Forms Missing From Object Browser

Oct 17, 2011

I created a new form and subform and set an "On Update" event on one of the fields.

Went to Visual Basic and can't find the form or subform in the object browser. What gives? How do I create the code when I can't find the object?

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Forms :: Unable To Print Web Browser Object

Aug 15, 2014

I have a form that displays a html document in a WebBrowser object. This displays fine on screen but shows up blank when printing the form. Is there any way to get this to appear on the print? I know you can right-click on the object and select "print" to print the contents of the object but ideally I'd like the page to print in the context of the form. Is this possible?

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Forms :: Object Missing Inside IF Statement

Mar 28, 2015

Sub ClearDeck()
Dim i As Integer
Dim ToStay As Variant

'Because Access will not allow a Frame and all it's contents to set Visible = False
'Remove all Frame Controls except those to keep outside our Frame

[Code] ...

I'm getting RunTime Error 424 Object Missing on the line inside the if statement. Although it is getting .Controls(i).Name correctly and I would have thought Me is an Object? I also tried the complete Form name but still got the error.

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Add Picture Problem / Code For OLE Object Browser

Dec 9, 2004

trying to get; add picture, done. im using the northwind example in my database. below is the code behind my form.

Code:Option Compare Database Option Explicit Dim path As String Private Sub cmdExit_Click() DoCmd.Close End Sub Private Sub cmdMenu_Click() DoCmd.Close DoCmd.OpenForm "frmMenu", acNormal, , , acFormReadOnly End Sub Private Sub cmdNieuweFoto_Click() getFileName End Sub Private Sub Form_RecordExit(Cancel As Integer) ' De label errormsg verbergen om te voorkomen dat het scherm ' knippert bij het navigeren naar een andere record. ErrorMsg.Visible = False End Sub Private Sub cmdFotoVerwijderen_Click() Me![ImagePath] = "" hideImageFrame ErrorMsg.Visible = True End Sub Private Sub Form_AfterUpdate() ' Query opnieuw uitvoeren op de keuzelijst met invoervak ' Superieur nadat een record is gewijzigd. Vervolgens de ' label errormsg weergeven als er geen naam voor het ' fotobestand is ingevuld of de foto weergeven als een ' geldige bestandsnaam is ingevuld. On Error Resume Next showErrorMessage showImageFrame If (IsRelative(Me!ImagePath) = True) Then Me![ImageFrame].Picture = path & Me![ImagePath] Else Me![ImageFrame].Picture = Me![ImagePath] End If End Sub Private Sub ImagePath_AfterUpdate() ' De foto van de medewerker weergeven zodra het fotobestand ' is geselecteerd. On Error Resume Next showErrorMessage showImageFrame If (IsRelative(Me!ImagePath) = True) Then Me![ImageFrame].Picture = path & Me![ImagePath] Else Me![ImageFrame].Picture = Me![ImagePath] End If End Sub Sub getFileName() ' Geeft het Office-dialoogvenster Bestand openen weer van ' waaruit een fotobestand voor de huidige medewerkersrecord ' kan worden gekozen. Het geselecteerde bestand wordt in het ' besturingselement voor afbeeldingen weergegeven. Dim fileName As String Dim result As Integer With Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker) .Title = "Foto van medewerker selecteren" .Filters.Add "Alle bestanden", "*.*" .Filters.Add "Gifs", "*.gif" .Filters.Add "Bitmaps", "*.bmp" .FilterIndex = 3 .AllowMultiSelect = False .InitialFileName = CurrentProject.path result = .Show If (result <> 0) Then fileName = Trim(.SelectedItems.Item(1)) Me![ImagePath].Visible = True Me![ImagePath].SetFocus Me![ImagePath].Text = fileName Me![merk].SetFocus Me![ImagePath].Visible = False End If End With End Sub Sub showErrorMessage() ' De label errormsg weergeven als het fotobestand niet ' beschikbaar is. If Not IsNull(Me![foto]) Then ErrorMsg.Visible = False Else ErrorMsg.Visible = True End If End Sub Function IsRelative(fName As String) As Boolean ' Onwaar als resultaat geven als de bestandsnaam een station ' of UNC-pad bevat IsRelative = (InStr(1, fName, ":") = 0) And (InStr(1, fName, "\") = 0) End Function Sub hideImageFrame() ' Het besturingselement voor afbeeldingen verbergen Me![ImageFrame].Visible = False End Sub Sub showImageFrame() ' Het besturingselement voor afbeeldingen weergeven Me![ImageFrame].Visible = True End Sub

the remove picture button works fine, the picture is actualy removed from the database. but the add picture buton wont work, i get an error. i have a idea wy. the northwind DB uses text in its table for the picture ( to define a path). but my database is using OLE object in the table for the pictures. i select add object use file and browse for the pic (and fill the checkbox to merge the pic with the DB). northwind uses "getFile" (opens a file browser) to define a path and i think its only text based and wont work with OLE objects.
does annybody know the code to get the OLE Object browser (see atached pic).

to make it short: neet the code to open the OLE Object browser (if there is a code). if somebody thinks the problem is something else, tell me plz.


