New Open With Menu Showing Empty Option?

Nov 15, 2015

I got this problem on new "open with" menu. A empty entry appears for image file extensions. (see picture below).

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Search The Store Option In Open With Menu?

Nov 25, 2015

How to get rid of the "Search the Store" option in the "Open With" context menu as per the pic ....

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Disassociate Remove Option From Open With Menu

Nov 22, 2015

How to dis-associate (un-associate, remove) one option from the windows-explorer "open with" menu.

For ex.:

Windows 10 -> Explorer -> file.mp4 -> "Open with" gives me these options:

VLC, GOM, Movies & TV, Photos, Windows Media Player, etc..

I want to remove Photos and Movies & TV from the menu.

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Open With Right Click Context Menu Lacks Browse For Program Option

Dec 1, 2015

Trying to figure this out in Windows 10. I have a file on my system, and windows doesn't yet know what program to open it with. When I right click the file and select "open with", the dialogue is quite different. Now I no longer have the option of selecting a perfectly fine program from my computer and open the file, my only option is to search for a program in Windows Store which turns out to be a dead end. What option is there to associate a program with a file extension in Windows 10, as the on the fly method that always used to work perfectly.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Empty USB Ports Showing In File Explorer?

Dec 1, 2015

I just put the 1511 upgrade on (for the third time, but that's another story). I've noticed that when I open File Explorer I have a WHOLE BUNCH of USB ports that have nothing plugged into them... What the upgrade did, but these weren't visible previously. How do I turn them off?

And yes, I've gone into the File explorer options in the control panel and UNCHECKED "Hide empty drives". Didn't appear to make any difference...

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Start Menu - Can't Pin And (almost) Empty User Menu

Aug 6, 2015

A couple of issues with W10 start menu ( - not sure if they're symptoms of the same thing. This is GA x64 W10 with all current updates installed

1) Pin to start menu doesn't pin anything to the start menu. I wanted to pin File History - R click in control panel, select Pin to Start - doesn't pin. Tested on another machine and it works there.

2) R click the Start button for the Power User menu - all I see is Network Connections - same result with Win X. Again, works as expected on another install.

how to save me doing a re-install?

Edit - SFC reports no violations.

Edit - switched to a local account on the machine and PU menu is there and working - so is this a permissions thing? My original account is admin.

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Empty Open Windows On Start Up

Dec 28, 2015

Whenever I login to my Lenovo laptop (which goes straight to desktop) I always have 5 open windows - this can be seen by alt-tab'ing.

Two of these (spotify and skype) are clickable, the other three are not named and do not have an icon or thumbnail that you can click on. The only option is to get rid of these 3 windows (by clicking the big X at the top right hand side of each window). If you choose not to close them, they will remain there whenever you switch (alt tab) between windows.

-How can I find out what these windows are?
-How can I ensure that they are no longer they when I reboot by machine?

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Start Menu -> Power Submenu Is Empty

Feb 10, 2016

Here is an image of what I am experiencing.

I'm running Window 10 Home Edition on an MSI CX61 Laptop.

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Accounts :: Switch User Option On Power Option List Or On Start Menu List?

Dec 16, 2015

Can I use switch user option on power option list or on start menu list ?

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Any Way To Delete Start Menu Empty Tile Groups

Aug 3, 2015

There is alot of empty space to the right of my start group and I can't seem to resize it or delete it, the only way I can interact with that area is if I drag something in it and only can I rename the group.

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Customization :: Can't Right Click On Empty Spaces On Start Menu

Jan 31, 2016

Since this started out as me trying to customize the start menu, I guess I'll post this here. If the mods feel another place is more appropriate.

I've seen screen shots of people right clicking on empty spaces of the start menu to go to properties, but when I right click on start menu empty spaces, nothing happens. I can right click on the icons perfectly fine but the empty spaces do nothing for me.

