Unexpected Store Exception Error?

Sep 1, 2015

What is the unexpected_store_exception error and how could I fix it

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BSOD :: Unexpected Store Exception And Critical Process Died

Jan 28, 2016

We've had our share of BSOD's in the company, most of them were solved by installing the newest drivers from the support site. There are still some laptops however, that get frequent BSOD's (4 a day on average).

The laptop is a Dell E5550, newest drivers & bios update. I've run the command sfc /scannow; after the scan was completed, it showed that there were errors but none could be fixed. I copied the log...

Also I don't know if I can run the dism / restorehealth command, because we have our own image on the laptops, and I if I understand correctly this replaces the current image with a default Windows image? Or does it only extract the files needed to repair?

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BSOD :: Random - Unexpected Storage Exception?

Nov 11, 2015

While I was on youtube the other day, a random BSOD appeared saying "Unexpected Storage Exception", this is the first time I've ever seen this particular BSOD, but since seeing this error my computer will no longer boot up. The only thing it says when I try to boot it up is "Select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key". I have two drives in my pc, a 240 gb PNY ssd that houses my OS and a 2tb seagate hdd, I took out the ssd and put it into an external inclosure to see if the drive had crashed but it shows up on my laptop and doesn't appear to have crashed, so I'm unsure on what to do next.

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Clean Reinstall Unexpected Error Loop

Oct 18, 2015

I installed Windows 10 on my Win 7 HP Envy 4 laptop recently. A week later, the computer began running very slowly and the start menu and notification center stopped working.

Finally, I decided to do a clean reinstall of Windows 10, using the media creation tool and a USB drive. I was able to get the installation started fine, but after 20 minutes it hung on "the computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error." Attempts to hit "OK" and start again bring up the same message and the same circling dots. I've tried the regedit fix described on various sites, but regedit also hangs before I'm able to exit. Now the computer hangs on a screen asking for the Win 10 product key. No way to enter it even if I had it.

I'm at a loss on what to do now. The computer won't boot to safe mode. I can access the BIOS screen, but only the two first keys are responsive; trying to change boot order, for example, just results in the same reinstall error message.

Have I hopelessly bricked this machine? I'm not worried about losing files, but I'd sure like to get this thing running again.

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BSOD :: Regular IRQL Unexpected Error After Upgrading

Nov 13, 2015

I have recently upgrading to windows 10 on a fairly new machine, after doing so I have had regular BSOD (IRQL unexpected error), there doesn't seem to be much connection between them other than watching videos whilst online. When I got the first one I read a bug fix online which said to fix it either revert back to my previous OS (windows 8) or reinstall windows 10. I did the later thinking I could always revert back if that didn't work but alas it has now gotten rid of that option and the problem still persisted. I downloaded bluescreen view to work out that it was a problem with nwifi.sys driver, and so updated my wifi driver accordingly but the problem still persists.

I hopefully have attached the associated info dump.

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BSOD :: Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap - Error Code 0x7f

Sep 20, 2015

I am trying to sort out my Wife's pc which has recently started having BSOD's with the message Unexpected_Kernel_Mode_Trap and error code 0x7f. It happens during quiet times when nothing is being done on the pc. I have tested the memory using the Win 10 memory tester. That comes up all clear. I tried running sfc /scannow but when it got to 100%, the BSOD occurred. This happened 3 times consecutively.

The dump files are here.


Mobo Gigabyte M81M-S2H
cpu i3-4170
8gb ram

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Error System Thread Exception Not Handled

Aug 7, 2015

Downloaded the free Windows 10 upgrade on computer running Windows 7. Am now stuck in the above error loop. I have read the answer that requires a reboot disc and of course do not have one. I've tried reset with no success, and various troubleshooting options with likewise. Don't know much about computers, how to get back to windows 7? The system restore and go back to previous build options don't work either. 

