Queries :: How To Reduce Number Of Item With Update

Nov 20, 2014

How do you update a table by reducing a number by 10?

My assignment question is:

10 students have left GY101. Write an SQL UPDATE statement to reduce the class size by 10 for all modules taken by GY101 students.

I can display the students who take GY101 with the following code

SELECT moduleCode, classSize
WHERE moduleCode IN (SELECT modCode
WHERE courseCode = "GY101"));

But how to reduce the number by 10.

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Queries :: Counting Number Of Days When Item Used For Last Week

May 27, 2014

I need to count the days that an item of equipment is used for the last week?

The problem comes if an item is deployed within the week i.e not used for the full week?

I have two fields - MobDate and DeMobDate

I have to create a third called NOD (number of days) which will display the number of days in the previous week that the item was hired out.

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Queries :: How To Reduce Down Data Set To Get A List Of All Unique Combinations Of Column

Jul 8, 2014

I am new to Access and am trying to reduce a dataset I am working with to make it managable for Excel. I have three columns which have three unique parameters and one column with numberical content.

Column A Column B Column C Column D
NJ Red Monday 10
NJ Red Tuesday 20
NJ Yellow Wednesday 30
NY Red Monday 35
NY Green Tuesday 40
NY Green Wednesday 60

I want to elimiate column C from the dataset, and sum column D for every unique combination of Column A & Column B. I have figured out how to reduce down the dataset to get a list of all unique combinations of Column A&B,what formula I can use in a query to sum column D on my table for every unique combination of column A&B. This is a simple SUMIF in excel, but my dataset is too large for excel.

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Queries :: Extract Number Out Of Field And Update Extracted Number To Another Field

Feb 6, 2015

791335.12pack. This is the object that is in one of my access fields. I need to extract the 12 and place that in another column called qty.

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Queries :: Update Number Of Record With Combolist

Mar 15, 2014

I want to create an update query to update 20 record with the first item in combolist then the next 20 record updated with the second item in list...

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Queries :: Update Query To Replace Number With Text

Apr 15, 2014

I've made a simple form to Login/Logout with radio buttons but the buttons only allow me to push a number as a value, in my case 1 or 2 for Login or Logout.

How would I make an update query to change those numbers to the equivalent text? Or is that not possible in the same field because that is 2 different data types?

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Use Record Number For Item Numbering In Subform

Sep 22, 2004

I want to use the record number to automatically number items entered into a subform. Anybody know how to do this or if it can be done?

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Reports :: Row (Line Item) Number On Report

Mar 26, 2014

I want to have line item numbers on report look like this:

Number....Order Number
3............2332-2355-14 ->repeating item
5............7392-2305-62 ->repeating item

Each new row of record needs to have their own line item number starting from 1 with criteria if order number is the same then carryover line item number on that record. I know how to get line item starting from 1 to last by assigning unbound control field with entry "=1".

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Queries :: Access 2007 - Update A Field In A Table With A Random Number / Long Integer

May 27, 2014

Is it possible to run a SQL command to update a field within a table with random numbers?

More specifically - random long integers linking back to an ID (autonumber) field in another table?

Background to this is, I have multiple static data tables related to each other by long integer identifiers (autonumbers)

The structure is fine but I haven't been provided with the actual data yet - but for development purposes, I need to work on other functionality which requires that this data be present.

So I want to fill my table with dummy data such that I can go off and work on the remaining functionality, but then just go back and clear it all out once I get the actual data.

I have one 'main' static table, which links back to other tables, which I have already populated with dummy static (i.e. company names, locations etc) Now I want to go into my main table and populate those fields in each record with a random ID. I don't mind doing this field-by-field (there's only a handful) but I've a lot of records in there (~1000) so I'd rather not do this record-by-record.

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Forms :: Way To Assign By Design Certain Item Number To Given Control?

May 12, 2015

The code I am modifying looping through Me.controls collection to identify appropriate control types. Is there a way to influence the order (sequence) of that traversing? Or in different words, is there a way to assign by design certain item number to a given control?

