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Setup And Upgrade :: Users With Sysadmin Role Can't Access Network Drives

Oct 12, 2015

When I create logins for SQL Server 2012, something strange happens. When I assign the sysadmin role to a login, the login loses the access to the network drives (for example when creating or attaching databases). The only possible place is the c:drive of the computer that is running SQL Server.

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How To Call Stored Procedures

Sep 12, 2014

I am trying to execute the following to call a DB2 stored procedure from SQL Server 2000.


and I get the following error

Incorrect syntax near ','. The above code works comfortably in SQL Server 2008. Why?

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How To Select Rows With Max Value And Date Difference

Feb 4, 2015

I have here a query which delivers me the user data from the last month. The problem what I have is, if employee have more then one rows in this month, they will be also deliverd. But exactly this is not needed. I need only the last record from last month.


[Code] ....

Result from Query at the moment:


As you can see, PSNR=364 has two rows and i need only the row from last month and last date.Maybe we can use Field PFLFDNR as counter. get only one row for every employee?

like this


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Power Pivot :: Auto Refresh Excel Table (Not Pivot Table) Using Data Source

Jul 8, 2015

Is it possible to generate automatic refresh of excel 2013 table which displays some table of a power pivot model on file open?? I dont want to use pivottable (which supports this ...)

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Updating Backend Via Excel VBA

Dec 17, 2014

I have create an Excel application which connects to an SQL Server backend.I have written an Excel vba procedure to update a table via ADO.But it couldn't---the error message says the provider (sqloledb) does not support updating database.

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Reporting Services :: Why SSRS Assuming Wrong Column Datatype

Nov 3, 2015

I have an SSRS report that's being built from a stored procedure given 2 variables. The error I'm receiving is

An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)
Cannot read the next data row for the dataset Sheet2. (rsErrorReadingNextDataRow)
Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '.5' to data type int.

This doesn't make any sense. The variable in question is being stored as a varchar. I don't do any typecasting in the stored procedure. Executing the stored proc in sql server studio works fine. In the query designer I replaced the stored procedure call with just the code for the stored procedure and it works fine as well. Switching it back to call the stored procedure throws the same error.

Our prod server is using 2008, our dev is running 2010, and I have 2013 Visual Studio. It has to do with the version of SSRS. I checked the datatype of the fieldtype and rd:TypeName was System.Int32. Changing it to System.String did nothing. Leaning even more towards the issue being SSRS itself. I even pulled the working version off of prod and it gave me the same error in Visual Studio.

Why is SSRS trying to convert a varchar to an int? It should be a double if anything or just leave it alone and not try typecasting it at all.

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Integration Services :: Using SSIS To Call A Stored Procedure On AS400 Iseries DB2?

Jun 4, 2015

I have developed an SSIS Package which uses an ODBC connection to an AS400 iseries stored procedure. I use an Execute SQL Task. The query is Call Doctrack.PubFeed(?,?,?,?). The procedure takes 2 input parameters and 2 output parameters (3rd and 4th parameters) The data types of the output parameters are  an integer and varchar.   As part of the procedure data is inserted into a table on the iseries. 

When I run the package using breakpoints to view the values of the variables I see that the stored procedure returns values for the output parameters  and the execute SQL task is a success and proceeds to the next task in the package.  The whole package ends successfully.However, when the table on the iseries is checked nothing has been inserted into it.  To test further,  I manually run the procedure on the iseries using the same parameters.  The run is successful.  And when the table is checked, there are in fact new rows inserted.

What can possibly be the issue since I am not getting any errors when I run the package?  Oh I should add that prior to the execute Sql Task,  there is a data flow task which moves data from a SQL Server database  to a table on the iseries (successfully) using the same ODBC connection.  The execute sql tasks uses that information for the Stored procedure.

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SQL Server 2012 :: Counting Characters In A String Before A Space

Jun 11, 2014

I am trying to count the characters in a sting before a space. Here is the example of what I am trying to accomplish.

"2073 9187463 2700' 4 7 4, the string character count is 4 before the space, 7 is the count before the next space and the last is the last in the string, if there was more characters within this string for example....'2073 9187463 2700 7023 6044567' it would return the number of characters in the string before the space and at the very end of it.

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SQL 2012 :: Multiple User Report Generation And Email?

Oct 13, 2014

Lets say for example I have a table named Drier_Lot_Recipients with columns grower_id int, crop_year int, and email_address varchar(100). This table contains users that would like to receive an SSRS report I created on daily basis.

