Using Dism To Capture And Apply Images To A Partition?

Mar 5, 2016

a few days ago my windows 10 crashed so I had to format and reinstall windows 7 then upgrade to windows 10, a hard work to do. So I started to search about how to capture the image of C: where the windows 10 is running and I found Dism. Now I have a lot of questions about it, let me start with the capture of C: as an image.wim.

1- Does dism Capture-Image works for windows 10?

I used the following comand to capture a image:

dism.exe /Capture-Image /ImageFile:D:Image_of_Windows_10.wim /CaptureDir:C: /Name:Windows_10 /compress fast

It generated a .WIM file with 16 Gb.

2- Is FAST option better than MAXIMUM? Or should I use NONE instead?

3- Now with the image of the c: stored in hard drive, if my windows 10 crashes, is this how I should recover it? applying the image file .WIM or should I format the partition first?

dism /Apply-Image /ImageFile:D:Image_of_Windows_10.wim /Index:1 /ApplyDir:C:

4- After using DISM to apply will windows 10 boot and work like a charm?

5- Do I have to configure the boot with BCDBOOT?

C:WindowsSystem32bcdboot C:Windows

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How To Capture RAW (DNG) Images

Jul 14, 2015

I'm using Insider Preview 10166 on my Lumia 1020 and just noticed something. Default camera app does not capture raw and there is no Lumia Camera app in the store. In older versions of Insider Preview I could download Lumia Camera, but now it's not available. Is there any way to capture raw? It's the reason why I got L1020 in the first place, are they going to remove it?

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Living Images Show As Still Images

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Before reverting Lumia 640 back to WP8.1 and Lumia Camera, I was being bugged by Windows Camera Living Images (shortly LI). It seemed that camera took just still images. I don't like a camera I can't trust.

Today I took some LI with 8.1. Lumia Camera is faithful to the setting and takes video clip every time. But how to view them on W10 PC? No way. So I opened one succesfull W10M LI (visible in W10 PC and phone) in order to duplicate the structure with 8.1 LI files, but the container is more than just simple zip, maybe a JPG with zip content added into it.

Then I noticed that failed W10M LIs from last Saturday (nice christmas lights in a shopping center with "dropping" lights) also had correct LI naming and they were the right size (around 3.5-4MB when still image is <2MB). I unzipped content and - living.jpg and living.mp4 were there. One image can be found at onedrive for those who are interested.I have also some other pictures with LI naming but the size is too small and no zip content in them.

How is it possible that LI images are created by the camera but neither phone nor PC are capable to show them?Is there a way to create W10-supported LI from WP8.1 LI files? App or batch file? Creating zip file and appending it to jpeg file does not seem to work...

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Can't find how to make those columns the default.

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I'm trying to run an application I have downloaded (Samsung Allshare), but when I double click it my whole screen goes to a blank Windows screen with a single message box in the middle. This is a "User Account Control" message box. This is what I want to capture. However the "WINDOWS BUTTON + PrtScr" method doesn't seem work here (the only option here is to close this box and return to normal!), and because its an otherwise blank screen, I can't use Snipping Tool or other windows capture features.

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I'm running Windows 10 on my hp aio desktop powered by Intel core i5, 4gb ram, NVIDIA GeForce 610 2gb. Problem is whenever I try to record clip hitting windows button+G it says it can't record only can capture screenshots. When I hit the system requirements page for recording clips in windows 10 all my system requirements do meet the given. Also my system is fully updated with all the drivers required.

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BSOD :: DPC Watchdog Violation When Restarting To Apply Updates

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Internet Explorer Not Running - Windows Updates Will Not Apply

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I had changed the system variables in order to change the default install drive. My C drive is an SSD and I didn't want Adobe hashing up my SSD if it wasn't necessary. Everything seemed to be working well, but windows update will not apply updates and internet explorer (and some other) software will not run. Possibly due to the system variables, but I am unsure what to change or if that is even at fault.

 Screenshot - 10_14_2015 , 3_51_38 PM.png   37.55KB

Here are my environment variables

 Screenshot - 10_14_2015 , 3_52_35 PM.png   27.61KB

Here are my registry settings for the program files folder. I changed it from C to E.

 Screenshot - 10_14_2015 , 3_53_14 PM.png   378.3KB

I need to be able to update, and IE has to be used occasionally. (I exclusively use chrome so I hadn't really noticed that IE wasn't working.)

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Why Does Headset Capture Change Automatically

Nov 10, 2015

Since I use Windows 10, my mic capture automatically lowers from 100% to 50% when I open games like The Crew and Blops 3. I have this with all my headsets so it's not that it changes because of a particular headset.

How can I prevent it from changing al the time, mostly it changes when I Alt+Tab in game to search something in Firefox. That makes my game go from Fullscreen to windowed, I don't know if that has anything to do with it but I really hate the fact that I have to stop playing games just to set my mic capture higher all the time.

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Why Unable To Restart PC To Apply The Upgrade - Error Code (0x80070032)

Nov 14, 2015

Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586. has been installed but the Restart Now button did not work. It says

We're having trouble restarting to finish the install. Try again in a little while. If you keep seeing this, try searching the web or contacting support. This error code : (0x80070032)

I manually restart the PC but the update did not applied.

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I'm trying to change the location for the captures taken by the integrated capture software in the xbox app...

This is all I've found so far, and I can't click the path to change it or anything.

