FSO Object, Write Method

I am writing a VBS File Which will Take Data from an SQL Database and put it into a text file. I am getting an error on: myFile.Write NewLine (myFile is set to FSO.CreateTextFile, and NewLine is the text I am trying to write)

I have found this error is being produced When I try to "write" this text from the database:

<p><b>Moviní On Printed Throw Blanket</b></p><p>

The Problem is on this "Square" Charecter. I used the Asc() Function and got the Charecter value as 63, and Did a replace on it and it still does not work. I don't know how this charecter got in the database in the first place. I don't know if that charecter will show up correctly on this forum. But the character just looks like an empty box.

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ASP Write Method - How To Position The Cursor

I'm building a text file from a database table using the ASP
Write Method and would like to position the cursor in a specific
column position before writing the fields. As I loop through and write
the fields into strings of rows, I want to be able to put field1 in
row1/column position1, field2 in row1/column position10,.....etc.

I've included the basic code to write a string of text. I understand
the process of how to write the fields and loop, etc. If you would be
kind enough to just show me in there the syntax for positioning the
cursor before the write I will then apply it to my code:

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Object BinaryRead Method

It became clear to me that using a Request.Form object doesnt work after a Request.BinaryRead. I never had to deal with the BinaryRead Object Method, so this is quite new for me.

I'm using a script to upload files to my server (this script uses the Request.BinaryRead). Besides the file, users submit there name and a checkbox (if checked of course). I want to use the data submited by the user, but the Request.Form object doesnt work .how can i access the tekstfield and checkbox, if cant use the Request.Form object?The answer will be simple probably, but my searches on google didn't give me an answer.

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Send Method (CDONTS NewMail Object)

Is there a way to determin if the email message was sent? I have a numnber of applications that use CDONTS to send mail from both ASP and ASPX pages. If the server is down mail does not get sent. I do not see a way to determine this by code. Does anyone know of a way?

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Problem With FileExists Method Of FileSystem Object

I am going crazy trying to figure out why the FileExists method of the FileSystem object returns false when the file passed to it DOES exist.

The FolderExists method of the same object recognizes the existence of the folder containing the files in question, but FileExists always returns false.

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Object Doesn't Support :: Property Or Method Is Not Supported?

I got this code from a reputable ASP web site:


If (fs.FileExists("c:winntcursors3dgarro.cur"))=true Then
Response.Write("File c:winntcursors3dgarro.cur exists.")
Response.Write("File c:winntcursors3dgarro.cur does not exist.")
End If

set fs=nothing

Except everytime I run it, I get an error saying the property or method is not supported?

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Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method: 'Mailer.Response'

Can somebody explain me why I get this error

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01b6'

Object doesn't support this property or method: 'Mailer.Response'

/Mailform.asp, line 284

This is the piece of code it refferers to.....

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Error: Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method: 'File'

Finally I resolved upload issue. Now I want to add the validation before the upload. So I can make sure it is a JPG file, not any malicious files such as asp. exe. bat, etc..

Set Upload = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Upload")
If Upload.File.ContentType="asp" Then
Response.write "Invalid file"
End if

Upload.Save "k:Inetpubwwwrootpic"

It's not working

Object doesn't support this property or method: 'File'

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Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method: 'Response.Redirect

I wanted to add this method to my .asp page in order to dynamically choose a
page based upon some selection criteria. It's in my .asp book and in the
online reference. Yet when I use this object, the following error returns
in the browser:

Error Type:
Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01B6)
Object doesn't support this property or method: 'Response.Redirect'
/testwebs/choose.asp, line 22

What is missing from my IIS libraries in order to use have this method

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Error :: Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method: 'objPictureSize.Size'

Can't get this to work. I'm creating a workaround for the absence of aspJPEG on my server. I'm using aspUpload but my server only uses aspThumb. After aspThumb optimizes the original pic the file size changes and I need to reflect that change. When using aspUpload I can reference it's built in File object references but they only refer to the "original" file. There's an easy solution when using aspJPEG but not with aspThumb so I'm trying to get the "new" picture size using a scripting object with this script but I'm getting this error.

