Null Combo Box; Show All Records

Feb 11, 2006

Hello All,

Im using a combo box for the criteria for a saved query. Is there any way to show all the records if the combo box value is either 0 or null?


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Queries :: Only Show Records Where Any One Of 6 Fields Is Not Null

Mar 17, 2014

I am looking to collate marketing data from different areas of our DB into a Marketing Hub. We have to collect various feedback at different times, if a client on a programme completes a course, they give feedback for that course.13 weeks after a client completes the programme we have to get them to complete a destination survey. On both these forms it asks would they be interested in doing any more courses. This data is then stored in the Courses table and Projects table respectively.

I want to create a query to become the record set for a new form which only shows those students that have stated they would be interested in doing other courses.Five of the options or Yes/No fields, and one is a text field (which courses, other essentially).How does one do a query that only shows records where any one of 6 fields is not null?


SELECT Students.ID, Students.[First Name], Students.[Last Name], Courses.[Sage Accounts], Courses.[Sage Payroll], Courses.[First Aid], Courses.[Food Hygiene], Courses.[CV Services], Courses.[Interview Skills], Courses.[Which Courses]
FROM Students INNER JOIN Courses ON Students.ID = Courses.ID;

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Queries :: Filter Using Date Range But Show All Records If Text Box Null

Jan 13, 2014

I m trying to make form which filters my records and generates a's where I am

Like "*" Or Between [Forms]![Form1]![Text6] And [Forms]![Form1]![Text8] & "*"

but this doesn't work I would like to show all records if textbox 6 is null and textbox8 is null this part of code works perfect but below but I'm struggling to get the between in with the code

Like "*" & [Forms]![Form1]![Text6] & "*"

the code is in report record source

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Return All Records If Combo Box Is Null

Jul 30, 2007

I have a form that using a combo box to select specific record, sometimes we need to see all records, i would like if the combo box if left empty to return all records. I typed this expression but it returns no records when combo box is empty.


If i use this expression i get the wrong results when a Loan Officer ID is enterd;
LIke([Forms]![FrmReports]![LoanOfficer] & *
Example of wrong results, if Loan officer Id is 1, then it returns loan officers 1,11, 111

Thanks in advance for any help

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Show Only Certain Related Records In Combo Box

Oct 14, 2006

I have a feeling this is a common and probably easy question, but I couldn't find anything on it in the forums.

I have a main customer form with multiple subforms on it to keep track of my clients insurance policies and claims. I enter their contact data in the main form, and the policy data on one of the subforms. Then when they have a claim, I enter the policy information on the claim subform as well.

How could I have the combo boxes in the claims subform (which is storing data in a claims table) only show the policy numbers (stored in a policies table) assigned to that particular person? I would assume I need to somehow filter the policies query so it only shows records for that particular person, but I'm not sure how to do that on the fly.

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Show Filtered Form Records In A Combo Box

Oct 17, 2006

This sounds like a cascading combo box issue but it isn't quite.

I filter my form using 2 unbound combo boxes which can be used in any order, both of which define text strings using case select. These strings are concatenated into a filter text and applied by a routine called in the after update event of either combo. All works well.

My question: How can I show all the filtered records in a third combo box so that users can easily select the record of interest from the filtered set?

I attempted to define SQL for each combination of the 2 comboboxes but it was getting ludicrously complicated so that got the heave ho.

After that, I attempted to use a recordset clone, but I couldn't get this to work:
'Clone record set for combo box rowsource
Dim R As Recordset
Set R = Me.RecordsetClone
R.Bookmark = Me.Bookmark

'Populate combo box with recordset
With Me![cboProjectList]
.RowSource = R
End With

Reading the Access help, it seems that a combo box can only be populted via query, table or SQL. Is there any way of using a cloned recordset or the me.filter to show the filtered form records in a combo or list box?

I will be very grateful for any pointers.

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Forms :: Combo Box Wants To Show Records Not In List

Apr 4, 2013

I'm sure there is an easy way to do this but I have not clue.

I have three tables:


Student_Class (join table)

On my Class form when assigning students there is a combo box which shows the students names. Once a student is picked in the combo box their name shows up in the subform.

What I would like is a way to NOT show a student in the combo box after they have been selected. Is this possible? Or should I be looking at another way of doing this?

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Show Records From Three Combo Boxes Simultaneously

Jan 16, 2015

I have three identical Combo Boxes which show the names of the classes in our school. They are just three copies of the same combo box. What I want is this: I choose three different classes from these three boxes. Then I want a button at the bottom which when pressed, should show the records of these three classes separately. Preferably, as three columns.I have made the Combo Boxes, but am stuck at the button to perform these actions.

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Forms :: Combo Box Not To Show Previous Records Already Selected?

