Programs With Fast Start Up Enabled Only

Aug 15, 2015

I have the following problems With the fast start up enabled only

1. The screen never appears past the post bios screen.
2.Wifi won't connect. I have to manually disable the wireless adapter and then enable it.

If the fast start up is disabled then this won't occur.

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Fast Start Prevents Full Shutdown

Jan 27, 2016

Having problem with a computer that will not shut down completely after Windows 10 update? I have one and discovered that if I turn off the fast start option it will shut down all the way.

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How To Enter BIOS When Fast Start Up Is Activated

Aug 20, 2015

when fast start up is activated, I cannot enter the BIOS by tapping a designated key .

If windows can be loaded, I may disable the fast start up, or simple click the Restart, then tap the designated key during next start up.

How do I enter the BIOS, when Windows cannot be loaded?

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Unable To Turn Off Fast Start On Samsung Computer

Nov 23, 2015

I recently upgraded my SENS 900X Samsung laptop from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 10. I did the easy upgrade, not a clean install. I did reformat my computer while it was in Windows 7, updated it, then upgraded to Windows 10.

When I turn on or restart my computer, I get a message which says:

I found : Link: Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 10

However, after performing step 3, I get this message: "Your power plan information isn't available. Access is denied."

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Start Up To Put Programs In?

Dec 30, 2015

Where is the start up to put programs in for when computer comes on

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How To Pin Programs To Start And Tiles

Nov 1, 2015

I'm fairly new to Windows 10 and everything is going well except for pinning programs to the start menu. Here are three programs giving me issues with this:

FastStone Image Viewer
Hyper-V Manager
Microsoft Movie Maker

I am able to run the programs if I go find them in Program Files, and I've created shortcuts to them on my desktop and in the task bar. However, they do not show up in the list of All Apps, and they don't turn up in a search from the search bar. I've added them to ...AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms and rebooted, and it did not add them to the Apps.

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Start Menu Icons Gone For Some Programs

Jan 19, 2016

All of a sudden the, chrome and evernote lost it's icons but they still work.

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Programs Used List In Start Menu

Nov 2, 2015

How do a get a program that I use quite often to get on the "Most Used Programs List". I realize that I probably have to use it more for it to appear on the list. But I want to know if I can get it there even though the program is not used as often as the others.

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Can't Pin Programs To Start Menu Anymore

Jul 11, 2015

Win 10 64bit Build 10162

Not sure if I've done this in the course of hacking the registry but I can no longer pin anything to Start Menu by right clicking on an .exe in the File Explorer and choosing 'Pin to Start' from the context menu. I don't get an error message but nothing happens.

Also, when I install a program it will create a folder in the Start Menu, as normal, but any shortcuts to an .exe are not shown, only links to the manual, notes, etc. However, the shortcuts to the .exe are actually being created in

C:UsersNusAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms or C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms

Turned on 'Most used' and can pin programs that appear on the list. However, not all programs used are appearing on list. It seems like only programs that were installed before this behaviour started are showing up.

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Apps :: Cannot Pin Programs To Start Menu

Feb 10, 2016

Not all the programs I have installed appear on the start menu (all apps).

Even if I right click the relevant exe file (from file explorer) and select pin to start menu it does not appear.

If I select pin to taskbar that works!

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Startup Programs Do Not Start With Windows?

Oct 6, 2014

In task manager I can see all programs which are supposed to start together with windows, however, none is starting. Every time I start windows I have to start these programs manually.

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Start Menu Search Programs Only

Dec 12, 2015

When you open the start menu, is there a way that when you start typing, it displays only programs installed starting with those letters? Or at least show more than just the top 3 options?

In windows 8.1 you could have just your programs displayed, and typing would only search through those. (maybe there is also an extension to bring that back?)

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How To Access Old Start Menu And Programs

Aug 27, 2015

I upgrades Windows 7 to W 10 on my laptop and now I cannot access all of the programmes, search etc that I need from the old W 7 lists.

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Programs Unable To Start After Installation

Feb 1, 2016

Recently, any program i install will not be able to start. Example is Handbrake, i want to convert some videos to put them on my Iphone so I downloaded Handbrake to convert them. It all installs well as Administrator. I try to start the program, making sure to run it as administrator but every time it gives me the error "Handbrake has stopped working" Ive tried many different versions of handbrake, even their nightly builds but nothing works. Today i want to test ShadowPlay using Geforce Experience. Problem is, I had uninstalled GeForce experience. I installed it again but it will not start. It gives the error "Geforce Experience has encountered and error and must close" Before this programs were able to install and run perfectly fine.

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Apps / Programs Not Working On Start-up Only After Reboot

Jan 25, 2016

I after installing windows 10 when I turn my PC on programs like sound-blaster flat out don't work, no sound. by restarted my PC everything works no problems? Other software won't work either I used sound-blaster as an example. Also Don't know if this is related but when I turn on my PC I boot real fast at windows log-in screen in seconds but after logging in windows takes for ever to load, just sits on log-in screen spinning for at least a minute. if I restart or not, some windows will never stop loading.

Mobo: asrock 990fx extreme9
GPU: NVIDIA Geforse gtx 780 Ti
PCU: AMD FX 9370 eight core
RAM: Corsair Dominator Plat 16GD
HD: SSD Samsung SSD 850 Pro 128GB

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Apps :: Start Menu Cannot Click Any Programs To Launch

Dec 3, 2015

My start menu on windows 10 cannot click any programs to launch.