My main drive doesn't have too much space on it and I'd like to put it on my alternate one.

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Using Windows 10 ADK v1511, how do I capture an image directly by saving it in an esd file?

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I have tried both day light and low light, every time i take image automatically add black/dark transparent layer to the image after the 'adding finishing touches..' thing.

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Prtsc Key On Laptop No Longer Working - Cannot Capture Screen With Single Touch

Oct 27, 2015

My printscreen key (PrtSc) was working perfect yesterday. I restarted the laptop today and it is no longer working.

I used to simply press on the key and the images were automatically saved to my dropbox folder, that is no longer the case.

Windows 10 asked me to update the dropbox and since then it no longer captures the screen with a single touch (It does however capture a screen image when I do the win key + PrtSc).

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Errors When Using SFC Or DISM

Sep 8, 2015

If I run SFC it tells me I have corrupt files that it can not fix. When I tried to use DISM checking health says the files can be repaired yet if I run DISM with /online feature with out a source it says the same thing if I run it with a source which is it can not find the files needed. I have attached the CBS log and DISM log below in

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SFC And DISM Not Working

Mar 3, 2016

I have an issue with my sfc and dism, as stated above. The issue started when i went to add windows features i get nothing but a blank box. Thinking there was some kind of corrupted file I ran a sfc scan only to get this, Beginning system scan.  This process will take some time.

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Performance :: SFC Not Working And Neither Is DISM

Nov 15, 2015

I have a very old laptop, but despite the age it has worked relatively fine for my needs with just an HDD change. I bought this at the very end of Vista lifespan with an almost immediate Win7 upgrade offered. I then skipped Win 8 totally, but rolled a Win 10 when it came, and it has been working well. But you get the picture. This machine is old.

Onto the point: I'm getting an occasional fan rev up, with the CPU at 100%. The process is Service Host: Local System (Network Restricted). Recently, I also lost all sound on the computer, which chkdsk /f /r was able to salvage. I have a feeling these might relate to a same problem.

I researched, and found out that sfc /scannow will work. OK. It starts the verification process, but fails at 18% saying corrupt files exist. When I export the sfcdetails.txt from the log, it does not really report which files are corrupt so as to replace them. 00000e22 [SR] Beginning Verify and Repair transaction and then the logfile ends.

Because I cannot complete SFC, I'm told to run DISM, and that is how I ended up here. When I run Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Image version 10.0.10240.16384
At 20% an error 1726 with remote procedure call failed.

So I go to dowload the ISO and mount it. It will then give me the .esd

So I'm having my fingers crossed while running Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:esd:F:SourcesInstall.esd:1 /limitaccess

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Performance :: Source To Use For DISM

Sep 11, 2015

I have a Lenovo W530 laptop, that started with Windows 7 Pro, then got upgraded to Windows 8, then 8.1, and now 10 Pro.

I have the factory setup disks for only 7 and 8.

I ran DISM and it says the source files could not be found. From a similar problem several months ago, I sort of know how to work with DISM, but if it is looking for Windows 10 files, where would I point DISM ?

My next step is to use the log files, and attempt to find which files are corrupted.

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Installation :: Apple MBP / UEFI Installation Won't Boot After Image Apply

Aug 25, 2015

last few hours I spent trying to manually deploy Windows 10 on clean GPT disk but after applying image and rebooting I always end in unbootable state.

I manually setup drive like this:


select disk 0cleanconvert gptcreate partition primary size 350 #RE tools won't fit 300MB anymore :-)format quick fs ntfs label "Windows RE tools"assign letter tset id de94bba4-06d1-4d40-a16a-bfd50179d6acgpt attributes 0x8000000000000001create partition efi size 100format quick fs fat32 label Systemassign letter screate partition msr size 128create partition primary format quick fs ntfs label Windowsassign letter wlist volumeexit#no recovery image partition as per documentation it is no longer needed and followed by pretty common deployment:


dism /apply-image /imagefile:g:Sourcesinstall.wim /index:1 /applydir:w:dism /image:w: /set-Timezone:"Central Europe Standard Time"md T:RecoveryWindowsREattrib w:WindowsSystem32RecoveryWinre.wim -h -s -rcopy w:WindowsSystem32RecoveryWinre.wim T:RecoveryWindowsREwinre.wimbcdboot w:windows /s s: /f UEFIw:WindowsSystem32
eagentc /setreimage /path T:RecoveryWindowsRE /target w:Windows

After reboot I always end unbootable (as we talk Apple computer it means 1) no partition on Option or 2) folder with ? or 3) just gray screen, make your pick). There's a chance that Windows rely on some UEFI 2.0 feature, which is not available as the old guy has 1.2 only. Or maybe I missed some step somewhere.

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Performance :: Scannow And Dism Don't Work Right

Dec 8, 2015

I ran sfc/scannow (trying to diagnose a sleep problem) and it found irreparable files, and I ran it again in safe mode, and again, irreparable.

I ran dism and it couldn't access the source files. (Afterwards, I checked windows update, and it says that the computer is up to date, and the last check was at the time I ran dism!)

Is this behavior normal for windows 10 pro x64?

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DISM Ends With Error 0x800f081f

Aug 10, 2015

After Installing Windows 10, I encountered some problems. So, I tried to fix with dism.exe, but in vain.
Here's my SFC log : [URL] ....

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