Data Input Via Browser

May 28, 2014

I have developed an access database whereby multi users are using via front end application. I have split the database into back end and front end.

Problem is each time i make a change to the front end, I have to go to each pc to update. Apart from this, any other programmer can easily see all my workings and can copy my database.

I want an option whereby when i make any changes to the front end, then the user will get the change upon the next login. I was thinking of using the front end over the local intranet web browser. will have one front end and all users will be connected to that. any changes i make will be on that front end and they will see the change upon next login.

My other problem is that I do not want the front end to be stored at the user's end as any programmer can access my tables, forms, queries, reports, macros even if i disabled the navigation option.

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Forms :: Create Data Entry Form To Input Data For Field

Mar 5, 2015

I an trying to create a data entry form (IndividualsEntryFm) to input data for fields such as (First Name),(Birthdate) etc., these to be saved to the (IndividualsTbl)

I also have another table (NamesTbl) which has family names etc. The two tables are linked by a (MainID) field. I want a combo box on the individualsEntryFm so that I can select the family name. Then I wish the empty fields for the IndividualsTbl to be available to enter data.When I press the save button I then want this data saved, together with the MainID from the combo box to the IndividualsTbl.

I have set the IndividualsTbl with a (PersonID) field as an auto number each individual therefore has a unique PersonID but may well share the MainID. I'm trying to link many people to the same address.

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Queries :: Filter Data From A Table Using Query (from Data Input Form)

Dec 30, 2014

I would like to filter data from a table using a query (from an data input form). The objective is to output all results if input form field is empty and to output results higher or equal to the type in the field if field is not Null. The query code is as follows:

IIf(IsNull([Forms]![Form2]![MaxDiffInput]);[Maximum operational pressure (bar)];[Maximum operational pressure (bar)]>=[Forms]![Form2]![MaxDiffInput])

However, is not providing any result when the input field (MaxDiffInput) as a value.

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Import Data From Excel Monthly - Not Manual Input All Data?

Jan 5, 2015

I was assigned by my manager to design an Access database system that is able to import all data from excel file monthly and creating charts & tables to analysis how each sales people and industry perform.

We originally have a big excel master sheet that has more than 10 sheets. I tried to import the current excel into access, but then i realized that this is not gonna work. because for next month, there will be new data and I can't do the whole import process over and over. Plus, after this system is designed, the users will be someone who has no knowledge in access, so i need to create a user-friendly system for them to use.

My questions is:since the data is always cumulative number, if I imported current excel file into access, when the next month comes, how to update the new data into excel. p.s. EXP. Mike's sale volume is different each month, and with the access system, for that column, it will be a cumulative number, like the total from the month of November to this month. how do i achieve this kind of update/import goal?I tried to link the excel to access, but by doing that, I will not be able to set relationship or change the attributes of any data type in access.

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Data Type To Input Data Number

Feb 16, 2014

I want to input data number such as 0.5 in my table, but it doesn't work. I already fill field size : integer with format : Standard with Decimal : 2, but the result is always 0.00 not 0.50 as my expectation. How to define that in my table?

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Web Browser Error - Please Help!

Oct 25, 2007

Hi Folks -

I'm really close at getting what I need done, I just have a small bug.

I have a form with a web browser control in Access 2003.

One text box on the form is for an address.
One text box on the form is for the street.

A command button on the form navigates to a website where I am trying to input the values of the text boxes into the text boxes on the web page.

The following code:

Me.WebBrowser0.Document.All("EnteredAddrNmbr").Value = txtaddr
Me.WebBrowser0.Document.All("EnteredStreetName").Value = txtStreet

This works - but FIRST I get an error 91 on the first line here stating that the Object variable or With block variable is not set. It lets me debug the code as it's running, showing me the highlighted first line in error. I then click the Continue button in the code window and all the rest of the code executes fine.

How do I get past that first error? And why is it letting me continue afterwards without addressing the error?