Apr 27, 2014

I have a form that has four combo boxes on it that enable the user to select entrants in a golf tournament for tee off times and tee. (I have attached part of this database to this post) It all works fine but after selecting the first player in the first combo box and then selecting the second combo player I would like the player selected previously not to show up. Is this possible or do I have to rethink the way players are selected.

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Modules & VBA :: Combo Box To Show Records Relating To A Specific Record

Jun 11, 2013

I have a combox field on subform C that shows records from a query.How do I get this combo to only show records that relate to an ID on subform B.I have a subform for storing contracts and these are stored against a company name.On subform C I have a field that currently shows all records in a table. I need this combo to only show the records that relate the current record on subform B?

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Queries :: Sort Out Invoices By Year - Query Based On Combo Box To Show All Records

Mar 4, 2015

I am trying to have a query sort out my invoices by year but also to have the possibility to show all invoices.

I have one table "INVOICE" where I have a column "YEAR" calculated with DatePart function from the invoice date.

On my form "INVOICE LISTING", I want to have a combox "Combo957" selecting the year. I have forced the "ALL" selection to the combox using a UnionQuery.

My problem, I cannot get the query to work. I have tried many ways, the closest I can get is :

IIf([Forms]![Invoice Listing]![Combo957]="ALL",([Invoice].[Year])<Year(Date()),[Forms]![Invoice Listing]![Combo957])

If I select the year from the combo, it works, if I select "ALL" nothing is shown.

here is the full SQL

SELECT DISTINCTROW Companies.Company, Companies.City, Companies.Country, Sales.Brand, Sales.Type, Sales.Date, Sales.QuoteNo, Sales.Delivered, Sales.Account, Sales.Branch, Invoice.InvoiceNumber, Invoice.InvoiceDate, Invoice.CustOrderNumber, Invoice.PaymentTerms, Invoice.DueDate, Invoice.NetAmount, Invoice.TotalAmount, Invoice.Tax, Invoice.PaiementRCVD, Invoice.Overdue, Invoice.Month, Year([Invoice]![DueDate]) AS DueYear, [Invoice]![month] & " - " & [Invoice]![Year] AS InvoiceMonth

[Code] .....

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Forms :: Show All Records In Datasheet Subform On Form With Combo Box Filters On Load

Apr 1, 2015

I am having an issue trying to show all records when I load my form. It loads correctly when I don't have a record source for the main form. However, the combobox filters will not work. My goal is to have users be able to use the datasheet, subdatasheet and combobox filters. I can get the form to work just fine when I link the Main form and subform, but when the form opens it is filtered on the first record. I have been successful with this approach when using other forms, but they didn't require a subdatasheet.

Is there anyway I can have the comboboxes to filter yet be able to show all records until the user selects filters? Is this possible?I finally got my Manager to agree to use a database instead of Excel files based on this form setup and I need to make as "user friendly" as possible (look and function like a spreadsheet) I attached some pics of the form along with the code for the filter.

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Modules & VBA :: Query To Compare Values To Show All Records Where Form Combo Value Is Selected

May 1, 2014

I am building a tracking database where we would be able to track information which field are null data and report them to our Administration to fill the null data. For this I have created a form name "Search" and I have a combo box control on that form which is bound to "Table = employee" and its ROW SOURCE TYPE="Field List", I would like to able to query records where the selected value in this combo box is null through out the table.

For example if I select "Telephone" from this combo box dropdown, I would like the query to show all the records where the "Telephone" is null, how to set the criteria in query to take the combo box value as "Field Name" and then compare it with the Field/Column in the table and show the null values.

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Query With Is Null Returning Not Null Records

Apr 18, 2006

Hello all,

A bit of a weird one, I've got a query and the criteria for showing records is that one particular field is null. However the query is showing records with the values in the field chosen for the Is Null.

Not sure why this is happening, has anyone come across this problem before?


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Combo Criteria If Not Null Or Is Null

Apr 3, 2008

I am having problems with setting up a set of combo boxes.

What I am trying to do is if combo Productline is empty then in combo PartNumber would show all products but if combo Productline has a value selected then in the combo partnumber would only be able to select the partnumbers in that productline.

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Only Show Ones Have Have Null Value On A Field

Aug 27, 2006

i have a querie, haves jobs information in it and one field called "Date Finished Fixing"

i want the querie to only show the ones with out dates put in so if they =nothing i don't no how to do it can someone help

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Only Show Null In Query

Dec 29, 2004

I am attempting to run a query that only captures the fields that are null so that I can
run a report that shows outstanding information still required.

Essentially, each record is a provider. I have reviewers that complete an Access Form to
certify each provider. The form consists of approx. 120 checkbox criteria. If it is checked
they meet that criteria...unchecked they do not. The form is based off of 4 tables of which
I am querying from.

