Startup Loop - WDF Violation

Sep 1, 2015

Installed Win 10 about 2 week ago. Installation went smoothly.

Started up PC this morning.

Blue Screen with sad face "windows encountered a problem as need to restart - well restart for you"

I then shows a screen with "Starting Automatic Repair". Then back to the "windows has encountered a problem"

Nothing but a perpetual loop

F8 does nothing

F2 and F12 work but provide no remedy .....

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BSOD :: Driver Verifier IOManager Violation Loop On Startup

Dec 30, 2015

I've been having nothing but problems with Windows 10 since I upgraded from windows 7. All the parts I've had worked on 7 just fine. I upgraded to 10 and I've been getting BSOD randomly and especially on the startups. I even would get BSOD just from the upgrade to 10. I had to turn off turbo core and cool and quiet so it would get through the installation. I noticed one of my HDD broke in the process. Didn't work on any computer I tested it on. Might be a coincidence as it's 5 years old. A few days after I finally got 10 to work. I put my computer in a new case with a new PSU. It would work fine for a week or two and then it would BSOD randomly. I had an issue with Google Chrome in that it would slowly lock my computer up everytime I opened it. I initially thought my SSD was going bad but it's only 2 years old. I stopped using Chrome and the problem stopped for awhile. Every once and awhile I would get a BSOD randomly or on a startup but it would always fix itself. Now I'm getting a new error that is the worst yet.

I use my computer for animations, rendering, gaming, browsing so it gets worked quite often but it doesn't crash during intense use. Now I'm completely stuck. I am getting this "driver verifier iomanager violation wdf01000.sys" BSOD everytime I boot up the computer. I don't remember installing anything new the last time I used it.

When I get in to safe mode, a BSOD System_exception_error will pop up in 5 minutes or so. Sometimes it will be a kmode error. I noticed sometimes I would get it just starting up in safe mode. I barely managed to get the dump file off of there.

I've attached text from the dump file :

System Specs:
Motherboard: Asus M5A97 LE R 2.0
GPU: Nvidia GTX 580
CPU: AMD 8350
RAM: 16 GB
SSD: Kingston v300 120 GB
HDD: WD Black, Seagate barracuda, Toshiba
PSU: 750 Rosewill Captsone 80 plus gold
LG blu ray drive

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Black Screen After Sign In And WDF Violation Loop

Feb 19, 2016

Just installed Windows 10 from Windows 7. Get a black screen without cursor after sign in. When boot up in safe mode, I get a WDF violation and automatic restart whenever I attempt to go to a recovery point or any other option. This creates an loop that I can't break. I am able to access my web browser (chrome) and Excel by pressing control/alt/delete and using the new file feature on the Task Manager. 

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Infinite Loop Of Startup Repair

Nov 1, 2015

So i found a possible repair on fixing the current situation o the infinite loop from this forum [URL].... around step 13 it said"If any one of them are 0 bytes, then you should stop what you're doing now and seek an alternative method of recovering your system, because Windows cannot function with a 0-byte size registry hive ". I have 0 as my "RegBack" values and i can't find an alternate .

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Startup Repair Loop - Blue Screen

Sep 29, 2015

I've been using Windows 10 for few weeks now and it's been really good.

8GB Ram
1 TB Hard Disc
Asus Motherboard
i5 processor

Used the PC as I would normally do and shut it down last night. Recently installed the latest update for Win 10 as I recall. Otherwise no new changes or installation to the system.

So now when I switched it on its showing Automatic Startup Repair and it diagnose the PC but fails every time and shows a blue screen of startup repair where I can:-

- reset PC (reinstall but this fails at 36%)
- system restore or image restore ( but can't use either)
- startup repair (doesn't work either)
- command prompt (tried sfc/scannow and they won't allow me to do so unless I restart but keeps getting same error.

Tried unplugging the hard disc etc but same old loop again.

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BSOD :: Restart Loop - Startup Freezes

Aug 28, 2015

I've been experiencing startup issues with my PC since last night. I go to startup and startup freezes. It seems that something is either stuck or freezing up on loading. Since it doesn't fully boot up, I have been hitting the reset button or holding the power button. It appears that this has made the problem worse. I went to startup this morning and am getting the same thing. Did the same steps of hitting reset and or holding the power button to shutdown. After this I am getting BSOD that keeps restarting and BSOD in a loop. The next boot loaded with repair options. I attempted to do startup repair and have been unsuccessful. How to get out of BSOD restart loop?

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Infinite Loop On Startup Trying To Repair System

Aug 25, 2015

This afternoon my wife was doing something on the computer, got stuck, and rebooted. Once she rebooted a screen popped up into a repair diagnostic screen and said it was diagnosing the error to repair it. Only problem was that it didn't repair anything and the options that were available were all tried and nothing fixed this infinite loop issue. Luckily, I backed up my system with Acronis TrueImage so as we're speaking my PC is being restored. Windows 10...

