Does Access Have A Size Limit?

Apr 3, 2007


I am working on something and have to link I think a few thousand tables from a "store bought" database here at work. Is there a limit in regards to access? I know they are just linking but I didnt know if Access gets nutty after a while...

Anyone encounter functionality breakdown due to size or complexity?


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MDB Size Limit - Will Not Open. HELP!

Jul 17, 2006

Hi - I have searched this board and cannot find anything that has worked. I'm hoping someone can help and maybe I've just missed it somewhere on this board. Here's the thing:

I worked for 3 months on a MDB and got it working the way I needed. I then ran it for the date range I needed and apparently hit a file size limit. I got the "invalid arguement" error and immediately stopped the query and did a "compact and repair". It looked like the compact and repair worked but then the mdb did not come back up as it usually does. I closed Access and tried to re-open the mdb. Nothing happens! No error - no nothing. It just plain will not open. I then tried to compact and repair again but that will not work even when I select it as the mdb to compact and repair. I even tried to open a new, blank mdb and link to the mdb that won't go.

Does anyone have any suggestions on other things to try to get this to open again? Are the tables stored somewhere outside of the mdb that I can delete to make it smaller and open?? I'm grasping here..I know it..but i'm desperate to get this thing to open for me.

any help would be appreciated.


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Is There A Report Size Limit?

May 23, 2006

I have a database of 700 or so records each with a image filename (the images are about 75kb). When I make a report from these records including the images it takes a long time, but eventually it creates the report on screen with all the images. However when I try to print the report the images are not there.
Is it just that the spool file or is it a limit in access?
Would adding memory to the printer help?

Thank you for your help

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Limit Size Of Data RETURNED

Feb 9, 2006

One of my tables contains data/records like this: 02092006P1235665

Does anyone know how I would write a query to return only the first 8 characters from these records, not the entire field.

For simplicity lets call the table RECEIPTS and the field RECEIPT_NUMBER

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Reports :: How To Put Limit On Size Of A Report

Sep 30, 2013

I am creating a large report and I have reached the limit of the report page height at 55cm. Is there a way to change this value to 100cm or more.

It seems rather silly to put a limit on the size of a report.

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Tables :: Field Size Limit Of 255

Mar 6, 2013

is there any way to increase the size of the text field beyond the 255 character limit? I'm creating an incident report and its diffilcult to summarize an accident in less than 255 characters.

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Report Header Section Size Limit

Nov 23, 2011

I am creating barcharts in the report header section but i think there is some size restiction and I am not able to add more than 3 graphs in the report header section. I have to add 65 graphs. Is there any way to do that .

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Reports :: Size Limit To Detail Section Of A Report?

Aug 7, 2014

We are creating a report and for some reason we can no longer extend the detail section of the report. It has stopped at 2 A4 pages length and won't let us extend it further. We have about 7 pages of the report, I didn't think this was too much?

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Tables :: Limit Attachment Size And File Type To JPG

Aug 8, 2013

I have a field in my database (I'm using Access 2007) configured as Attachment under the DataType column on DesignView.

I was expecting to find an option to limit the attachment size (max 250Kb) and more importantly to limit the filetype you can actually upload. In my specific case only jpg should be attached.

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Access 97 & 1 Gig Limit

May 17, 2006

Hello All:

We use a custom built Access “97 version” database at work that keeps track of our internal manufacturing processes. The database stores jpg’s and dwg files that use up a lot of precious DB space and if we had it to do over we would use hyperlinks to these files to save space. But this database we built long ago and we have reached the 1 gig limit of Access 97.

1) If we upgrade to a newer version of access will this increase the database limit to 2 gig’s
2) Is this kind of upgrade easy to do or should this be done by a Access professional

Thanks for the help


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Did I Push Access To The Limit?

May 18, 2006

Need some feed back here.

Have I pushed Access to the limit? Everything runs great, although I do have some hecups, once in awhile but nothing major.

I'm at 100 megs. I have 40 users with read/write. I have maybe 300 users with read only.

The IT people told me that Access is not design to do this kind of work. I mention that it been running for over 7 years, with very few problems.
Those problems I created myself.

I guess I need some feed back from what you think.

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Large Field Size = Larger Overall Database Size?

Aug 29, 2005

Will keeping your field size shorter result in a smaller MDB file?

Or does Access only use as much space as there is real data in its fields.

Way back in the dBASE III days, dBASE would pad all your "real" information with as many spaces as necessary to fill up your field. I suspect that the MDB structure is probably smarter than that.

Another question on the same topic - I believe there is a maximum number of characters in a record (4000?). Can your field sizes add up to more than 4000, as long as the actual data, all combined, never totals 4000...?

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Access Limit Of 148000 Records?

Apr 17, 2007

Finally after 2 1/2 days I have the ability to bring a dbase 5.5 file in to Access 2007.

1.Do a normal export of a DBF file out all dbase.
2. Excel 2007 - open the DBF file. Note: dBase Files (*.dbf)
3. Save as a .xlsx file.
4. Access 2007 - right click on table in left columnImportexcel
5, Note: You'll be looking at a window with a yellow bar across the top.
Browse to your *.xlsx file and open.
6. Select "OK"show Worksheets nextFirst Row Contains Column HeadingsNextNextNo Primary KeyextFinishclose
7. Double Click on file in left column and there it is.