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Start Menu Tiles Won't Move Into Empty Space

Sep 7, 2015

I have very annoying problem with the start menu. When I expand the menu horizontally, the tiles wont move in to the empty space. I have tried everything. Cant move them manually either by dragging. Tiles just stay left. Here's picture of my problem: [URL] ....

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Installation :: Initial Setup Showing No Option For Upgrade

Aug 2, 2015

As I stated in the subject line, Windows 10 setup, whether using the regular update method, running the ISO from within Windows, or using the Media Creation Tool, only asks for product key and there is no option (button) for 'Upgrade'.

This may sound confusing so I want to make it clear that I am NOT trying to do a clean install on a system that hasn't been activated yet. I'm talking about the very first upgrade install. It won't work.

A couple of days ago I DID see the 'Upgrade this PC' (or something like that) and the install started but failed due to the ever popular Pentium G3258 CPU problem. There was advice all over the 'Net that all you had to do was disable one of the CPU cores in the BIOS and the install would complete just fine.

So I disabled the core and tried to start the install again.

Now the installation procedure won't even begin. It just sits there. It says 'Product key" in big letters and "Windows isn't activated on this PC. This means you'll have to enter the Windows 10 product key below or exit" and the only two buttons are Back and Next, both of which are grayed out.

I thought maybe the Windows 10 installation files were corrupt or something so I wiped the system and reinstalled 7 from scratch (Oh yeah, that was really a fun part of my day) and re-downloaded and used the Media Creation Tool again and selected (whatever it says) to begin the upgrade installation and now it's still doing what it was before, asking for a product key instead of running the upgrade installation.

I want to make it clear one more time because I'll get TL;DR answers such as "You can't do a clean install, you have to do the upgrade method first so Windows 10 can generate your hash and activate":

I am NOT attempting to do a clean install. I'm trying to run the initial 'Upgrade' method. I fully understand that you can't do a clean install without the upgrade being completed first. Why it's asking for a product key instead of starting an upgrade installation?

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Tiles Won't Move To Empty Space When Expand Start Menu Horizontally

Sep 7, 2015

I have very annoying problem with the start menu. When I expand the menu horizontally, the tiles wont move in to the empty space. I have tried everything. Cant move them manually either by dragging. Tiles just stay left. Here's picture of my problem: [URL] ....

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Disk Management Not Showing Change Drive Letter Option On Right Click

Feb 20, 2016

When I go to disk management and right click on my # 2 HDD to give it a drive letter, it only shows Convert to Dynamic Disk, Properties and Help. change drive letter and paths does not show up ??.

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No Window Appearing With (Open With) Option

Aug 23, 2015

Running Windows 10 and whenever I tried and right click a file and select "Open with" I don't that that small window to appear and show me what apps to select. The window where the file is on loses focus but nothing happens until I click or press a key.

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CUR And ANI Files Not Showing Thumbnail After Assign Open With

Oct 2, 2015

By default .cur and .ani cursor files are not associated with opening by any program, and a thumbnail of the pic contents is displayed in the file explorer icons. When I assign a program for opening the file (ThumbsPlus, ACDSee, RealWorld Cursor Editor, whatever), the contents thumbnail changes to that program's icon. No more thumbnail or preview in the pane either. The only way I can get the thumbnail to return is to go to settings and Reset all default apps (which de-assigns those file types back to no program association).

Workaround is I use the "open with" menu command and make SURE I uncheck the "Always use this app to open...." box.

This does not happen to .jpg, .png, .ico or any other graphic type file. They all show thumbnails no matter what the program association. Only .cur / .ani.

Is this something we live with in Win 10? ...or am I "special"? I don't remember seeing this on Win 7, XP or any in history.

The pic below shows the thumbnails with "Opens with: Unknown application". As soon as I assign, no more thumbnail...

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Win 8.1 Start Screen Option Active - Showing Start On Sign-in

Sep 11, 2015

Whenever I log-in from hibernate or boot, the start interface shows. I had this enabled in Windows 8.1 (start screen), but now I'm on 10 (no start screen) and it still shows.

