When Double Clicking Folder Cmd Tries To Run Instead Of Opening It?

Oct 17, 2015

When i try opening a folder, an error pops up. That's because cmd is my default action when double clicking. This all started after installing some Windows 10 updates. how to get rid of cmd on my context menu?

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Double Clicking Application Doesn't Open It

Dec 26, 2015

In Windows 8 simply double clicking an application would open it but after upgrading it to Windows 10, the application doesn't start up unfolds it's opened from the right clicked menu.

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Expanding Windows Vertically By Double Clicking Edge

Oct 15, 2015

I've been able to use a windows feature since Windows 7 (now using Windows 10). If you place your mouse pointer at either vertical edge of a window and double click you are able to expand that window vertically to the edges of the screen.

Where can I toggle this setting in the operating system? I am able to do this on my desktop but for whatever reason, I cannot do it on my laptop. Both systems are running Windows 10. One was a clean install while the laptop was an upgrade so I'm not sure if thats the possible cause or not.

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Performance :: Maximizing By Double Clicking Shortcuts Of Programs Take Long Time

Dec 29, 2015

Previously if I double clicked the shortcuts of Steam, Origin and Uplay while they were running instantly maximized their windows. Now if I double click them it takes a long time before they are maximized as if the computer is reloading them from scratch. I also have GOG Galaxy as a shortcut but it does not happen with that icon. What do you think changed?

The only thing that IO think might be related is that I disabled indexing of C drive but I later found that it was not a good idea and changed it back to indexing enabled.

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Double IE Tabs - 2 Windows Opening For Gmail

Sep 3, 2015

When clicking on Gmail in IE 11, 2 windows for Gmail open. No big deal, I just X one out, but is there a way to have only one window open?

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Double Click Folder Opens New Folder

Oct 2, 2015

I have a fresh installation of Windows 10 Pro and for some reason when I double click a folder, it opens a new folder. Also the the folders that show in the left side pane, if I click on eg music, it opens a new folder. I have 2 drives and when I open a folder from each and cioy from ssd to secondary hdd, the hdd folder instantly closes. This siddenly happened yesterday and I didnt change any options in the folder options.I made a bat file and did what it said here but didnt work URL...

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How To Get Clicking Sound When Opening Folders / Files In Explorer

Feb 25, 2016

In windows 7, whenever you clicked a folder or file there would be a "click". I kind of liked that sound so how to enable that in windows 10 and what the sound name is.

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Whenever Right Clicking A Folder It Will Not Respond

Dec 22, 2015

So I just realized whenever I click on any folder (desktop or file explorer files) it will not respond then the folder will exit and my monitors turn black then back to normal. I have also searched for a virus but cant find any.

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Explorer Opens A New Window Every Time Double-click A Folder

Nov 7, 2015

every time I double-click a folder in Windows Explorer, it opens in a new window. I know there have been problems on this in earlier versions of Windows.The ONLY time a folder opens in a new window, is when the folder is located in the PICTURES folder. On some occurrences, the folder I'm clicking is opening twice.

Another strange thing I noticed, is when I delete something. When I used to delete something, the folder would automatically update and remove the file without me needing to do anything. Now, I have to refresh the folder I'm in to actually be able to see the picture I deleted gone.Making sure the registry key of HKCRFolder is empty.Running the sfc /scannow command in an elevated command promptChecking the Explorer options for opening a folder in the same window or a different one on and off.Checking the double-click and single-click options on and off.Making sure I do not have this "Vault" program that everyone is talking about... SourceGear Vault?Refreshing the Windows Explorer process in Task Manager.

Explaning the .GIF I linked (if you didn't understand it).I'm double-clicking a folder within the PICTURES folder.Two windows open of the folder I clicked. There are now currently 3 windows openI close the two windows, and redirect into the MUSIC folder.I double-click a folder in MUSIC and the folder opens in the same window.

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Opening Folders Within Folder

Mar 5, 2016

I'm having trouble opening folder within folders. For example, I can open any folder on my desktop but when I try to access any folders within that folder they show me this message;

For now, I transfer any folders I need to access out onto my desktop. By the way what the pop-up even means....

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Downloads Folder Keeps Opening In New Window

Sep 4, 2015

So "This PC" has a series of folders: Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, etc...I have my preferences to "Open each folder in the same window". For most folders, this works exactly as it should.However, whenever I open a sub folder in the Downloads folder, it opens up in a new window.

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Why Freezing / Programs Even Just Opening A Folder

Feb 6, 2016

Dell XPS 9100 intel i7 3.47 x990 12 gig ram 2 Tb hard drive 1.4Tb free space Radeon R380 /4gb ram. RST not working, but it is running in services. The whole system has gotten very slow. I am talking about just Windows 10. My programs work fine, if I can get one to start before it freezes. Mouse sometime it will work, but not other times. I have to just pull the plug to get unfrozen. 

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Opening Folder - File Does Not Have A Program Associated

Dec 10, 2015

Every time im trying to open a folder on my PC Im getting this message:

"This file does not have a program associated . Please install a program or , if one is already installed , create an association in the Default Programs control panel "

The only way to open the folder is to use right mouse button click and choose open, very annoying to work like this. The only strange thing I see is that when I klick right mousebutton on top it seems windows wants to open my folder with "cmd"...

