Laptop Cannot Shutdown Fully After Upgrade

Jul 31, 2015

After the Windows 10 upgrade my laptop cant shutdown fully. When i try to turn off my PC, everything goes well at the beginning, almost everything goes off. The things that remain on looks like to be only the fans and the LED of the power button. I dont know what to do.

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Unable To Shutdown Fully - Fan Keeps Running

Dec 15, 2015

I am having an issue right now that my computer won't shutdown the leds and fan still keep running after the screen has turned black. I need to hold the power button in order to shutdown my computer.

I recently installed an SDD and since then I am having the issue.

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Doesn't Fully Shutdown Computer

Sep 17, 2015

I have 7 or 8 computers around the house, most dual boot Windows 10 pro x64 and Linux. When you shutdown a Windows machine and start a Linux machine there are errors and Linux won't boot (The HDD's weren't shutdown properly ~ the OS's have there own SSD's && share a data drive, this is the drive that registers the error). You have to boot windows and shutdown from a cmd 'shutdown.exe /s /t 0' or similar. Is there a way to set windows to actually shutdown with the standard gui shutdown routine?

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Why Red Light Indicating Low Battery While Fully Charged Laptop Is Shut Down

Aug 14, 2015

I have a strange problem in my laptop. Yesterday I charged my laptop to 100% in the night and when I woke up in the morning the laptop was showing red light indicating the low battery. I wonder how the battery drained so quickly overnight while the laptop is shut down?! And this is not the first time its happening, I am facing this problem after I upgraded to Windows 10.

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Installation :: Upgrade Will Not Fully Download - 6 Failed Attempts

Aug 3, 2015

I have two computers my laptop has updated to windows 10 with the automatic upgrade with no problems.

But my PC will not start the upgrade I was told to look in the temp folder $Windows.~BT.

The size of this folder was 5.88 GB. And had been like that for a couple of days.

After reading on [URL] .... It said that the upgrade might be corrupt I followed the advice and went to (Windows/ Software Distribution/ Download) and deleted everything in that folder. Then I ran the command prompt as an administrator. Type in "wuauclt.exe /updatenow".en as advised on the website.

Almost straight away the windows upgrade started again but it has gone back to the 5.88 Gb and stopped again

Looking at windows update and view update history I see there are 6 failed attempts to upgrade to windows 10 all with Error details code 80240020....

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Laptop Freezes On Sleep / Shutdown?

Jan 10, 2016

I had recently performed a clean reinstall when I upgraded my laptop to a Samsung 850 Evo, and ever since then I've had problems with sleep. If I initiate sleep, hibernation, or shutdown then the screen goes black but the status LEDs stay on. punching all the buttons do NOTHING, with my only recourse being to press the power button until the lights go out. After which the system acts as if I woke from hibernation as normal. Restarts are unaffected, which is a good thing as having to force-restart my laptop every week will get old fast.I believe I have installed all needed drivers, and Device Manager does not show anything missing.

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Laptop Battery Drainage While Shutdown And Unplugged?

Oct 24, 2015

I upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10 recently. The laptop battery is now draining 20% overnight when the laptop is shutdown and unplugged. With Windows 7 the battery drainage was negligible (even over a week). The laptop is a Lenovo Thinkpad Type 1143-3FU. The Thinkpad has a red light which glows while on. After shutdown it now flashes a few times after shutdown before stopping (rather than just going out) which indicates to me that something is still running, but I do not know what. The laptop battery is good. The computer does not appear to be hibernating because when I start the computer it shows the Lenovo screen first thing.

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Laptop Turns Back On After Complete Shutdown

Dec 6, 2015

I have a gaming laptop. Recently after updating to w10 november update, i have noticed that my laptop sometimes turns itself on after a complete shutdown. It usually occurs 2 seconds after complete shutdown. Ive checked if maybe it was a battery issue but nothing is leaking. I have not opened my laptop yet but this is the only problem i have. Is there any software to check what could possible cause this. Also my laptop never boots itself up while in sleep either connected to charger or off charger so its safe to say it only occurs when i just fininshed using my laptop.

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Dell 15-3521 Laptop Automatically Turn On Whenever Shutdown

Jul 31, 2015

I have Dell 15-3521 and it was working perfectly with no issues like this, now as the new update of Windows 10 is automatically installed, now after upgrading to Windows 10 whenever i shutdown my laptop it automatically turns itself ON. It is happening after upgrading to Windows 10. Whenever i shut it down it turn it self on after some time. Their is no task in Task Management which could turn it ON.