If I do a On Error Resume Next, it doesn't fill the boxes with data or issue the Click event command.

Thanks for your help in advance!!


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Microsoft Web Browser

Aug 29, 2005


I need to be able to do the following things with the Microsoft Web Browser:-

1. Back page
2. Find what the current pages
3. perform code on load of a new page



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File Browser

Apr 4, 2006

From MS Access, I want to export my files to MS excel. However, i want to allow the user to open up windows file browser to select the folder n filename. Any advice on how can i go about coding this?

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File Browser To Specify PATH Only

Apr 10, 2006

i am using file browser to save a file in MS ACCESS forms. However, i want another file browser to allow the user to specify the folder he wants, then from the folder he selects, i will generate a series of codes. Any advice on How can tat be done?


FT :)

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Web Browser And Form Problems

Dec 9, 2005

Below is the code I'm using to try and view the microsoft page in my Access Form, but its not working for me.

I searched for the name of the Web Browser by inserting it into Excel and reading the name from the Excel NameBox. Is the another way of confirming the name of the Web Browser?

Private Sub Form_Load()
Me!WebBrowser1.Navigate ""
End Sub
If I have the correct name of the Web Browser does anyone have any ideas how I can troubleshoot this problem?

Currently, I use two browsers (Avant and IE)


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Web Browser Auto Login

Nov 25, 2006

Hi Access World Community,
Im fairly new to vba and was wondering how I can refer to a username field and login field on a website that is within my Microsoft Web browser control.
I have some code below but it is giving me error91 Object vairable or With Block variable not set.
Private Sub Combo2_AfterUpdate()
Me.WebBrowser1.Navigate URL:=Me.Combo2.Text
Me.WebBrowser1.Document.Username.Value = "tester"
End Sub
It navigates to the site fine so it is narrowed down to {Me.WebBrowser1.Document.Username.Value} being the problem.
P.S. The website is

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Edit Database From Web Browser

Feb 8, 2006

I would like to edit a MS Database structure from a Web Browser using ASP. What I mean is I would like to be able to add more columns to a database table or delete or rename...Not the data that is already in the columns... Is this possible? If so can some one please point me in the right direction. I've searched these forums and have not been able to find the answer.

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Modules & VBA :: Tell If Browser Is Open To Certain Url?

Oct 20, 2014

I want to find out how I can write VBA to find out if a default browser is open to a particular webpage. I guess I'm going to have to find the browsers handle but I also don't know where to go from there.

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How To Run Access Form In Web Browser

Jan 18, 2014

I am making a point of sale system using access 2010. I want to run the main form through a web browser.

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Multiple-User Through Internet Browser

May 26, 2005

I am trying to create a database such that everyone in my company will be able to access it, but without having to install access and put a link to the DB on every computer. Ideally, I would like to have some sort of web applet that uses the DB on a central server and allows users to add and modify entries without having to know anything about Access.

Any help would be appreciated

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Forms :: Using Web Browser Control To Show PDF

Apr 2, 2013

I'm trying to use the Access 2010 web browser control to dynamically show a PDF.


and the dynamic part is two fields from the selected record:

me.txtMsdsID & "." & me.txtVersion

what is the simplest way to "bind" this so that when a record changes it automatically refreshes this control? I've tried setting it with VBA, but it's not working consistently.

I know the issues isn't the file path, as it works fine if I paste it in windows explorer.

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Reports :: Web Browser Control Report

Sep 12, 2014

Just wondering if there is a web browser control or work around for reports?

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Modules & VBA :: Parse HTML Using DOM Without Browser

Jan 27, 2014

If I have an XML file, I can load it into an XML document and parse it.

For an HTML file, I have been unable to find similar parsing methods - that is, using DOM and not involving a browser (other than simply treating the file as text). I'd prefer to avoid the browser control because it is different for a number of different Access versions, so the only option remaining that I see is to run Internet Explorer with visibility off.

Can one parse HTML using the DOM without a browser?

