General :: Creating A Database Full Of Contacts

Jan 2, 2014

I'm creating a database full of contacts. I have a contacts table with detailed info on each contact and I also have a company table with details on each company - all companies attached to a contact are in the company table plus a few others. I'd like to be able to pull up a company profile and see all the contacts we have associated with that company displayed in a list.

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General :: Error Using Access 2010 Contacts Database Template

Jun 13, 2014

I used the Contacts Database Template to import a comma delimited txt file of contacts data. The template included a number of tables, queries, forms & reports which I did not require. I deleted them leaving only a Table entitled 'Addressbk'. I added an Entry Form using the standard access tools and this works fine with the table. However, on running the access database I get the following error message; 'The form named "Main" is mis-spelled or refers to a form that doesn't exist. My only form is labelled 'Entry Form', so it would appear that one of the forms I deleted must have been named 'Main'. If one ignores the error message the database & entry form function perfectly.

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General :: Create Database In Access That Links To Contacts In Outlook Pst File

Nov 21, 2013

I have limited programming skills but a basic understanding of databases.I want to create a database in Access that links to contacts in an Outlook pst file, and in the Access database I want to create a series of date dependant tasks or processes that I can apply to the relevant contact.The object being to to save that collection of tasks to apply to different contacts within Access.

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General :: Creating A Database For Creating Quotations

May 20, 2015

I am creating a database for creating quotations. The quotation number is generated using the date, for example the first quote today would be quote number "05202015-1" because it is the first one today. The next quote today would be quote number "05202015-2" and so on. Is there a way to make access automatically generate these quote numbers based on the date?

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General :: Creating A Profile / Database?

Nov 4, 2014

is there a way to create a profile on each person on my database, to show their contact details and whether they've made a purchase from me before, or must I literally just make a table entering each individual person and purchase?

My boss (in another job) showed me very quickly an extremely old database one of his old employees had made for him years ago containing all of his clients, each shown individually, and he was able to click through each one, and each window showed the client's name, contact details, personal details, etc. and he just had hundreds of entries for all of his clients and was able to scan through each individual one. I am 99% sure he said it was on Microsoft Access that he'd done it.I just want to monitor how many of mailing list subscribers have also made purchases and whatnot, as I do rewards for them, and it'll be much easier to view each person's profile and the orders they've made than have to scan through a table to find each separate order?

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Importing Outlook Contacts To Database

Jun 24, 2005

I created this database long time ago, but now my boss wants to import the contacts list from outlook into the database. Now, these lists will differ per user. Right now there are 6 users, who are using the database and they all will have different contacts lists. How can I import it in a manner, when they login the outlook will will search for their contacts only and let them make changes.

I want to create a form and this form will already be filled with the contact info from the outlook, and half of the form is for the user's comments so they can circulate the information through a report to different people.

I hope I was able to send my msg across. I am pretty bad at explaining stuff.

Thank you in adv.

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General :: Creating A Transactional Tracking Database

Jan 1, 2013

I am looking to create something called a "transactional" database that tracks historical information.I want to track and keep a record of employees at my organization who have had disciplinary action. We currently have a 5 step approach leading to termination.Eg. Step 1: receive Letter #1 Step 2: receive letter #2 + manager meeting step 3: receive letter 3 + manager and director meeting, etc etc.

I believe this is transactional because for each employee, we would need to see when they received the letter in the past, and an employee may receive two or three "step 1 letter 1" notices due to whatever circumstance.I stumbled upon this database and I found the bottom part where you Add/Edit Employee is what I am looking to do...except I can't Design view or anything to see how all this cool stuff is done! The link is:

Essentially, I want to create a user friendly database like the link above where a clerk/admin assistant can open Access, search for an employee by name or department or manager, and then be prompted to add information such as Letter #2 delivered, manager meeting occured, employee signature, etc.

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General :: Creating A Database For Manufacturing Items?

Jun 8, 2012

Im looking at creating an MS Access database for manufacturing items. Ill need to be able to create default items to be made and also use this to assign members of a team a list of items to make for a current day of the week which i can then input back into the database to keep it up to date with what they have made, have they kept to targets etc....