Also the new settings app. i cannot click anything on that either.

I have tried to restart explorer.exe but still doesnt work.

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Customization :: Wasted Space In Start Menu Under Most Used Programs

Nov 11, 2015

The screenshot shows a few lines of space underneath "Get started" in the list of "most used" programs. I'd like this space to be utilised by increasing the list to, say, nine items. Is that possible?

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Apps :: Startup Programs Automatically And Broken Start Menu

Dec 25, 2015

I'm trying to run programs upon boot in W10 but it doesn't work.I have put them in Start folder and if I go to Task manager I can see the programs are there as well in Startup tab and enabled...but they will not start. I have to manually launch them anyway.I found out a thread where someone was able to get a fix in the same situation by going to taskbar and menu properties and selecting 'use the Start menu instead of start screen' but my menu has no such tab.

How to try to get them programs to launch upon boot. The machine was just freshly clean installed with W10 and it has but a couple of programs on it - exactly the programs I'd like to auto-start. Done all windows updates as well. Another machine of mine developed a weird glitch in that the start menu doesn't suddenly work at all.It just raises a red box in the middle of screen saying something like 'oops your start menu doesn't seem to work but don't worry, we'll fix it up for the next boot' and then it promptly reboots, but whatever I try it doesn't get fixed.

I have updated the machine several times without issues and it works fine, just can't use the start at all or it reboots...been using it for a month now as it is now, got the big updates and all...but it doesn't get fixed. Start menu would sometimes be rather convenient in a machine, no?

The latter machine I might just re-install clean anew. I have 7 windows boxes all now W10 and it appears every one needs to be freshly clean installed to W10 before they really start working well.

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Networking :: Running Programs From NAS / The Application Was Unable To Start Correctly (0xc0000142)

Oct 9, 2015

Ever since installing Windows 10 (clean) I'm facing several network related issues. Before going in depth I'd like to figure out if it's a problem with my PC or if it's a problem with Windows 10 in general.

I'll just stick to one problem for now.I have a Synology NAS and connected a directory there as network drive. I have some programs there that won't work when run from this location.

GameSave Manager/HandBrake Setup/Notepad++ Setup

"The Application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application."

WinMergeProtable Process shows up in Process Explorer but closes immediately.

Audacity Portable/WinDirStat Portable (and probably more programs using the Launcher)

"X:ProgramsWinDirStatPortableAppAppInfoLauncherWinDirStat Portable.ini is missing [Launch]:ProgramExecutable - what am I to launch?"

AIDA64 Program works but no icons appear.

There are more but I think those few suffice for now.

All of those programs work fine once I copy them to a local drive and run them from there. Windows 7 ran the very same programs from a network drive without any problems.

I won't even touch the fun stuff like how playing a video from my NAS causes downloads (to the NAS) to stop because of access errors.

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Search Function Finds NO Programs Or Start Menu Shortcuts / Desktop

Jan 11, 2016

I recently performed a clean upgrade from a clean 8.1 Install of Windows Pro. It's connected to a domain and uses Folder Redirection. The search function finds NO programs or start menu shortcuts, desktop etc. When I click the start and start typing, a few things are found, and at the top of the window it says "these results may be incomplete".

I have rebuilt the search, stopped the services, renamed the data folder, and tried a new user profile, and it does the same thing.

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CDs / DVDs Do Not Run Despite Autoplay Being Enabled

Jan 7, 2016

The disk drive is physically working and connected properly to the motherboard. I can open it, put in a disk, see the light flashing and hear it humming. But cds/dvds do not run despite autoplay being enabled. There is no icon for the drive in explorer, but it does appear in device manager as SlimType DVD A DS8A5SH (double listing).

Worked when I had Winblows 7 : Sometimes works edition.

Specs : Gateway Laptop + Winblows 10 64 bit

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Superfetch Enabled Or Disabled

Mar 16, 2016

I know its a rule of thumb to leave it disabled if running an SSD, but I'm confused since I have both an SSD [ C: ] ( which serves as my boot drive ) and an HDD [ D: ] where I store the rest of my files.

Since there is no option to disable it only for one drive ( Which if there was i would disable it only for the SSD ) Should I just disable it altogether? or would that be a bad idea. Or is there any way I can disable it only for the SSD [ C: ]

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Why Is System Restore Not Enabled As Default

Aug 3, 2015

Is there a reason system restore is not enabled as default? Not needed any more/ is there now a better alternative ?

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Build 10240 Cortana Not Enabled

Jul 18, 2015

Just done a clean install of Windows 10 build 10240 with UK regional settings and Cortana won't enable.

Just says Cortana is not support in my region and language and won't let me enable.

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Apps :: Some Installed Programs Not Listed In Programs And Features?

Sep 8, 2015

Some (3, out of maybe 20) of my installed Programs, all working perfectly well, are not listed in Control Panel -> Programs and Features.

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Performance :: Hibernate Enabled But Not Working In Windows To Go?

Jan 11, 2016

I have Windows 10 Home installed and activated (as Windows to Go) on an external Samsung T1 SSD. I enabled hibernation per the instructions here: Hibernate - Enable or Disable in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums. However, every time I attempt to hibernate, the screen goes black but the PC never powers off and Windows never successfully hibernates. (Hibernation works perfectly on the Windows 7 installation on the internal SSD.)

System: Dell Latitude E6530, Core i5-3210M, 4GB RAM

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