Split Access Database Doesn't Load Records In Form To Edit

Aug 23, 2011

I have an Access 2010 database that I have split. In the database I have a couple tables, forms and two reports. I have entered some data into one of the tables, but when I go to edit the data in the form the next time, there is no data (though I have verified that there is data in the table). Also, there are two reports that can pull the data without any problem.

Why the data wouldn't show up in the form.

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Form Doesn't Filter On Load If User Has Restricted Access

Jul 27, 2012

I have a report that has a link to open a a form "ProjectDetailsActive" to a specific record ID from the report. It works.

I have 3 subsets of users who have restricted access to the form "Project Details Active". By that I mean that when they open this form, it hides and rearranges some tabs, and disables certain controls. If a user from one of these 3 subsets tries to open the link to a specific record in the form, it does not work. The form opens to the first record available instead of the selected record. This is only a problem for these 3 user groups. For users who do not fall into these 3 groups, the filter works.

This is the only code in the form that does the restriction, but I don't know where the process is going wrong.

Private Sub Form_Current()
CancelRsn.Enabled = False
'detect number of line items for current project
Me.lblOrderCount.Caption = GetNumRecords & " line items for this project."


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General :: Split Database - Cannot Edit Table Design Despite Snapshot Usage

May 27, 2014

I have a split database made in Access 2007. Each user gets their own copy of the frontend from a script. I wanted to be able to edit the design view of the backend tables even if people were using the database so I made all the forms use snapshot source and only allowed data updates through VBA macro update queries. Having any form open locks the backend source table from being edited. In fact, I've found that just having a normal snapshot query open causes the message "Either an object bound to table 'whatever' is open or another user has the table open. Do you want to open the table as read-only?"

Is there some way to have a table be the source for a form or query, but still have it designable under most circumstances?

Attempted to late-bind a recordset on form load; result was the same:

Set rs = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("Select redacted as ft from tblRedacted ", dbOpenSnapshot, dbReadOnly)
Set Me.Recordset = rs
Set rs = Nothing

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Viewing All Records On Split Database?

Feb 16, 2015

I have a split database with the back end on a sharedrive. I have the front end saved on my own drive and the same for my colleague.

When I view the front end version of my colleagues, I can see a records on there that she has input but I can't see them when I open my own copy of the front end plus when I view the back end I can't see the records there at all.

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Modules & VBA :: Split Database - Reading Records

Jul 2, 2013

My database was working fine until I split the database and now I'm having issues with this function:

Public Function OpenFirstAttachmentAsTempFile(ByRef rstCurrent As DAO.Recordset, ByVal strFieldName As String) As String
Dim rstChild As DAO.Recordset2
Dim fldAttach As DAO.Field2
Dim strFilePath As String
Dim strTempDir As String

[Code] ....

It's getting stuck on the "strFilePath = strTempDir & rstChild.Fields("FileName").Value" line. The debugger says that there is no reord. The strTempDir is correct. I am assuming that the issue has to with linking to the database.

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General :: Split Database - Inconsistent Number Of Records

Nov 8, 2012

I have split the database, with the back-end residing on the server. Only 1 other person is working in Access right now; she's verifying the data. Today she's working directly in the back-end, could this be the problem. If it is, I'm going to have to create a front-end for her quickly.

My problem is this...I'm working on queries and forms so that the scientists who will ultimately be using this application, won't be able to go in and inadvertently change something in the tables set-up. When I'm in the back-end main data table, it says I have 2723 records.

When I create a front-end query to query all the records in that table, it says I have 2160 records.

The input form that I created with most of the same fields as the query (created BEFORE I created the query...I'll have it pull from the query now instead of directly from the table) also says we only have 2160 records.

Using Access 2010

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Form Load On Database Start

Dec 7, 2005


how do I setup a "welcome" form to start on database start?


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Cannot Edit Forms In Split DB

Feb 24, 2015

I have been creating a db, I have split it and saved it to our company's server. We were getting ready to distribute it and start using it when I noticed something on one of the forms that i wanted to change. When I go into the fe to make the revision, it will only open as "read only". I can save a copy to my desktop and make the changes that i want, but then i cant save this copy back to the server because it wont let me over-write a file that is read only.

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Forms :: How To Protect Old Records In A Form But Can Edit New Records

Dec 12, 2014

I have a form which needs update ever month. When the form is opened, the end user can see the old records and data, and also a new record is added for any new data. I want to protect the old saved data and the user can only add, edit, or delete the new data in the newly added record. The problem is once a user adds the new data and moves to another record or another form, then he/she cannot edit or change the new data in case if there is any mistake or need to change something after couple of minutes.

