WiFi USB Adapter Not Showing In Network Connections

Sep 2, 2015

Ok so got a new usb WiFi adapter. I installed the driver first which I downloaded on my phone then transferred to my pc via usb cable. Have tried reinstalling multiple times, still won't work. I'm guessing the problem is there's no win 10 drivers for it. NOTE: I did have a old usb adapter working with no driver before but not even that's working even with drivers uninstalled. The new adapter shows up in device manager with a problem indicated with a code 10.But not in network devices.

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Networking :: USB WiFi Adapter Not Showing On Tray?

Aug 21, 2015

Latest driver installed, StarTech USB300WN2X2D, Mediatek/Ralink RT3572L

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Network Adapter Is Missing - No WiFi

Sep 19, 2015

Whats going on with my tablet (WinBook). I've installed W10 few weeks ago since then never had any problems with it, but today I noticed I cannot connect to wifi. it's gone from Network settings, if I open "connection" icon on task bar I only see Airplane mode..Network adapter from Device manager is also gone. What to do now...

I did try this - connect to internet via Bluetooth from Lumia phone and with Intel Driver Update Utility scanned tablet, only thing it found is update for Graphics driver.. what else can I do?

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Networking :: Wired Network Adapter Is Not Showing After Automatic Upgrade

Sep 15, 2015

I have DELL Inspiron 14R N4010. Automatic upgraded to Windows 10 Home. Previously I have Windows 7 Home Premium. After upgrade I didn't see the wired network adapter. However my wifi is working fine and can access Internet. I tried to re-install the LAN driver (Atheros AR8152 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller Driver); it ask for upgrade/repair/de-install means driver is already present in the system. In spite of that upgraded the dirver (got the upgraded driver setup from Dell). Unfortunately, the device is still not visible in device manager.

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HP Pavillion G6 Notebook / WiFi Network Adapter Losing Connection?

Dec 5, 2015

OS: Windows 10 Home, 64-bit
PC: HP Pavillion g6 notebook

Network adapters: Ralink RT5390R 8-2.11bgn Wi-Fi Adapter (Date: 5/18/2015, Version:, and Realtek PCle FE Family Controller (Date: 4/01/2015, Version: 9.1.401.2015)
Problem: Every once in a while, I'll lose my internet connection. When I click the wifi icon on the taskbar, there will be no networks listed. The only way to fix the problem is to go the Device Manager, disable the Ralink Wi-Fi Adapter and then re-enable it. This fixes the problem anywhere from a of couple minutes to a couple of hours, then it happens again. 
Solutions I've tried: I've tried doing a system restore but it failed and there are no more restore points. I've tried uninstalling the Ralink driver, downloading a new copy, and reinstalling it. 

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Networking :: Internet Connections Not Showing Up

Feb 10, 2016

I'll have connections available on my computer (Windows 10 Home 64-Bit HP) but whenever I click the connection menu, they don't show up, which means I have to reset the modem, wait the 15 minutes it takes, and then the connections FINALLY show up. Once I'm connected however, if I click the menu again, the connections wont show up. The image I've connected shows what I'm talking about. I can wait for a long time and connections still don't show up. I was wondering if there's a way to troubleshoot this without resetting the modem every time I want to use my computer.

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All WiFi Connections Suddenly Lost

Oct 25, 2015

I upgraded to Windows 10 from 7 a few months ago, but unlike other users with this problem, my wifi started working perfectly fine. This was still the case this morning, but after I came out the shower, suddenly all my wifi connections were lost. It's a similar situation to that described here: [URL] ...., except obviously it didn't occur right after the upgrade. It's annoying that I missed exactly what happened, but oh well.
I have tried seemingly everything, including endless restarts and resetting the router, and I know it's definitely not a problem with the wifi since I'm typing this on another device on exactly the same network. One of the solutions I found was to go to the Power Management tab in configurations of the wireless device, and uncheck "allow the computer to turn this off to save power" - I found it was checked, so I unchecked it, but it still hasn't made any difference.
Initially, the wifi icon changed to an unplugged symbol with a yellow exclamation mark, but after uninstalling Hamachi, it's changed to the usual icon you get when wifi connections are available (wifi symbol with asterisk). However, the problem's been exactly the same. I have a Dell Studio 1555, which admittedly is quite an old machine, but it was fine until now. 

