Why Can't Move Opened Program Window - Snaps Back To Original Spot

Aug 4, 2015

When i open any sort of program, i notice that the loading circle next to the cursor blinks in and out of existence constantly, and when i try to move it, it snaps back to the original spot unless i quickly move it a little bit and let go of the button.

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Pop Ups Do Not Open Separate From Original Window

Oct 17, 2015

Win 10 problem, was OK but now messed up. I tried with Opera & Chrome on 2 computers - same thing. Is this a set option somewhere ...

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How To Go Back To Original Boot MBR

Dec 20, 2015

I took a look at EasyBCD and played with it enough to use it's boot menu. How can I rid of the BCD stuff added and go back to the original boot menu (MBR?). I did not know about those first few sectors on the HD.

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Installation :: Restore Users And Program Data Folders To Original Drive

Aug 5, 2015

How to restore these folders to their original drive after they were moved during sysprep...

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Opened Small Frontal Window 1 Disappears Behind Other Ones?

Oct 26, 2015

I mostly work with many programs simultaneously . For Ex. 9 programs1-9. I clicked on the program icon1 (at the task-bar) and wanted to reach its opened (smaller) window1, but before my mouse reach it, it just disappeared behind other (bigger) opened windows2-9.

Ok, if I minimize windows 2-9 and just let only window1 on the desktop, I always can reach it, for sure. The problem: it is just annoying, time consuming & distracting to have to minimize the other 8 windows2-9, just to be able to access the window1 I'm needing. The click on the program icon1 only shows up its window, but doesn't command it to STAY IN FRONT TILL I SWITCH to other programs.

I'm speaking from working hierarchy/ efficiency, I simultaneously need other programs 2-9 too, but depending on the workflow, I instantly only want to reach the program1 at first.

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Folder Opened In Windows Explorer Scroll Back Up Automatically

Sep 5, 2015

Whenever I open a folder in Windows explorer and scroll down, it automatically will scroll back up. I am using Windows 10.

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Change Font Size Back To Original Default Size?

Jan 18, 2016

change my font size back to the original default size

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How To Disable Snap Popup When Move A Window

Nov 23, 2015

Windows 10. If I grab a window to move it there is a popup overlay that appears near where I've clicked which seems to intend to make it easy to snap to the sides of the monitor. Usually I don't want to snap a window I'm dragging to one of these areas and usually this popup is where I want to drag the window and is getting in the way and preventing me from positioning windows where I want.

I've attempted to turn off "snap" or "aerosnap" in the System>Multitasking area, however if I turn off snap completely it prevents the shortcut keys (windows/arrow keys) from working correctly which I use a lot. If I disable snap completely it still does not disable this overlay popup as per the image.

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Unable To Move Full Extended Window

Aug 11, 2015

Whow, Win 10 seem so easy at the first installation but problems or bizarre things come out one after the others. Now, I can't move a windows unless this one has been reduce. Is it possible to get back this function has I use to do it with previous version?

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Customization :: Move Info Pane To The Bottom Of Explorer Window?

Aug 15, 2015

Is it possible to move the info pane to the bottom of Explorer windows, similar to Windows 7? Seems easier to read for music files especially, rather than having long word wrapping for artist/album titles and so on.

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Starting New Program Opens Its Window In Background

Oct 12, 2015

When I start any program its window appears in background - behind others. Even it is the first program I start its windows is not active and I need to click it to make active.

That issue appeared when I was with Windows 8.1 and after upgrade to Windows 10 remains. What I have tried - changing the register value of ForegroundLockTimeout to 0 but it didn't work.

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Desktop Icons Move Back To Left After Refreshing

Sep 12, 2015

I move the icos to where I want them but as soon as I refresjh the Desktop they go to the left in an unordered fashion.

Now, I want to go back to 8.1 but would like to know if I can migrate back to Windows 10 in the future when all the bugs are sorted out.

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If Turn Off Monitor All Icons Move Back To The Left

Jan 8, 2016

Brand new Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) Dell Desktop.

Replaced old XP system (which ran like a swiss watch).

If I turn off the monitor (which I do every night as I need the computer on 24/7) when I turn it on all the desktop icons have moved back to the left.

This DOES NOT happen on a reboot or a shut the computer down and turn it on.

Medium icons, all power saving is turned off, auto arrange icons and align icons to grid are both unchecked.

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AFS Error Info Window Appear When Click To Start Program

Sep 29, 2015

When I click to start some programs, I get this AFS Error Info window. After clicking OK, I then get the UAC window. Except for the extra step, nothing goes wrong--it's just annoying. Sometimes programs requiring a UAC show this AFS error, sometimes not. What this is and how to stop it?

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Making Windows Notification Appear Behind A Window Fullscreen Program?

Sep 1, 2015

The new Windows notifications appear over my windowed fullscreen games, especially in one game covering up the minimap. Is there a way to make it appear under them? It used to work perfect in Windows 8 and earlier, where the speech bubble notification would appear over my non-fullscreen programs, but would be hidden behind windowed fullscreen ones.

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When Close A Program Half Of Its Window Stays On Desktop

Jun 8, 2015

It just started doing this. heres a picture [URL] ...

