Task Scheduler Not Running Programs

Jan 19, 2016

I have a Windows 10 Laptop. Tried using Task Scheduler to automatically run Good Sync program on a predefined schedule. However, it fails to run the program. My user account has administrative priviledges.

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Performance :: Tasks Running But Not Appearing In Task Scheduler

Oct 18, 2015

After upgrade to windows 10, tasks still run but don't appear in task scheduler so I can't edit them. Where are they kept? More importantly, how to I get them to show up where I can edit them?

When opening Task Scheduler I get at least 50 boxes I have to close before I can exit the program (or use task manager to do so.)

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Idle RAM Usage (22%) No Programs Running Except Task Manager

Feb 11, 2016

So, I want to make my gaming PC as effective as it can be. When the PC is idle (no programs running, except task manager), I have 36 background processes and 26 system processes, Ram usage is @ 22 %, like in the picture below, I have 8 GB 1866 MHz RAM...

I am wondering, is the RAM usage too high, or is it okay for Win 10 ?

I was thinking about uninstalling the Cortana app, because it eats around 35-40.000 K, but if I erase this, I wont be able to use windows search...

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Task Scheduler Set Up

Sep 4, 2015

I have set up a scheduled task called its time and every time I try to run it here is what comes up. I am using Win 10 and have plenty of ram 12GB.

Here is message in attachment.

It has worked in past with Win7. But no go in Win10?? I'm not sure I did the image correct. And I don't know how to attach a document.

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Task Scheduler Error

Aug 15, 2015

When I access Task Scheduler, an error appears that says SqmUpload_S-1-5-21......... no longer exists. To see the current tasks, click Refresh. However, the same message appears when I click Refresh. I can close the message and it appears the Task Scheduler is OK. A person on the Microsoft boards gave me several steps to follow beginning with booting into Safe Mode. However, I received a message when I accessed Task Scheduler that it doesn't function in Safe Mode.

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How To Set Alarm Using Task Scheduler

Sep 10, 2015

At one time I was showed how to set an alarm using Task scheduler. It worked great when I was using Windows 7. Since I have upgraded to Windows 10, it doesn't work anymore.

I put in the scheduler the same words but when it is time to go, a pop up comes and asks

"what program do you want to use to open this?" I am using a mp4 file and I have it associated with my VLC player. It opens up great from within the folder however doesn't work using the Task scheduler.

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Scheduled Task In Scheduler And Now It Just Won't Boot Up

Feb 10, 2016

I scheduled a task in scheduler and now it just won't boot up is there any way I can get it to stop. I can't even remember what task it was. But I thought maybe isn't there a way to like edit the registry offline through parted magic while its offline to stop whatever it is?

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Apps :: How To Run A Program In Task Scheduler

Aug 7, 2015

I have installed Speedfan and it won't run at the windows startup, so I tried to schedule it in task scheduler, I am not familiar with using it and wondered if there is a guide for W10 64

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Task Scheduler Event ID 414 Error

Sep 21, 2015

I'm getting the following error:

Task Scheduler service found a misconfiguration in the NT TASKMicrosoftWindowsMedia CenterRegisterSearch definition. Additional Data: Error Value: %SystemRoot%ehomeehPrivJob.exe.

<Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
- <System>
<Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler" Guid="{DE7B24EA-73C8-4A09-985D-5BDADCFA9017}" />

[Code] .....

​Windows 10 Home....

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Apps :: Errors By Opening Task Scheduler

Aug 7, 2015

When I open the Task Scheduler, I get many error messages, which mostly resemble to "Task Name: The task object version is either unsupported or invalid" along with a few "The selected task 'Name' no longer exists. To see current task, click Refresh".

One thing I noticed, the tasks were all/mostly (I haven't fully checked) outside the "Microsoft" folder under "Task Scheduler Library" based on my research into the Registry Editor. I have also deleted a few with a back up for each, but, if I try to restore the registry files with elevated rights, I get an error message: "This app can't run on your PC - To find a version with your PC, check with the software publisher". This includes the "regidlebackup" task which I shouldn't have deleted, but it does not want to be restored.

I don't think this occurred before I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7.Also, I could revert back to Windows 7, but the problem is if this issue would be solved by doing so.

