VPN Client Blocked From Internet

Jan 30, 2016

Have set up a VPN server connection on my Windows 10 Pro desktop. Clients can connect to the VPN server but can't access the internet through the VPN connection.

I have the identical set up on a Windows 7 VPN server and client can connect through to the internet using that machine.

Everything seems identical in the set up, however the RAS Interface on the Win 10 shows "no internet access," where the Win 7 server does. This seems to be the issue, but can't figure out how to change the settings on the Windows 10 server to make this work...

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Internet Works Sometimes For Ten Minutes Then Blocked

Sep 25, 2015

So i just upgraded from 7 to 10. Ive never had internet issues. The internet works sometimes for ten minutes then is blocked. Then sometimes work for 2 hours then its blocked. Ive disabled the network connection and then enabled it. It fixes it for 10 minutes then blocked. Ive tried updating my network driver software and it says up to date.

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App Blocked - Not Trusted

Mar 14, 2016

I just bought the computer. I'm trying to upload my camera to it. I keep getting the message "not trusted, app blocked,an administrator has blocked you from running app"...

Are there any way to get this camera uploaded to my computer? I don't want to have to buy a new camera.It worked just fine with Windows 8. 

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Ping Blocked After Update

Aug 1, 2015

I have been using a graphic ping plotter -Nullsoft Netmon- for many years. It has run on Windows from Vista to 8.1 without any problems. After 15+ years on a satellite provider, it has saved me many hours in tracking down slow internet access.  I upgraded to windows 10 yesterday.  Netmon worked for about an hour after the upgrade and then stopped while I am still getting good internet access..
I am using Viper AV and Vipre firewall.  The firewall rules for ping and other ICMP packets block only Public Inbound and I have never had to change this.  I have to assume that some change in Win 10 is giving me the problem.  Where would I look to solve this problem?
This is an area I haven't had to deal with before and I am nervous about playing with security settings.

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Networking :: Blocked By Group Policy

Nov 12, 2015

I am trying to get hyper-v working but when I am trying to enable hyper v network switch on the network adapter im getting: ''blocked by group policy''. I upgraded windows 7 to window 10 yesterday and its my private computer.

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Google Blocked By Parental Controls?

Aug 10, 2015

something weird going on with Parental Controls. My son has lost access to Google following upgrade to Windows 10 though, not unsurprisingly, he can get to BING. Is this a glitch or part of the Search Engine turf war between Microsoft and Google? Either way, I would like him to have Google access so is there a way to return the functionality without giving him an open access account? 

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Networking :: OneDrive And WiFi Connections Can Be Blocked

Feb 23, 2016

I have a new HP laptop win 10 installed and I like it very much but I have an issues with One Drive .

I use my WiFi connection at home for browsing and usual stuff which is fine and One Drive uploads to the cloud with no issues and of course does not affect my data allowance as my Internet connection is unlimited.

In my workplace I do not have a land line and use a talkTalk MiFi dongle with a 5gb limit . I connected to the MiFi and carried on as normal but realised that the One Drive used my data quickly and soon I had a message that I had no data left .

My enquiry is can I get One Drive to ignore my MiFi connection and only do the uploads on my home internet connection only ?

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Apps :: Location Greyed Out - Cortana Set Up Blocked

Aug 25, 2015

In attempting to set up Cortana, I get the requirement that location services must be turned on. That is greyed out (which makes sense on a desktop with no location capability). But it is then impossible to proceed with Cortana.

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Application Has Been Blocked From Accessing Graphics Hardware

Dec 10, 2015

On my surface pro 3 (Windows 10 (latest updates), i5 Processor, 4Gb Ram), when I open multiple applications at one time (ex. Chrome and Photoshop), almost always the programs freeze, then they unfreeze and I get a windows 10 message saying <application.exe> has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware.

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Option To Install Apps To SD Card Blocked?

Jul 3, 2015

In the latest builds (from 10158 to 10162) the option to install Apps in Sd card is blocked. Whether it's only for these builds or will also be blocked in the final win 10 release.

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Applications Blocked From GPU And Display Driver Stopping

Nov 18, 2015

Both these things are happening. I am getting these Windows error messages when running games, or 3D applications. 

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Drivers/Hardware :: Printer Driver Blocked By Administrator?

Sep 16, 2015

I recently installed Windows 10. When I connect my HP 1102 printer and try to install the driver the system tells me its been blocked by the administrator because its unsage. My user profile says I am the administrator. How do I unblock the driver (tell the system its safe?)

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Drivers/Hardware :: Printer Driver Installation - Action Blocked

Jan 24, 2016

Need to install a printer driver from a cd but have a message : action blocked and have to contact admin. i m the admin and. the pilote is not on Samsung web site. how can unblock the config of win. 10 to be able to insall the driver.

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Dual Monitors - Mouse Movement Blocked Top / Bottom Of Screen

Jul 31, 2015

I've done some looking up on what the issue is, and I believe that it's something commonly referred to as "sticky corners". There is a few pixels space on the bottom and top of the screen (between both monitors) which does not allow mouse movement from one screen to the other. To get the mouse to the other screen, I need to drag the mouse down about a centimeter and then it moves across to the equal position on the other screen (not the very top, meaning that it's not a scaling issue). I drag windows around constantly, and they keep getting stuck in the top or bottom of the screen, and it's quite distracting.

As you see in the screenshot that I've attached, the small red line is where the mouse simply refuses to move across, regardless of the speed of the mouse.

