Start Button Not Functioning

Nov 6, 2015

I think, in my naivety, I may have clicked on something to cause the malfunction as it did work immediately after download. Have clicked on everything possible to remedy but to no avail. 

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Start Button / Search Bar / Metro Apps / Sound And WiFi Button Not Working

Jul 31, 2015

I have my Windows 10 for around 3 days now, the thing is, in the second day after my computer froze when i was playing counter strike, everything in the task bar but my shortcuts stopped working, they dont open anymore, but when i click it, the cursor blue loading circle shows up but nothing happens.

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Start Virtual Button And Keyboard Button Stop Working?

Dec 25, 2015

I just did a clean install on W10 and change my bios to UEFI (which it supports.) I'm having this intermittent problem with the Windows "Start" Button in the lower left. It just stops working - left clicking doesn't do anything, although right-clicking does. I just have the basics installed now.

Also, my Windows "Start" key on my keyboard stops working as well. I checked on a keyboard checker and the key itself is fine. I have to log out/back in to get it to work again.

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When Click Start Button No Access To Start Menu

Dec 29, 2015

This problem is on a desktop computer (HP Pavilion). When I click the start button, the start menu does not display. Pressing the Windows key on the keyboard also does not take me to the start menu.

I can access the right-click menu on the start button and most of the items on the right-click menu respond correctly when clicked (a few don't. No response from "Search" and "Desktop"). I installed Windows 10 over a month ago and have had no problems until now. Everything was working fine yesterday and to the best of my knowledge I have changed no settings since then. 

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AutoHide Taskbar Not Functioning

Dec 1, 2015

Autohide is set and applied for the taskbar yet the taskbar always remains on top and blocks items on my desktop. How can I get autohide to actually work? 

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Taskbar Is Not Functioning Correctly?

Jan 6, 2016

The taskbar for the last 2 weeks or so has not been working correctly. The Windows 10 start icon does not respond at all, along with the search icon, the speakers icon, the new notifications icon, and the calendar/date. The only icons working are the 'task view' icon and the 'show hidden icons' little arrow icon. The right click menu works on the start icon and the right click menu for the taskbar "properties" box also works, and that is about it. Of course any apps I have added or any default programs already present in the taskbar work also, although since I upgraded to Windows 10, I have noticed it is almost impossible to get a right click menu on an icon in the taskbar; very iffy at best, but mostly just completely non-existent. 

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Drivers/Hardware :: Intermittent Keyboard Non-functioning?

Mar 5, 2016

I use a wireless mouse and keyboard. Every now and then, often enough to be irritating, the keyboard fails to function: the mouse works properly. The keyboard problem persists for a few minutes, after which it works again. There is no discernable pattern to this problem.

The keyboard batteries are not responsible for the failure.

On the same desk is a cordless telephone.

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Drivers/Hardware :: No System Sounds Functioning

Sep 23, 2015

I have updated to Windows 10. After scouring the internet for options, I need to turn to ask the experts. Movies play, songs play... even the system sound previews play when I pick a sound scheme. But under normal computer operation, no system sounds play. The recycling bin, system errors, windows boot and shutdown, and email notification sounds are all silent in regular computer operation. I have performed the two prescribed sound card driver tweaks described online for issues of no sounds working at all.

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Audio Stops Functioning On Music And Videos?

Mar 8, 2016

However, the same cable connected to my HDD was connected to my SSD. (I fried my HDD due to over voltage) now when I try to watch videos or when I try to listen to music it will all play, but will stop after about 12 seconds and freeze. I have tried restoring windows 10, I checked my Intel SSD with their toolbox software, and I have uninstalled and reinstalled my drivers for my Astro A40s and MIXAMP-TR along with the firmware.

I never experienced any of this before the frying of my HDD. So could it be the SSD? Because the HDD was used for only steam games and nothing else. My graphics card is the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970. The SSD is Intel 730 Series 480GB. My HDD was the Seagate ST 1000DM003 1 TB. URL...In playback devices the green bars stay frozen and no audio can be heard.My Internet download speed has also decreased from 70 mbps over LAN to 10 mbps, and I know this is not my ISP because my other devices are still around 70 mbps.

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Hidden Administrator Account - Not Functioning Correctly

Feb 3, 2016

I have always used the hidden administrator account by default since about 10 minutes after I installed windows on my own PC for first time.

It's ridiculous how limited one is without it and I consider it a must-have feature for day-to-day operation within windows - especially true within the freaky, controlling environment of Windows 10.

Anyway... It doesn't work in W10... I can enable it as usual via an elevated command and can log-in to it just fine... but Windows doesn't seem to care either way and constantly asks me to provide administrative permission for silly things like renaming a shortcut... (sigh).

I am also getting far to many "You don't have permission" sort of errors that make me want to throw my PC out of the window.

I believe the account is enabled and I am using it exclusively...

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Start Button Does Not Pop Up

Jan 18, 2016

I got nearly a week ago a HP laptop that originally had win 8 on it, but installed win 10 right after starting it up. Things are working fine so as the bringing up the start menu by clicking on the start icon. but for the last 2 days now the start button does not pop up anymore when i click on it.

