Laptop Turns Back On After Complete Shutdown

Dec 6, 2015

I have a gaming laptop. Recently after updating to w10 november update, i have noticed that my laptop sometimes turns itself on after a complete shutdown. It usually occurs 2 seconds after complete shutdown. Ive checked if maybe it was a battery issue but nothing is leaking. I have not opened my laptop yet but this is the only problem i have. Is there any software to check what could possible cause this. Also my laptop never boots itself up while in sleep either connected to charger or off charger so its safe to say it only occurs when i just fininshed using my laptop.

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Computer Turns On By Itself After Complete Shut Down

Nov 22, 2015

It turned on from a complete shut down.

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Laptop Screen Turns Off Then Back On After Login Screen

Jan 5, 2016

I reinstalled windows the day before yesterday and since then every time I turn my laptop on after entering my password the screen turns off for like 2 seconds then turns back on. This have never happened to me before. I tried putting my old windows back via Macrium Reflect and I even tried reinstalling it again but neither of those things worked. I have an Acer Aspire V3-572g laptop.

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Computer Starts On Its Own After Complete Shutdown

Nov 16, 2015

I recently upgraded from windows 8 to windows 10. but ever since I have a problem. I shut the computer down (start bar, power and shut down) and at some point a few hours later the computer starts up again on its own but I haven't changed anything so can only pin point it to the upgrade. 

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Laptop Won't Complete Windows Launch

Sep 16, 2015

Got a new Dell laptop today that came with W10 pre loaded. Have installed dropbox, and spotify and AVG. Rebooted it a couple of times during all this and all seemed fine.

Now when it is switched on it shows the login screen and I enter the microsoft account password. It shows the desktop wallpaper, and the desktop icons, but it does not show the taskbar icons or the clock in the notification area. It shows the mouse pointer, which can be moved with the touchpad, but neither left nor right mouse buttons have any effect. The keyboard is unresponsive (despite working 5 seconds earlier to enter the password) so Alt-F4, Ctrl Alt Del and Windows key have no effect.

If the pointer is moved down to the taskbar it changes from the default arrow to the 'busy' circle, but after leaving it for half an hour or so, there is no progress. The only route I have found out of this is to hold the power button down to force a shutdown. When I power it back on the login screen appears, and I can move the cursor, type etc and everything seems normal. When I enter the password and login, I get the same thing again - wallpaper, desktop icons, but no clock and then no further response.

I got into safe mode and selected 'recover from restore point'. This failed (when did it ever work!?!). The laptop rebooted and then went straight into the initial reload i.e. asked for country, language, keyboard type, etc etc seems I have lost everything.

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Laptop Turns Off Without Warning Or Blue Screen

Jan 19, 2016

I've had an issue with my laptop : it randomly turns off when I play some games without even a blue screen or a crash of any sort. It only happens with some specific games and happened a few times on each, something like once every several hours.

The games I've had these problems with are World of Warcraft, Call of Duty 2 and Civilisation 5. At first I thought this could be caused by some sort of exception unhandled by my processor, but it would give me blue screens, not just my computer turning off.
I've read online that it could be caused to overheating but WoW worked just fine when I was using it on the same laptop with windows 8.1, and amongst all the other games I play on this pc, WoW, CoD 2 and Civ 5 are really not the ones that use the most resources.
Note that it doesn't turn off like it would by just shutting windows down, there's no windows 10 shut down screen or anything at all and the programs running don't close before. It just goes black instantly.

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Laptop Freezes On Sleep / Shutdown?

Jan 10, 2016

I had recently performed a clean reinstall when I upgraded my laptop to a Samsung 850 Evo, and ever since then I've had problems with sleep. If I initiate sleep, hibernation, or shutdown then the screen goes black but the status LEDs stay on. punching all the buttons do NOTHING, with my only recourse being to press the power button until the lights go out. After which the system acts as if I woke from hibernation as normal. Restarts are unaffected, which is a good thing as having to force-restart my laptop every week will get old fast.I believe I have installed all needed drivers, and Device Manager does not show anything missing.

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Laptop Cannot Shutdown Fully After Upgrade

Jul 31, 2015

After the Windows 10 upgrade my laptop cant shutdown fully. When i try to turn off my PC, everything goes well at the beginning, almost everything goes off. The things that remain on looks like to be only the fans and the LED of the power button. I dont know what to do.

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Laptop Battery Drainage While Shutdown And Unplugged?