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Forms Missing From Object Browser

Oct 17, 2011

I created a new form and subform and set an "On Update" event on one of the fields.

Went to Visual Basic and can't find the form or subform in the object browser. What gives? How do I create the code when I can't find the object?

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Is It Possible To Automate The Following Data Input?

Nov 8, 2006

Can anyone please advise how I may be able to achieve the following?

The database in question is used to store info about members of a radio control model flying club.

I have a table (members) containing member’s personal details – names, addresses etc and a second table (club_membership) containing membership info in the Fields – year, membership_cat, insurance_cat. Each member has a record in the second table for each year they have been a member.

To simplify the renewal process (typically most members renew at the same time at our AGM) I would like to use a form which lists all members names with a check box (renew) which is checked if the member renews his/her membership. For every member checked I would like to automatically create a new record in the club_membership table for the next membership year (2007) by copying over values for the fields membership_cat and insurance_cat from their record for the previous year.

Many thanks


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No Data/Input Query

Jul 31, 2007

Hi, I try to simplify what I did in Access as follows:

Name Of Company----Jan----Feb----Mac----Apr


Note: No data inserted for Company D for Jan-Apr


1. If the list of companies are longer (say thousands), how can I make a query to show company that make no transaction in Jan - April ??? AND

2.How can I make a query to show all the companies (with and without transaction) together?

FYI: For Qusetion 2, I can only get the filtered result shown for Company A,B & C while no Company D listed (coz no input/data??). Pls help me, TQ


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Truncate Data Input

Feb 9, 2005

I have an append query that I input a 14-digit PIN number and it populates the PIN field (works fine). In addition populating the PIN field, I also want it to populate the ParID field. However, the ParID field only needs 9-digits (excludes the first 3 and the last 2 - i.e. xxx123456789xx). Is there a way my append query can handle such?


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Cannot Input Data Into Some Of The Fields

Jun 24, 2005


Just a short introduction. I am rather new to this forum and also a beginner to Access development. I am currently working on developing a database for CRM purposes for an organisation.

I have created a form for ease of viewing and inputting data. However, the problem I am encountering is that some of the fields does not allow me to add new entries. All the data seems to be drawn from the right sources and any changes made to the existing data is reflected in the underlying tables but it just doesnt allow me to add new data for some fields.

I have attached a compressed version of the database and I would very much appreciate if anyone could offer any assistance on this issue.

Go to Forms (tabbed)
Fields where data cannot be inputted :

Relationship Info - Service, Relationship Info
Meeting Info - All fields
Client Info - RelationshipNum

Fields where you can input data
All the rest are working fine

Thank you very much for your help!

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Blocking Data Input

Jun 11, 2005

In my data input form I have several boxes. In one case i wish to allow data to be input if a certain box is marked. that mark will allow any of six boxes to be checked. This works for me. However, in the event that the certain original box is marked in error, how do I allow the box to be unmarked and make the six other boxes closed to input?

such as: (box) do it
(box) one (box) two (box) three

box do it is marked. It allows any of 1,2,3 to be chosen. Box do it is marked in error and reclicked to blank. Boxes 1,2,3 need to close up so they cannot be marked. How do I get them to close up?


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Add Picture Problem / Code For OLE Object Browser

Dec 9, 2004

trying to get; add picture, done. i´m using the northwind example in my database. below is the code behind my form.

