InStr To Remove : And , And Sum Data

May 1, 2007

Greetings All

I have some data-- specifically times for cell phone usage in the format of (7:00, 15:51, 1,200:45, etc). I need to find a way to remove the ":" and the ","-- sum the data and then return it to its previous format of (7:00, 15:51, 1,200:45, etc). Does anyone have some code they could post??

thanks as always


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Instr Function

Oct 26, 2006

Hi,In SQL SERVER 2005 Database I have a field called MedNames with values such as "sodium % 34ml" "desx chloride 9 % 76ml"I need to return the words before and including % so "sodium % 34ml"  should return ""sodium % " Is it possible to do it in a select statement? I need to populate a dropdownlist with the shortened names.Thanks

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Using Instr() Len() And Mid() Function In SQL Statement

Oct 11, 2004

I am using the Instr(), Len(), and Mid() function in my SQL query and I keep getting errors stating those are not recognized functions. IS this correct? are there any equivelants?


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I Am Looking For The Function That Is The Same As InStr In Access

Jan 29, 2001

Hello there...
I am looking for the function that is the same as InStr in Access for SQL server. I have a column that has format like this.. Lastname,Firstname Middlename...
This column doesn't separate each one of them. However I need to separate Lastname and Firstname and Middlename.. I was told that in Access there is function(InStr) that can find a position of comma and separate it as Lastname like that....
I was searching BOL but I couldn't find like this function in SQL Server..
So I need help:-))))
Because everybody has a different length of the lastname, I have a problem.
I can not use SUBSTRING or LEFT or RIGHT because of the varying position of comma ...

Thanks in advance

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String Function - InStr

Dec 11, 2002

In VB there is InStr, in Excel you have SEARCH. what function can i use to search a string for a specific string. ie: how can i find where a space is in someones name?

our database has a table that is used for security. it contains a user code, user name and passcode. i need to split the username (currently forename and surname in same field) into two, around the space.

in VB i would write something like
strFName = left(<usernamefield>,InStr(1,<usernamefield>," ")-1)
to get the forename and similar to get the surname. how can i do this in SQL so that a view will supply the data apprpriately?

one of the reasons i want to do this is so that i can sort the users by surname! another is so that i can give options on their usercode - a combination of forename initial and 2 characters from surname.

any help welcomed.

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Find? Instr? Indexof?

Jan 20, 2006

is there a sql keyword for find or instr?

i have a field i wish to make into two and i need the position of a string "-" in the field so i can do a select right and copy that data to a new colm

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Using CURSOR For INSTR Purposes

Mar 21, 2007

TASK: At my work we want to categorize and summarize all our IIS web logs and make statistics from it and such. What I need to do is take the browser type from a certain column in the table. All the information is stored in 1 column, and I figure an instr function would be best to do this. I am new to SQL, so I was told to look up the cursor function. In summary, I want to take all the IIS data and match it up against a defined table and then have a sum function for each browser.

Here are some examples of what the column data looks like: (found in the [csMethod] column


I made a define table which lists an ID (primary key) and instr to search for as well as the full browser name. (define.browser)


1___Opera+7_______Opera 7
2___Opera/9_______Opera 9
4___Firefox/1.0___Mozilla Firefox 1.0
5___Firefox/1.5___Mozilla Firefox 1.5
6___Firefox/2.0___Mozilla Firefox 2.0
7___MSIE+5.5______Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5
8___MSIE+5________Microsoft Internet Explorer 5
9___MSIE+6________Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
10___MSIE+7________Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
11_________________OTHER BROWSER

I am having problems getting a cursor to work. Are there any good tutorials out there, or can anyone be of assistance. Thank you in advance.

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Instr() Equivalent In SQL Server

Jul 20, 2005

I am trying to convert a complex function from Oracle to SQL Serverand have come across Oracle's Instr() function. I see SQL Server hasCHARINDEX() which is similar, however it does not provide some keyfunctionality I need. Here is an example of the Oracle code:if Instr( sTg , cDelim, 1, 3 ) > 0 thensd := SubStr( sTg, Instr( sTg , cDelim, 1, 1 ) + 1, Instr( sTg,cDelim, 1, 2 ) - Instr( sTg , cDelim, 1, 1 ) - 1)end if;Has anybody converted anything similar to this within SQL Server? Anyhelp is GREATLY appreciated!Thanks.