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Table Design For Simple CONTACTS Database

Aug 20, 2005

Hello All,
At work we have a large and messy Contacts list so I decided to set one up using a database.
At present I have 3 tables:-
Companies (custID,companyname,address,etc)
People (nameID,firstname,middlename,lastname,custID)
Phones (phoneID,phonetype,areacode,number,?????)

My problem is this, Some of the phone nos belong to the individuals
and some belong to the company. If a person is replaced at a company I need to reasign the company phone nos to the new person whilst retaining the individuals and their personal phone nos. If a company is deleted I need to delete only the company phone nos. and if a person moves within the company I want the company nos to reasign to the new replacement but keep the personal nos of the individual. Now I see its going to be more complex than I thought.

Can anyone help me with the table layout and links. (nb this is only a simple database relating a person to a company without using departments etc.)
Its main use is to provide phone nos names and addresses quickly.
Many Thanks

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General :: Creating A Special Recorded Mail Database

Jul 31, 2012

I am trying to create a Special Recorded tracking database where a member of staff will log the tracker number into the database and then at a later date someone can come and update the data, what I want to do is scan the tracker barcode with a scan gun and its details appear for updating, I can do this part but when I make any amendments to the data it doesn't save the new data and I don't know why? I am using a combobox to display the tracker number and me.text1.value = me.combo4.column(1) and so on and so forth to display the data, when I change this data it doesn't save.

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General :: Creating Database For Indexing / Organizing PDF Documents

Mar 19, 2013

I would like to Create a database for indexing / organizing PDF documents. My Company currently use a 3rd party accounts program and we raise sales and purchases using numerical numbers ( but we can Jump to a new range of numbers within the program) for example if the purchase order numbers become simliar to the sales order numbers. But this 3rd party software does not let us scan documents into it hence the need for an alternative database.

For the data base I was thinking if only creating a index of the sales order numbers to start with. the first few question I have are.

1.) Should I Use the Autonumber as my first index column or should I replace it with our own sales order numbers in that column.

2.) is there a way to autopopulate the sales order numbers in a table for historical sales numbers.

3.) can you scan directly into Access

How to start planning the design off the database as I know this is almost the most important aspect of a database.

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General :: Access (2010) - Database Creating Backup By Itself

Jun 13, 2013

Why Access (2010) database is creating backup copy by itself?

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General :: Creating User Interface For Internal Database?

Apr 15, 2014

I am looking to design and create a user interface for my database. Preferably hiding the standard access interface and upon opening the database have a pop up form with buttons to direct users to forms queries.

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Forms :: Contacts Database - Error Entering New Record On A Subform

Jul 31, 2014

I am having a problem with my Contacts Database. I have attached it for your review.

My main form entitled "frmContact", is a form to enter a new contact. I have a Notes subform, and I want to be able to enter multiple notes for one person. I have a note for John Doe, and tried to enter a new note for him and got this error message:

"The LinkMasterFields property setting has produced this error: 'The object doesn't contain the Automation object 'tblcontact"."

Why is it doing this? I tihnk I have the relationships correct, and everything...

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General :: Distributing MS Access Database File With Creating Application Shortcut

Nov 4, 2014

I read in the book (Access 2013 inside out), one of the way to distributing access database is creating an application shortcut.

Now i have an Access 2013 file on my computer (with office 2013 and windows 7) other users have office 2007 and windows (XP) on their computers. now i want to give a copy of this file to other users without save as that to 2007.

I would like to know how i can do that with creating an application shortcut , if it is possible because in the book I could not find the way if there is?

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General :: Change Splash Screen For Database Using Method Of Creating Alternative Bitmap

Oct 17, 2014

I've changed my splash screen for a database using the method of creating an alternative bitmap.Is there a time setting for this or an alternative?

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Open Database Without Opening Full Program

Feb 18, 2008

Im trying to open my database switchboard without having the whole Access program open. Is there a way to have only the database open without the whole program?

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General :: Previewing Forms Full Frame While Designing?

Oct 17, 2014

Is there a way to preview a form you are designing to see how it will look when it's full frame?

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How To Get Full Permission:Add, Delete, Update, Edit In The SQL Server Database

Jul 26, 2007

I wrote the following statements to update a SQL server database:

Dim MyDb As Database
Dim MyRs As Recordset

Set MyDb = DBEngine.Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase("AMD", dbDriverPrompt, False, "ODBC;DATABASE=AMD;DSN=Remote")

Set MyRs = MyDb.OpenRecordset("SELECT AllAttendanceEvents.* FROM AllAttendanceEvents ORDER BY AllAttendanceEvents.EntryTime DESC")


While Not MyRs.EOF
MyVal = MyRs!EntryTime
Debug.Print MyVal
MyRs!Ix = 50099

When it execute the red line statement, it generates the error:Cannot update. Database or object is read-only.