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System Thread Exception Not Handled - Error

Dec 22, 2015

I kept getting encouragements from Microsoft and IT guys to upgrade to Windows 10.  Unfortunately, I did not check with Dell whether they recommend the upgrade.  It turns out that Dell does not recommend my model (XPS 8500) to be upgraded to Windows 10. 
I went through the upgrade 2 days ago and yesterday I ended up with "System Thread Exception Not Handled" error.  One of the solutions for resolving this error, after much googling, is to download Win 10 drivers from Dell.  Well, that's how I found that Dell doesn't recommend it.  There are no drivers.  Here's exactly what Dell says:
Product not tested for Windows 10 upgrade.Dell is not testing or developing Windows 10 drivers for this product. If you choose to upgrade, some features, applications, and connected devices may not work as expected.I' stuck in a loop with this error message and can't load.  How would I undo the upgrade?  I get the feeling if I choose to stay with Win 10, I would be beset by a slew of compatibility issues which I would rather not encounter. 
My Specs::
(1) Dell XPS 8500; 3.4 GHz; 12 Gb RAM; 64-bit OS; 2 Tb HD
(2) Windows 8.1 2013; Kaspersky Total Security 2015©. 

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BSOD :: System Thread Exception Not Handled Error

Feb 3, 2016

Windows 10 system thread exception not handled error, then it tries to restart because of the fault but instead it shuts down, then if you switch it on again it tries to start for a while but goes off, no way event if you keep on doing that.

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BSOD :: Machine Check Exception Error On New Laptop

Dec 4, 2015

So far I've gotten it twice. Before I go through the work of returning and getting a new one I'm hoping it's an easy fix.


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BSOD :: System Service Exception / Registry Error

Feb 10, 2016

Started having BSOD/reboot problem yesterday. It seems to happen when the computer is idle and getting ready to turn off peripherals to enter sleep mode.

I uploaded the error log...

Not sure what happened. Bad Windows update perhaps?

I ran sfc /scannow and it didn't find any issues. I also ran the power troubleshooter and it didn't find anything.

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BSOD :: Kmode Exception Not Handled Error When Gaming

Dec 18, 2015

Been recently encountering BSoDs with KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED when gaming, specifically the open beta of Monster Hunter Online. Happens after around 2 hours or so. Doesn't happen with other games and has not happened before.

Attached my minidump and required information.

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BSOD :: Registry Error And System Service Exception

Feb 10, 2016

Today I randomly received two BSODs, one with a System Service Exception error and the second with a Registry Error. The only thing I recently changed was installing a new game (Blade and Soul). Within that process I also updated DirectX.

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BSOD :: System Thread Exception Error When Gaming

Apr 14, 2016

The issue with by BSOD is I don't know what it is triggered by, it happens when gaming, sometimes when I watch streams and other times when I just use my PC to browse reddit and other sites.


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Drivers/Hardware :: System Error Exception While Playing PC Game

Sep 9, 2015

As from today I've got 2 SEE. Both time I was playing PC Game.All started after Win 10 installed updates today. My drivers are up to date ( will check again to be sure ).

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BSOD :: Random System Service Exception Error While Gaming

Aug 23, 2015

BSOD usually happens in more graphic intensive games like GTA5 or Elite: Dangerous. I haven't gotten it in games like League of Legends or Hearthstone, which are less intense.

2 most recent Minidump files and the debug file are attached below.
Crash Dumps.rar

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BSOD :: New Driver Installation - System Thread Exception Error

Nov 16, 2015

Finally got into safe mode through command prompt and was able to delete the driver from my Nvidia graphics card. Booted back up in normal mode and began the download for new driver. Then BSOD during installation.

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BSOD :: Randomly Appearing System Service Exception Error

Sep 14, 2015

I suffer from randomly appearing BSODs. Approximately twice a day all screens (laptop + external hdmi) goes blank, sound (hdmi) stops. Previously (like yesterday and the days before) it got stuck there, with black screen, sometimes with flickering mouse pointer appearing after a while. Today I got BSOD with SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error.

I think it may be caused by the graphics drivers, since I wasn't able to install Intel Iris graphic drivers without disabling the nvidia optimus card in bios. Otherwise I got BSOD during Intel drivers installation with some error related to dxgkrnl (I don't remember exactly).

I was running my laptop on Win10 before without any issues (upgraded from Win8.1 using the tool downloaded from MS site), but after my SSD died, I did a clean install (from usb drive created by the same tool) and these problems started.