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System Network Connections

Nov 3, 2015

What these Windows system connections were for? Just want to know so I can decide whether to block the destinations, or executables in my firewall.They occurred while I was logged in, but not running anything yet. There are other connections, but I've listed these ones because they seem to be new to Windows 10.

Name:  SIH Client
Version:  10.0.10240.16384
File Path:  C:WindowsSystem32SIHClient.exe
Connection Origin:  local initiated
Protocol:  TCP
Local Address:  EDITEDOUT
Local Port:  49487


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Networking :: OneDrive And WiFi Connections Can Be Blocked

Feb 23, 2016

I have a new HP laptop win 10 installed and I like it very much but I have an issues with One Drive .

I use my WiFi connection at home for browsing and usual stuff which is fine and One Drive uploads to the cloud with no issues and of course does not affect my data allowance as my Internet connection is unlimited.

In my workplace I do not have a land line and use a talkTalk MiFi dongle with a 5gb limit . I connected to the MiFi and carried on as normal but realised that the One Drive used my data quickly and soon I had a message that I had no data left .

My enquiry is can I get One Drive to ignore my MiFi connection and only do the uploads on my home internet connection only ?

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No Connections Are Available - Red Cross On Network Icon

Oct 7, 2015

My network icon has a Red cross on it and says no connections are available . I have a toshiba satellite. and my windows 10 was working fine.I used to hook up no problem.

I went to settings and open network and internet, I fond no wifi section in it.

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Network Connections Disappear After Upgrade?

Aug 19, 2015

Windows 10 upgrade results in the Network Center not showing any network connections. The troubleshooting wizard does not detect the issue or rectify it. There are a lot of reports on the web supposedly related to pre-installed Cisco VPN or other VPN software.

The downside is that without this feature, crown jewels... Cortana and Edge do not work.

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Mini PCI Card - Cannot Use / See In Network Connections

Sep 9, 2015

So originally I upgraded my mini PCI card and was trying to get that working... It was recognized in the device manager but not the network connections.. I could not see the adapter to use or enable/disable etc despite having the drivers up to date. Now I have my old card back in and now have the same issue with it! It is present without a problem and with the newest drivers in network connections... But I can't use it, can't see it anywhere else! I try to create a new connection in network connections and it does not give me wireless as an option.Running Windows 10 64bit on a Sony VAIO SVT151A11u laptop.The old wireless card that is reinstalled is an Atheros AR9485WB-EG.

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Networking :: Sharing Ethernet And WiFi Connections On One Computer

Jan 15, 2016

My desktop is connected to my router by Ethernet. However, the printer I use is in my wife's office on another floor. It is a wireless Epson Artisan 730. I have added a Dlink DWA-171 wireless usb adapter to my desktop to print wirelessly to the Epson.

However, every time I want to print, I have to disable my Ethernet connection so the WiFi connection will see the printer. Then I'm done printing and I re-enable the Ethernet (faster, more stable).

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Dell XPS 8700 - WiFi Would Disconnect And Not Recognize Any Connections

Dec 6, 2015

I have recently bought a dell xps 8700 and it worked great for about 3 days then the wifi would disconnect and not recognize any connections even though every other device in our house works perfectly. I am 100% certain it is an issue with the computer itself and not the wifi network i had to return the computer for a new one twice already and the issue has happened with every single one. i have tried updating the network and chipset drivers witch resolves the issue for about 2-3 days. what would cause the exact same issue to re appear on 3 separate products is beyond me. i am also aware of the issue with old vpn software from windows 8 but the computer came with windows 10.

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Apps :: Software Which Shows All Network Connections

Oct 23, 2015

I need a program which will show all the incoming and outgoing connections of the system from various process. The program should be able to point out the incoming weblinks as well to any programs in order to trace them back via web browser.

Or in other ways, an app to know from which links the other programs and downloading their files in order to trace them back and download them directly with a download manager.

An Advanced TCP View which shows full address of files.

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Networking :: How To Remove Multiple Network Connections

Oct 31, 2015

I have a pocket Wifi Device, however, it is NOT using Wifi connection, as I have it connected to my PC using an USB Cable. Every morning I turn on my PC, it creates a new network connection, for example "Network 7"

How do I remove Network 1 to 6, and where are they located?

And how do I stop it from happening, as it seems it will keep going to Network 8, then Network 9 and so on.

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WiFi Adapter Is Not Working

Jul 29, 2015

i have recently upgraded to windows 10 but my wifi adapter is not working.

