General :: How To Reduce Size Of PDF

May 18, 2013

I used to generate PDFs in A2003 with Leban's code, and they came out at about 10K.

in A2010 these same PDFs are coming out at about 250K - whether i use docmd.outputto, or still use the previous code

is there any way to reduce the size of the pdfs?

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How To Reduce The Size Of The MS Access

Oct 4, 2005


I have one problem.

If I create many many tables, then delete them, then create new tables, so on. The size of the MS Access file will become large.

So, how can I reduce the size of the file? Even though I delete the tables, the size will NOT become less, so how to reduce the size of the file?

Please let me know, thanks a lot. Thanks.

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Access Is Too Big! How To Reduce Size?

Dec 7, 2005

Hi, i am wondering how to reduce the size of access.
i have included pictures within forms which obviously made the database bigger (it is currently around 12mb).
However i have tried to delete the pictures to reduce the size, this method did not work at all. The database remains the same size.
does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this problem i am having?



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Modules & VBA :: How To Reduce Size Of MDB

Sep 26, 2013

My A2003 FE mdb has grown over the years and is now about 180Mb.

Is it advisable to copy the contents of the FE mdb into a blank A2003, every few months, in an attempt to make it smaller?

Is there something to watch out for during the copy?

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General :: Database Size On Server

Oct 22, 2013

I have a database (Access 2003 and I am using it with Access 2007 with user level security) on shared folder on internal Dell server and I have created a shortcut to each user's machine to access it. This days I am facing a problem of db size as every 10 days it's increasing upto 2gb but the strange thing is when I am doing cut / pasting same database to my desktop from the server shared folder it will become 80 mb only and I am again placing that db (80mb db) into the server and it will work. What is a reason behind it? why my 80mb db is showing 2gb db on server?

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General :: How To Get Size Of Each Object In Database

Aug 11, 2015

I have adopted someone elses database. It is a front end with about 100 linked tables/forms/reports/modules. The problem is that the database is really large. I would think by looking at the objects that it should be around 5mb tops, however after compacting it is still 63mb.

Is there a way (vba or otherwise) to look at each object and get its size in KB?

Once I can figure out which object is taking up too much space I can work on making them smaller.

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General :: Is It Possible To Get File Size Of Access Objects

Feb 24, 2014

Is it possible (using the menu or VBA code) to find out the size of the objects in an Access database file?For example if the .accdb file is 300Mb, is there any way of comparing the size of the numerous tables/forms/reports/queries etc, that make up the database?(I know that if I created a new access file and imported the objects from the working database that could give an indication but that would be quite a repetitive process).

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General :: How To Set Size For PDF File To Open Through Access

Apr 3, 2014

when I open a pdf through access weather it is by hyperlink or attachment it always opens the full size of my monitor, if I open a pdf outside access then they open ok , how do I set the size that access opens the pdf the size I want.

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General :: Size Of DB Doubles When Import New Table

Apr 7, 2014

I delete the old 10MB table and import a new 10MB table and now the the DB is 20MB - why is not 10MB - number of records is about the same not double. DB works fine and you can't tell any difference except the size.

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General :: Invalid Argument And Database Size

May 13, 2014

We have an Access 2010 database that is accessed by some users from another location. Each user has their own copy of the front end. For some reason two users in our Sydney office enter orders, but after they have entered and saved the order, sometimes for no apparent reason they get an "invalid argument" error message and all the data in the order has been converted to hieroglyphics. I cannot seem replicate this from my server location.

It seems to only occur from our Sydney based server. Could it be that each user's copy of the front end is located on the same virtual drive on our Melbourne based server? Should I move the Sydney user's copies of the front end to the Sydney based server?I think it might be the growing size of the database but I compacting doesn't reduce it by much.

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Reduce Multiple Records To One

Jun 28, 2007


I hope you donít mind my using this forum as a learning tool. I am running an Access 2007 database. I am trying to create a query from 3 tables:
TblTrainingPrograms containing the following fields
Program Number (unique value)
Program Title
Program Date

TblInstructors with these fields
InstructorName, address, etc.

TblInstructorProgram with the fields
ProgramNumber(linking this instructor to a particular training)
InstructorNumber(in the case of multiple instructors for the same training, the user may add new records and enter ď1Ē, ď2Ē or ď3Ē here)

I need to run a query that will display even multiple instructor programs in one record, so that Instructor# 2 will appear in another field in the same record rather than having 2 or three records displayed in the datasheet view. Iíve tried several combinations, but when there is only one instructor, the Program does not appear in the query results.
I donít really know a lot about SQL, but Iím hoping there might be a way to do this that way. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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General :: Identifying List Of Each Object With Their Relative Size?

May 19, 2015

I have a large database. I want to identify which objects take up the most space. Any way of identifying a list of each object with their relative size?

I can do this in sql server, but no in Access?

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General :: Effect Size In Multiple Linear Regression

Jul 4, 2012

I have (from SPSS) many multiple regression analyses, and each one of them has about 7-8 independent variables. I need to find the effect size-in particular I want to have effect size above 1% and statistical significance p<0.001. I am familiar with p, but I cannot understand whether effect size is b, beta or R square and how to interpret it.

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Reduce Decimal Places WITHOUT Rounding

Feb 15, 2006

Hey everyone! Hopefully, someone can help me with this. I've searched the forum and can't find anything on it.

I want to take a number and reduce the number of decimal places from 4 to 3 WITHOUT rounding it. Just chop off that 4th number...I don't care about it.