Computer Specifications:
Dell, XPS 8300. Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40GHz.
12 GB RAM, 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor.

I have tried listing the tasks (before the changes in RegEdit) into a text file. For privacy, I have replaced my name by "????".


Due to no one responding after 2 days or so, I took the risk of deleting the entries corresponding to the tasks' name in the registry after having exporting each entry. So far, the computer seem to work even after a restart and the Task Schedule shows no error after being opened and the logs/windows in the middle also work.

From my guess, upgrading to Windows 10 failed to delete the old entries after re-arranging them in the registry.

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Performance :: Task Scheduler Doesn't Run Program

Jan 13, 2016

I'm running a task schedule to run a program at a certain time. It worked great in windows 7 but since I upgraded to 10 nothing happens when the task is run. I've run SFC and Dism see below and no problems found.

C:WINDOWSsystem32>sfc /scannow

Beginning system scan. This process will take some time.
Beginning verification phase of system scan.
Verification 100% complete.
Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.

C:WINDOWSsystem32>Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool
Version: 10.0.10586.0
Image Version: 10.0.10586.0

No component store corruption detected.
The operation completed successfully.


Here an XML file of the task scheduler

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
<Task version="1.2" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/windows/2004/02/mit/task">

[Code] .....

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Apps :: Task Scheduler - How To Run Program On Different Drive

Oct 7, 2015

I'm trying to set up a task using Task Scheduler to run a game which is on one of my secondary drives, drive F: - I have Windows 10 installed on the C: drive.

The problem I'm having is Task Scheduler doesn't seem able to start a program if it's on any drive except C: - I can create a task to run any program or open any file if it's on the C: drive, but nothing runs if it tries to access the F: drive.

As an experiment, I created a simple task to open a jpeg picture - it opened no problem on the C drive, but on the F drive I was prompted to pick an application to open it with (I chose Windows picture viewer) after which the jpeg wouldn't open/load.

What I can do to create a task which will run on my F drive?

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Task Scheduler Error - One Or More Specified Arguments Not Valid

Dec 11, 2015

What is wrong with Task Scheduler on Windows 10?

Here is where I add my task:

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How To Setup Task Scheduler To Backup Folders From NAS To PC Over LAN

Jul 23, 2015

In my LAN I have a PC, NAS and a Laptop. I need to schedule a backup from NAS to PC once a week. My NAS automaticaly powers on but I need my PC to do the same and to copy certain folders from NAS to a backup folder in my PC. The NAS has a letter asigned in my PCs Windows Explorer. Fist, it needs to delete those folders from the previous backup, and then to start backing up from NAS.

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Task Scheduler Errors - SPP And Other Scheduled Tasks

Jul 29, 2015

Been noticing a number of errors when I open task scheduler for e.g. SVC Restart Task - The task XML contains a value that is incorrectly formatted or out of range" Other than the aforementioned task there are errors with the following:

a) Schedule Scan
b) Reboot
c) Policy Install
d) Queue Reporting
e) sih
f) Scheduled Start
g) Automatic App Update

I am a member of the WIndows Insider programme, and these errors have persisted across different builds including the latest one 10240. These were reported to MS thru the Feedback app.

I downloaded the official ISO today and upon doing a clean install noticed the errors.

Application Log entries read as follows:

Error 16385 "Failed to schedule Software Protection service for re-start at 2115-07-05T14:11:34Z. Error Code: 0x80041318"

This happens every 30 seconds or so for about 3 minutes. And starts again every time I launch an MS Office program.

I have tried the old trusted method of deleting the relevant registry entries and importing the task XML to no avail.

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Performance :: Task Scheduler And Media Center

Sep 8, 2015

My monitor keeps turning on in the middle of the night (desktop on 24x7) and I went through the power settings (advanced) and turned off network/keyboard/mouse pwr mgmnt in device manager. It still keeps turning on overnight but I don't know specific time.

Under powercfg - waketimers I see one entry for mcupdate scheduled. I went into turn windows features on/off via control panel and under Media there is only Media Player, there is no Windows Media Center that I could uncheck. How can I turn this *feature* off and hopefully it won't impact windows updates, my malwarebytes or avast scans (which both run after midnight at some point).