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Performance :: Laptop Doesn't Wake From Sleep (Boots From Shutdown Instead Of Waking)

Oct 15, 2015

When I put my laptop to sleep and then attempt to wake it up, it will power on (going through the boot up screens) instead of just waking up, thus causing me to lose any information open on the computer.

I have tried a few things to try to wake it up to no avail:

sfc /scannow in cmd
unplug all usb devices before going to sleep/waking up
rollback graphics drivers
resetting power plan settings and power button settings back to default state

Is there some memory dump file to fix this?

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NET Framework Prevents Shutdown After Upgrade

Aug 4, 2015

Since I've upgraded from Win 8.1 to Win 10, I can't turn off my PC without getting an exception in .NET Framework, and then a message that it is preventing shutdown. Google shows that this problem isn't exactly new and already happened to some people with Win8, but for some reason I've not been able to find a working solution yet. Any way to fix this other than doing a clean reinstall (which I really don't want)?

I've already tried some ".NET repair tool" from Microsoft, downloaded various offline installers of .NET and tried forcing them to re-install via command line. No luck - they just keep telling me that .NET is already installed, already a part of the OS, or sometimes even "installed but not activated", which is just plain wrong according to the feature selection dialog...

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Installation :: PC Will Not Shutdown Or Hibernate (only Restarts) Since Upgrade

Sep 4, 2015

I have a desktop that I ran the update on from windows 7 to windows 10.

When I go to shutdown it appears to begin the shutdown process. However, after a few moments with black screens the PC shows the BIOS splash screen and begins to start windows.

If I leave the PC alone for a while, it goes to the login screen, where it attempts to sleep only to end up right back at the login.

I have tried

- Turning off fast startup - Doing this results in apple sys error on restart (I do not have iTunes installed)

- Disabling wakeup by keyboard, network devices, and mouse.

- Turning off quick start in bios

I am now wondering if a clean install is my only option, or if there is some other way of keeping windows 10... just having it work properly.

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Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2 Won't Shutdown Completely After Upgrade

Sep 1, 2015

I upgraded my Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2 to Win 10 a few weeks ago. Since then, it won't fully power down 9 times out of 10. I close all apps, and select shut down from the power menu, and it appears to go through the shut down process, but it stays powered - the haptic feedback Windows button buzzes when pressed. If I don't plug in the charger it will kill the battery.

The only way to power it back on is to hold down the power button for 15 seconds.

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My Documents Folder Lost When Shutdown And Restart After Upgrade

Dec 1, 2015

After upgrade i had access to my documents folder under the c drive but after i shutdown my computer and restarted it I cannot find my documents, or pictures folder.

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System Does Not Fully Shut Down

Feb 26, 2016

Since upgrading to Windows 10 my computer won't shut down properly. I use the menu button shutdown and the screen goes blank, but the system does not fully shut down. The only way to get it to shut down is to hold the physical power button down till it shuts down. Then when I restart the system warns me that the last shutdown did not work properly and it gives me a choice to troubleshoot or restart. When I choose restart everything seems to load as normal.

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Dialog / Pop Up Boxes Not Displaying Content Fully?

Jan 27, 2016

I have a problem with pop up dialog boxes on Windows 10 not displaying the content fully. Its rather frustrating as I can not see most of the text or the buttons to click on. I have changed my resolutions to different ones and also display size but the problem still persists. It only seems to do this with pop up dialog boxes, such as software installation boxes. My display is a 48" Samsung 4K TV rung HDMI from a Nvidia GTX 980Ti GPU.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Battery Fully Charged But Still Charging

Feb 10, 2016

My laptop has a battery light which tells me when my laptop is fully charged. When it is fully charged (it is green), Windows still says "05 minutes until fully charged" and then charges for another half hour. In the past the light has been reliable, so I believe that windows 10 is the issue. My laptop has also had significant issues with charging. I can confirm this with two batteries. I have an Asus K55VD which I haven't changed the battery plugs in or anything like that. What could my problem be? Here's what I've tried:

-Disabling and re-enabling Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery (no change)
-Turning power saving off in BIOS (did a bit with the charging problem)
-Fixing the fan (turns out it wasn't spinning, which caused a range of issues. Worked for battery charge issue a bit)
-Keeping the laptop shut down (didn't work)
-Keeping it asleep (didn't work)
-Keeping it on with the screen off (did work it charge)

Yet I can't find a fix for the battery charging percentage and time issue.