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01b6'

Object doesn't support this property or method: 'objPictureSize.Size'

/admin/media_upload_picture_process.asp, line 107 ....

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Write Out Results Of Command Object

I am trying to write out the results to the screen and save them to disk, but I can't figure out how to properly formulate the code.

I keep getting this error: Object doesn't support this property or method


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Write Permissions Using Scripting.TextStream Object

In Windows 2000 I need permissions set so that I can write a text file to the folder when the asp page is loaded. Right now I have only these permissions set:

Administrator: Full
System: Full
Everyone: Read and Execute, List, Read
Network: Read and Execute. List. Read

Is there some other "user" that I can give permissions to to write a text file to the folder that doesn't allow write permissions to IUSER_MachineName?

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Arrays Of Dictionary Object Stored In An Object?

I'll admit my ASP skills are very rusty, and come seeking help.

I'm currently using a dictionary object to store a multi-dimensional array.

I want to pass this dictionary object to an object, which holds an array of dictionary objects.

However I'm finding that the array is not getting set, thus I'm having great issue with dynamically resizing the object's property for every new dictionary object I'm adding.

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Can VB Com Object Used By ASP Get Events Fired By An Internal Object?

I have a VC++ COM object which fires an event. I've written VB EXE apps against it and they receive the event notification.

I've now built a simple VB COM object which uses the VC++ COM object internally.

My question is, assuming the ASP page which loads the object does not immediately exit, will the VB COM object be able to receive the events from the internal object?

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Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object.

We are using .net 1.1 on windows 2003 server. This is we are facing in our
production server.

When we are doing the load testing we are getting the bellow error. While
the load testing this error is not coming frequently. When we run 20 threads
for 3 mins we are getting this error message 2 or 3 times. But this line of
code is executed by all the threads. Code:

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Recordset Object Vs Command Object

I want to open a recordset object on an .asp page. When I open the recordset I would like to use a stored procedure that expects a parameter to be passed for the stored procedure. I will then use the recordset to loop thru the recordset, update values from the recordset and then update the database by passing parmeters to another stored procedure.

I would like to use the recordset object but can it be used to pass a parameter to a stored procedure? Do I need to use a command object to open the records instead in
order to pass the parameter to a stored procedure?

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ASP Method

I have downloaded the DiscIDCalc program from CDDB. I've used it a lot because I've written my own application for my CD collections (keeping track of the track information of each CD, track duration etc). I've already got all my CDs into the application, I'm now just going through each of the disc again just to add in the DiscID information. I do it by running the DiscIDCalc program, generating the DiscID, and then then copying and pasting this DiscID into my application and then save it.
if anyone has successfully generated the DiscID within an asp page?
Now I have to have my browser up and this DiscIDCalc program up. Just want to know if there's a way to incorporate the two together (even if it means I'm not using the DiscIDCalc anymore.). This DiscIDCalc has a documentation for its DiscIDCalcDLL.dll but it's not something that I can CreateObject with, so I'm quite clueless... I don't want to use VB to write APIs for that

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Using Get Method

I use query string to search for records by using GET method. This method will generate querystring automatically by using the form name. Using search field together with drop down is fine but the problem is when i didn't enter any keyword or left the search field blank it won't display any result.

Unless I put "%" in the search field. How do I make the querystring change to "%" whenever the field is blank so that all records will be displayed.

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i am trying top update a field in my sql database but it wont let me??? does anyone know if my syntax is correct?? I have a field called userId in the database and want to replace it with my form request. Code:

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Method Not Allowed

Method Not Allowed
The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /Database/processForm.asp.

Apache/1.3.33 Server at antonyx.freestarthost.com Port 80

i just got this error, however, i have managed to post data into my database on this server b4, why is this error comin up now, could there be a prob with my asp file??