I changed the Form Data Properties "Allow Additions", "Allow Edits", and "Allow Deletions" many different times and situations to solve this problem but with no success. I tried the following with NO success too: One of the Fields of the Record is (Month). In the Data Properties, I set a Default Value for this field as(December 2014) for instance. I set the Data Properties "Allow Additions", "Allow Edits", and "Allow Deletions" to (Yes). Then I put the following code in the Form's Current Event:

Private Sub Form_Current()
If Me.month.Value = "December 2014" Then
Me.AllowAdditions = True
Me.AllowEdits = True
Me.AllowDeletions = True

[Code] ....

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General :: Split Database - Multi-Users Causing Records To Lock

Apr 16, 2013

I've got a database in Access 2007 that keeps track of client data for work. It's been working fine for about a month, and suddenly today other users can't change any information because the records are suddenly locked when accessed from their accounts.

I've already checked that they can't update forms, tables, nothing.

I've checked the database properties, it defaults to shared with no locks.

I've checked the properties of my forms - no locks.

I've double checked the permissions to the folder that the database is in - no restrictions.

The database is split.

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Split Tables>>Front End Doesn't Recognize Backenc

Jan 10, 2005

I split my database. Then got the bright idea to rename them. Now when I launch the front end (which contains the forms, etc.), I get a message saying that it can't find my backed. I've tried renaming the back end back to its original name, but its still not working.

What is the best way to fix this situation? I was thinking about opening the front end, and re-importing the tables from the back end, or, breaking the links between the front end and back end. If I re-import, should I move stuff from the front end to the back end or vice versa?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Add, Edit, Delete Fields In Access Database Via ASP

Apr 13, 2007

I have recently gotten a handle on ASP and found it to be a very powerful tool.

I am wondering if there is a way to design a page where I can list my database tables, and by using a command, I can use asp to do the following.

1. Add or delete table
2. Add, delete, or update fields within the tables

for instance: rename a field 'PersonName' to 'MyName' without change the original values in the field 'PersonName'

I have searched all over the net and could not find information on this subject.

Thanks in advance.

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Access 2003 To Access 2007 Split Database

Mar 8, 2007

Hi All,

Background Info: I developed our main department's Access 2003 split database which is on a server for 15+ Users. I've now been given Access 2007 for development -- Users still have 2003. There are also 2 other smaller databases that are not split (.mdb).

Problem: In the split database, I've saved the Application .mdb as 2003, relinked and made a new .mde. But the Users still cannot open the database. (I did this in a copy until I figure out the nuances with 2007.) The 2 other unsplit databases can be saved as 2003 version and Users can open OK.

I'm grateful for any suggestions on working with Access 2007. I've been trying to tackle the ribbon which is a whole other question.

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Access.LockFile.9, Even With Database Split

Jan 15, 2008

Hi there

I'm a bit confused with this.

I have a database which I've split and I've put both the frontend and the backend onto the network drive.

I'm pretty sure it's the case that the backend should be on the server and the copies of the frontend should be deployed to each of the computers that people are working with rather than each person working on the same frontend copy within the server. would this be right to say this?

At the moment there is two people working on the database and the third person cannot access the database because it's freezing and the 'access.lockfile.9' is showing on the third users computer for both the frontend and the backend.

Does anyone know how I can resolve this problem? is it a case of copying the frontend to each of the computers that the users are working with rather than them accessing the same frontend from the network drive.

Thankyou in advance for any help.

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Modules & VBA :: Edit Recent Files Of Access Database

Mar 18, 2014

Is it possible to edit the recent files of a access database?

We have a main database (version control database) from where you can open a database which is located on a network drive.

By selecting the datbase you need from a dropdown menu, access will check which version you have locally. If there is an updated version available on the network it will download this updated version, overwriting the old one. The 'main' database is then closed and the local version of the database you needed is opened.

The problem is that this local database is mentioned in the recent files history so people are able to bypass using the main database.

In Excel you can clear the recent files with application. Recent Files setting the maximum to 0 and back to original again. In Access you do not have this option.

Where I would be able to find this option. Ideally I'd like to only take out a specific databasename from the recent files, rather then resetting the full list.

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General :: Split Database Access FE And SQL Server BE

Mar 4, 2014

I am currently working on an application where I am using MS access as my FE and working with linked tables to SQL server BE. I also have a few temp tables within Access that are not linked but needed.

1. What are my steps into making this into a SPLIT DB? I am assume the BE will have my linked tables from SQL and the FE will have my temp tables and forms. Is this correct?
2. Once I split it, then I can make an .ACCDE file for a Mulit User environment, is this correct?

What other steps should I be made aware of?

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Edit Records On Form

Feb 8, 2006

Hi, I have a form where i would like to bring up various records for editing. This part is not a problem. BUT. If a user accidentally changes something and doesn't know what it used to be then i need to have a "cancel" button which will undo the edit so to speak. I am not sure of the best place to do this ?