Doesn't matter if i move the cursor over it with the touch pad or with a mouse. also the search icon next to it doesn't react either. all the other icons work without any hassle.

I am still not a 100% familiar with win 10 and laptops, so im not sure what the problem could be. I can right click on it to turn off the laptop but being able to call up the menu with a simple left click should be functional.

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Start Button Won't Work

Jan 27, 2016

my start button wont work, i cannot restart my computer and even from the sign on screen the only option i ave it to shut down. my icons are still on the taskbar but i cannot view them and when i open my browsers its deleting my last sessions even when i have them saved to appear each time i open the browser. my time and date is gone as well as any viable option to get to my drivers and computer settings. the only thing ive been able to get to is the actio of using the windows button and pressing r but each seach i get an error message that anything i type cant be found.

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Start Button Don't Work?

Nov 18, 2015

when i click on the start button, either right or left click, there is absolutelyno kind of response. i cannot get to the control panel, nor turn off the laptop, nor anything else. the stupid thing is only two months old

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Clicking Start Button Does Nothing

Aug 15, 2015

My Win10 Home 64 bit computer was working correctly yesterday. Today there was one notification which just showed 'windows.immersivecontrolpanel-cw5n1h2xyewy!', although I am not sure if the last part was something like 'immersive' as the last character looked strange, so could have been part of a letter.

At the same time I had update KB3081438 which required a restart, so I powered down as usual, rather than restarting, waited 20secs and then started up again. Now clicking the start button does nothing except that the icon changes colour. In addition I had Settings pinned to the task bar and now there is just a space where it used to be. I can click on the messages icon in the tray on the right and open Settings that way, but it is quite slow to respond. I have also noticed that a couple of other icons are missing, but there is a space where they used to be.

I did a System Restore to a restore point created yesterday but all that did was mess up Office 2016 which I had to do a repair on. Quick Repair did not solve the problem but the full repair did, although it was a bit of a struggle to get Office to reconnect to my account as it did not like my MS Passport login, and did not accept the key I copied from MSs website.

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Start Button Not Working?

Aug 3, 2015

since earlier this week my Start button has come up with a Critical Error when I click on it advising that "Your Start menu is not working. We'll try to fix it next time you sign in".

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Disappearing Start Button?

Oct 4, 2015

Our start icon disappeared from the toolbar and we can't get it to display again.

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Start Button Does Not Work?

Jan 28, 2016

My computer tech had me download Windows 10 on my husband's computer. While we were using it last night the Start button quit working. Part of the toolbar were deleted also. It appears this is a common Windows 10 issue. I have tried all the fixes I can find, but am hesitant to download from unknown sources. 

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Start Button Not Working

Feb 10, 2016

I've been having this problem recently, My Start menu on Windows 10 regardless if I use Windows Key or clicking the Start button. won't appear, I tired everything from PowerShell, CMD, and even Reset your PC yet none of them worked, This IS coming from A legit copy of Windows 10.

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Start Button Does Not Work

Dec 3, 2015

See my post below about upgrade issues. I just downloaded and installed the old Windows 7 games. I went to start to find them and up came this error. A blue rectangle appears on the screen and says they will try to fix it when I sign out and in again. I have just done that three times. I have also switched users. The other user has the start menu working just fine. Stupidly I am back to my own login so I can't tell you exactly what the error message says.

Is there any other way to access programs (apps as they are now called) other than via the start menu?

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Start Button Does Not Work

Oct 18, 2015

Since my start button does not work, is there any other way to get to settings to view installed updates? 

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Why Isn't The Start Button Working Sometimes

Aug 25, 2015

Start and search are not working sometimes between some works.

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Can't Open Start Button

Jan 20, 2016

I have an Acer Aspire E Touch with Windows 10 and all of sudden my start button doesn't work, my start up icons to the right are all gone too.

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Start Button Not Working

Aug 29, 2015

So I logged onto my PC today and I tried getting onto the start menu by clicking the windows key and it didn't work. So then I tried clicking on the Windows icon but till nothing happened.

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No Start Button And Do Not Want Cortana

Aug 15, 2015

No "start" button" and something is always running in the background and I am afraid it is taking all of my information even though I said no. I do not want Cortana and it keeps trying to make me go there. How do I stop this? Do we HAVE to have 10?? Is 7 going to be like XP and not be supported? As I xannot gegt to "all programs", cannot delete anything.

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Drivers/Hardware :: No Audio - Device Attached To System Is Not Functioning

Mar 5, 2016

Following a necessary reset of Win 10 I have no audio at all. When going to IDT High Definition Audio codec in device Manager and initialising reinstall Driver, the driver is found but installation has failed because "a device attached to the system is not functioning". What device?

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Start Button Critical Error

Nov 6, 2015

I get the error message which says "Critical error- Your start menu isn't working. We'll try to fix it next time you sign in. <Sign out now>". It came, went and now its broken again.

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