Registry Editor Find Command Not Working Anymore

Dec 20, 2015

I recently upgraded to Windows 10. Since then searches in the Registry Editor do not work any more (the app consumes 20% CPU, but the search never finishes. Canceling the search crashes the registry editor.

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Find Not Scanning In Registry - Event Error

Nov 22, 2015

This is the event error after attempting to do a regular 'FIND' within the Registry. Before the Fall upgrade installed via .iso on 11/20/2015 this Find worked.

The Nirsoft Registry Scan will scan and find. I did not attempt to link to the registry from that Nirsoft tool

The last software installed was a Nirsoft My Event Viewer as a portable app 11/21/15.It had errors via ntoskrnl.exe when executed. Microsoft apps were updated automatically 11/21/15(Photos, Messaging)

These are the only changes since the fall upgrade Win10-1511

Would this be corrected by a sfc /scannow?

Log Name: Application
Source: Application Error
Date: 11/22/2015 8:14:13 AM
Event ID: 1000
Task Category: (100)
Level: Error

[Code] ....

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Browser/Email :: Links Not Working Anymore

Oct 2, 2015

I have recently upgrade to windows 10 and the mailto: links dont work anymore. Running outlook 2013. When I go to a webpage with a clickable email it no longer opens outlook new message. I tried to check the default programs, made sure that outlook is the default for mailto:. This feature worked fine with my windows 8.1

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Double Click On Folders Not Working Anymore

Feb 2, 2016

Since the last update Win10 I cannot open folders with double click only right mouse click and then open folder. I have 3 times With Microsoft chatted but cannot solve this problem. Driver up to date, change mouse already, no hardware conflicts. Restored the computer back to 3 weeks and it works, but the update comes again and the problems also.

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Upgraded And Google Chrome Not Working Anymore

Jul 29, 2015

After upgraded to Windows 10. Google Chrome not working any more?

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Import Or Merge Registry Key Not Working?

Aug 28, 2015

I exported a key (ieshims) to document folder. I made corrections using Notepad++ to some paths and saved it. I imported the key back and everything went fine.

The problem is that when I go back to look at my corrections in the registry, nothing is updated. The old key is shown.

The reason I exported/imported the key is that regedit doesn't allow me to make correction of a path on the left side of the key i.e. paths.

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Num Lock Not Working - Unable To Edit Registry For Fix

Dec 15, 2015

Windows 10 Automatically installed the build that came out about 10 December.  When I did the install, the NUM LOCK refuses to work on the right hand keypad.  
I searched for the registry edit and all I find is this fix [URL].....  The thing is, when I get to Keyboard, I've no strings to edit. I thought, "hey, permissions are an issue".  But I give all the required permissions.  I've disabled the FastStartUp / Boot and did a restart.  
I'm willing to build DWord strings but I'm really rusty.  I roll the system back to about about 2 December, and all is well.  What the heck changed?  
I'm in a Dell Studio XPS 9100. I thought "hey, let me get the driver updates for windows 10 and the keyboard"  Dell forced me into the downloads for its backup (DSD I believe--hate that) and the system update check.  In truth, I'm puzzled as to why my XPS9100 is supposedly a 64-bit system and all I get are 32-bit updates as well.  
I know, lots of stuff going on.  Anyhow, I'm stuck.  I am deferring any upgrades where I can.  I created a manual restore point so I can dump out anything that's forced on me and go back to where the darn keyboard works.  
I'm the single user and the ADMIN. I've uploaded a screen print of the registry

Attached Files : regedit keyboard Phd Blonde.jpg 118.94KB

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DISM Command Line Utility Not Working - How To Change User Name

Mar 27, 2016

DISM command line utility won't work. I get an error 87. AND how do I change my user name?

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Group Policy Editor Warning?

Dec 21, 2015

This notice appears each time the Group Policy editor is opened, and takes two clicks on OK to close. Simple steps to banish it?

Checked out this article, but was unable to rename the two files mentioned. I did delete them, however, and this removed the error message. What damage that did is ... to be discovered. ^_^ Files are in RECYCLE bin. [URL] ....

