Updates :: Automatically Activated On Mac After Fresh Reset?

Feb 10, 2016

I had windows 10 activated on my mac (via bootcamp), then I completely deleted the bootcamp partition (to expand it) and reinstalled win 10. Once installed, Windows automatically activated citing "digital entitlement".

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PC Reset Will Not Keep Windows Activated?

Jul 17, 2015

I've upgraded my Windows 8.1 Pro (activated with DreamSpark key) to the Windows 10 Build 10162 and then to the latest Build 10240. Now, I want to do PC reset. To complete that, I'll need a installation media, so I've already downloaded ESD of Build 10240 and converted to ISO.

Will my PC stay activated after the reset? Will my PC stay activated when I upgrade to RTM and do clean install via ISO when it's available?

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Updates :: No Longer Activated After Th2 Update?

Nov 14, 2015

I was activated before the th2 update. Even after I installed it. Today, I just did a reboot, and I login and now it says I'm no longer activated?It gives me a big error in red saying "Windows can't activate right now. Try activating later. If that doesn't work contact support. Error 0xC004F012".

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Updates :: Can't Activate After Upgrade From Activated 8.1

Jul 29, 2015

i just upgraded my original Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, and when i try to activate it, Windows gives me an error

"Windows cannot be activated, please try again later"

How can i solve this?

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Updates :: Windows Not Activated After Clean Install

Jul 29, 2015

I upgraded my Windows 7 to Windows 10 using the windows updater. After windows 10 was installed, I decided to download this Windows 10 and chose the USB option. I booted into my USB and when selecting the partition, I deleted every partition that was there (even the system). Now I am on windows 10 with no activation. I have the Windows 7 product key but it does not work.

P.S its not pirated Windows 7. I got it from Dream spark (on the hub) students saving.

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Updates :: Windows Not Activated After System Restore?

Sep 12, 2015

I restored my system back a few days because my OS just started falling to pieces with errors. That issue is fixed, but now my windows isn't activated anymore. I have had no hardware changes, since i upgrades from windows 7 except changing the driver for my Ethernet adapter. My error reads Error code: 0xC004C003

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Updates :: Clean Install Not Activated (Hardware Upgraded)

Nov 7, 2015

So a few months back I upgraded for free from win7 to win10 Pro. Today I got a new CPU, RAM, MBO (also currently using the new MBO onboard GPU, waiting for my new one) and did a clean install of Win10 (from USB created with MediaCreationToolkit). Now I remember reading somewhere about steps to activate Windows 10 after hardware change, but can't seem to find it anywhere, so thought I'd ask here.The error I'm getting: 0x004C003 The activation server determined the specified product key is blocked.The thing is I need to get this PC up to my needs fast, and this doesn't cope well with that..

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Updates :: Windows Is No Longer Activated - Update Can't Be Started

Apr 14, 2016

It all started out with problems with activation and windows update, so whatever .

A couple of days ago, I suddenly had a watermark in the bottom right corner of my screen saying that I should activate windows. I have a legit copy of windows and had it registered before when I installed it (about 5 months ago) and had no problems until now. When I go to the activation window and attempt to re-register, I get this message: "Windows can't activate right now. Try activating again later. If that doesn't work, contact support. Error code: 0xC004F012"

After trying this during different times of the day for about a week, I started checking other stuff and found another quite big problem: I can't start Windows Update.

The service is set to "disabled" and when I change it to anything but this, it automatically changes back after around 30 seconds. Up until now, Windows Update never had any problems and ran regularily. So then I started googling this problem and found some solutions, all of which do not work:

I tried resetting the Windows Update ([URL]), but that didn't work either, since it coulnd't complete every step. It failed when running "sfc /scannow" at around 15%.

So I searched for solutions to that problem and found this: [URL]....

Checkdisk worked fine, but then I noticed another problem, I can't even run DISM to fix stuff. Attempting to run "Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth" returned an error, saying that the remote procedure call failed...

Here is my sfc log: [URL]....
and here my dism log: [URL]....

Short version: suddenly windows is no longer activated, windows update can't be started, sfc and dism fail... I would love a solution that does not require me to completely reinstall windows!

Here are my specs:

I have a Lenovo G700 ([URL]) with an i5-3230M @2.60GHz and a Geforce GT 720M (the rest wasn't configurable). My OS is Windows 10 Pro N x64, version 1511, build 10586.11.

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Updates :: Windows Activated In Sysprep Mode From Clean Install?

Nov 16, 2015

I'm having issues with deploying out-of the box windows 10 on a Lenovo B50-80EW preinstalled win 7 pro and upgradable to win 8.1 Pro however since the new windows 10 update build 1511 ISO I download I thought it would go through OK . without have to do first upgrade install to windows 10

Secure BOOT on UEFI ON

From putting the windows 10 ISO in drive it doesn't prompt for activation key. As soon as network settings prompts I press shift/ Contro / F3

Now in administrator Mode I check windows is activated however I have the same model of laptop and I want to mass deploy an image but want to use the OEM key embedded in BIOS to each laptop of this model is this possible to be done as I deployed on another machine and got message saying this key is already in use is there an issue with the new ISO available from Microsoft .

