Browsers Edge / Chrome / Firefox Hang Up When Tried To Type In Address Bar Or Search Window

Nov 18, 2015

We just updated our laptop to windows 10. The browsers edge/chrome/firefox hang up when tried to type in address bar or search window. mouse click works, but try typing and the browsers freeze, In Internet explorer typing in address bar works but cannot type in search box like google or any email login page like gmail, yahoo. Update went fine. Our PC does not have touch screen

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Microsoft Edge - Unable To Slide To Type In Address Bar

Jan 15, 2016

Not being able to slide to type in the browser address bar is my pet peeve with W10M, considering I use Edge quite frequently. The address bar is used for search and it only makes sense to do so!

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Google Chrome - Firefox - Microsoft Edge All Not Working

Jan 3, 2016

I upgraded to Windows 10! When ever I try to just simply search something in Google Chrome is search's for a minute then gives me the error WEBSITE UNAVAILABLE ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED I couldn't even search up what that meant! I only got here because it was a favorites tab.

Same thing happens on Firefox too, takes an hour to load up what I searched and gives me an error, tried Microsoft Edge and it also wouldn't load any search results. I looked around on my phone but no one really has this problem. It can't be my Wi-Fi because it is fine on every other device. What could it possibly be? I can't uninstall Chrome because how would I get it back if nothing else works?!

Things I have tried:
unchecking compatibility mode checking use hardware acceleration (in chrome settings)
unchecking use hardware acceleration running as admin clearing all history and cache (in both browsers)
running ccleaner for both browsers trying a different network restarting my computer all have not worked

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Internet Browsers All Hang

Aug 14, 2015

This will be in layman's terms. The new Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Google Chrome, all get stuck, or hang. They take up to 3 minutes or even up to 5 minutes to unstick. Running on Toshiba Satellite. Just upgraded for free last night, and I was too tired, lazy, and dumb to do anything smart like a clean install, use a cool tool, etc.

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Chrome Edge Or Firefox And IE All Can't Reach Certain Webpages But Can Reach Some

Aug 10, 2015

after upgrading my laptop to Windows 10 I am unable to access specific webpages. Some examples are,, I've tried updating the network adapters, setting the DNS properties for ipv4 to manual DNS with and alt DNS, I've tried using a windows repair to scan for issues with the registry, I've tried disabling admin approval, firewalls, and antivirus.

I'm at a loss as to why only a select few of websites I can't reach. I live with 4 roommates who each have laptops and are able to access all the mentioned websites no problem using chrome, IE, and Safari. We can all also use our smartphones to access these websites using the same wifi as my laptop with no issues.

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Browser/Email :: Browsers Hang / Freeze And Crash

Oct 12, 2015

I am using a Dell XPS-17 L702X laptop with 8GB of DDR3 RAM and two internal drives, 500GB each. I have 408 GB of free space on the OS drive, which is Drive C. I am running a clean installation of Windows 10 Pro x64. I've been searching for solutions for days and I've already read the posts on this forum that concern my problem. I have yet to find a solution. This problem occurs with my Pale Moon and Edge browsers, which are both up to date, and my research indicates that the Chrome browser also experiences my problem for some users. I use Pale Moon at all times simply because I've found it to be the best browser available. I tried the Edge browser simply to see if the same browser hang problem occurred while using it, and it does.

I didn't have this problem when I did an upgrade from Windows 7 Ultimate x64 to Windows 10 Pro x64. My browsers worked perfectly. This problem only occurred after I did a reformat of the Hard Drive and did a clean installation of Windows Pro x64. The browser hangs every minute or less and the hangs several time a minute for about three to five seconds and then everything returns to normal . It freezes occasionally. It crashes but not often. It took me a very long time to compose this post due to all the hangs. Whenever the browsers hang the cooling fan sometimes increases and sometimes it does not. Although I cannot see the words I type while the browser hangs I can continue to type and the words will show once the hanging stops. I don't get black screens and I've never had to reboot. I simply have to wait.

Device Manager shows two display adapters, the top listing being Intel HD Graphics 3000 and the bottom listing shows NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M. Both adapters show that drivers are installed and list the version number. I've tried updating them in Device Manager and both show as having the latest drivers. I installed and ran the Intel Driver Utility and it shows "No Intel drivers discovered" on my system for the Intel adapter. NVIDIA states that my GeForce GT 555M adapter is not supported on Windows 10 and that they have no intention of providing a driver for my adapter for Windows 10. I cannot install an older NVIDIA driver and even if I could I would not be able to run it in compatibility mode as others have tried and it's not possible.