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Forms :: Time Tracker - Access Split Database

Sep 15, 2014

I am currently preparing a time tracker in my office where there are similar task assigned to different users.

I created a form and split it for front end user and back end user. front end database was copied by each user in their local. However problem is that whenever a front end user update their database it is also reflected in other users database. Is their anyway front end user can see their database only....

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General :: Split Database Sharing And Remote Access?

Aug 4, 2013

I've just split a database into the front-end and back end components. But how to distribute it further.

Additionally, I need people who have the front end to access the database from their homes, not just from work.

What would I need to use?

Is there anything available for free?

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Modules & VBA :: Securing Access 2010 Split Database?

Dec 9, 2013

I have a split db with tables in the back end and my forms, reports, code etc. in the front end.

I encrypted the back end with a password. That worked fine.

I deleted and relinked my tables to the encrypted back end. That worked fine as well.

I have a function that will disable the shift key bypass. If I run that in my front end db then I can't save it as an accde because I can't get to the HOME screen. If I save it as an accde first then I can't run my 'disable shift key bypass' function because I can't get to the modules!

How can I secure a split Access 2010 database so that the user cannot execute shift bypass on the front end or make any changes to the code?

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Access 2010 - Modifying Forms In Split Database

May 11, 2012

I have a access 2010 split database and i need to modify one form on the front end (it is an accde file). However, when i open the Front end, i cannot find the possibility to go into the form design mode.

How do i need to do it? do i need to restart from the unsplit database?

The both the front end and the back end are password protected.

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Disappearing Data In Split Database - Access 2007

Jul 30, 2012

I work with an Access 2007 database that I split into a front end and back end. The back end holds all of the tables and the front end holds the queries, forms and reports. It is also a multi-user database, in that we have 14 people having access to the same back end. Each of the 14 people have their own front end. I have one main table in the back end listing clients and their individual ID numbers. That table has a One to Many relationship with several other tables, such as Case Notes and Authorizations, to name a couple.

Here's one of my problems: Sometimes data that is entered by a user will disappear.

Example 1: User creates a new record in the Authorizations form. Sometimes it is created by duplicating an existing record, sometimes it is completely new. User then prints a report from that new record, which looks like it has been saved. A couple minutes later, or a couple hours later, or maybe even the next day, user goes back into the database and cannot find the record that was previously created. At that time I look in the back end and cannot find the record either.

Example 2: User creates a new record in the Case Notes form on Day 1. These are always completely new records. User returns to the database on Day 2 and the new record sometimes does not show up in the form or in the back end table.

I cannot MAKE these things happen and they are sporadic, which makes it hard to diagnose, but why this was happening or if there was a way to retrieve the lost data.

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How Create Form That Allows You To Edit But Not Add New Records.

Mar 30, 2006

I guess this is a fairly basic one. I have a form that allows people to edit records, but I want to prevent people from adding new records on this form. I thought that if I put 'no' in the 'Allow additions' property, I would achieve this end, but when I do this, all the input boxes dissappear.
appreciate help

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When Opening A Database I Can Only View & Edit The Form...

Jul 9, 2007


When I attempt to open any of my Access databases I am presented only with the form that has been selected as the 'startup' option. Furthermore, it seems to be impossible to switch to 'design' view and my only options on the toolbar are File, Edit, Insert, Records, Windows, Help. As far as I can tell, none of these enable me to select the options required to give me my entire database back.

I am something of an Access novice, so if the above problem seems familiar to anyone i'd be grateful for the solution! The help option within MS Access hasn't been particularly useful.

Many thanks,


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Forms :: Show All Records In Datasheet Subform On Form With Combo Box Filters On Load

Apr 1, 2015

I am having an issue trying to show all records when I load my form. It loads correctly when I don't have a record source for the main form. However, the combobox filters will not work. My goal is to have users be able to use the datasheet, subdatasheet and combobox filters. I can get the form to work just fine when I link the Main form and subform, but when the form opens it is filtered on the first record. I have been successful with this approach when using other forms, but they didn't require a subdatasheet.

Is there anyway I can have the comboboxes to filter yet be able to show all records until the user selects filters? Is this possible?I finally got my Manager to agree to use a database instead of Excel files based on this form setup and I need to make as "user friendly" as possible (look and function like a spreadsheet) I attached some pics of the form along with the code for the filter.

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Load Form On Startup In Access 2007

Nov 27, 2006


Sorry if this is a really dumb question - I have just started using Access and I couldn't find the answer to this doing a forum search.

I have made a database consisting of a table and a form. All I want to do is get the form to appear automatically when the database is opened. I am using Access 2007.

Many thanks,


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