There is no option to disable it. Is there a registry key to disable this?

P.S. My start screen is normal, not full screen.

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Can Run Option Be Sent To Start Menu

Aug 19, 2015

Frankly I would like to be able to customise what used to be the Start Menu. I would like to have the run option available as well as the search option to search files/folders etc, as before.

Right clicking on an empty spot in the start menu doesn't give me anything. I've looked at tutorials on the search bar, but all I have available is Cortana, and hiding her doesn't give me any other search option. I don't use Cortana because I prefer google. Edge takes a very long time to load for me.

I'd also like to add Paint to the Start menu.

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Remove Shutdown Option From Menu?

Oct 20, 2015

I have a new PC and my motherboard (z97A) for some reason doesn't support charging when the pc is off (apparently its for power saving lol) which is a big deal for me because I use a lot of wireless peripherals that are meant to be charged when I don't use my pc (overnight etc).

I wasted like over a month to find a solution to that but I got no luck so I just figured out that I'll keep putting my PC to sleep instead of shutting it down so it doesn't make any noise but it still provides power in the USB.

But the thing is, my sister likes to use my pc and I am ok with it, but she keeps turning it off instead of putting to sleep so I end up comming back from school and the mouse/headset aren't charged (because she turned the pc off instead of putting it on sleep) and its ridiculously annoying.

So I figured, if there's no option to shut it down in the start menu then she'll just put it to sleep instead! But I can't find any option to remove it from the start menu, there's only the option to remove the sleep mode which I don't want.

I don't care about using commands like shutdown or anything like that, I just don't want the shutdown option to appear in the start menu. Is there a way to do it?

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Burning ISO Disc - Option Is Not In The Menu

Jul 11, 2015

Downloaded MemTest and when I right click on the .iso to burn to disc the option is not in the menu.  I downloaded it on another Win10 machine with the same results, right click on the .iso does not have an option to burn to disc.  Another .iso file in my downloads (Decrypt) has the burn to disc option on right click. 

Both files are .iso and show as disc image. Why the memtest .iso does not have a burn to disc option?  It's downloaded on two different computers so that pretty much eliminates a computer problem and another .iso file will burn to disc on both machines.

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Shortcuts To Open Power Menu Or User Menu

Aug 22, 2015

Any command that can be pasted into a shortcut; That opens the power menu or user menu? I.e where you sign out or lock your computer.

The shortcut is meant to be on the desktop.

Some screenshots showing what menus I'm referring to.

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Option To Uninstall Unavailable From Start Menu

Sep 2, 2015

Apparently, I have yet another problem with Windows 10. I noticed today on my laptop that that when I right click on an application from the start menu there are options such as Pin to Start, Pin to Taskbar, Uninstall, Run as Administrator and Open File Location. However, when I right click on an application on my desktop PC, the only option I have available is Pin to Start.

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Missing Sleep Option In Power Menu

Oct 8, 2015

I installed Win10 yesterday on my desktop, but sleep is not an option on power menu. Have tried all options that I find in various forums including driver updates and system settings, but can not get a sleep mode for the power menu. Maybe Win 10 thinks my desktop is a laptop as I only have hibernate for an option.

I have tried using hibernate, but my PC "wakes" anyway and uses too much power with fans. Only power saving solution now is to shut down completely each time I walk away. I have not found the solution in forums for adding back sleep to the menu.

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Option To Uninstall Is Unavailable From The Start Menu

Sep 2, 2015

Apparently, I have yet another problem with Windows 10. I noticed today on my laptop that that when I right click on an application from the start menu there are options such as Pin to Start, Pin to Taskbar, Uninstall, Run as Administrator and Open File Location. However, when I right click on an application on my desktop PC, the only option I have available is Pin to Start. How to fix PC so it shows the other options?

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No Toolbar Option In Taskbar And Start Menu Properties

Jan 3, 2016

I tried everything to solve this problem but i can't fix it.

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