Touch Keyboard Not Showing On Logon Screen After Windows Update

Sep 9, 2015

I am using a Dell Venue 8 Pro with Windows 10 installed. Everytime after Windows Update reboot, the touch keyboard will not be shown on the Logon Screen. I have to use image password to login, and it will resume normal until the next time another Windows Updates are installed.

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Logon Box To Windows Live Mail 2012 Showing Every Time?

Oct 25, 2015

Every time I open the Live Mail, the Logon box comes asking for my password. It does not mark the Remember me and log on automatic. The problem started for about 14 days ago.

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Touch Screen Keyboard Rarely Appears?

Jul 21, 2015

On W8.1, it'd appear on just about every blank box I'd touch with my finger. Now it almost never appears, for anything. Is this supposed to happen, or is it a bug?

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After Windows Update Can't Use Tablet Like On Screen Keyboard In Desktop Mode?

Sep 25, 2015

A few weeks back on my Surface Pro 3, I was able to view my desktop and have the tablet style on screen keyboard popup in text fields. Now if I'm in desktop mode, windows does not load the tablet style on screen keyboard when touching an input box and the keyboard icon is gone from the systray. If I'm in tablet mode, the keyboard works like it should, but I'm not able to click on a show desktop icon somewhere. Is there a way to be able to see my desktop *and* use the tablet style keyboard that auto-pops up?

Also in chrome, I am unable to click anything except the X button to close it. So far I'm regretting my upgrade to windows 10!

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Update Stuck On Updating Windows Screen With Circle Showing 0%

Feb 24, 2016

My update is stuck on the Updating Windows screen with the circle showing 0%. What do I do?

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Touch Screen Gestures Disappeared After Window Update KB3081424

Aug 9, 2015

Edge swipes no longer work after latest update, all other features of touch screen work but no edge swipes to bring into view currently used apps screen or control centre . (left and right edge swipes)

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Apps :: Pie Control For Any Windows Tablet Or For Touch Screen?

Oct 20, 2015

If there is a pie control for windows tablet like the ones for android. I want to buy the surface pro 4 and I would love to have pie control for many reasons.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Touch Screen Being Disabled Since Windows 8?

Oct 7, 2015

My touch screen randomly won't work, only to find that it's disabled in Device Manager. "USB Input Device" is what it shows up as. I believe it's a software I have installed that may be interfering.

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Keyboard Shortcut To Switch To Touch Mode?

Jul 14, 2015

Since I was wiping a PC anyway, I've installed W10pro x64 to decide if it could work.

Obstacle #1: I need to allocate a mouse button to switch between touch mode and desktop (wimp style) mode. What is the keyboard shortcut to bind for this? Or is there a script I could set the mouse button to launch if there is no keyboard shortcut available yet?

Obstacle #2: Persuade Logitech to make 4 finger swipe up switch to/from touch mode on the T650.

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Touch Pad Got Stuck So Often And Keyboard Began Typing By Itself

Sep 6, 2015

Upgrade from Window 8 to Window 10. My HP laptop notebook seems like it has been process by evil spirits. The touch pad got stuck so often and the keyboard began typing by itself with endless number 9. Sometime, it refused to do the work. How to get rid of these demons from my computer. I am unable to buy a new one after the warranty ran out after 1 year.

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Touch Keyboard Not Invoking When Try To Type In Google Chrome

Dec 6, 2015

I'm using a tablet for input on my windows 10 desktop pc and while the touch keyboard is invoked fine throughout the system and even Edge, when I try to type stuff in Chrome, nothing happens. I have to manually invoke the keyboard via taskbar icon.

I do have a physical keyboard connected to the pc but as the tablet is placed in front of the keyboard, I want to keep using the touch keyboard. If I remember correctly it worked just fine with windows 8.1.

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Reverted To Windows 7 - Keyboard And Mouse Not Working On Lock Screen?

Aug 23, 2015

So I recently downgraded from Win10 to 7 and after everything finished, I can't type in my password or move my mouse! I tried replugging the USBs to no avail and I restarted and booted my pc in safe mode And now I'm stuck on the lock screen in safe mode. How do I fix this?

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Logon Screen Flashing / Busy

Aug 10, 2015

Problem with the logon screen with windows 10. I upgraded on the morning of Saturday 8th August, without any serious problems. However, later on in the afternoon, I had to do a restart, after a virus/malware scan and removal of infections. The OS was updated at this point, after which a serious problem occurred. Once the OS reached the logon screen, it started flashing on and off between Logon screen and time/date start up picture, with the cursor showing busy. It also reported an error message to do with LogonUI .

I had no way to Logon, or to open task manager, so i had to boot into safe mode, and attempt various problem solving solutions read elsewhere for this issue on the net. None of these worked, so i had to roll back to Windows 7 for the time being. Should i upgrade again, this issue will have to be resolved.

Finally, though, i'm led to believe that LogonUI is malware, and not an important system file, but should it be removed, would this be the cause of the issue?