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GetString Method

When using ActiveX Combo Boxes, can you use the GetString method to populate the control? I currently am using AddItem, however, it is taking a long time to process. I know that GetString works well to improve the performance. Here is my code while using AddItem:

while not rsClient.EOF
Response.Write chr(9) & "MenuForm.lstClient.additem " & chr(34) & replace(rsClient.Fields("Client Name").value,chr(34),"'") & " [" & trim(rsClient.Fields("Client Number").Value) & "]" & chr(34) & chr(13)

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POST Method

Now this is a weird one. I'm having a problem with a system in development. When I post data from a form in IE 5.01 it works fine, but in IE 5.5 it refuses to post the data to the server and in IE 6 it's scatty -- works sometimes but not others. Anyone seen this before?
By the way -- this is normal VBS/ASP running on IIS 5 on an NT server

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Redirect Method

can values of variables be transfered through response.redirect onto the next page

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Post Method

I have a form that ignores my form validation code. My code works if I use the post method of <%=Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME")%>.

But, If I post the form to another .asp page, which I prefer, the code doesn't work. Do anyone have any suggestions? Here's my code.

I have a form that ignores my form validation code. My code works if I use the post method of <%=Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME")%>. But, If I post the form to another .asp page, which I prefer, the code doesn't work. Do anyone have any suggestions? Code:

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I have a service provider that's sends sms messages from clients mobile
phones to my asp page, problem is I don't know how to show the data and they
are not being helpful.
The process is simple as outlined below (instructions from service provider

Example: If you provide this: http://www.yourdomain.com/sms/sms.asp then we
will do a post via a standard HTTP GET as follow:

How do I receive the url with the parameters in the address bar?

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Email Method

I would like to know which method is best in ASP when using/coding for email via a form.

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Best Method To Hide

What's the best method to hide, or not show a certain record when doing a pull from a database, as in I am pulling a list with a dozen category's and I don't what to show one of them.

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ASP POST Method Bug

I have a demo.asp page, that can't pass hidden value "mr progrramer" to
itself using POST method. Only "mr" is passed.

I created a second asp file demo1.asp and passed "mr programmer" and whole
string (include space b/w mr and programmer was passed successfully).

The code for demo.asp is:

name = request.Form("name")
response.Write "hello " & request.Form("name")

' if name is empty then store some string with space in it
' problem is the word before space 'mr' is passed, but 'programer' is not
if len(name)=0 then
name = "mr programmer"
end if


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POST Method

I have a .asp page that uses the post method and it works fine on my computer using iis. But when i put it on the web server (it has windows NT4) it wont work.

I've read that you have to do something to allow the post method on the server.

i know nothing about windows NT4 but can get access to the server. can someone please let me know what i have to do to get this to work?

Just to let you know the post method is for ssending a login and pass to another page that search a database for the record. If there is another way to do this that does not show the variables in the url please let me know. i am also willing to make it so that everything is on the same page so i dont have to pass anything.

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Using The Find Method

Based on what the user selects in a combo box I need to find the value from another column in the same record. This is what I am using:

rsPrice.Find "Component='Desktop'"
If (rstPrice.BOF = True) or (rstPrice.EOF = True) Then
response.write("The Price for the Component Not Found")

curPrice =rsPrice("Score")
End If

I keep getting an error messages:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server (0x80040E29) Rowset does not support scrolling backward.

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Renaming Method

I'm looking for a renaming method for folder objects.I have an ASP (JScript) application that I'm creating that acts as a document library. Users can upload files, create folders, etc.

Most places I go to basically have: copy, delete, move, create textfile as the only methods for the folder object - NOTHING about renaming.

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ASP Update Method

The Folowing code is not working anymore.(500 error)

Set objRS = strSQL1.Execute
strSQL1 = "SELECT * FROM BannerRotor where BannerID=" & cstr(BannerID)
objRS.Open strSQL1, objConn , 2 , 3 , adCmdText
If not (objRS.BOF and objRS.EOF) Then
[ objRS.Fields("Exposures").Value =objRS.Fields("Exposures").Value + 1
End If

The .execute Method works fine

strSQL1 = "UPDATE BannerRotor SET Exposures=Exposures+1 WHERE BannerID=" & cstr(BannerID)
objConn.Execute strSQL1

W2003 + IIS6.0

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Search Method

i have a search page script which consists of a text field and a pulldown menu. the search function using search text works but not the pulldown menu. do I have to set separate recordset for each of the search functions, one for the search using text field and another using pulldown menu?

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