I checked Dell's website for updated display adapter drivers but Dell states that they do not and will not support Windows 10. Don't ask me why because I don't know although it aggravates me immensely. My laptop certainly has the hardware to support Windows 10. I think that's a poor attitude for Dell to have. I currently have three Dell laptops and three Dell desktops. Dell will get no more business from me, although the company could probably care less. The Dell BIOS is version A19, which is the latest version for my laptop.

the Chrome version of flash, virtual memory size, hardware acceleration, third party software, etc, etc, etc. Acronis is not installed because I had problems with every retail version of Acronis I own and therefore refuse to use it again. I am not running a second monitor. I don't use Chrome. My virtual memory has been set to 4000/8000 MB. I have disabled hardware acceleration in Adobe Flash. There is plenty of storage space in Adobe Flash. I have completely uninstalled Adobe Flash with the Flash Uninstall Utility, rebooted and the problem remains without Adobe Flash being installed. After reinstalling Adobe Flash the problem remains. The problem is not associated with my Microsoft mouse or the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center. The mouse cursor will move during the times the browser hangs. I am not using any browser extensions. Using Clean Boot to diagnose the problem provided no relief. Doing a "Windows Repair" showed nothing to repair. sfc /scannow shows no problems with the file system. Kaspersky Internet Security is not causing the problem.

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Multiple Chrome Browsers Using Resources

Apr 9, 2016

Quite often pretty much all of the time. I can be typing an email and the computer slows to a crawl.  The words that I type don't show with the keyboard inputs and then they will suddenly fill in the gaps. If I open task manager I will see 4 or 5 instances of chrome using resources even though I only have one chrome tab open. Those 4 or 5 open chrome tasks can be using up to 30% of my CPU and 30-40% of my memory.  I have run adware and Malware bytes just to see if something has been installed without my being aware, but both scans come up clean.

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Chrome And Firefox Do Not Work?

Oct 7, 2015

After I upgraded my Samsung laptop from Win 8.1 to Win 10, Chrome and Firefox have stopped working. Only the browser EDGE bundled with Win 10 is working.

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Graphical Lag In Chrome Address Bar

Aug 3, 2015

Windows 10 is great and all but I've come across a really annoying issue: [URL] ....

For whatever reason, there's a lot of graphical glitching/lag while using Chrome, and only really in the address box. What's strange is I've reinstalled Chrome, reinstalled my AMD Radeon R9 280X drivers, and then gave up and tried using Chromium (which works but has weird graphical glitches on the web pages sometimes).

Microsoft Edge works fine and Chrome's web page rendering is also fine. How to fix this?

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Chrome Update Popup While Using Firefox

Jan 5, 2016

I don't even have Chrome installed. as this is a clear sign of an attempt to inject Malware. Even if I had Chrome installed, I'd never consider updating through such popups.

Take this as a warning, following such links will indeed install Mal-ware on your machine. 

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Black Password Screen / Task Bar And Google Chrome Address Bar?

Feb 11, 2016

A couple of days ago without warning my Toshiba Satellite S50D-A Laptop's Windows password screen, the taskbar, and the address bar have all turned black. I wouldn't necessarily care, but its annoying and I am also not able to click on the windows button (Even the one on my keyboard doesn't work) or at random times anything close to the battery meter.

My computer is fully updated, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling display drivers, and ran file checker with nothing coming up. I also checked to make sure I wasn't in safe mode. I would really like to not have to reinstall windows if I don't have to.

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Touch Keyboard Not Invoking When Try To Type In Google Chrome

Dec 6, 2015

I'm using a tablet for input on my windows 10 desktop pc and while the touch keyboard is invoked fine throughout the system and even Edge, when I try to type stuff in Chrome, nothing happens. I have to manually invoke the keyboard via taskbar icon.

I do have a physical keyboard connected to the pc but as the tablet is placed in front of the keyboard, I want to keep using the touch keyboard. If I remember correctly it worked just fine with windows 8.1.

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Browser/Email :: Google Chrome Won't Allow Type Unless Minimize And Reopen It

Sep 27, 2015

So I had this problem since the first time using windows 10. Sometime if I try to type something such as typing URL, or typing something inside the text box(ex: updating status or tweeting, etc.), it won't show. It only show the flashing cursor. The only way to fix it is minimizing the whole browser and reopen it. It happens so randomly, so this annoys me.

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Can't Get To Proper Window To Type In Product Key For Activation

Sep 6, 2015

So I installed Windows 10 via media creation tool on my newly built desktop PC but its stating my windows key is from what I'm assuming the laptop I made it from ( GF's laptop). I bought a key for windows 10 but I can't get to any screen that allows me to type it in. When I go to System> Activate I get a notification sound like a window popped up and needs me to click something but I can't see anything nor is a window present. From there the whole settings window freezes up and forces me to end it. Is there any way to remedy this without reinstalling all my programs?

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Can't Put Firefox Favorites In Edge

Jan 5, 2016

Why can't I put my Firefox Favorites in Edge - I don't want "Chrome" 

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Cannot Type In Search Box Now

Aug 8, 2015

I have updated to Windows 10 and all went well. Looks great.