I also tried fresh install with out no ethernet or wireless connected and still get on same machine windows is activated in audit mode on fresh setup.

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Updates :: Fresh Install With New HDD

Jan 11, 2016

I have upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 then did a clean install..... Need to change the laptop HDD will I be able to do a clean install and achieve activation or is there a procedure to follow...

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Updates :: Which Type Of Updates Will Be Installed Automatically

Aug 15, 2015

There are 3 typesof Windows Updates, Important, Recommended and Optional,

Which of these 3 types of updates will be downloaded and installed automatically?

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Updates :: Fresh Install On Different Hard Drive

Oct 11, 2015

I've upgraded to 10 from W7, and I've had nothing but problems with it, so i'm concerned about the installation to a different SSD than the one I'm using, my mind is telling me it should be fine as the Upgrade happened all on the same hardware, but changing the location of installation, does that affect activation?

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PC Won't Load After Initial Updates Following Either Fresh Install Or Upgrade

Sep 5, 2015

Hardware consisted of z87pro, 16gb ram, sandisk 250gbssd. Purely for office work and was fine. Upgraded to windows 10 initially and all seemed fine. Few weeks later being yesterday the pc would boot but got stuck on the windows 10 loader screen with the dots going round and never getting past it. Anyway in the end I had all my data so I formatted the disk and started again. Following fresh install of windows 10 as soon as the initial updates were applied the machine would appear to shut down but would not go off. Manual restart would lead to the machine getting stuck on the white dots going round and round.

I have also tried another SSD drive and a windows 7 to windows 10 upgrade and the same problem repeats. It seems as soon as the latest updates are applied and machine is rebooted it then fails to load the OS..I now have an image of windows 10 following install without the updates but soon as those initial updates go on the os fails on the white dots going round and round... The os shuts down with no updates and re-loads..

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Updates :: Black Screen No Cursor After Update On Fresh Installation

Dec 6, 2015

So basically, I've been dealing with this issue ever since I've upgraded to windows 10 months ago. I've done disk checks sata port checks almost everything under the sun and still have not found a solution to my problem.

Months ago, anytime my computer was shut down for more than an hour or 2 I would encounter an interesting unique problem. After booting and loading the bios screen, the next screen would be black and would hang there and I would have to hard reset and try again. I would keep having to hard reset until it would boot into the Windows Boot Manager and from there I would hit the Reset button or go to the advanced settings, and hit continue to windows 10 and it would from there boot into windows successfully.

Now you must be thinking "Simple work around! Simply boot into the Windows Boot Manager every time you shut down your computer and easily but annoyingly bootleg boot into windows 10 everytime using the Boot Manager options" and I thought the same. Unfortunately unless I let my computer get to the boot manager by hard resets at that black screen I cant get windows 10 to boot.

I've reinstalled windows 10 again for the 2nd time on a new ssd in hopes that it was a drive issue but that does not seem to be the case, This is my second install of windows 10 on this ssd. This time I've installed windows HOME instead of Pro.

I do NOT boot into a black screen with a cursor

There is now something I'm going to call "The Event" After a fresh install my windows 10 will freeze however i can move my mouse but no keyboard commands work and I from this point have to force reset my computer, AFTER i FORCE RESET when my computer is shut down for a couple of hours i encounter the boot problem. so this "EVENT" has something to do with whats causing this issue.

The Event was different when windows 10 was installed on my 1TB HDD, everything would lock up rather then being able to use my mouse and it would force reset on its own.

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Updates :: Windows Update Downloading Automatically?

Aug 17, 2015

Shortly after the "Get Windows 10" icon appeared in the system tray of my Win 8.1 installation, I made the mistake of clicking on the "Get Windows 10" icon and "reserved" my copy of Windows 10. After some research, I elected to cancel my reservation for Windows 10 and did so by again clicking the "Get Windows 10" icon and going through the process to "cancel" my reservation. (I subsequently read Brink's fine post on "Get Windows 10 Icon -Remove from Taskbar in Windows 7 and 8.1" and did option four to uninstall the KB3035583 update). Now when I go to windows update and "search for updates", the search result is "install windows 10" though it does allow me to view "all available updates" which includes numerous "important" security updates as well as a few "optional" updates, one of which is Windows 10. I select the "important" updates, deselect the optional updates (including windows 10), and click install then get a dialog that "Windows 10 setup files are being downloaded" and an option to "cancel" (which I do). How do I stop Windows Update from downloading Windows 10 setup files and just download the "important updates" to secure my present installation of Win 8.1?

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No Updates After Reset This PC

Jan 2, 2016

I've been running Windows 10 on my laptop since it was released. At the end of November, my control panel was corrupted and wouldn't launch. I removed the latest update and then other apps like Mail, Calendar wouldn't work. I ended up using the Reset this PC option and everything works fine; it took me back to build 10240. Immediately after I reverted back to 10240 there were a couple of updates but I've received none since then including 10586.29 or .36. I check for updates and it finds none. I've reset BITS and Windows Update.

