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Dealing With Numbers In Text Field

Mar 29, 2015

I have run into a problem when searching for a Movie title that is a number (like the movie name 21)

This is an access database and the Movie_Name is a text field

The SQL I am using is

Select * from Movie_Data where Movie_Title = ‘” & Movie_Name & “’”

This works perfectly for everything except when the Movie_Name = a number

Is there a way to make this search work with both characters and numbers?

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SQL 2012 :: Remove Character From Specific Column

Nov 18, 2014

How to remove Character From Column,Just Character. I want to work with number.

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SQL Server 2008 :: Transaction Log Growth

Feb 5, 2015

I received alerts from a couple of the production servers last night stating that the log file is running out of space. So, I took some log backups and shrunk those files. However, I would like to find out what made the log grow like that. After all, I have t-log backups scheduled every 30 minutes.Is there a way I can find out the reason behind the log growth?

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Converting Datetime Formats - Select Statement?

Mar 20, 2014

I have a datetime format that comes in 'yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.nnn'

But I only want 'yyyy-mm'

I am not sure how to correctly write the select statements. Below is what I have..

How would I do this, so the datetime result is 'mmmm-yy' ....

FROM [dbo].[scoringsummary]

WHERE convert(varchar(7), [RecordingDate],120) between convert(varchar(7), DateAdd(dd,-180,GetDate()), 120) AND convert(varchar(7), DateAdd(dd,-1,GetDate()), 120)

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Preserving The Total Field Length?

Jun 24, 2014

I have a field Char(10) named bank, and another one Char(15) named namebank.

I need to create a TSQL query, but i need to preserve the white space on my first field named bank and concatenate with the other namebank, this last i dont need white space.

B001 Bank 123

How can accomplish this query.

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SQL Server 2012 :: Stored Procedure To Remove All Records That Don't Have Max FileID

Jan 6, 2014

I have a SQL 2012 database that has 10 tables. One of the tables is populated by manual import from CSV file. Each time a user calls custom ASP.NET code., records get inserted into a table called forecast_data with incremental increase in FileID. So first import has FileID of 1, second import has FileID of 2 etc.


TABLE [dbo].[forecast_data](
[recID] [bigint] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
[FileID] [int] NULL,
[Project_Name] [nvarchar](255) NULL,
[Stoplight_Status] [nvarchar](255) NULL,
[Country] [nvarchar](255) NULL,
[Region] [nvarchar](255) NULL,


What I am trying to do is only keep the data that has the highest FileID (MAX(FileID). I would like to write a store procedure that removes all older data once a new import is written into the table.

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Integration Services :: Storing Column Value In SSIS Variable When Skipping Header Row?

Apr 28, 2015

I have a file with a header row which contains the date of the file and under that all the columns without a header.

In SSIS package I skip row and manually name the different columns.

However, I want to use the column in the header row to store the date value in an SSIS variable and use that variable to write it to our staging table. How can I do this when I skip the header row?

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Transact SQL :: Getting Random Rows From Table / Two From Each Group

Sep 2, 2015

I am using Sql Server 2008 R2.I have a existing query that basically says

Select Top 50 Subscriber_ID,  Member_Name, Group_ID
from my_table
order by rand(checksum(newid()))

However the client now wants to have at least two from each group_id. There are 17 different groups.  When I run this as is I get about six of the 17 groups in the results.  How can I change this to get at least two results from each group_id?

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Transact SQL :: Calculate Minutes In Stored Procedure Using Datediff

May 9, 2015

I needed to create a stored procedure to lock a user who makes 3 incorect entries of his password. I did it successfully. Now the problem what i have is that i want to lock the user  only if he makes the 3 incorrect entries within 30 minutes.

I created a field named "FirstEntryTime" of type datetime  that saves the date of the first incorrect entry.  I tried to make an if statement:

if (@timesOfEntry <=2 AND DATEDIFF(MINUTE, firstEntryTime,GETDATE()) <= 30)
 Update myTable set ...

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SQL 2012 :: Design A Table To Hold Filters For Selection Criteria?

May 5, 2014

I have an ordering database with several tables that store data of orders belonging to a wide variety of clients. There is a generic report that I need to run which outputs the same data elements. However the criteria to select these orders will vary widely between each client. For e.g.

i) for client# 1 it could be all orders that are still open after 30 days of placing an order

OrderStatus = 'Open'
GetDate() - OrderCreationDate >= 30

ii) for client# 2 it could be all orders that have been completed 60 days or earlier

OrderStatus = 'Completed'
GetDate() - OrderCompletedDate >= 60

iii) for client# 3 it could be a combination of different things (all orders in West Region that are in hold status for more than 10 days + all orders in Eastern Region that are in shipping and are expected to be delivered in the next 2 days + all completed orders for the rest of the regions).

OrderRegion = 'West'
OrderStatus = 'Hold'
GetDate() - OrderHoldDate >= 10


I want to have a stored procedure that selects all data and dynamically attach the where condition at the end for filtering. This way I wouldn't have to worry about any additions/changes that are made to the selection criteria. I can build an interface for admins who can use the UI to maintain the selection criteria and not worry about any code changes to accommodate it. I would like to design a table that holds this criteria. At this point in time, I am thinking of using key value pairs (Column Name, Column Value) but I am not sure how to implement multiple logical operators.

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Lost Connection In Server

Jul 28, 2014

everytime i run my query in mysql workbench the error is "lost connection in sql server".

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Reporting Services :: Report Is Extremely Small When Too Many Items In Multivalue Filter Selected

Mar 6, 2015

I have a problem with report built in SSRS and deployed with Dashboard Designer to Sharepoint. There are few filters connected to report, 2 of them are multivalue. Regardless of data returned, when I select too many items in filter, the report is getting super small. It doesn't matter what you select, size changes when you select exact number of items or more. I replaced report with single line (filters where still conected) - result was the same.

Small amount of items selected:

More items selected:

Size of the raport in Dashboard Designer is set to "Percentage of dashboard page", when I selected autosize, result was the same.

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Is Index Created On Primary Or Secondary Key?

Apr 15, 2015

Is index created on only primary key or it can be created on secondary key ?

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SQL Server 2008 :: Storing Column Value To A Column

Sep 9, 2015

I just have a question regarding storing values to a column in ms sql 2008.

Why is it that the value I inserted at the column is truncated when selected in a query.

The column for this is created to accept max. values.


The string which I need to insert is a combination of characters with a length of 14,720.

According to some forums, the max value that a column can hold is 8000 chars. only (Is this true? even though I set it to MAX?)

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SQL Server Admin 2014 :: Cannot Failover AG To Secondary Replica

Aug 11, 2015

We are not able to failover the AG to secondary replica. The process gets timed out and AG goes to resolving mode. Had to reboot the box in order to switch the AG back to primary node. We even rebuilt the whole AG from scratch but the issue remains.

Failed to bring availability group 'xxxx' online. The operation timed out. Verify that the local Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) node is online. Then verify that the availability group resource exists in the WSFC cluster. If the problem persists, you might need to drop the availability group and create it again. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 41131). The step failed.

Not much information is available in the logs.

Version : sql server 2014 sp1

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