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Drivers Not Working For New WiFi Adapter

Oct 3, 2015

I got my new Wi-Fi adapter today (TL-WDN4200) and in order to access its 5Ghz connecting capabilities, you have to download the updated drivers off the TP-Link website. I did just that. However when I go to device manager, right click my WiFi adapter and update the drivers. This error message appears when I click on the driver file: [URL] ...

I have windows 10 64 bit. Will that be the problem? since TP-Link has not released any official drivers for Windows 10 yet? Will I need to revert back to Windows 8.1 to access the 5Ghz connection?

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USB Wireless Network Adapter

Oct 22, 2015

My Dell laptop which is windows 10 only has a chronic problem with the adapter constantly needing to be reset. Searching for similar problems led me to the possibility of a USB adapter.

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Networking :: DLink USB WiFi Adapter Drivers?

Aug 26, 2015

After upgrading my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, I had problems with Wifi It cannot detect Dlink USB WIFI adapter which was running smoothly in 8.1. I think it has compatibility issues, I had tried many time, but now back to 8.1. make of USB Wifi Adapter for smooth Windows 10 run

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Drivers/Hardware :: Realtek Ethernet Not Showing In Adapter Settings

Sep 27, 2015

Messed around with the drivers, now the ethernet device doesn't show up in the network adapter settings, although it shows up in the Device Manager. It is also apparently in sleep mode.So after formatting and installing Windows 10 x64 on my Dell Inspiron 3542, I decided to update/re-install the drivers from the official Dell download page. Windows Update had taken care of the hardware but the versions were outdated, so I set to work. After successfully installing almost all the drivers, I ran the Ethernet Controller Driver and after installing it, the ethernet device was disabled. BTW, the device shows up as "Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller".

I enabled it but it still remained disabled. In the Properties dialog box it gave me the option to disable it, which means that it thinks that the device is enabled, which it is not. It is visible in the Device Manager, so it is being recognized. After restarting to come to the same result, I deleted the driver from Device Manager and re-installed it, which didn't work. (I don't remember if I attempted a roll-back, although if I did then it obviously didn't work either.)

Then I went to the Realtek official website and downloaded the Win10 Auto-installation Program. It asked me to remove the previous installation from Dell, and near the end, it gave me the error, "The Realtek Network Controller was not found. If Deep Sleep Mode is enabled, Please Plug the Cable". And after this, or after deleting and re-installing the Dell driver (I unfortunately don't remember when), the ethernet device disappeared from the adapter settings. Now there's only Wi-fi there.I really want my ethernet back, even though I have wi-fi to connect to the internet. The only solutions I can see are to either get the Dell driver working or to remove the device from sleep mode.

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Networking :: WiFi Adapter Keeps Turning Off Randomly On Laptop

Aug 2, 2015

So yesterday my wi-fi started to turn off randomly for no reason, its not my internet connection becouse it works on other devices. Also i already tried ticking off power saving option on my network adapter, it worked for a while i thought, but after i restarted my laptop even though its still ticked off, its still turning off randomly.. (Also i noticed it turns off when i plug or unplug my mouse?)

Other problems i have:

1. Cant set opera as my default browser it asks me if i want to set it as default every time i open it and i always click yes..

2. Cant turn my touchpad off even though when i use fn+f9 it says its turned off..

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Networking :: Unable To Access WiFi Networks When Using USB Adapter

Nov 16, 2015

I've recently upgraded my home PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I've been using a Realtek USB Wi-Fi adapter to connect to the internet. After installing the new OS and running it for the first time, I couldn't connect to my home network.

After reinstalling the drivers supplies by the manufacturer and reattaching the adapter, I attempted to again connect to the network. The "Verifying and connecting" message displayed, but after closing Settings and returning to the same page, all of the Wi-Fi settings have disappeared, like the drivers have crashed.

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Unable To Connect To WiFi Using Netgear AC1200 USB Adapter

Aug 18, 2015

changed from windows 7 to windows 10 unable to connect to wi-fi using netgear AC1200 usb adapter will not connect gone back to 7 works fine.

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WiFi IP Address Has Disappeared From Teredo Tunneling Adapter

Aug 13, 2015

Just upgraded to Windows 10 (big mistake??) and lost WiFi. Norton scan report indicates IP address has disappeared from adapter.

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Networking :: Driver Support For PCI Network Adapter

Oct 21, 2015

I recently bought a TP LINK TF-3200 card because my Lan port got fried :P. But, it id getting detected but is not working as I am not able to find new drivers for it.

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