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BSOD :: When Playing DOTA 2 Error Machine Check Exception

Sep 12, 2015

my pc was fine when i played it using windows 8, its jsut after upgrading to 10 this error has occurred. Here is the Debugg. Ive updated most of my drivers to Windows 10 and i doubt its a hardware thing as it as was fine before.


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BSOD :: Error While Watching Stream - System Service Exception

Nov 18, 2015

First off I'm on a fresh install of windows 10 x64 the latest Nov. build .... I was watching some streams on twitchtv just letting it play not doing anything else on the Pc after two hours of that the bsod occurred saying system_service_exception.

Bluescreenviewer stated a bug check code of 0x0000003b (video?). And highlighted the NTFS.sys+11b88 and ntoskrnl.exe+14cfe9 as the cause? I went and ran a disk check that passed same with sfc/scannow no problems found.


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BSOD :: Interrupt Exception Not Handled Error Occur During Boot-up

Nov 27, 2015

If I shutdown my computer using Start > Shutdown, I get at least one BSOD during the next boot-up; however, no BSODs occur if I use the physical power button.

The error is "Interrupt Exception Not Handled," and since it occurs during boot-up, nothing gets logged in Event Viewer.

Windows 10 Pro TH2 x64. What could it be?

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BSOD :: Listening To Music - Error Was System Service Exception

Jan 4, 2016

So I got that BSOD and ran sfc.exe /scannow (with administrator) but the program was unable to repair the corrupt files. I am running Windows 10. I've attached the dump file as well.

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BSOD :: Brand New Build Getting System Service Exception Error

Apr 14, 2016

I have build a new gaming rig and installed Windows 10 pro but I have been getting bsod's and cannot figure out what is going on. I had it overclocked but since removed the overclock to trouble shoot the bsod. I have also run memtestx86 for 9 passes and no errors there. So I am reaching out for solving the bsod the particular bsod that is coming up is System_Service_Exception.

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Blue Screen (system Service Exception) Error Message

Dec 22, 2015

I just built a new computer and have been randomly getting this error message from time to time...and sometimes have trouble even getting the computer back to the Desktop without hitting the blue screen again....if I'm on the desktop and it happens it usually says (atikmdag.sys) at the end...sounds like a graphics card issue, however I have the latest drivers for the card (non beta)...when attempting a restart to fix and it hits blue screen right after that bit at the end is not there...here are comp. specs

Motherboard - MSI 760GMA-P34 (FX)
CPU - AMD 8320E
GPU - ASUS R7 360
RAM - Avexir Blitz 1.1 - 16gb 1866mhz (dual channel)
HDD - WD 1tb blue
Power - Corsair CX600M
OS - Windows 10 Home

I have some possible theories: The RAM may be causing issues...Avexir does not use the more common Samsung chips I don't think and has (Intel optimized) all over the packaging...I will try swapping G-Skill RAM from another comp soon to test this

Also I didn't realize at the time but the motherboard has no drivers from MSI past windows 7...could that be causing issues?...

And of course there's that ending on some of the blue screens indicating a graphics car issue...could the latest drivers for Windows 10 on a GPU be creating issues on a board with no Windows 10 drivers?

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Boot Loop - Error Code - System Thread Exception Not Handled

Aug 9, 2015

I am using windows 10 from 1st of august by upgrading from win7ultimate,thought of clean install at a later time. After a day,the system stuttered while watching videos through vlc,or at youtube(maybe by just by watching).

After some days the desktop seemed to be refreshing again and again at startup, last night after refreshing loop, pc restarted itself,attempting automatic repair and restarts or boots again and again and error shows that [system thread exception not handled] and is on a boot loop.

I tried to use through installaton by usb for repair or clean install but the same problem is seen there too, what to do?

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BSOD :: System Thread Exception Not Handled Error Followed By Black Screen

Dec 28, 2015

I had the above message on the Blue Screen and when it automatically rebooted, it rebooted 4 times before going into a black screen. I have a (crappy), fairly new Dell Inspiron 3520. I was running Windows 10 on it (yes, I was stupid enough to install it on a laptop that wasn't tested by Dell for Windows 10, that's pretty much my life). It's been fine up until today when that happened.

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