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General :: Select Item Number From Drop Down Box To Create A Report

Jun 27, 2012

I'm currently working on fixing an older 97 database that I've updated to 2010. I have just populated the Drop down box with about three fields. Ideally what I want to do is after having selected the item number from the drop down box I then hit the button that creates a report with the information about that item number.

At the moment...If the box is blank it reports all the item numbers, however if i fill the box(select an item) it returns nothing i.e the report is blank.

I've looked at the query that builds the report, there are only three fields that populate the. location, part number and description. from a tbl called MainDetails

the only other thing:
If([Forms]![frmReports]![FLoc] Is Null,[FUNCTIONAL LOCATION] Is Not Null,[FUNCTIONAL LOCATION] Like [Forms]![frmReports]![FLoc])
it has a criteria of <>False
*FLoc is the drop down box *functional location is the location field.
I believe all the above does is populate the report if Floc is empty.

What can I put to make the report generate what ever I pick in the drop down box 'FLoc' source the three fields from the 'MainDetails table'.

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Reports :: Count What Is Sorted - Number Of Time Any Item Appears

Feb 28, 2014

I have a report that i can order through buttons on report or openargs. Is it possible to get a field that would count the number of time an item appears i.e., if I sort it by employee, it would count how many times each employee is on the report, if i sort it by TypeOfMalfunction, it would count how many times each appears.

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General :: Date Picker - Deduct 1 From Total Number Of Item On Stock

Jul 30, 2012

I'm creating s simple database to track my printer toner supplies, what i want is that..every time I select a date (using date picker) it will automatically deduct 1 from the total number of toners on stock. Right now, i have to input 1 in a field and it will update the remaining toners.

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How To Reduce The Size Of The MS Access

Oct 4, 2005


I have one problem.

If I create many many tables, then delete them, then create new tables, so on. The size of the MS Access file will become large.

So, how can I reduce the size of the file? Even though I delete the tables, the size will NOT become less, so how to reduce the size of the file?

Please let me know, thanks a lot. Thanks.

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Reduce Multiple Records To One

Jun 28, 2007


I hope you donít mind my using this forum as a learning tool. I am running an Access 2007 database. I am trying to create a query from 3 tables:
TblTrainingPrograms containing the following fields
Program Number (unique value)
Program Title
Program Date

TblInstructors with these fields
InstructorName, address, etc.

TblInstructorProgram with the fields
ProgramNumber(linking this instructor to a particular training)
InstructorNumber(in the case of multiple instructors for the same training, the user may add new records and enter ď1Ē, ď2Ē or ď3Ē here)

I need to run a query that will display even multiple instructor programs in one record, so that Instructor# 2 will appear in another field in the same record rather than having 2 or three records displayed in the datasheet view. Iíve tried several combinations, but when there is only one instructor, the Program does not appear in the query results.
I donít really know a lot about SQL, but Iím hoping there might be a way to do this that way. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Access Is Too Big! How To Reduce Size?

Dec 7, 2005

Hi, i am wondering how to reduce the size of access.
i have included pictures within forms which obviously made the database bigger (it is currently around 12mb).
However i have tried to delete the pictures to reduce the size, this method did not work at all. The database remains the same size.
does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this problem i am having?



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Modules & VBA :: How To Reduce Size Of MDB

Sep 26, 2013

My A2003 FE mdb has grown over the years and is now about 180Mb.

Is it advisable to copy the contents of the FE mdb into a blank A2003, every few months, in an attempt to make it smaller?

Is there something to watch out for during the copy?

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General :: How To Reduce Size Of PDF

May 18, 2013

I used to generate PDFs in A2003 with Leban's code, and they came out at about 10K.

in A2010 these same PDFs are coming out at about 250K - whether i use docmd.outputto, or still use the previous code

is there any way to reduce the size of the pdfs?

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Setfocus On Repeating Item/accessing A Specific Item

Aug 18, 2006

I have a form that simply lists the items:

In the table: DEPARTMENT_TBL

When I edit the field DEPARTMENT_NBR and it is in error (must be between 01 and 99) I want to put out a message in a MSGBOX and SetFocus back on the DEPARTMENT_NBR.