However, since yesterday, I have not been able to type in the search bar. One clicks the mag glass or search box but nothing happens.

I tried, such as:


Windows powershell key "Get -AppXPacjkage -Allusers......."

DSIM /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth......"

Checked for any more Windows updates

None of this worked.

I then created a new user to find that it works with a new profile. It seems we are at the mercy of a user profile that could become corrupt at any moment and the only solution is to create another user.

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Browser/Email :: Remove Firefox Search Bar

Dec 14, 2015

I didn't like the Firefox Search Bar. I rarely used it. It takes up valuable real estate that can be used by other ADD-ONS Icons.
I Just do my searches directly in Bing or Google.

To remove the Firefox Search Bar (this actually just moves it and stores it away, you can bring it back),

-Click on the upper right menu icon (three lines).
-Left Click, Hold and Drag the Firefox Search Bar down to the Additional Tools and Features area. It will be saved there in case you want to bring it back.

The Firefox Search Bar is now gone and the space can be used to add additional ADD-ONS Icons.

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Importing Favourites From Firefox To Edge

Aug 2, 2015

How to? Edge gives options to import from Chrome and IE but not FF. I cannot find the folder within the FF folder.

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MS Edge - Bing Suggestions Appearing In Address Bar

Mar 3, 2016

How can I stop Edge (Bing) from making suggestions when I am typing in the address bar? This is so annoying.

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How To Change Search Engine Back To Google In Address Toolbar

Jan 9, 2016

I managed to change the search engine to Google in the new Win10 search located in the menu and also in Edge. However, the little address toolbar, that can be added to the taskbar by putting a checkmark in the address toolbar after right clicking on the taskbar and choosing toolbars has suddenly switched to Bing as the search engine. I would love to have this set at Google as it always was. I find this toolbar so much more convenient than the one that came with the new win10 menu. I have already turned off Cortana over there.

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Browser/Email :: How To Import Firefox Favorites Into Edge

Sep 7, 2015

I'd like to try Edge, but Edge won't even see Firefox as one of my installed browsers even though it is my default browser. I'm not going to use a browser that requires me to enter hundreds of sites one at a time. Any way to import FF favorites since it won't import html?

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Apps :: Unable To Type In Search The Web And Windows Bar

Nov 25, 2015

I've just upgraded my laptop to Win10 (did my desktop several months ago). The laptop is unable to take input to the Search the web and Windows task bar. I've searched the web, but all I've found was references to killing and restarting Search from the task manager, but there is no Search running. Also any time I try to start Cortana, I can see it start in Task Manager, but it then disappears. So the short of it is can't start Cortana and there is no Search running to restart. How do I get this feature to work?

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Type To Search On Start Menu Fails To Work

Aug 19, 2015

Not sure if it's just my pc, but type to seach on the start menu fails to work when returning to start menu after clicking "all apps" ...

There are numerous times when i click the 'all apps' button out of habit, realise i don't wanna scroll through an entire list, and click the 'back' button to return to the start menu, which then causes the type to search function to fail to work, forcing me to either click on cortana, or to exit & reenter the start menu to get it working again.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Touchpad Scroll Work In Firefox / Explorer But Not In Store / Edge?

Aug 13, 2015

Lenovo Thinkpad R500 - Touchpad scroll works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, File Explorer, Device manager and some other places, but it does not work in Start menu or any menu under Control panel, Edge or Windows Store - no matter what I have tried it simply will not Scroll - There is no doubt this a BUG.

I'm guessing it a bug in windows registry, but don't know where to find it. I have been through most that has to do with ALPS. Where the registry settings for the MS software scroll option are.

Touchpad/Trackpoint: ALPS UltraNav 2 - I have the newest driver from lenovo an ALPS don't have driver download available. But can't see how its a driver issue when it works in Device manager and the other places.

I tried getting MS support engineers at MS forum, to take a look at it, but they have this attitude that its driver issue and not Windows bug. Besides that, they never read the question before dishing out some standard solution like "try going to safe mode to see if the problem persist" - That is not going to work, since the drivers that control the scroll will not load in safe mode and then scroll will not work at all, a "real" technician would know that.

Scrolling right now in Firefox - If i go to Edge or Store, its not working.

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Use Chrome / Google As Default For Search Results

Jul 23, 2015

How can I - Use chrome/google for search results

Currently when we type anything into the taskbar search, it launches Edge + Bing to give the results.

I would like it to use google and my chrome browser cos I find it gives better results.

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How To Make Cortana Use Chrome And Google Search

Aug 13, 2015

I found this video on youtube. It fixed one of my major problems with windows 10, bing! As much as i love having a search right on the taskbar, bing just does not seem to work with me !
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
[URL] ....

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