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Factory Reset Failed 3 Times - Stuck On Startup Loop Now

Jan 24, 2016

I tried to reset my computer today after 3 years of using it without any sort of re-formatting, and all three times the reset got stuck on 65% before a blue screen appeared and said that an error occurred. It would then give me the options of either:

a) returning back to my windows 10, with nothing changed
b) Trying to reset again
c) advanced options.

I tried the reset 3 times, and after the last try failed I went to advanced options to look at other ways to approach the issue, such as checking if there were any restore points that I could restore to (which there were none).

After that didn't work, I clicked on the first option of just returning back to my windows 10, and that was when it would not start up anymore.

My computer now is stuck on a infinite loop of the launch screen of the ASUS logo, it flashes, then goes onto the second ASUS logo, and this is all it does, go round and round.

I tried to boot it on F8, F9 (the ASUS recovery button), and the 'delete' button. NOTHING WORKS.

I finally tried F2, which led me to the BIOS page? And I clicked on the boot tab and disabled the first boot configuration option, and still to no avail. It returned to looping, and when trying F8, F9, after disabling that BIOS option, and it still won't do anything but loop.

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During Startup Automatic Repair Launches - Stuck In Reboot Loop

Mar 27, 2015

During startup automatic repair launches, restart ensues, that's the loop. The error mssg is WDF violation which it seems is related to iTunes. I just can't get out of this loop to do anything about it. I don't have a boot disc. Safe mode is what I would like, but that doesn't work.

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BSOD :: WDF Violation Trying To Reset PC

Feb 10, 2016

I am running Windows 10 Home, upgraded from Windows 7. I'm trying to reinstall Windows 10 via the 'Reset PC' function. Each time I try the ensuing restart results in WDF_Violation. This error occurs regards whether I initiate the function in safe mode or the other ways.

Please see management attachment below.

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Getting WDF Violation And Reboot - Cannot Recover

Nov 5, 2015

Was away for two weeks. Upon return, could not find main user name or files. Tried to do a recovery to the last date it worked. I get a WDF VIOLATION and reboot. Cannot recover. 

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BSOD :: DPC Watchdog Violation When Playing Sound

Sep 21, 2015

I recently updated my Sony VAIO from Windows 7 to Windows 10. For the last week or so, I have found when playing audio (on sites such as YouTube and Soundcloud), the sound cuts out and the stream pauses, and doesn't reload until I refresh the page. This happens several times on a daily basis. Occasionally, the sound cut-out directly leads to 'DPC Watchdog Violation' BSOD.

I am guessing it's my sound driver that's causing the issue? I am not sure though.

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BSOD :: Watchdog Violation After Windows Update

Jan 20, 2016

So I have an Old pc upgraded to Win 10, worked ok at the weekend. But after a windows Auto update I get a Watchdog violation every 10 mins or so. I guess some driver has been 'updated' by windows and is causing a crash ? Heres the log. Which driver I need to downgrade. I hate windows update it just breaks things.

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Dell Venue Pro 8 Secure Boot Violation - What To Do

Sep 19, 2015

I was updating my Dell Venue Pro 8 to Windows 10 Build 10547 and got a red error message that read. "Secure Boot Violation" "Invalid signature detected. Check Secure Boot Policy in Setup". There is an OK button at the bottom of the message, but nothing happens when I try to click on it. I can shut the tablet off, but when I start it I get the same message. I am stuck. Where to I go from here.

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WDF Violation Error And Display Went Completely Blank

Mar 21, 2016

3 weeks before my AIO Desktop while trying to reset gave a WDF_violation error after that my display went completely blank. I visited service Centre he told me to replace my Mobo, so I did and got my PC today working but the service rep told me to roll back to Windows 8 since 10 had lot of issues. So while resetting my PC again it terminated and gave a WDF_VIOLATION again and after that my display went blank again. Note both the times after resetting this thing happened.

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BSOD :: DPC Watchdog Violation When Restarting To Apply Updates

Nov 21, 2015

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Arma 3 Crashing Cause Of 0xC000000 - Status Access Violation

Aug 27, 2015

For some reason arma 3 has just started to crash and say that it has this error.

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LOTR Battle For Middle Earth Access Violation Error

Dec 13, 2015

I have a brand new gaming computer with Windows 10 and have been trying to run LOTR Battle for Middle Earth which is a relatively old game from the Win 2000/XP days. The game loaded fine but when it tries to start up the game it fails and comes up with the following Exception error:


The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access. Access address 0x000e9fb8 was read from.

Location : 77dbe48b ntdll. dll+0x2e48b, RtlSizeHeap+0x295b

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Some Startup Entries Occur Twice In Startup - Is This Normal

Jan 1, 2016

I have three entries (among others) that are slated to startup when I logon. Each of them are featured twice in the start up tab of program manager.