Oct 24, 2015

I upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10 recently. The laptop battery is now draining 20% overnight when the laptop is shutdown and unplugged. With Windows 7 the battery drainage was negligible (even over a week). The laptop is a Lenovo Thinkpad Type 1143-3FU. The Thinkpad has a red light which glows while on. After shutdown it now flashes a few times after shutdown before stopping (rather than just going out) which indicates to me that something is still running, but I do not know what. The laptop battery is good. The computer does not appear to be hibernating because when I start the computer it shows the Lenovo screen first thing.

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Dell 15-3521 Laptop Automatically Turn On Whenever Shutdown

Jul 31, 2015

I have Dell 15-3521 and it was working perfectly with no issues like this, now as the new update of Windows 10 is automatically installed, now after upgrading to Windows 10 whenever i shutdown my laptop it automatically turns itself ON. It is happening after upgrading to Windows 10. Whenever i shut it down it turn it self on after some time. Their is no task in Task Management which could turn it ON.

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Performance :: Laptop Doesn't Wake From Sleep (Boots From Shutdown Instead Of Waking)

Oct 15, 2015

When I put my laptop to sleep and then attempt to wake it up, it will power on (going through the boot up screens) instead of just waking up, thus causing me to lose any information open on the computer.

I have tried a few things to try to wake it up to no avail:

sfc /scannow in cmd
unplug all usb devices before going to sleep/waking up
rollback graphics drivers
resetting power plan settings and power button settings back to default state

Is there some memory dump file to fix this?

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Reset Laptop Back To Windows 8.1

Aug 18, 2015

So I upgraded to windows 10 but I wanted a clean install of it so i figured a factory reset would do it thinking it would have windows 10. But that was stupid now I have windows 8.1 with no windows 10 icon so my question is will the icon come back so I can upgrade back to windows 10 or am I stuck with the older version?

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Laptop Screen Won't Turn Back On Without Closing Lid (Asus Ux501vw)

Mar 23, 2016

I got a Asus ux501vw laptop a couple of months ago and have been having an issue with the screen not be able to turn back on after it turns off.

I'm running Windows 10 x64. The issues happens in any resolution (it's a 4k screen but usually I run 1080p for better software compatability).

This happens when it goes into power saving mode or I use fn7. I can't get the screen back on unless I close the laptop lid and sign back in again. When it happens I can sometimes change the brightness and I can hear notification noises which suggest the laptop is running fine without the screen being on.

Steps I have tried with no result:
- rolling back gpu driver to version thathat came with laptop
- updating bios and chipset (recommended by asus)
- resetting the power management settings

Some weird findings:
- in safety mode there is no issue (though when the screen shuts off I can see the backlight is on full which is different to normal boot)
- If there is a second monitor plugged in the issue goes away (in either extend or duplicate)
- if there is no second monitor plugged in and I hit f7 the screen won't turn back on. As soon as I plug in the second monitor the screen comes back on.

What could be causing this? Is there some monitoring program I should use to find out what is happening when the screen is supposed to be back on but it's not?

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Upgrading Overheats HP Laptop Shuts Down And When Restart It Goes Back To Windows 8.1

Jul 31, 2015

I have windows 8.1 installed on my laptop and when I try to upgrade to windows 10, it overheats, shuts down and when I restart it, goes back to windows 8.1.

My fans are clean and everything works just fine with the laptop, I don't understand why is this happening. I also have a friend with a similar laptop model who is having the same overheating problem when upgrading to windows 10 (in his case, from windows 7).

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Browser/Email :: Edge Back Button - No Drop Down To Go Back Further Than 1

Oct 30, 2015

the go back button on edge doesn't seem to have the ability to, when you click and hold on it, see many of the previous pages, so you can go back more than one page per click.

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Difference Between Shutdown /p And Shutdown /s?

Feb 10, 2016

I followed Brink's tutorial here: Shut Down Computer in Windows 10 And I saw that there are 2 ways to fully shutdown Windows through cmd: /s and /p. What is the difference between these 2, if both of them are said to perform a full shutdown?

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How To Know If Download Is Complete

Aug 2, 2015

Yesterday, I downloaded the Win 10 upgrade to a flash drive. My plan was to use it first on an older Win 7 computer that isn't used much. Then, if successful, I would do it on my husband's new Win 8.1. It seemed to take forever and I didn't even think it had downloaded to the drive. But it did, and after lots of time, the Win 7 has Win 10.

Problem is, in the midst of downloading, it said that the administrator had to be signed on to continue, so sign out and switch users. That was hard to figure out, but I did it and now I don't know if the download is complete. Can I unplug the flash drive? I think I'm also an administrator and should be as I'm the only one who uses it. Is there a way to check if it complete?

