Random Black Bars In Chrome When Switch Between Tabs

Oct 21, 2015

First off I'm not sure if this is a windows 10 problem. I recently installed windows 10 and reinstalled chrome and ever since I've been getting these weird black bars in chrome every so often when I switch tabs.

Here's what it looks like [URL] .... you can see it in the bottom right

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Using Chrome - Tabs Turn Blank After A Period Of Time?

Sep 24, 2015

So I usually have 6 tabs open that auto-refresh by itself. After a period of time, (maybe about 30 minutes), I come back to check that 5 out of the 6 tabs turned into a blank screen but is still loading/auto-refreshing. The tab that I stayed on did not go blank, but others did. I disabled "Use hardware acceleration when available" and cleared cache. Are there any other solutions? I'm using Windows 10 and Chrome is up to date ...

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Browser/Email :: Google Chrome On Taskbar Not Showing Incognito Or Recent Tabs?

Sep 14, 2015

Right clicking Google Chrome on my taskbar in Windows 10 isn't showing up with any options such as Incognito mode or my recent/common tabs. I recently refreshed my PC after having issues with Windows 10, before refreshing right clicking chrome only gave me incognito, no recent tabs section. I lived with it since it didn't bother me too much but now that I've refreshed it's gotten worse by giving me less options. Right clicking chrome on my taskbar now only shows: Google Chrome, unpin, and close window. how I could fix this?

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Why Do Black Bars Appear While Playing Games

Sep 18, 2015

Ever since i upgraded to windows 10, there are black bars on each side of the screen when i play!

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Black Bars On Side Of Screen After Upgrading

Aug 11, 2015

I recently updated from windows 7 to windows 10 and there is one problem. The side of the monitor will have black bars if the resolution is bellow 1920x1080 on desktop and games. I tried to reinstall the driver and it didnt work. My driver is also the lastest too.

My specs:
Intel HD graphics family
Intel Pentium g620 2.60ghz

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Customization :: Black Title Bars And White Text

Aug 24, 2015

Windows 10 has been out long enough... any way to have black (or dark) title bars with white text without using uxtheme patcher?

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Black Bars Around Screen Instead Of A Full Screen

Jul 31, 2015

Okay so I updated from windows 7 to windows 10 i have these black bars around my screen instead of a full screen so I tried changing the resolution because it was set to 800x600 so I change it to 1920x1080.

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BSOD :: Random Black Screen And Restart

Oct 9, 2015

few issues with my windows 10 installation, had a few problems with the previous installation so formatted and re-installed windows 10 only to be faced with the same issue, so posting here. below is the BSOD collection and all relevant information.

Issue: black screen randomly happens, can be doing anything from playing a windows store game to just browsing the web, checked the event viewer and each time it happens a bugcheck shows with error 0x116 which is a graphics driver crash and failure to recover, I know that much, so, any hopes of fixing it? Never happened on windows 7, problem is specific to windows 10, tried editing the registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/GraphicsDrivers TdrDelay and adding a value to 8 as provided here: URL...

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Desktop Background Goes Black At Random Since Last Update

Jan 14, 2016

I did a Windows Update 3-4 days ago ever since my desktop background goes black at random. It also goes black if I click a desktop icon or if I use the highlight tool on my mouse. When I was doing the update it got stuck on restarting and I had to force shutdown my computer. I was thinking about using system restore.

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Black Password Screen / Task Bar And Google Chrome Address Bar?

Feb 11, 2016

A couple of days ago without warning my Toshiba Satellite S50D-A Laptop's Windows password screen, the taskbar, and the address bar have all turned black. I wouldn't necessarily care, but its annoying and I am also not able to click on the windows button (Even the one on my keyboard doesn't work) or at random times anything close to the battery meter.

My computer is fully updated, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling display drivers, and ran file checker with nothing coming up. I also checked to make sure I wasn't in safe mode. I would really like to not have to reinstall windows if I don't have to.

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BSOD :: PC Crashes At Random Times - Booting Hangs On Black Screen

Aug 4, 2015

My PC crahes and BSOD at randowm times, no pattern to it really.