I'm trying to get a query to identify only those criteria that are unmet for each provider.
In other words...only show the unmet fields/checkboxes. From that I'll make the report.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Show Substitue For Null On Report

Oct 1, 2007


I have a query that runs this code,

Like IIf((IsNull([For Which Quarter?<Enter> for all])),"*",[For Which Quarter? <ENTER> for all])

When I hit enter for all, in my control on the report is shows a 4, representing Quarter 4, when it actually pulls all records -

How do I get the report to show All instead of the 4?


Fen How

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Queries :: Want IF Statement To Show 0 When Null Value

Jun 8, 2014

After hours of playing around i finally have my IIF statement working the proplem is now is that when the Value is null it gives a blank value on my Report. How do i get it to show the value of 0 when it is Null. can i use an isNull withen my IIf statement maybe nested what is best practice?

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Changing Query To Show Null Values

Jun 26, 2006

This query will allow me to view payments that are made between 2 dates. I would like to know how to flip the query around so that it gives me the payments that have not been made. I think this would be described as returning the null values?

The SQL code i have at the momnet is:
SELECT download20060602.Date, download20060602.Description, download20060602.Amount, Members.FirstName, Members.[Mid Name], Members.Surname, Members.[Memb No]
FROM Members LEFT JOIN download20060602 ON Members.description = download20060602.Description
WHERE (((download20060602.Date) Between [Enter Start Date] And [Enter End Date]));

Any help or ideas would be fantastic.


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Reports Show No Field Data If Value Is Null

Oct 6, 2006

I have a question about reports in Access. Is there a way for report fields to be omitted from the report if the database value is null?

For example:

Name: Joe
Last Name: Smith
Company: (Is Null)

would become.....

Name: Joe
Last Name: Smith


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Reports :: How To Run A Report To Only Show Null Values

Aug 20, 2014

I am very new to access. I have made a database that holds certain company information.

As part of a process a company must fill in and complete form and send to me and once they have I enter a 'yes' to the form and then link directly to said form.

I am wanting to be able to run a report to be able to only see the companies where a certain field has not been filled in.

For example I have a field for doc 698, if I have had this form back I enter a yes in this field, if I havent had this back I leave it blank and these blanks are what I want to pull off in the report.

I have made queries and then just filtered to show blanks but I would like to have in report form.

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Reports :: Show If One Of Fields Are Null Or Not Check

May 1, 2013

how to run a report to show a Client if one or of the following fields are blank or unchecked(Yes/NO?

Assessment Date(Null)
Placement Fee Paid(Check Box)(No)
TJ Completed(Check Box)(No)

So basically, if one of the above fields are null or unchecked, please show in the report. I'm sure it's easy but to do, but not up on coding.

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Queries :: Forcing Query To Show Null Results

Jan 16, 2015

I have a query that is search for fields in a table that are either

1 - High
2 - Medium
3 - Low

I have a query that counts these and then puts the results into pie charts on a report.

However, when there is no "1 - High" value in the table against a paricualr criteria, obviously the quiery has nothing to look for an does not show a 0 value against the criteria but simply omits it (correctly) form the results.

This does affect the pie charts though which I want to show red for High, yellow for Medium and green for Low.

Therefore I need the query to show all criteria search results include 0 values, or to understand how I can colour code the series rather than the segments on the report.

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Field Criteria: Is Null; There Are Null Values In That Field; No Records Are Returned

Nov 16, 2007

I think the title pretty much sums it up....

I have a query where data is first sorted by user input; first field's criteria: [fieldname], then by another field's criteria: Is Null.

I know there are records containing null values in the second field, as I have run a select query with the criteria: Like "*", to make sure they are null, and not zero-length-strings.

The query is refusing to return any results...

Any ideas?

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Modules & VBA :: If No Selection Made Show All Values Including Null?

Sep 4, 2014

I have a Form with multiple comboboxes and listboxes whose selections are assembled into a query. The combo-box selection goes into an IF-ELSE statement for a selection check (IsNull) and if there is no selection made, it is supposed give me all values (Blanks & Non Blanks)

Here is a sample of my code:

If IsNull(Me.cbReg.Value) Then
RegStrng = " Like '*'"
RegStrng = Me.cbReg.Value
RegStrng = "= " & RegStrng
End If

I have several If-Else statements here and a final query assembly at the bottom of the code page which is as follows

MasterSql = "SELECT DISTINCT blah-blah-blah" & _
" INTO some more blah-blah" & _
" FROM even more blah-blah-blah" & _
" WHERE dbo_mytable.[Reg#]" & RegStrng & _
" AND the results from other If-Else statements similar to above"

Here is where the problem comes in:

I see the mistake in my If-Else statement

If IsNull(Me.cbReg.Value) Then
RegStrng = " Like '*'"

Like * means it will show me all rows where there are NON-Blanks. However, it skips all Blank Data.

What should the If IsNull() statement look like if I want to show all the values?

If there was only one combo-box and there was no selection made, then the resultant query should show me all results rather than only the results where there is some sort of data within the column filtered by the combobox.

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