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File Explorer Scroll Snaps

Jan 4, 2016

When I try to move files from one folder to another the left scroll bar snaps to either the top or the bottom almost every time I move a file. This is making trying to organize my files extremely frustrating. This issue was addressed on another online forum so I know it's not just me that this is happening to. In that forum it was suggested to turn off the screensaver slideshow & that worked for some people; however, all I'm using is a plain black screen.

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Installation :: Cannot Find Files To Go Back Even If WINDOW OLD Still In C Main Drive

Aug 3, 2015

It's not even a week when I upgraded to wds 10 ..Now It won't let me roll back.When I fo to Recovery and click roll back ..START .. It keeps showing wds can not find the files to go back even if WINDOW OLD still in drive C "main" drive.The only way to roll back is to restore factory settings ..

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Resetting Desktop To Original?

Sep 1, 2015

I have been learning windows 10 and have messed up my entire desktop Trying to find out how to default it back to when I originally opened up windows 10 

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Installation :: How To Find Which Was Original Language

Oct 12, 2015

I recently tried to upgrade a friend's Windows 8.1 notebook to Windows 10. I had a Windows 10 Greek DVD-ROM with me to save time waiting for the update to download. I checked System Properties, it was Windows 8.1 64-bit, everything was in Greek, so I assumed he had the Greek Windows version and I could proceed with the upgrade using my DVD-ROM. Unfortunately he originally had the English version and he had added the Greek Language Pack and changed the default display language to Greek! So after wasting about half an hour for Windows Setup to check and download updates, we were presented with the choice of keeping his data only (second), the choice to keep both data and applications (first) was grayed out. I read at the bottom that I could not make a proper upgrade because the language I'm trying to install was different from the system language! Oh my God! Eventually we wasted another hour to wait for the upgrade to download!

So the question is how can I check which is the original system language? One possible way is to install a utility such as Aida64 and go to the Operating System section, but this is not really convenient to download and install a utility just to check the language version. How can I do it from Windows without using any utility? System Properties do not display this information and if the user has changed the display language, like in my friend's case, you can be deceived. Neither does winver, I checked.

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Accounts :: Change Original Administrator Account

Feb 23, 2016

I have purchased a used Asus laptop that already has Win 10 installed on it from the original owner. All of the settings on the computer are linked to that owner's Microsoft account and administrator account. Is there a way for me to change the administrator information to my Microsoft account and email? I can log in using the old owner's password to access the administrator account, but I don't see any way to change the account to my information. If I create a new user account and make it an administrator account, when I log in using the new account, there is no access to any of the apps I need from the original account.

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Installation :: Windows Reset To Original Config Every Boot

Feb 10, 2016

I was working with my computer the other day and it rebooted spontaneously. When it did I got a "Preparing Windows" or "Configuring Windows" message after I logged in and when if finished I was back at the very first Windows set up. None of my start menu adjustments were there, none of my mouse, wallpaper, etc. settings were in place, and worst of all I lost all my settings for my Firefox and Thunderbird applications which meant all of my mail history, address book, etc. btw, I wasn't connected to the internet at the time, my connection was down.

I get a message saying it can't? find a profile so it is creating a temp one which will be deleted on shutdown.

I should point out that my files are still there, except for Appdata/Roaming and I do have a back up of my data so if I can stop this reset behavior I can recover data.

Now it reconfigures at every reboot. Even after reestablishing my internet connection.

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Any Way Of Restoring Original Images Even If Edited Versions Deleted?

Sep 25, 2015

Is there is a way to see original photos even if the edited versions have been deleted?

For example, on Windows 7, in Windows Photo Viewer, there was an option under settings I think which said 'show original photos'. When you clicked on this option it showed all your original photos before they had been edited, even if the edited versions had been deleted from the recycle bin.

Is there an equivalent on Windows 10? What I'm looking for is not to see the original photo of a photo which I have edited which has not been deleted, but to see the original photo of a photo that I have deleted from my recycle bin.

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Unknown Program Named (Program) Appears In Startup

Dec 17, 2015

i have this problem since a long time ago , and i can't seem to figure out how to fix it!

i am sick of this file, the option of "Open file location" is grayed out for it !

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Window Outline Remains Even Though Window Is Closed

Jan 21, 2016

Last, previously closed window outline remains displayed. Sometimes can 'force' it to go away by left clicking on an unused portion of desktop but not always.

Just got laptop for Christmas and has always had this problem so might be a setting.

Have looked at Advanced -> Visual Settings but didn't see any that looked like would fix (tried setting Best Performance - which turned everything off but didn't fix)

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Apps :: How To Delete The Original Outlook Account In Mail / Calendar

Nov 13, 2015

Okay, when I set up my computer (W10 Pro preinstall / Surface Pro 4) Windows put in my private address which is also my Microsoft user account - "myname@lastname.org" - as an Outlook account. It happens to be hosed in a Google Apps for Organizations account, so it runs best when the settings are for gmail. I added my personal gmail account, this apps account, and my business account to Mail.

Now I need to delete that fake outlook account, but the option to delete the account doesn't exist. It's just an annoyance in Mail as I can hide it by turning the sync off, but it's causing problems in Calendar because it always inserts itself as the default account and, unless I manually change the account every time, my calendar events get hidden and lost to the void that this account is.

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