I also sometimes have problems booting the pc, it just hangs on a black screen and will only eventually boot if i turn it off and back on.

Attatched the crash file

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How To Change Size Of Tabs

Jan 11, 2016

I have just installed Windows 10 and am using Google Chrome with it. The tabs on top of the screen are very small and I would like to enlarge them. I have looked all over and can't seem to find out how.

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How To Swipe Between Tabs (Any Browser)

Jul 29, 2015

In W8/8.1 you can swipe bwteen tabs wotg a gesture with 3 fingers (up and down) know you can't... you open multitask view and minimize the app... can I change that?

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Why Don't Have Any Search Tabs After Downloading

Aug 28, 2015

Every site tells me to access search in windows 10 either by swiping from the right or opening the start menu. I have no search tabs in either place. Cortana works but it will only search the internet . How do I search my computer like I could in windows 8.1

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How To Display Open Tabs In Task Bar

Dec 3, 2015

Do you see how his web tabs appear in the taskbar? I remember that from when I was a kid and I was using XP and I'd like that back but I can't find a way to enable it, and I'm not sure what that's called.

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Browser/Email :: How To Remove Recent Tabs

Sep 4, 2015

if i go to history and want to remove it all of a sudden it shoes history and recent tabs and even after the history is deleted by checking the padge and hitting delete the recent tabs still shows the last 9 or 10 sites you have been on?

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Browser/Email :: Closing Tabs At Shutdown

Oct 11, 2015

I followed all instructions on closing tabs at shutdown but nothing works.

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Menus After Refresh Messed Up - Can See Tabs On Top Are Not Flat

Sep 25, 2015

Since doing a refresh of Windows 10 some of my menus or whatever are messed up. It is hard to explain and I searched but since I don't know what it is called I will post a screenshot.

As you can see the tabs on the top are not flat and look like they did from Windows 2000. I can't seem to get them flat. I tried changing themes and I even created a new profile but they are still messed up.

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Double IE Tabs - 2 Windows Opening For Gmail

Sep 3, 2015

When clicking on Gmail in IE 11, 2 windows for Gmail open. No big deal, I just X one out, but is there a way to have only one window open?

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Why New Windows Or Tabs Opening At 200% Size Every Time

Sep 7, 2015

When i open a new window or tab it opens with 200 % size every time it is so annoying!

Latest Windows 10 Build 10532

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Edge - How To Open Favorite Links In Multiple Tabs

Jul 31, 2015

In Google Chrome, I can right-click a favourites folder and open all links in separate tabs. Can't find a feature like this in Edge - am I missing it? or just not there yet?

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Why Does Edge Go Into Auto Refresh Page Mode While Switching Tabs

Aug 17, 2015

Microsoft Edge goes into an auto refresh page mode while switching tabs when there are 4 or more tab opened.

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Live Tiles / App List And Edge Tabs Grayed Out Or So Dark

Sep 22, 2015

Since last week i'm noticing, that live tiles, app list and description of Edge tabs are getting grey or so dark that they are unreadable (only tabs).

All this is happening randomly and it is changing with every tab opened, changed or even with start menu showed up.

Here is picture of what i meant...only calendar tile stay in normal accent color, the rest is darker.

Btw all the apps are starting/working normally.

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Slider Bars On Touchpad Don't Work

Aug 27, 2015

I updated to 10 and fount that the slider bars on the touch pad don't work. The system doesn't have a mouse which it knows and shows a touch pad there and working but the sliders do not work.

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Performance :: Spinning Bars Freeze On Startup

Nov 17, 2015

Ever since I did the fall update on my desktop, I would get frozen bars on startup. This forces me to reboot my computer.

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Small Scroll Bars Left On Screen

Aug 13, 2015

I have multiple small scroll bars on my screen whenever I am done scrolling on a page. If I hover over the scroll bars with the mouse, the 'busy' windows thingy spins around. All my drivers say they are up to date. Picture attached.

Dell L702X
Intel 3000 graphics

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