This was apparently a feature in Windows 8.1 as well, which there was a solution for by messing around in the registry editor, however this is no longer the case in Windows 10 (the files which used to be edited are no longer there in 10).

How to disable these "sticky corners" ...

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Installation :: How To Install NFS Client

Mar 5, 2016

How do I get the NFS client on Windows 10 Pro?

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Disabling Client For Microsoft Networks

Feb 19, 2016

I was recently reading this article on ShieldsUp [URL] .... about disabling the client for Microsoft networks.Are there any real security benefits for doing this and if so what would happen if I did? e.g. would I still be able to receive updates from Windows? I've already unchecked file and printer sharing and not bothered about any file sharing.

I'm using Win 10 btw ..

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Performance :: WP Sync Client Draining Battery

Nov 21, 2015

I cant find anything online what "WP sync client" is, but it is draining battery on my Venue 8 Pro. I have already tried to disable all tiles, and all background tasks. I dont have any phone sync app installed or anything. But still "powercfg sleepstudy" shows "WP sync client" as the main drain source.

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Can't Connect To Group Policy Client Service

Sep 14, 2015

On 9/12/2015 I was able to log into my non-administrator (user) account. Today, 9/14/2015, I get the message: "Windows couldn't connect to the Group Policy Client service..." How can I fix this so I can log into my user account? 

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Could Not Connect To The Group Policy Client Service

Dec 10, 2015

Also searched this forum and have replied to similar posts - But here is a thread of my own.

I Setup a new PC for a friend on Saturday 28/11/15
Brand new desktop with Windows 10
Setup using a local Admin Account

2 days later - message appears on starting up (after the login prompt)

"Windows could not connect to the Group Policy Client service. This problem prevents standard users from logging on to the system."The the PC is slow to respond , would not open WLM or Chrome And takes 10mins to shutdown

Choose to hold the Shift Key and restart - Then Continue
Which fixes the issue - for a few reboots !!!!

Windows 10 has also updated to 1511 Threshold 2
Still occurs

I have tried - and with MS Chat assistance - and all have failed

1) New profile
2) SFC /Scannow
3) Clean Boot

I then read about and was also advised by MS of a registry change for grpsvc.I notice the issue is that Group Policy Client - does not have a status of "running".I checked a couple of windows 10 PCs and they all have the Status "running" although none had the registry entries recommended and all have worked fine for months.However, MS - updated and changed the registry and now we have the status of "running" next day it gave the message and problems returned This time I notice that the GPC status is blank again.Despite the registry changes - still having the issue - every day for 10days now with a reboot using the shift key fixes the issue and GPC is running again

I'm at a loss what to do next MS have said its not a windows problem and refused to further assist - and advised to go back to the OEM HP have said its a windows issue windows couldn't connect to group policy - Windows 10 Forums Which I may try and see if there is a space - but I have checked the registry now and it is now setup as the various GPC articles of course , if i do a clean factory reset - that will be removed

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Lack Of Group Policy Client Connection

Jan 23, 2016

Since upgrading to Windows 10 a while back I receive the following message on start up:

Failed to connect to a Windows Service:

Windows couldn't connect to the Group Policy Client service. This problem prevents standard users from signing in.

Is this a major problem which I need to get rectified and if so how ?

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Filezilla FTP Client Fails To Upload Files?

Jan 27, 2016

Currently I have installed Windows 10 Home on my PC. The issue is that the File uploading software Filezilla FTP Client is not uploading files in this Operating System. The Previous Version ( Window 7 ) has no issue with FTP. Now my question is that how can Filezilla will upload files in Windows 10...

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Browser/Email :: Links Not Working In Any Mail Client

Jan 5, 2016

I tried in MS mail and outlook to click on links and none of them go to any browser that I use, (Edge, FireFox or Chrome. The links are there the way they should show but no action when I click on them.

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Can't Save To C Root - Required Privilege Is Not Held By Client

Aug 9, 2015

Get error message when I try to save a document or picture on c: 'A required privilege is not held by client.' Is there a way to fix this?

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Couldn't Connect To Group Policy Client Service

Sep 28, 2015

OS Windows 10 x64 Enterprise Build 10240 Kaspersky Internet Security

Failed to connect to a Windows Service.Windows Couldn't connect to the Group Policy Client Service.This Problem Prevents Standard users from signing in.As an administrative user you can review.The Group Policy Client does not start,when I start the Laptop after shutting it down remove the power supply for some minutes, I have followed the instructions from the net from this video link to check if the following keys exists in the registry


They both exists with the proper keys.Even windows 10 Inbuilt Mail, Google Chrome does not work.Other Browsers work properly.But if I restart the Laptop then everything starts to work properly.

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Networking :: LAN / Ethernet (DNS Client Events 1014 - Clean)

Jul 30, 2015

After upgrading from W8 to W10 and then doing clean install of W10 my Ethernet connection is randomly popping alerts and losing connection (event viewer reports this as event 1014), card also is randomly being reset.

troubleshooting just resets Ethernet card (Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller) saying there was an issue with DNS.

I've never used Cisco VPN

Issue did not occurred on W8.1

Tried both drivers (Windows 10 update and Realtek for win8.1 using both compatibility and normal install)

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Network Client - Randomly Loses Mapped Drives

Feb 4, 2016

Installed Win 10 on network client. I have 8 mapped drives from the server and on a regular basis 1 or more of drive are lost. They come back on their own usually a short time later. This causes major headaches when programs using files on the drives lose the connection while files are in use.

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