243.4586 = 243.458
22.0541 = 22.054
5.8577 = 5.857
1,587.2556 = 1,587.255

Seeing as how the numbers can be in the 10's, 100's, and 1000's, I can't just use the LEFT function. :D That, of course, would be too easy.

Suggestions? Solutions?

Thanks in advance!

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How To Reduce Minute From Date Field

Aug 1, 2006

I want reduce one minute from my date field. My date field looks like this: 17.3.2006 3:57:00 and I want it to look like this:17.3.2006 3:55:00. I have tried to make it like this: DATEADD( minutes, -2, [StartTime]) AS NewStart. StartTime is date field. But this doesent work. Could somebody tell me how to reduce one minute from date field??

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General :: Difference In Size Between Actual Access Database And Its Backup

Aug 19, 2014

I am using Access 2007 database in work environment. When one of my colleagues tried to update some records in a table, it created a backup of the database.

The issue is that the size of the actual database is much smaller than the size of the backup. However all the data are present and I don't think any data has been deleted.

But I don't know why there is a difference in size?

Some of the tables in the database are linked from MS SQL Server.

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General :: Limited Size For List Box Column To Show The Data?

Feb 26, 2013

The column in my list-box did not show all the text i save in the table field. is there any limited size for list-box's column to show the data ?

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General :: Setting Printer Paper Size To User Defined

Feb 18, 2014

I want to set my paper size to user defined, but it not working,

Set Application.Printer = Application.Printers("P1121E")
Application.Printer.PaperSize = acPRPSUser
Application.Printer.ItemSizeHeight = 9.35 Application.Printer.ItemSizeWidth = 26.9

Showing "Run time error "2595"

"Cannot set this property when defaultsize property is set to true"

I try add "Application.Printer.Defaultsize = true or false" also not working

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General :: Adjust Cell Size According To Length Of Data In Datasheet

Jul 9, 2013

I have subform (Datasheet) is there some code e.g. after update, which can adjust size cell to lenght of data?

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Queries :: How To Reduce Number Of Item With Update

Nov 20, 2014

How do you update a table by reducing a number by 10?

My assignment question is:

10 students have left GY101. Write an SQL UPDATE statement to reduce the class size by 10 for all modules taken by GY101 students.

I can display the students who take GY101 with the following code

SELECT moduleCode, classSize
WHERE moduleCode IN (SELECT modCode
WHERE courseCode = "GY101"));

But how to reduce the number by 10.

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Large Field Size = Larger Overall Database Size?

Aug 29, 2005

Will keeping your field size shorter result in a smaller MDB file?

Or does Access only use as much space as there is real data in its fields.

Way back in the dBASE III days, dBASE would pad all your "real" information with as many spaces as necessary to fill up your field. I suspect that the MDB structure is probably smarter than that.

Another question on the same topic - I believe there is a maximum number of characters in a record (4000?). Can your field sizes add up to more than 4000, as long as the actual data, all combined, never totals 4000...?

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General :: Import JPG Format Picture Size Into ACCESS Individual Input Cells

Sep 3, 2013

I saw a demo that the user could copy and paste a JPG format file physically to ACCESS, and then something happened, and ACCESS could read the JPG length and width size (e.g. 1.3 meter length and 1.15 meter width) into 2 individual ACCESS cells which is acted the same as user input to that 2 clells.

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Tables :: Queue With Several Concurrent Entries - Reduce Duplicate Orders

Jan 24, 2013

I'm trying to create a database that is going to be used to deliver some work to several of our users. Each time they open a specific form they'll be delivered a job.

The tables are organized somewhat like this



Now it works like this, the user gets an ID_JOB from queue

In the form they get all the all the work orders with that ID_JOB, the thing is i'm getting users with same duplicate orders cause i can't update the locked efficiently.

Regarding the users, the database is split, multi-user, with >30 simultaneously

I'm been trying to use dao.recordset, with transactions to try and reduce the duplicate orders.

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Queries :: How To Reduce Down Data Set To Get A List Of All Unique Combinations Of Column

Jul 8, 2014

I am new to Access and am trying to reduce a dataset I am working with to make it managable for Excel. I have three columns which have three unique parameters and one column with numberical content.

Column A Column B Column C Column D
NJ Red Monday 10
NJ Red Tuesday 20
NJ Yellow Wednesday 30
NY Red Monday 35
NY Green Tuesday 40
NY Green Wednesday 60

I want to elimiate column C from the dataset, and sum column D for every unique combination of Column A & Column B. I have figured out how to reduce down the dataset to get a list of all unique combinations of Column A&B,what formula I can use in a query to sum column D on my table for every unique combination of column A&B. This is a simple SUMIF in excel, but my dataset is too large for excel.

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Forms :: User View - Reduce Amount Of Options On Menu Bars

Aug 15, 2013

I have created a front end and put into production for my users but I want to reduce the amount of menu bar options they see so someone cant click on a button wondering what it does and mess something up. What is the best way to reduce the amount of options a user sees on the menu bars when they open the front end of the db?

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General :: How To Make Form Controls Change Size / Position As Form Is Resized

Jul 24, 2013

how to make my form controls change size / position as my form is resized / loaded on a computer with a different resolution. Several of the tutorials out there suggest putting code on the "on resize" property of the form. When I looked at the Northwind database to try to mimic their code however, it looks like they must be doing something different as there is no on resize code under the form properties and I was unable to find the code they do use.

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