I was thinking it was Avast turning on monitor to display results of scan. Only issue it sees every night is unable to access my Outlook *.ost files for 2 email accounts. I think I just need to know how to disable the mcupdate task but haven't found exactly where to do this. What is turning my monitor on overnight. I physically turn it off when done using the PC and this only happens overnight while asleep.

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Performance :: Automatic Shutdown From Task Scheduler Won't Work

Aug 6, 2015

Since upgrading to w10 from 8.1, automatic shutdown from task scheduler won't work. After googling i can't find a solution.

It is saying "one or more of the specified arguments are invalid" which is strange as it worked in 8.1, all i have in the argument box is /s.

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Action Button And Panel Missing From Task Scheduler

Sep 1, 2015

My wife's machine, she has an 'action' button and 'action' panel on her 'task scheduler' window.There is no 'action' button on my 'task scheduler' window.Neither is there an 'action' panel on the right side of my 'task scheduler' window.

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What Script To Use In Task Scheduler To Delay / Minimize On Startup

Sep 13, 2015

I am creating a task in the task scheduler to delay the startup of OneDrive for 5 minutes and it is working but when it launches it is opening a window instead of minimizing or running in background. I am using "minimize" as argument but it's not working.

What do I use to get it to launch in the background?

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Task Scheduler Not Starting - Remote Computer Not Found

Aug 24, 2015

So when I try to start up task scheduler it says remote computer was not found. I have tried many things to fix this. I am now running sfc /scannow and have tried to regedit back to original values to no avail. Its dependencies are running and it has full permissions...

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Antivirus :: Windows Defender Task Scheduler Action Arguments?

Feb 10, 2016

I've seen 2 ways to add the full scan argument to MpCmdRun.exe.

The first is "-Scan -ScanType 2" (without the quotes).

The second is "-Scan -ScheduleJob -ScanType 2" (without the quotes).

I can't seem to find anything on the -ScheduleJob parameter.

ScheduleJob parameter? Also, which of the two arguments is correct?

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Task Scheduler Does Not Involve Windows Based Script Host

Nov 10, 2015

I am trying to set up Task Scheduler to run a .vbs script file. The script runs without a problem if I double-click on the file, but if I try to run it using Task Scheduler, a windows headed "How do you want to open this file?" appears, and Microsoft Windows Based Script Host is not listed as an option. I have performed a repair install of Windows 10, but even this did not work.

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Performance :: Task Scheduler Fails To Schedule Restore Point Creation

Nov 28, 2015

I have set up the following in Task Scheduler:-

However it does not work!

How can I enable history?

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When Shut Down PC - Programs Keeps Running

Sep 16, 2015

This is very strange, but for some unknown reason Windows 10 will not let me open some programs (e.g. file explorer, task manager, chrome. But, it will let me open Word, Excel and Edge. When I go to shut it down it just keeps running and running. It is almost like some App has taken over part of the system and won't let go. I have let it run for 4 hours and it never shut down. Obviously I have to disconnect the power cord and do a hard boot to get it back.

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Can Stop Multiple Programs Running

Dec 14, 2015

Have a windows problem I cannot get around. In windows 7 and 10 I am trying to prevent multiple copies of a program being opened from the desktop.

In XP, there was a Right Click Option. – Allow only one copy of the program to open. This is missing from newer Windows.

I have set up a neighbour’s windows 10, and wife regularly inadvertently runs email program multiple times. Is there any cure for this in windows 10?

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Minimized Programs Disappear From Taskbar But Keep Running

Feb 10, 2016

I have a HP Notebook 15-ac134ns Windows 10 Home 64bits from 3 months ago. When I run some programs (at the moment I have detected Firefox, Chrome, Teamviewer, Windows Live MSN, and some others) installed by me, they work normally, but when I minimize them they don't go to taskbar, I see like the windows goes up and dissappears. But program keeps running, so I can locate in running processes.

Then I have to find Explorer process, kill it, and firefow shows up in task bar for a few seconds, so I can click on it and it is accessible again in the very same point it was before.

I have tried to locate the "missing" programs with Alt+Tab or in different desktops, but not available.

I have also tried to pin and unpin the programs to taskbar, but same.

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