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Reports :: No Missing References But Object Required

Jun 11, 2014

I cannot get this code to run in access 2010. It shows no missing references, but errors that Object required.

Dim wshShell, btn
Set wshShell = WSCript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
btn = wshShell.PopUp("Filter data wil be removed.", 2, "Data Unfilter:", &H4 + &H20)
Select Case btn

[Code] ....

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Queries :: Query By Form Gives Error OBJECT MISSING

Feb 6, 2015

The following code supposed to let me print all records OR only those where dAreaFK = myCBO currently I get an error message "Object missing".if i remove this: Or Me!cboStatsArea Is Null..from the last line the it works but only if i make selection in combo.

Private Sub cmdPrintOpen_Click()
'Print open defects using R_Open_details
Dim i As Integer
i = DCount("*", "Q_Open_details", "dAreaFK=cboStatsArea OR cboStatsArea IS Null")
'MsgBox "The count of rows is " & i
If i = 0 Then
MsgBox "No Records available for print", _
vbOKOnly, "Error"
Exit Sub
End If
DoCmd.OpenReport "R_Open_details", acPreview, , _
"dAreaFK=" & Me!cboStatsArea Or Me!cboStatsArea Is Null
End Sub

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Modules & VBA :: Object Missing Error On Code To Apply Two Filters

May 12, 2015

I've got a form that takes the members from my members table and allows me to take attendance. I have it set up with toggle buttons in the footer (so we can see what class we're currently looking at) and I want to apply two filters when we click on a button. The two filters are "SS_Roll = Yes (or True)" and "SS_Class = AD1 (or whatever the class is)". I did some research and found one code for it, but now that I'm getting the missing object error and upon further research, I'm starting to think the code I found was only an excerpt. Below is the code I currently have. It highlights the first line when I hit debug.


Private Sub OptAD1_Click()
Table![MembersTable].FilterOn = True
Table![MembersTable].Filter = "[SS_Roll] = " & True And "[SS_Class] = " & AD1
End Sub

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Forms :: Object Doesn't Contain Automation Object Table Name

Jan 5, 2015

I am currently building a database for the company I work for that is fairly similar to the Northwind Database; however it is made from scratch so hopefully some of the common problems with that database won't find their way into mine.My problem is that when I go to my Orders form, I pick a customer from the main form, which creates a record on the Orders table. When I then go to the subform to choose a product/line item, I get the error in my title ("The LinkMasterFields property setting has produced this error: 'The object doesn't contain the Automation object 'OrdersT.") as soon as a product is chosen from the drop down list.

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Forms :: Subform - Object Doesn't Contain Automation Object

Jul 17, 2013

The error is:

The LinkMasterFields property setting has produced this error: 'The object doesn't contain the Automation object 'tblIndividual.' '

Then it also gives me the same one on another table.

I think it has something to do with the link master/child fields. I've tried all kinds of relationships with the three tables and can't figure it out.

I've tried uploading the database here but it won't. It's on my Sky Drive.

[URL] .....

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Forms :: Using Web Browser Control To Show PDF

Apr 2, 2013

I'm trying to use the Access 2010 web browser control to dynamically show a PDF.


and the dynamic part is two fields from the selected record:

me.txtMsdsID & "." & me.txtVersion

what is the simplest way to "bind" this so that when a record changes it automatically refreshes this control? I've tried setting it with VBA, but it's not working consistently.

I know the issues isn't the file path, as it works fine if I paste it in windows explorer.

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Forms :: Web Browser Control Leaves Process Running After Quitting Application

Jul 1, 2014

I'm on Access 2010

I am using a web browser control on one of my forms The problem is that when I close my application down, after using the form with the wbc, an access process keeps running in the background. More severe: every time I start my app again and close it, another access process is added to the processes that are already running.

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Forms :: Web Browser Control Inside A Tab Control Display

Jun 18, 2014

I have a form with a tab control, inside the tab control I placed an ActiveX control (Microsoft Web Browser). These are at the bottom of the form.

Everything displays fine if the entire form fit on the screen but if the form is too long and I scroll down the browser control is getting obscured by the tab control and getting chopped off (the contents are covered). It is as if the browser control is staying in space where it was and moving behind the tab control as I scroll.