This error is generated isnpite that I already checked the boxes: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE in the Permissions page of the tables?

Please advise.

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General :: Lock / Unlock Full Menu Based On A Password

Sep 28, 2014

I want to lock down and unlock the full menu based on a password..

For instance upon load of the database I would like it stripped down when a general user logs in... but if a admin logins in then they get all menus...

so based on the user type will dictate the menus visible.. cane this be achieved'''''''''''';

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New To Access. Need Some Help Creating A Database

Apr 25, 2006

Hello everyone!

I heard from a number of people that this is the place to come for Microsoft Access related help.

So here is my question and I hope someone can help me understand access a little bit better.

I am trying to create a database for a job I am doing. THere are 700+ convenience stores that we (4 inspectors) inspect every three months.

We have been told to do an ADA compliance survey when we visit these stores.

The ADA checklist that we have is about 78 questions and my manager wants me to create an ADA database for this information.

So I am in need of help on how to create a database that allows me to input the answers of this ADA checklist for each store inspected.

I then would like to be able to pull all that information into a report that I could say of the 700+ stores, 50% passed all questions, 25% passed only questions 1-??, etc. etc.

I can upload the two files: The ADA checklist and our Store list if anyone would like to help me out!

Thanks Much!

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Creating Database - Very Confused

May 3, 2007

I am creating a very simple database,

It has 3 tables

The people table contains:
given name
email - primary key
phone number
course end year

Employment is the linking table it contains:
start year
end year
employer email - foreign key same as email(above)
org_url - foreign key same as url (below


url - primary key

All I want to do is have three tables - enter a persons details in one form

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Creating Database Documentation/help

Apr 25, 2005

Hi I need to create a documentation - help system in my Access database. Can you give some guide lines and tips? General of course... like how to link a help file or something like that...
thanx for the helping hand

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Creating A New Orders Database?

Oct 23, 2012

So my current employer has tasked me with creating a new database that we can use to process all of our orders.

Simple things first:

- Database is for processing turkey orders, two types of turkeys can be purchased. Each type must have it's own unique numbering system.
- One table with all the customer Information (Name, address, telephone etc etc)
- One table for "Type 1 Turkeys"
- One table for "Type 2 Turkeys"
- Relationship from "Customers" to "Type" 1 using "Customer ID" as unique identifier.

We need a single form that can be used to see all of the customer information, as well as create an order for either/both type(s) of turkey. My problem is this; I can create a relationship between "customers" and "type 1" and have a form showing all of the customer information and a table allowing for the creation of "type 1" orders, but cannot find a way to have a second table allowing for the creation of "type 2" orders. If I create a second relationship between Customers and Type 2 I am forced to choose which I want to be displayed.

A screen shot of the current database. The current relationships just allow for a drop down selection under each orders table for selecting products:

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New Db For Contacts And Invices

Jan 13, 2007

Hi, Iím new to access and I have read through a couple of books but still struggling.

If I make a tables with my info in it say customer details, use quires to sort display and print that info. Now is that query saved and do I end up with lots of queryís (hundreds.) Or
Iím assuming that that query is then lost (donít know the correct term) and the only way of getting this info back is make a query asking for the same info criteria.

Iím thinking of an invoice made up of info from a contact table
My invoices are very simple I only supply labor and materials and donít have set prices for ether, so I need to insert prices that I input and text that I input Both will be manually inputted although some sort of auto text that can be edited to make each invice individual would be nice

Hope this makes some sort of sense, can any one point me to some key areas that I can read up on


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Creating Online Format Of Database

May 25, 2005

I currently have a database on my hd and four other ppl have a copy on theirs. (We are in different physical locations which makes it very slow to put the database on our server).
Currently eveyrone is sending me files that i upload to my copy of the database so i have all of their data.
the obvious setbacks to this is that the data is not live and some of the changes might be missed etc.

i would like to move this and house the tables on my company's intranet

what would i need to do to accomplish this?

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