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Customization :: Change Logon Screen Wallpaper

Aug 3, 2015

On the screen where you type your password in, any way to change the wallpaper? It's blue windows in smoke and does not match the rest of my theme.

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Why Is It Not Possible To Set Windows Logoff / Logon Sounds

Jan 28, 2016

So in Windows 8, MS removed the ability to have a login/logoff sound. In Windows 10, the same problem persists.

Interestingly enough, under the C:WindowsMedia folder, there is a file called "Windows Logon" which is a brand new sound from Windows 8, also in 10.

The "Windows Logoff Sound" file is the same as Vista/7, so no change there.

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Switch Back To PIN From Windows Logon

Jun 18, 2015

The laptop that I use a PIN to log on clearly has on the login screen under the PIN area the option to change to other types of login credentials (i.e., MSID, Local Account), but on another laptop where I changed over to Windows Logon I do not have any such option displayed, nor can I find it in Settings:Accounts:Sign-in Options (though it DOES have there the option to change the PIN and other credential particulars).

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Customization :: Remove Or Change Logon Screen Background?

Aug 21, 2015

I would assume people may want to tinker with their logon screen background picture. (an example of this screen, to clarify, is below)

This is the picture that is behind the logon screen, which is by default the Windows 10 hero wallpaper. If you would like to change this image to your accent color, here's how

WARNING: To do this option, you will have to mess with registry settings. As you may know, registry settings influence the way Windows works on your machine. Therefore, if you do something incorrectly, you may have to reinstall Windows. Proceed with caution.

The first step is to open Run (+R) and type regedit

Once Registry Editor opens, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindowsSystem. There, make a new DWORD value called DisableLogonBackgroundImage and set the value to 1 to change it to your accent color. If you ever wish to revert this change, setting it to 0 will revert it back to the 'Hero' image.

Restart and your logon screen background will now be your accent color that you have selected. If it changes, the color of your logon screen will change as well.

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No Accounts On Logon Screen (Every) Recovery Option Fails

Dec 20, 2015

Windows 10 x64 had been working fine. Yesterday, I noticed the system had gone to the spinning circle... I walked away and gave it overnight, but no change. After reboot, I get to the login screen for 30 seconds or so - with no user accounts showing - then it goes to the solid blue screen with spinning dot circle. I suspect the latest update was applied "while I was sleeping".

What I've tried:

Rebooting (Goes to same place)
Safe mode (same login screen - no user accounts listed)
System Restore (No restore points - argh! why?!?!)
System Image Recovery (No system images found)
Startup Repair (allows either admin to authenticate, says "Diagnosing your pc" , then fails) -- logs to d:windowssystem32logfilessrtsrtrail.txt, open in notepad, shows no errors, "OS booted successfully"
Command prompt (works - but what should I look at?)
Go back to previous build - save my files (fails at about 40%) - I would prefer not to delete my files. (though they are backed up)

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Disabled Logon Screen But After A Week It Asks For Password Again

Dec 26, 2015

I've disabled the logon screen but after a week it asks for the password again. This is on a Dell pc. I have 2 other pcs, Asus and HP and the login stays disabled.why the login screen won't stay disabled?

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Touch Screen Scrolling

Aug 6, 2015

I upgraded to Win. 10 8/3. Everything seemed to work fine for 2 days. Then yesterday, the 5th, I could no longer scroll sites up or down by touching and moving my fingers up or down. The other touch functions still work, like going to links or sites, the 'click here' (touch here) options, close,etc. I can even scroll by touching the scroll bar and moving it up or down or right or left. My fingers don't scroll anymore unless they move the bar. And I just noticed areas on the sites don't get bigger or smaller with just fingers touching them and moving them farther apart either. But I don't know if that's supposed to happen. It did with Win 8.

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Lost Touch Screen?

Sep 20, 2015

I downloaded windows 10 - I had wins. 8 touch screen, now I don't have my touch screen any longer. How can I get my touch screen back? 

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No Touch Screen After Upgrade

Jan 23, 2016

My Lenovo Flex 15 has lost its touchscreen capability after the Windows 10 upgrade. I have tried the common solutions like deleting the drivers, doing a driver roll-back and running the Windows hardware troubleshooter, all to no avail. Before I restore to Windows 8.1 ...

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Touch Screen Does Not Work

Aug 24, 2015

Running windows 10 on my ASUS Q550LF and touch screen does not work. Device manager shows that I have two graphics cards (Intel HD graphics family and NVIDIA GEForce GT 745 M) and they both have the exclamation point next to them. Both drivers are up to date, yet the touch screen will not work.

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Why Isn't Touch Screen Working

Aug 8, 2015

ASUS lap top touch screen not working

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Why Isn't Keyboard Showing In Landscape (When Rotating Phone)

Jul 17, 2015

When I rotate my phone,keyboard is showing or opening.... Windows 10 mobile build 10166

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Can't Scroll Using Touch Screen In Browser

Aug 7, 2015

i can't scroll using touch screen in my browser or photos or anywhere else after the Windows 10 upgrade. is there an update coming or are there any settings for the same ?

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