I coded the MSGBOX with vbokonly and then DEPARTMENT_NBR.SetFocus, but after the message displays and enter is hit for the ok the cursor jumps to the DEPARTMENT_NAME on the current line. Is there a way to get the SetFocus to work properly on repeating items like this? I can never seem to get them to perform the same as they do on non-repeating items.

Thanks for your help.

If IsNumeric(DEPARTMENT_NBR) = False Then
If DEPARTMENT_NBR <> "00" Then
MsgBox "DEPARTMENT NUMBER must between 01 and 99.", vbOKOnly
GoTo DEPARTMENT_NBR_EXIT (exits the paragraph skipping other checks)
End If
End If

Also, is there a way to look at a specific item in a list like that? IE. I want to reference the 3rd row's DEPARTMENT_NBR. Thanks.

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Queries That Extract Repeated Item

Nov 14, 2007

I'm trying to set up a query where it returns me only the items that are repeated.

ie...I have a table that has clients that are one time clients and other that are repeated. Each client has a client number. I would like to get only the clients whose client number appears more than once. Is that possible?

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Reduce Decimal Places WITHOUT Rounding

Feb 15, 2006

Hey everyone! Hopefully, someone can help me with this. I've searched the forum and can't find anything on it.

I want to take a number and reduce the number of decimal places from 4 to 3 WITHOUT rounding it. Just chop off that 4th number...I don't care about it.


243.4586 = 243.458
22.0541 = 22.054
5.8577 = 5.857
1,587.2556 = 1,587.255

Seeing as how the numbers can be in the 10's, 100's, and 1000's, I can't just use the LEFT function. :D That, of course, would be too easy.

Suggestions? Solutions?

Thanks in advance!

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How To Reduce Minute From Date Field

Aug 1, 2006

I want reduce one minute from my date field. My date field looks like this: 17.3.2006 3:57:00 and I want it to look like this:17.3.2006 3:55:00. I have tried to make it like this: DATEADD( minutes, -2, [StartTime]) AS NewStart. StartTime is date field. But this doesent work. Could somebody tell me how to reduce one minute from date field??

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Queries :: Forward Previous Balance Of Item

Aug 22, 2013

I have a table composed of the following fields:

1. Entry_ID:
2. Item:
3. Previous_Balance:
4. Increase_Or_Decrease:
5. Current_Balance:

Once the selected item had been entered, i want the Current_Balance of previous entry of that item to be forwarded automatically in Previous_Balance field. Is it possible? I have at least 100 types of items.

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Queries :: Unable To Select Item From Combo Box

Feb 2, 2015

So I have this form with a combo box which successfully displays a range of items from which I would like to select from - but unfortunately I cannot. I cannot select anything from the combo box.

I have checked the form and table to ensure I have edit rights - which I do.

The form is based on a query - attached is a picture of the relationships within the query.

I assume I have created a non updateable query but this is only an assumption.

I am lost about the best course of action to take. Is there a way to identify the problem?

Do I just cut my loses and recreate the functionality somehow?

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Queries :: Get Information From Selected Item Of ListBox

Nov 22, 2013

From a search form example I got from this forum I made the following:

A listBox which shows results as you type, using a query.

This listBox has 1 column, I need it that way.

What I need is to show the information from the selected item of the listBox on a textBox, getting this info from the results of the query.

I found 2 answers which I don't like:

1- =DLookUp("[Column]","[Query]") as source of textBox

This shows only information from the first row. So if you select the second result from the listBox, it still shows the first row.

2- =SearchResults.column(int) as source of textbox

It does not work, because listBox has only 1 column.

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Queries :: Query To Show As A Single Line Item

Apr 8, 2013

Access Database in which i download the table from an Excel file.I am looking to create a query with certain criteria but did not have any luck recently.

1) I will need the query to show <Short code> that are only unquie to Korea.That means shortcode with a count of 1 belonging to Korea only.

2) I will need the query to show as a single line item <Shortcode> that appears two times under the country Korea. For example short code CB01406 is shown as two rows, i will like it to only show as a single row.

3) For all other shortcodes which exist in China as well as in Korea or China only. I will like them to be hidden in the query. That means not shown at all.

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