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Chrome Slowed Down - Takes About 2-3 Seconds To Fully Launch A New Tab

Jan 7, 2016

Despite having an above average laptop, every time i open google chrome, it takes about 2-3 seconds to fully launch a new tab!! How do i solve this???

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HP Laptop Won't Shut Down After Upgrade

Oct 11, 2015

I have an HP laptop. I upgraded from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro.When I click the Shut Down, it looks like it will, but loops back on back to my Desktop. So then I just hold down the power button to shut down. I always try to click the Shut Down first.I haven't had any start up problems, but I'd like to be able to shut down properly.

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HP Laptop Running So Hot After Upgrade

Sep 26, 2015

It is so hot to touch I now have to run cooling pad under the laptop, the fans just dont stop spinning it is so noisy now....

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Laptop Always Goes Into Recovery Mode After Upgrade

Nov 11, 2015

I upgraded from Win8.1 to Win10 on my Lenovo Laptop and every thing was fine .Then i went and installed the Nvidia driver for my graphics card and restarted .On doing the restart i was getting a blank black screen. So then i went into safe mode and installed the Intel graphics drivers that came with my laptop and restarted .

On doing the restart I am always going into recovery mode now . Even if i try to boot in safe mode it goes into recovery mode. I tried even to do the windows repair via the recovery mode but it does not work.The only thing that i have is the command prompt in recovery mode .Can I install the latest driver via command prompt in recovery mode ? or how should i fix this issue ?

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Upgrade Crashed - Laptop Will Not Reboot To Any OS

Aug 9, 2015

I elected to postpone the Win 10 upgrade for two days to allow me to save an image before installing the new OS. However, when the process requested a restart, I naively went ahead and to my horror, the Win 10 install was underway

As all too often in these situations, the install on my Dell Laptop (Win 7, Home Premium), stalled at 44%.

Hitting the reboot key had the install attempt to reinstate the original OS. This failed.

I'm presently in the situation where a reboot asks for the Win 10 installation disk, to enable a reinstall (I presume). Obviously I do not have an installation disk.

Not to be deterred, I attempted to reinstall a relatively recent Win 7 image using my Dell software recovery disks. Things seemed to proceed in an orderly fashion until at a point I received a blue screen of death a consequence of the disk software saving my computer from terminal damage (as if I wasn't terminally damaged anyway) .

Now, as we all know, at any given time there is incremental data on our disk that will be lost in any format, even in the event of a successful past image recovery.

I guess the question is this: If I were able to access a Win 10 installation disk, and use it, what is the likelihood of this screwed installation recovering itself in such fashion that I end up with a Win 10 OS and my data intact?

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Installation :: Upgrade Failed On Laptop

Dec 24, 2015

I convinced my friend to upgrade to windows 10 on his laptop and it failed leaving it screwed.

The laptop is based on a Clevo W350ET chassis.

When you turn it on it goes to a screen saying 'Recovery Your PC/Device needs to be repaired, A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed, Error code 0xc000000f'.

Any options like revert to a previous built, system restore or whatever do not work.

Any chance of saving the current install or will I have to reinstall everything? My friend has old programs he is concerned he cannot get anymore.

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Laptop Never Shuts Down Or Restarts After Upgrade

Aug 3, 2015

Whenever I hit restart or attempt to shutdown my system, it proceeds to show me the blue "Restarting" or "Shutting down" screen with the white dots going round in a circle and NEVER shuts down.

I have no problems letting the system sleep or hibernate but restarting or shutting down doesn't work. I have to resort to long pressing the power button.

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Laptop Has No Options To Reserve For Upgrade - Win 7

Jul 14, 2015

I can't reserve an upgrade for a Asus K53T. Ran recovery and reinstalled everything. Still nothing. The laptop uses Windows 7.

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Networking :: Unidentified Network On Laptop After Upgrade?

Dec 6, 2015

I upgraded my laptop from windows 7 to windows 10 with the free upgrade that came out a while back. I recently bought an Ethernet cord to enhance my gaming performance, but when I plug it in it says identifying for a little while then says unidentified network no Internet. My friend came over and tried it on his laptop and it worked for his Windows 8.1 . I have a Comcast router/modem combo and have it hooked to a western digital router which is what the Ethernet cord is run from.

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