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Antivirus :: Bitlocker With TPM And Offline Password Editor

Jan 23, 2016

If I enable Bitlocker with TPM (i.e. no passcode required on boot-up), and I have the Local Administrator account enabled on the machine (with my normal user account as a standard account), would it be possible for someone with a Hirens Boot CD blank/reset the Local Administrator account password and then gain access to the PC/Laptop using a tool such as this: Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor

Should I be enabling the PIN/Password protection on BitLocker, or does BitLocker prevent these sorts of tools from being used?

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How To Change SAVE AS Locations Used To Use PLACES BAR EDITOR

Aug 31, 2015

I have custom PLACES in left pane of SAVE AS dialog boxes that I setup in Windows 7 and carried over to 8.1 then 10. I used program called PLACES BAR EDITOR which I think utilized Group Policy Editor or maybe gpedit was just an alternative way to do same thing. Regardless I cannot find how to do this in W10. gpedit is gone and PLACES BAR EDITOR will not install.

attached is shot of SAVE AS window, note the bottom has no icon because I deleted that location and want to update it to a different location.

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Mail Client Not Working On RTM - Fails To Find Exchange Account

Jul 15, 2015

I've never had a working version of Mail on Windows 10. It fails to find my exchange account, which is hosted by Microsoft. Also, any attempt to add any other account results in "Something went wrong" Error code 0x80040154. Seems odd none of my accounts will add.

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Apps :: Text Editor With Multiple Search Replace Lines

Sep 8, 2015

I am looking for a text editor which will allow me to take multiple lines from one text file (I also have the information in a spreadsheet) and will then replace then lines in another line of that document.

I am trying to make a list for my books and comics.

<Book Series="{name}" Number="{no.}" Volume="{year}" </Book>
<Book Series="{name}" Number="{no.}" Volume="{year}" </Book>

For the comics it would need to replace the above format so;

<Book Series="{Batman}" Number="{01}" Volume="{2011}" </Book>

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Antivirus :: Windows Defender Missing From Group Policy Editor

Oct 24, 2015

I've attempted to turn off my windows defender via group policy editing, however; following the guide here on the forums (how to turn off defender) there is simply no folder/tree with windows defender in the group policy editor.

I have w10 pro and am able to successfully start gpedit.msc.

Why its missing? I really dislike the regedit way of disabling/enabling; and thus wish to use gpedit...

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Apps :: Make Word 2013 The Default HTML Editor?

Oct 14, 2015

OK so I have Word 2013 installed and I want it to be the HTML editor in IE 11 [Version 11.0.10240.16431 loaded].

The Internet Options page for HTML editing on my PC only allows me to choose Notepad.

How do I add to the drop down menu WORD or is this desired configuration set elsewhere?

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Apps :: Cannot Disable Windows Mail / Calendar With Group Policy Editor?

Aug 1, 2015

I am using the Group Policy Editor to disable Windows Mail and Windows Calendar.However, both programs are still available. Is the GP Editor completely worthless?

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Drivers :: Can't Find USB Hub - Can't Find Upgrade

Aug 2, 2015

Windows 10 can't find my USB hub (F4U017). Device manager shows driver SXUPTP.SYS has a problem and has blocked it. I can't find an upgrade.

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Can't Login Using PIN On Surface Anymore

Aug 25, 2015

I set a pin on my surface during technical preview. It worked until windows 10 went live and I updated my desktop. PIN works on my desktop, but it requires my password on the surface?

I tried to reset the security policies, but the option does not exist on the surface. I do however see red text saying "some policies on this PC are preventing some options from being shown." What policies is this referring to?

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Can't Login Anymore - Box Is Greyed Out And No Cursor

Sep 17, 2015

I can't do anything about it anymore because I can't even get past the blue login screen. This all happened when I decided I was going to download a game I used to play called Mabibogi, silly me, I should have checked if it was Windows 10 compatible, it's not. So now when I try to login, the bar to enter my password is greyed out, as well as the switch user and shut down buttons, I used to have a cursor showing up, and I have a Dell Inspiron 620.