This problem does not occur if I place the browser control directly on the form. Also I note that the browser control is sitting correctly within the tab control.

I have been through all the settings and properties of both controls and haven't been able to fix it. I searched all over the web but no one has previously stumbled across this one by the look of it.

See the attached image ...

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Forms :: X Close Button Missing On Forms

Feb 11, 2015

How do I get the x close button back onto the forms in Access 07?

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Object Library Not Registered/ActiveX Component Can't Create Object

Jun 9, 2005


I am using Access 2003(11.6355.6360) SPI

When I attempt to create a new DB - by performing Blank Database I immediately get a message 'Object Library not registered'.

If I 'OK' that box and try to create a table, I can do so - create Table in design view.

When I then try to Import external data - an excel file I get the message 'ActiveX component Can't create object'.

I have looked ob various sites for help and forum information regarding these errors but have found nothing conclusive, with specidfic regard to Access 2003.

The version has been loaded on my machine about 1 year as part pf Office Professional but this is the first time I have attempted to run Access itself.

Does any forum member have any ideas as to how this problem could be resolved.

Thank You


Paul Langham

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Missing Data On Forms

Mar 15, 2005

Hi! I'm new here and have a little bit of experience w/ access...

I have a problem... I've created a form in my db but when I go to view it (not in design view) the information in the detail area is not there? The problem is not unique to this db either, I have this problem in another... Any ideas? All help is appreciated.


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Forms :: Method Item Of Object Forms Failed

Feb 25, 2014

I have a form "WorksheetList" that has a list of records upon which when one selects a record a new form opens "Worksheet" with the data from "WorksheetList" everything seemed to be working fine then suddenly I get the error "Method 'item' of object 'forms' failed"... Here's my code:

Private Sub txtReconciliationID_Click()
DoCmd.OpenForm "Worksheet", acNormal, , , , acWindowNormal
Forms![Worksheet]![txtLastUpdate] = Me.LastUpdate
Forms![Worksheet]![txtCalendarYear] = Me.CalendarYear

[Code] .....

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Missing Records (and Missing Updates)

Oct 7, 2005

Hi all

This is an ongoing problem I have had for 4 weeks now.

I have made a a system thats acts like a clock In/clock out Out system.

the structure is somthing like this

All fields apart from ID (autonumber) and username (String*255) are Date field (there are a few others like DateOfTimesheet etc but they arnt important here)

When a user arrives in the morning they make a record which they use for the day

They then have a form with a whole bunch of buttons which simply updates the correct field. For example they click the "Sign in for the Day" button and it updates the correct field with the current time.

Everything was going fine until people noticed that every now and again a sign in time dissapeared.

I have hacked myself to death trying to solve this problem but still the updates go Astray.

Now each time a time is updated the process goes somthing like this

1. the user opens their timesheet for the day (the RS is SNAPSHOT and no locks)

2. User Hits a sign in/out button
3. The record source is changed to "" and all buttons hidden (to ensure the record isnt locked and to make sure you dont do two things at once)
3. The table is updated with the new time (using some dynamic SQL)
4. The table is repeatadly checked using a DO loop to make sure the the correct time went in.
5. when the returned time value of the field matches the varaible used to update it, the form is returned to normal and the user carries on his/her merry way (if it never matches the screen should crash but this never happens).
6. A New record is added to another table called "tblbugfixinglog" which records which field was updated and when. This is so that I have two records in two different ways (figured if one went astray I could pull it back off the other)
7. Another new record is added to yet another table called tblSQLRecord, which simply logs all .RUNSQL statements that are executed.

I thought that the two extra tables (and the check that the record had been updated) would help me track down where the records are going missing, but this isnt the case.

Now it appears that some records arnt being added to tblBugFixingLog and to tblSQLRecord either and some of these tables are getting quite a few #ERROR's in them..

None of the tables are related to any other and i've no idea how #ERROR lines are appearing in a table that has 1 function... to recieve new records ... no editing, no viewing, no deleting.