Also see JPEG below.

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Show Thumbnail Image When Opening Folder Containing Pictures

Aug 18, 2015

When opening a folder containing pictures how do I get win 10 to show a thumb nail size image...

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D Drive Not Opening - Windows Explorer Folder Would Not Respond

Nov 15, 2015

Today,my laptop was awfully slow. When I booted it up it would say "Scanning and repairing D: drive 100%" but this didn't work with anything. When I went to "This PC" to see my D and C drives, my C drive was perfectly fine and it was showing how much GB it has left (___ GB free of ___ GB) but for the D drive it didn't show how much GB it has left. When I try to open it, windows explorer folder would not respond. The green bar which shows your progress of loading the folder (I don't know how to explain) would keep going and even if it reaches the end, D drive wouldn't open. Most of my games were in my D drive and now my laptop is really slow. It takes like 1 minute for chrome to start up.

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Performance :: File Explorer Slow In Opening Folder With Shortcuts

Feb 10, 2016

Recently a change occured (after an update?). I have a folder containing only 6 shortcuts, linking to devices or to drives, connected to devices, in my home network. Opening this folder takes about 30 sec. It has to do with those shortcuts that link to drives, connected to devices, which are off.

Apparently, file explorer, when trying to present the shortcuts, also tries to get some info from those drives. After failing, file explorer nevertheless decides to present the shortcut after long waiting time. This effect has come recently in W10. In most cases, the effect is there, but in a few cases, the map is opening normally.

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Installation :: Double Entries In Directory

Dec 20, 2015

I recently upgraded my windows 7 laptop to windows 10. It would seem to have been successful. When I plug in a USB memory stick OR a USB external drive - the device shows twice in the directory. As I type this, I have a USB external hard drive plugged in. The directory list shows 2 entries 'E Drive' - when both are expanded, each has full details of the disks content!

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Left Click And Double Tap Not Working?

Feb 3, 2016

I use a HP laptop & since the last few days I am not able to open any files or click on something since the left (main) key & double tap on the mouse pad are not working! Although I am able to move the cursor/pointer over the touch pad & the right click is working fine as well! I searched the entire internet & nothing seem to work! The last thing I remember doing that might have caused this problem (earlier everything was working fine but sometimes touchpad used to get stuck) is hitting the fn+f5 button that I read in this thread Touchpad not working for windows 10.

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Double Quotes Key Requires Second Key Press?

Aug 11, 2015

I have four systems, each with a regular+cyrillic keyboard and have been using them for years with Windows 7 & 8.1, switching between the two formats, without a problem. As an aside, a couple of the systems, having bought them in Bulgaria, have non-English messages but the few that occur, although annoying, I have tolerated.

Now, having updated one of the Win 7 systems to Win 10 and having tweaked language so, at least at the user level, I get everything in English, I have a strange situation where the " key will not produce the character until another key is pressed. It is the only key that reacts like that. I'm not sure if the tweaking or Windows 10 itself is the problem.

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How To Get Rid Of New Double Arrow Shortcut Overlay

Oct 13, 2015

My shortcuts all have a new double blue arrow overlay since upgrading to Windows 10565. None of my older fixes (reg edits, etc) seem to work getting rid of this new visual change.

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File History - Double Entry

Dec 18, 2015

Just noticed the files that have been saved to my remote HD via file history are all saved twice, is this normal?

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How To Hide Double Drive Listing In Explorer

Aug 3, 2015

In Windows 10, whenever I insert a USB or External HDD, it gives me two listings for it in the Explorer pane:

Is there any way I can remove the second listing? Preferably the standalone one, as I'm used to it being under "This PC", muscle memory y'know.

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Apps :: Photo App Open Double Window

Aug 12, 2015

When I want to open some picture in windows 10 photo viewer he open separate window with some album and other stuff, and I don't want that, I just want to see that photo that I open. I am really struggling with this new photo viewer, is there any fix or something to force that photo viewer to just open my photo when I click on her and not the other window with albums too.

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Apps :: Double Icons For ITunes 12.2.1 On Taskbar?

Jul 19, 2015

I am using Windows 10240 and I have the latest iTunes 12.2.1 installed. I have it pinned to my taskbar but when I open it it creates a second icon for iTunes on the taskbar. I have tried unpinning and repinning both icons several times but that doesn't work. It always creates a second icon when it opens.

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Double Click On Folders Not Working Anymore

Feb 2, 2016

Since the last update Win10 I cannot open folders with double click only right mouse click and then open folder. I have 3 times With Microsoft chatted but cannot solve this problem. Driver up to date, change mouse already, no hardware conflicts. Restored the computer back to 3 weeks and it works, but the update comes again and the problems also.

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File Explorer Now Displays Double Spaced?

Dec 16, 2015

I noticed a few days ago that all my file explorer views are double spaced. Coincidence? My 1511 update installed the day before this display problem,

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