Code:Option Compare Database Option Explicit Dim path As String Private Sub cmdExit_Click() DoCmd.Close End Sub Private Sub cmdMenu_Click() DoCmd.Close DoCmd.OpenForm "frmMenu", acNormal, , , acFormReadOnly End Sub Private Sub cmdNieuweFoto_Click() getFileName End Sub Private Sub Form_RecordExit(Cancel As Integer) ' De label errormsg verbergen om te voorkomen dat het scherm ' knippert bij het navigeren naar een andere record. ErrorMsg.Visible = False End Sub Private Sub cmdFotoVerwijderen_Click() Me![ImagePath] = "" hideImageFrame ErrorMsg.Visible = True End Sub Private Sub Form_AfterUpdate() ' Query opnieuw uitvoeren op de keuzelijst met invoervak ' Superieur nadat een record is gewijzigd. Vervolgens de ' label errormsg weergeven als er geen naam voor het ' fotobestand is ingevuld of de foto weergeven als een ' geldige bestandsnaam is ingevuld. On Error Resume Next showErrorMessage showImageFrame If (IsRelative(Me!ImagePath) = True) Then Me![ImageFrame].Picture = path & Me![ImagePath] Else Me![ImageFrame].Picture = Me![ImagePath] End If End Sub Private Sub ImagePath_AfterUpdate() ' De foto van de medewerker weergeven zodra het fotobestand ' is geselecteerd. On Error Resume Next showErrorMessage showImageFrame If (IsRelative(Me!ImagePath) = True) Then Me![ImageFrame].Picture = path & Me![ImagePath] Else Me![ImageFrame].Picture = Me![ImagePath] End If End Sub Sub getFileName() ' Geeft het Office-dialoogvenster Bestand openen weer van ' waaruit een fotobestand voor de huidige medewerkersrecord ' kan worden gekozen. Het geselecteerde bestand wordt in het ' besturingselement voor afbeeldingen weergegeven. Dim fileName As String Dim result As Integer With Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker) .Title = "Foto van medewerker selecteren" .Filters.Add "Alle bestanden", "*.*" .Filters.Add "Gifs", "*.gif" .Filters.Add "Bitmaps", "*.bmp" .FilterIndex = 3 .AllowMultiSelect = False .InitialFileName = CurrentProject.path result = .Show If (result <> 0) Then fileName = Trim(.SelectedItems.Item(1)) Me![ImagePath].Visible = True Me![ImagePath].SetFocus Me![ImagePath].Text = fileName Me![merk].SetFocus Me![ImagePath].Visible = False End If End With End Sub Sub showErrorMessage() ' De label errormsg weergeven als het fotobestand niet ' beschikbaar is. If Not IsNull(Me![foto]) Then ErrorMsg.Visible = False Else ErrorMsg.Visible = True End If End Sub Function IsRelative(fName As String) As Boolean ' Onwaar als resultaat geven als de bestandsnaam een station ' of UNC-pad bevat IsRelative = (InStr(1, fName, ":") = 0) And (InStr(1, fName, "\") = 0) End Function Sub hideImageFrame() ' Het besturingselement voor afbeeldingen verbergen Me![ImageFrame].Visible = False End Sub Sub showImageFrame() ' Het besturingselement voor afbeeldingen weergeven Me![ImageFrame].Visible = True End Sub

the remove picture button works fine, the picture is actualy removed from the database. but the add picture buton wont work, i get an error. i have a idea wy. the northwind DB uses text in its table for the picture ( to define a path). but my database is using OLE object in the table for the pictures. i select add object » use file » and browse for the pic (and fill the checkbox to merge the pic with the DB). northwind uses "getFile" (opens a file browser) to define a path and i think it´s only text based and won´t work with OLE objects.
does annybody know the code to get the OLE Object browser (see atached pic).

to make it short: neet the code to open the OLE Object browser (if there is a code). if somebody thinks the problem is something else, tell me plz.


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Modules & VBA :: Open File Browser In Access?

Oct 8, 2013

From access I'm calling a code in excel. My code in excel pops up a browser that allows the user to select what files they'd like to import. For various reasons I have to import data through excel, not directly to Access which is why the browser appears in excel instead of access. Essentially the user will select a word file which is imported into access through excel.

I'd like this browser to appear in access instead of excel though. If I move my browser from excel to access is there any way to have my code in excel reference the file selected in access? Or is there some way for this browser to appear without the user having to select the excel icon in the task bar? I essentially want the user to only see and interact with access, but because my browser is in excel this isn't possible right now.

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