I created the SSRS report and it is deployed on a reporting services server. The name of the report is Drier_Lot_Report.rdl.

I am not sure what would be the best way to go about this. Should I do it all in SSIS or a stored procedure in SQL Server?OR maybe a combination of both.

Do I need to have calls made to the RS.EXE utility? Do I need to setup database mail in SQL Server?We have two SMTP servers.

So the end solution must call the Drier_Lot_Report and pass in two parameters (Grower_id and Crop_Year). The output must be PDF and either have the grower_id included in the output filename OR generic filename

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Analysis :: MDX To Calculate Maximum Gap In Sales For A Product?

Sep 30, 2015

I have a fact table which lists the last 12 month historical sales of a product,country,month combination so the table structure is like:

<month, productID, countryID, (month-3 sales), (month-4 sales).........,(month-14 sales)>

I need to write an MDX query which will return a flag that indicates if a product has a gap of more than 2 consecutive months in terms of positive sales. So I calculate if there is a gap of 3 months. If yes, then return 1 else null. The calculation below is scoped at product level.

IIF(([month-3 sales]<=0 AND [month-4 sales]<=0 AND [month-5 sales]<=0)
OR  ([month-4 sales]<=0 AND [month-5 sales]<=0 AND [month-6 sales]<=0)
OR ([month-5 sales]<=0 AND [month-6 sales]<=0 AND [month-7 sales]<=0)
OR ([month-12 sales]<=0 AND [month-13 sales]<=0 AND [month-14 sales]<=0)),1,NULL)

Unfortunately I cannot do this calculation at relational level as a product may have a gap of more than 2 months at country level but may not have this at a higher level in geography.

optimizing this as the performance is bad and other calculated measures are dependent on this. Based on this calculation, I can write a scope which sums up all products so that I get the count of products with a gap of more than 2 months in sales.

I have also tried CASE statement and NESTED IIFs but the performance is worse than the above.

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Subtracting The Amount In Query?

Apr 16, 2015

If I have the total amount of 673000 that is passed as a parameter in my stored proc then, I need to do this:

Declare @TotalAmount money
@TotalAmount = 673000
Col1 Col2 Col3
Test1 45 672955 --(I want to subtract 673000 from Col2 data) 673000-45
Test2 30 672925 --(I want to subtract 30 from the remaining amount of col3)
Test3 100 672825 --(I want to subtract 100 from the remaining amount of col3)

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SQL Server 2012 :: Select Maximum - Using Fields From 2 Tables?

Jun 11, 2015

I have Database Library, which has a lot of tables and we need 3 tables for quary:

Table Librarians: field ID, field Surname;
Table StudentCard: field ID, foreign key on table Librarians and other fields, which we don't use
Table TeacherCard: field ID, foreign key on table Librarians and other fields, which we don't use

Query: Select the librarian's surname, which gave the most count of books.

I know, how to resolve, when i took datas only from one table, e. g. TeacherCard

SELECT TOP 1 WITH TIES Librarians.LastName, MAX(Librarians.CountOfBooks) AS Books FROM
(SELECT L.LastName, COUNT(*) AS CountOfBooks FROM Libs L, T_Cards T
GROUP BY L.LastName) AS Librarians
GROUP BY Librarians.LastName
ORDER BY MAX(Librarians.CountOfBooks) DESC

I dont know, how to use datas from TeacherCard and from StudetnCard at the same time.

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Transact SQL :: Create Table Script

Jul 21, 2015

When I right click on a table and click Script Table as --> Create to -->  it scripts out:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Test](            
[FirstName] [varchar](50) NULL,            
[LastName] [varchar](50) NULL,            
[Address] [varchar](50()  NULL
ALTER TABLE [dbo].[Test] ADD [City] [varchar](50) NULL
Why is there an Alter table statement?  I’m assuming this table was altered at some point but why is SQL not just doing a create table and how is it keeping track of these changes?

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SQL Server 2012 :: Data Stays The Same With Different Parameters

Sep 25, 2015

In the t-sql 2012 that is attached message, is a query that always comes up with the same results. It does not make any difference what start and end dates are given to this t-sql. The results are always the same.

SET@StartDate= '2013-07-01'
SET@EndDate= '2015-08-01'
; WITH Com_House_1 AS (

[Code] ....

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SQL Server 2014 :: Insert Data From PDF Files

Mar 23, 2014

We are facing a problem with loading data from .pdf files from vendor..pdf files have data in tabular format and we would like to insert those fields into a SQL table.We do not want to insert the physical location of the file but, we need to insert the data within the file.How can we read a pdf file?

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