Other question: Can I use the same flash drive to upgrade the 8.1? I think it's 64 and the other is 32. Should I just erase the flash and download the upgrade again?

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Empty Recycle Bin Does Not Appear To Complete?

Oct 31, 2015

When emptying the recycle bin there are always about 10 - 15 items left showing in the folder. They are not actually still there because they usually disappear after I refresh the folder. With the recycle bin I could just assume they are gone and if necessary I will get rid of them the next time but this also usually happens when I try to move or delete a large number of files and it is a PITA having to make sure the total move or deletion has completed successfully. What happened to the auto refresh on completion of an operation to show the actual final state of the relative folders ? It is beginning to seem that Win 10's improvements and advantages are coming with too much aggravation .

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Performance :: SFC Stops At 22% And Cannot Complete

Dec 27, 2015

SFC stops at 22% and cannot complete.

DISM returns "The specified buffer contains ill-formed data."

RESOLVED via a Windows 10 refresh second attempt that succeeded after the first would not allow files to be retained.

After again creating an ISO file, the second install resulted in retained files and no SFC errors.

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Upgrade From 8.1 ENT On Surface Pro 3 Will Not Complete

Oct 9, 2015

I have a surface pro 3 and I am trying to do an in place upgrade to 10.  Both OSes are Enterprise versions.  The install goes fine and eventually gets to a point where it will revert back to windows 8.1 with the following error: 0xC1900101-0x40017.  

Small background on the machine:  It is running windows 8.1 ENT, SCEP for virus scanner, is on a domain, has been originally imaged using SCCM
Here is what I have tried to get this error gone and get 10 installed:
Clean boot

Disabled all startup items from task manager and all services not marked as Microsoft

DISM /online /cleanup-image /checkhealth (succeeded)
DISM /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth (succeeded)
DISM /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth (Failed)
Ran via command prompt and all succeeded
net stop wuauserv

[Code] ....

found corrupt files but couldn't fix them.

Running offline scan not but I don't know that it will change the result of the online scan (done this before on other machines)

Tried running from local machine via extracted ISO (Failed)

Tried running from USB3 Thumb drive via extracted ISO (Failed)

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Get Back After Recovery Brought Back Windows 7?

Oct 10, 2015

I was running Windows 7 and upgraded to Windows 10. I lost no data or programs or pictures, etc. Windows 10 worked fine for about a month and then developed a "restart required" loop. After several attempts I tried the Recovery option, thinking it would take me back to a restore point as in Windows 7. Instead it took me back to Windows 7 and all data and programs (other than the Windows 7 default programs) are gone. How can I get back to either 7 with my data and programs or 10 with my data and programs?

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Zip File - Windows Cannot Complete The Extraction

Aug 27, 2015

I try to open a zip file in "File Explorer/Windows 10" with double click on, but it is no working. I'm trying with right mouse click to "extract all", and I have got the error:

Windows cannot complete the extraction. The compressed zipper Folder XXX is invalid.

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Experiencing Complete Freeze With Upgrade?

Jan 4, 2016

I've got a Sony VAIO and it took a while for them to update all of their drivers, but they finally did in November. The update went pretty well and I've had some minor issues, but nothing ongoing... EXCEPT, about once a week, the system completely locks up. I think every time it's happened, I've been using Chrome, but I'm not certain.

I upgraded from Windows 8.1 64-bit and now have Windows 10 Home 64-bit. 

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Installation :: Any Way To Do Upgrade Without Complete Install

Aug 4, 2015

Windows 7 to windows 10 killed my windows 7 install.Is there a way to do the upgrade with out a complete install of windows 7.Using the windows 7 Lic Key.

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Random Crashes Complete Shut Down

Feb 20, 2016

I've just got this computer back and its crashing at Random times, I cant figure out why though and it shuts off with no fanfare and no warning, one second its on and the next its off.

I think.. THINK its related to doing stuff, cause when i play a video game, it happens but when i leave the computer alone and don't touch it, it can remain working, but its blinked off from seemingly small stuff like browsing  and such, just less commonly so.

Anyway I don't know how to diagnose the issue, thought it might be a problem with my power supply so i upgraded from 400 to 500 but.. nope that didn't do nothing.

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Burning Complete Image Of System

Oct 20, 2015

If I was to make a complete image of my system warts and all. What would be the best way to create it?The media creation tool kit or something else?

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