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Updates :: Group Policy Update Settings Changes Automatically

Jan 24, 2016

I have windows 10 pro and I have edited the group policy for windows update and has set it to notify me to download. My problem is that after a few days windows automatically download updates and install them though I had set it to notify to download. It seems that the settings are not permanent and windows resets the group policy settings. How can i make the settings permanent?

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Updates :: Settings Configured To Automatically Download And Install

Sep 28, 2015

I have my settings configured to automatically download and install Windows updates, yet every single day I have to manually check for updates and there are always updates found, which then proceed to be installed. Why is this? By very definition, shouldn't "automatic updates" mean that nothing should be found when manually checking for them? Yet this is a daily occurrence.

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Updates :: Reset Apps / Lost Data After Automatic Update

Dec 11, 2015

on a no-problem notebook of a Relative, win ran an update last night at 4 and came up with this:Most App-Links are gone, Apps still there.But Firefox, Outlook and others seem completely reset as if freshly installed, no accounts set f.e.Win demands hardware driver installation for Wifi.And a bunch of personal files on the Desktop are gone.

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Updates :: Last Update Caused All Custom File Associations To Reset To Defaults

Feb 10, 2016

My PC updated Windows 10 yesterday afternoon ("Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3135173)". After rebooting, it completely screwed all my custom file associations (mostly for media files: photos, audio, and video).

A few minutes after the reboot, the Action Center started firing popups at me, one after the other, every few seconds:

"An app default was reset. An app caused a problem with the default setting for .avi files so it was reset to Films & TV."

with a different file extension for each popup (avi, bmp, mp4, and so on) . Even .pdf files were changed from Adobe Reader to Microsoft Edge. As well, all my custom context menu items for these same file types were also deleted. I spent a lot of time setting these associations up and now they were all obliterated. I'd backed them all up in a .reg file but running it didn't do anything. So with a heavy (and angry) sigh I started manually changing the associations back to the way I had them. However, each time I finished making a change within seconds the Action Center would fire the same message as before at me for the file type I'd just changed and it would be reset back to the MS default again.

Finally in exasperation, I just used System Restore to go back before the updates and that solved the problem. Now, the Action Center keeps nagging me to set a time to reinstall this same update. I know I can't block it indefinitely, and there are probably important security patches in it I should have. So the question is: How can I stop it from f'ing up my file associations again?

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Reinstall That Is Already Activated

Aug 1, 2015

In the past i have had to reinstall windows 8 multiple times because of stuff. but sense you had to have windows 8.1 pro activated to get windows 10 pro and keep its activation. what happens if i have to reinstall windows 10... how will i get a activation key without paying for it, or will i have to buy a activation key?

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Can't Get PC To Sleep - System Gets Activated Again

Nov 29, 2015

I had no problem with Windows 7, but now with Win 10 Pro 64bit, when I click on SLEEP it works, UNTIL I switch off the screen or switch off my wifi mouse, then the system gets activated again.

I think I've managed to do it by lining up the pointer with my mouse, switching off the mouse, then the screen and pressing enter - the keyboard light goes out, so I guess it has worked. But who wants to do that every time - even then it usually fails.

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Windows Is No Longer Activated

Aug 6, 2015

SO I upgraded to win 10, then wiped and did a clean install of win 10 again.. verifying that it was activated. a couple days later my motherboard took a dive, so I ordered a new one with a new CPU. Now windows is no longer activated... will MS allow me to activate it again or do I need to buy in now?

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Security Module Cannot Be Activated

Oct 8, 2015

So I have my new system up and running beautifully, and finally I am able to install my favorite game (Sims 2 Ultimate Collection) And I go to play the game, and BAM I get an error message saying security module cannot be activated. I looked farther into this and it turns out michrosoft doesn't support games with SecuROM in win 10. So what the hell. Am I just simply not going to be able to play this game at all? Which really sucks because this is the only system I have and the only way I would ever be able to play it. Is there ANY work around??? Youtube has people playing sims 2 on windows 10, but they give no explanation.

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Showing Activated But Not In The Insider Program

Aug 20, 2015

Before windows 10 was out, I was dual booting my system and I had windows 8.1 and windows 10 insider preview on it. So after windows 10 was out, I deleted the windows 10 insider preview partition and did a dirty install over the windows 8.1 (not an upgrade). Skipped product key entry on install and logged in with my Microsoft account (which is also my insider account).

The thing is now, my window 10 shows it's activated but I am not in the insider program ( I have checked in the settings app and I am not in the program). So did Microsoft give it to me for free? because I thought the prerequisite for having a genuine windows 10 is either buying it or being in the windows insider program.

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Will OEM Key Work On A Currently Installed Not Activated Version?

Apr 1, 2016

If I buy a OEM key from a store, can I go to the enter product key section of the settings and use that key? I think I heard somewhere that OEM keys can only be used when you're installing windows, not on an already installed windows.

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