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Can't Pin Programs To Start Menu Anymore

Jul 11, 2015

Win 10 64bit Build 10162

Not sure if I've done this in the course of hacking the registry but I can no longer pin anything to Start Menu by right clicking on an .exe in the File Explorer and choosing 'Pin to Start' from the context menu. I don't get an error message but nothing happens.

Also, when I install a program it will create a folder in the Start Menu, as normal, but any shortcuts to an .exe are not shown, only links to the manual, notes, etc. However, the shortcuts to the .exe are actually being created in

C:UsersNusAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms or C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms

Turned on 'Most used' and can pin programs that appear on the list. However, not all programs used are appearing on list. It seems like only programs that were installed before this behaviour started are showing up.

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After Laptop Reset Can't Boot Anymore

Jul 24, 2015

After resetting my laptop (specs below) from within Windows 10, it cannot boot anymore. It just displays the hp logo and after that it's a black screen with my mouse pointer, indicating that something is loading (the spinning circle). But how long I wait doesn't matter, because it doesn't boot ever. I have tried booting in safe mode, and that worked. But I'm not able to figure out how to boot normally.

my specs: HP Envy 15-j190nb
Intel i7 M 4700MQ
Intel HD 4600 graphics + nVidia gforce 840m
12 gigs ram

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Notification Button Does Not Respond Anymore

Dec 16, 2015

Yesterday while looking thro' my computer i saw an upgrade your facebook to Win 10 sticker,I pressed it and now I cant get any response from the start button the edge button and the store button,the notification button does not respond any more as well.What do I do if I need to install Win 10 again.

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Modern Apps Do Not Launch Anymore

Mar 20, 2015

I installed build 10041 on my PC and since then none of the modern applications start up. I click on them, there is a small flicker and thats it. No modern app launches. I cant even launch the insider app

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When Unplug Headphones Can't Get Audio Anymore

Aug 17, 2015

I'm experiencing sound issues in Windows 10. What happens is my laptop speakers work fine, I plug headphones in and they work fine, then I unplug the headphones and I don't get audio anymore - it used to seemlessly switch back to my laptop speakers. I've been having no trouble with this in windows 10 since upgrading until today. I tried reinstalling the sound card driver - that didn't work. Once it gets stuck on the headphones all I can do to reset it to my speakers is to go to the device and properties > advanced > reset to default (I noticed all this does is change the bitrate in the dropdown).

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Action Center Does Not Update Notifications Anymore?

Sep 20, 2015

i am using Windows 10 Pro since release as an upgrade from Windows 7 Prof., and most things including the new action center worked fine. But since three days now the action center is totally empty, shows only the "no new notifications"-message. All of my settings are still correct, my accounts in Mail App e.g. are still active (and showing my new mails if i open it), the action center settings to show banner+sound for Apps and programs are all ON, and every single piece of software i am using is working as intended, except the action center

I don't really know what's suddenly wrong? I did not install any new software or made a driver update. The only thing last days was an automatic update for Windows Defender, but i don't think that's causing the issue.

how i can get the action center back to work? Perhaps soem Windows services aren't running but i don't know which one could be responsible for the noticifations. I checked the installation with "sfc /scannow", no error. Would be nice to get the action center back, it's very annyoing if i need to have every program always open.

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Start Menu Doesn't Work Anymore

Sep 6, 2015

I am using windows 10 since a few weeks now and already encountered a startmenu bug earlier on. This was because of the Teamspeak Overlay which caused the startmenu to be completely unuseable. Ive removed this plugin and ever since everything worked perfectly, until a few days ago.

I received a complete system update which brought me from the RTM version of Win10 to the Build 10532. Apparently im back to the insider preview. This time for windows 10 Professional.

Ever since ms forced me to install this update my startmenu is completely unresponsive and doesnt work anymore.

I also uninstalled avast already and tried to disable dev mode in PS with this:

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml"}

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