On checking with autoruns I found that they occurred twice in the registry under



HKLMSOFTWAREWow6432NodeMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun 14-12-2015 02:23

Is this normal?

My laptop is running windows 10 64 bit.

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Cortana In A Loop?

Sep 20, 2015

I have successfully set up Cortana on two user accounts, however when I now try to set Cortana up on a user account I get stuck in a loop. I get the screen up that says "One last thing sign in with Microsoft account. Enter old password one last time". I do this then I am shown "That way, I can keep track of what you want me to know".Then I get " Welcome back lets pick up where we left off".

Then it just goes round in a never ending loop. I have created new user accounts to see if the problem was with existing accounts, but still no joy.Looking for answers to the problem on the internet, I have seen it suggested that something can be done by editing the registry, but I do not feel confident to mess about with the registry.I had thought resetting the computer, but am worried that I may not get Cortana to work on any accounts (it is working on two accounts at the moment)

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How To Fix Boot Loop

Feb 23, 2016

Week ago I upgraded my windows 10. Then 5mins after that I got bluescreen on my monitor where reads something about KERNEL_SECURITY_PROBLEM. Only thing that i could do was restart so I restarted my PC few times cuz always when I tried to open my computer I got the same message so then it says that you could reboot your PC then i tried but my pc stucked to boot loop and had been like this a week. And I have tried so much different things. watching tutorials,forums,group chats but nothing works i have tried to go from safe mode install windows 7 or 10 but safe mode dont work i cant even open my window.

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PC Reboot Loop After Update

Aug 3, 2015

I was using a machine with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, and it was working perfect till the day I upgraded to Windows 10. First, I had a few problems during the update, probably due to the not updated (with the last drivers) nVidia card.

My specs:
-SSD hard drive as boot
-MOBO is Gigabyte GA-768XP-UD3P updated with the lastest BIOS from 2013, UEFI.
-a few other hard drives
-nVidia GTX 980 graphic card

Well, I finally was able to install the Windows system, but after the shut down and boot, I couldn't enter it. The computer started to reboot after a few seconds, sometimes I'm able to see the BIOS screen (but pressing any button doesn't work) and then it boots again in a few seconds.

After some search online, I understood it could be a problem of the BIOS that was corrupted (why if it worked till the day before??). I used a very strange system to press the power on button and put down and up the PSU for 3 times, then when I rebooted again I saw the screen with "The main BIOS is corrupted and we have to recover it from a backup".

The setup of the BIOS from backup worked, but with "load optimized default" I then got a Windows 10 blue screen error " :-( INNACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE"

I then entered again the BIOS and changed some info like AHCI, UEFI only, etc.

Then, after a reboot it worked and I could enter WINDOWS 10 finally.

I thought I was OK, then I tried a reboot and it worked. BUT, when I tried to first shutdown and then boot, again I went inside the BIOS reboot loop!!

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Automatic Repair Loop

Sep 21, 2015

I'm trying to resolve an issue with a Windows 10 desktop, HP small form factor purchased with OEM Win 7. Windows Update suggested Windows 10 and now the machine boots to the automatic repair screen but there is no mouse or keyboard function where the option panes appear.

While I did purchase the computer myself originally, it was purchased for the use of my church group, and two weeks ago came under the care of my co-deacon and friend. So, let's just say there is no recovery media now for Win 7 or Win 10. I can create a recovery disk here at home from one of my local Win 7 systems, but not sure if that will work or not.

I'd be perfectly happy to un-install Win10 from the machine, but there doesn't seem to be a way to get to the recovery partition... all F-key options have been tried.

This is a Core Duo processor.

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Installation :: Boot Loop After 75%

Jul 31, 2015

I tried to update my Windows 8.1 installation on my Thinkpad T61p to Windows 10. It went smoothly until it finished copying the files (75% complete). It is now rebooting in an endless loop (reboot -> Windows logo with spinning circle -> black screen -> Windows logo with spinning circle -> 75% complete message -> reboot) and I don't know what is causing the problem. I have installed the latest BIOS and tried various changes to BIOS settings with no effect. Does the installer write any kind of diagnostic log that would tell me the reason for the reboot loop?

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Automatic Repair Loop?

Nov 1, 2015

So when I'm trying to log on, my computer does the whole automatic repair thing, but constantly loops. Now, I know this has been notified before, even for windows ten, but it seems I just can't fix it. All the solutions on the articles I've seen don't seem to work .

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How To Get Upgrade Out Of A Repair Loop

Jul 29, 2015

Although, the upgrade this morning initially was successful - it did reboot into Windows 10. When I restarted the machine, it's now stuck in the setup repair loop. None of the options seem to work, even if I try and have it reinstall windows while keeping my files, it still restarts and goes back to the setup repair. I really don't want to do a clean install as I didn't make a backup of my files (which I will always do from now on).

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