothing works.

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OneDrive Icon On Taskbar Instead Of Hidden Icon

Aug 3, 2015

Currently, my OneDrive icon is sitting in the 'hidden icons' section. I have seen pictures of the icon sitting on the taskbar next to Edge, the store, and all the other taskbar icons... how do you get that icon on the taskbar? I have tried all the normal ways I can think of (click and drag onto taskbar, going into taskbar settings, etc) but I can't get it to be removed from the hidden icons area.

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