Does anyone have any idea how these updates/inserts can go missing or create #ERRORs.
I've built plenty of Databases in my time and have never come across this.
__________________________________________________ ______________

This is the function I use to add a record to tblBugfixingLog and tblSQLRecord

Private Sub AddBugLog(ByVal TimesheetNumber As Long, ByVal FieldUpdating As String, ByVal NewFieldValue)
Dim TempSQL As String
TempSQL = "INSERT INTO tblBugFixingLog (TimeAndDateOfEntrySERVER,TimeAndDateOfEntryPC,Fie ldUpdated,NewEntry,UserID,TimesheetNumber,Computer AssetNo) VALUES (" & _
"#" & Format(ServerGetTime(Environ$("LOGONSERVER"))) & "#," & _
"#" & Now & "#," & _
"'" & FieldUpdating & "'," & _
"'" & NewFieldValue & "'," & _
"'" & GetNTUser & "'," & _
"'" & TimesheetNumber & "'," & _
"'" & fOSMachineName & "')"
' MsgBox TempSQL
DoCmd.RunSQL "INSERT INTO tblSQLRecord (Username,DateAndTime,Screen,TheSQL) VALUES('" & LoginInfo.sUsername & "','" & CStr(Now) & "','Add Bug Log function','" & CleanData(TempSQL) & "')", False
'CleanData is a function that removes ' and " from the SQL string so i can easily add the SQL string into the table
DoCmd.RunSQL TempSQL, False
End Sub

Public Function CleanData(ByVal DataToClean As String)
Dim TempData As String
Dim i As Integer
TempData = ""
For i = 1 To Len(DataToClean)
Select Case Mid(DataToClean, i, 1)
Case "'"
TempData = TempData & "`"
Case """"
TempData = TempData & "`"
Case Else
TempData = TempData & Mid(DataToClean, i, 1)
End Select
Next i
CleanData = TempData
End Function

__________________________________________________ ____

I have no idea how this can create #ERROR lines in the table when it is just added to and nothing else.

Does anyone have any clue to what may be happening here.

(Oh yeah and no matter how hard I try, I can't replicate the problem.... works for me every time no matter how harse I am to it!)

Please save what little hair I have left and give me some hope


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Forms :: Fields Missing On Tab Order Form

Apr 9, 2015

am trying to change the tab order but have noticed that some of the fields are missing from the tab order form. I am attaching a screenshot to show which tabs are missing.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 21.44.55.png

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Forms :: Sorting Missing Null Values?

Jun 19, 2013

Im trying to sort a form on a date. it only has dates put in once a confirmed date is known so when i sort all the blanks come to the top is there a way of sorting excluding null values

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Forms :: Missing Detail Records In Subform

Apr 3, 2014

I have a combo box and button on a form that should open another form and display the results in a datasheet view filtered by the combo box selection. The second form is based on a query that has the following criteria in the JobType field:


When I run the query it correctly prompts me to enter a value for the criteria and displays the proper results. Likewise, the same thing occurs when I run the second form independently. The problem is when I try to run it with the combo box and button. The second form opens in a datasheet view with the headings, but no detail records are being displayed.

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Web Browser Error - Please Help!

Oct 25, 2007

Hi Folks -

I'm really close at getting what I need done, I just have a small bug.

I have a form with a web browser control in Access 2003.

One text box on the form is for an address.
One text box on the form is for the street.

A command button on the form navigates to a website where I am trying to input the values of the text boxes into the text boxes on the web page.

The following code:

Me.WebBrowser0.Document.All("EnteredAddrNmbr").Value = txtaddr
Me.WebBrowser0.Document.All("EnteredStreetName").Value = txtStreet

This works - but FIRST I get an error 91 on the first line here stating that the Object variable or With block variable is not set. It lets me debug the code as it's running, showing me the highlighted first line in error. I then click the Continue button in the code window and all the rest of the code executes fine.

How do I get past that first error? And why is it letting me continue afterwards without addressing the error?

If I do a On Error Resume Next, it doesn't fill the boxes with data or issue the Click event command.

Thanks for your help in advance!!


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Microsoft Web Browser

Aug 29, 2005


I need to be able to do the following things with the Microsoft Web Browser:-

1. Back page
2. Find what the current pages
3. perform code on load of a new page



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File Browser

Apr 4, 2006

From MS Access, I want to export my files to MS excel. However, i want to allow the user to open up windows file browser to select the folder n filename. Any advice on how can i go about coding this?

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Forms :: General Date Format - Missing Time

May 3, 2014

I have set a field on my FORM with the General Date format. Every time I use the date picker it inserts the correct date with a time of 00:00? I even changed the format on my table to general date - still no luck.

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Forms :: Prevent Record Entry With Information Missing

Feb 18, 2014

I have a form and was wondering if it was possible to set it so that a user is not able to click the submit [Submitcmd] unless certain text boxes are filled (however SampleOuttxt needs to be able to remain blank).

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Forms :: Edit List Item Missing In Accdr

Aug 9, 2013

I have just finished a 6 month long build of an access 2010 app.I have used the publish wizard to make it publishable. This has made the accdb to an accdr file. No my edit list form don't work when you right click.This seems to be an issue with accdr files.Is there a way to have a button on the form that when clicked does same think as the right click option for edit option selected.

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