Never got other methods to work, sad to say.

After a day to get to this result, the problems begin. Every time we would change one character field from 50 char to 6 char, or whatever, the out of memory or disk space error would come up. I have 250 gig available and I'm running 4gig of memory with nothing loaded but Access 2007. I even shut down my virus checker.

So I spent a day or two trying to find a wining combo (A File Size That Would Work). And here it is, 148500 records that comprise of a 21.3m file is the breaking point. If I change a character field, 250char to 6 char, I'm ok. If I change a couple more it get the error message. 150,000 will get a memory/Drive error no matter what is changed.

Is there a option in Access that should be on. Because I find it hard to believe that an old dBase program, one step up from DOS, can handle 350,00 records all day long and Access chocks on 148000 records. Up until now I thought Access was the best thing that happened. There has to be something wrong, no software designer would have done this. I even checked for a corrupt file, the best I could. If there is a file checked out there, I’m open to it.

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Field Limit In Access 2007

Jul 12, 2007

Can someone please tell me the Maximum no of fields you can have in Access 2007 and if the limit is 255 then how can one get around this problem?

Thank you,.

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Access Size

May 20, 2005

I'm still in design phase but I'm going to have more than 30 tables. I know I'm going to have a pretty good number of forms, queries and reports. Should I start preparing for the worst in case this db gets too big? What kind of techiques can I use to make sure that it still runs quickly enough?



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Size Of Access DB

Mar 26, 2007

Hi there..

we have one access database with size about 600mb and 1 million rows in one table.My concern is is it bad to have so much data in access database. If so what is the possible solution for that.


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Access Size

Dec 20, 2007

I will like to know if access can store a lot of data. I am using a database that was written in access and the database has been in use since like 2004. How long can we still use this database. It is becoming slow and having one or two error messages.

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Access Size

Aug 20, 2004

How big can an Access database be without having problems with it? How many records will it actually accept?


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Limit The Number Of Columns Entered In Access

Feb 4, 2008

Help anyone

I have a small database which lists delegates for courses.
I have a venue which will hold only a small amount of people
is there a way of stopping data entry when it gets to a certain point. ie putting a limit on how many columns can be entered on a single table

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General :: Limit Access To Database To Few Users

Aug 16, 2013

I am using Access 2007. My boss has given me a project to create a tool for our team. I'm done with most part of the project, but for the last part I want editing and updating of database restricted to a few members of our team. However others can access the database and run queries etc. through buttons on a form.

I went about creating a login form for users to get access to the database and in turn created a table with fields UserID, UserName, UserPW and a yes/no field titled IsAdmin. For those who would be limited access would log in as 'Other' user and same as password. I am then using the code to determine if the user should be treated as admin or not by looking up the IsAdmin field in the table. Following is what I have so far, but it needs correction some places and I can't figure where:

Private Sub cmdLogin_Click()
Dim xxAdmin As String
'Check to see if data is entered into the UserName combo box
If IsNull(Me.cboUser) Or Me.cboUser = "" Then
MsgBox "You must enter a User Name.", vbOKOnly, "Required Data"

[Code] ....

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How To Reduce The Size Of The MS Access

Oct 4, 2005


I have one problem.

If I create many many tables, then delete them, then create new tables, so on. The size of the MS Access file will become large.

So, how can I reduce the size of the file? Even though I delete the tables, the size will NOT become less, so how to reduce the size of the file?

Please let me know, thanks a lot. Thanks.

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Monitoring Access DB Size

Apr 6, 2006

Hello all.

I have a large db. I need something to monitor the size of it. For example the db is saved on a server and used throughout the day. What I need is something to email me an alert when the db reaches 900mbs. Then I can compact and repair the database back down.

I do purge it annually though. Currently it is about 750 mbs.

Any thoughts, please let me know. Thanks much.

Using Access 97, 2000, and 2002.

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Maximum Access Size

Oct 3, 2006

We have a database in Access 97 which is 0.8GB.

Can anyone tell me:
a) The maximum storage capacity.
b) What will happen when it reaches that size!

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Access Is Too Big! How To Reduce Size?

Dec 7, 2005

Hi, i am wondering how to reduce the size of access.
i have included pictures within forms which obviously made the database bigger (it is currently around 12mb).
However i have tried to delete the pictures to reduce the size, this method did not work at all. The database remains the same size.
does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this problem i am having?



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Trouble Importing External Data - Access Limit?

Oct 23, 2006

I'm trying to import about 18 excel spreadsheets into one database in Access. I've been using "get external data" to import the spreadsheets as tables, and the first 8 of them worked fine, but now I cannot import any more excel files. The only error message I'm getting is "An error occurred trying to import file 'C:....xls' The file was not imported." And this error pops up after I have gone through all of the importing steps. Did I exhaust Access's resources? It's not a format issue, and I've restarted, etc. I'm at a loss.

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Tables :: Can Set Number Of Columns Limit On Access Table?

Apr 22, 2013

I have to submit a file to a government agency that requires more than 200 columns. Is there a number of column limit an Access table can have?

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