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Jul 20, 2005

Hi everybody,I was looking for an equivalent ORACLE INSTR Function in MSSQL but Idont found it and I dont know if it exist so I must to write it andthis is the code. Maybe it will be helful to you:/************************************************** *************************Description:Looks for a string inside another string and returns an integerthat correspond to the position of first ocurrence.Parameters:Input:- strSource. Contains the string where the functions look for theother string- strToFind. Contains the string to look for inside strSourceSalida:- Integer value indicating the position of first occurrence ofstrToFind in strSource************************************************** *************************/CREATE FUNCTION posSubString(@strSource varchar(400),@strToFind varchar(200)) RETURNS intASBEGINDECLARE@position int,@maxPos int,@longSubStr int,@res int,@strSub varchar(200)SET @position = 0SET @res = 0SET @longSubStr = LEN(RTIRM(LTRIM(@strToFind)))SET @maxPos = LEN(@strSource) - @longSubStrWHILE (@position <= @strToFind)BEGINSET @strSub = SUBSTRING(@strSource, @position, @longSubStr)IF (@strToFind = @StrSub)BEGINSET @res = @position - 1RETURN @resENDELSESET @position = @position + 1ENDRETURN @resENDAlonso

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INSTR Function In TransactSQL Of SQLServer 7

Sep 25, 2000

My question is about the INSTR function of MSAccess
I want to know

Goodbye at every
I would you like to know if in TransactSQL of SQLServer7 exist a function that return the position of a string into an other string .
that is a Instr function MSAccess like


I'm sorry for my bad English
Thank you for everything


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Instr (vbscript) Function Explanation ???

Jan 15, 2001

I went to Microsoft to find some info about the function Instr. I need to
perform a search with a string similar to their example I found below. Can
anyone explain to me Microsoft's example?? I am little confused by the
parameters used and the explanation it gives back to me??

Dim SearchString, SearchChar, MyPos
SearchString ="XXpXXpXXPXXP" ' String to search in.
SearchChar = "P" ' Search for "P".
MyPos = Instr(4, SearchString, SearchChar, 1) ' A textual comparison
starting at position 4. Returns 6.
MyPos = Instr(1, SearchString, SearchChar, 0) ' A binary comparison
starting at position 1. Returns 9.
MyPos = Instr(SearchString, SearchChar) ' Comparison is binary by default
(last argument is omitted). Returns 9.
MyPos = Instr(1, SearchString, "W") ' A binary comparison starting at
position 1. Returns 0 ("W" is not found).

My problem is this:

I need to scan within SearchString for blanks/spaces characters. When I
find one, then place the values to the left and right of it in seperate
columns. For example, I would need to scan 'John Smith A' and then place
'John' in FirstName column, 'Smith' in LastName column, and 'A' in MidName

I think this is how my code would read, but I am confused on how to place
the results into my table to the correct columns?

my search string would be SearchString = 'John Smith A'
my SearchChar would be SearchChar = ' ' (note I am searching for a
space/blank character)

So would then my code be like:

Dim SearchString, SearchChar, MyPos
SearchString = 'John Smith A'
SearchChar = ' '
MyPos = Instr(1, SearchString, SearchChar, 0)

How do I get whatever is returned from the Instr function to a column in a

Any help would be great.


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Instr Function For MSQL Query

Jun 4, 2007

Hi All

My SQL is extremly rusted so I need some help with a very basic function. I have a character field which is built up using a category code + '-' + number. The problem I have is that the category codes are all different lengths and the items were added using 9 instead of 09. I'm trying to clean up the data so that the same item with e.g. category code DZ20 cannot be added as DZ20-1 and DZ20-01. How do I find the position of the '-' in the Query Analyser for MSSQL 2000?

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Equivalent Of Oracle's INSTR( With 4 Parameters) In SQL Server

Feb 2, 2005

The syntax for Oracle's INSTR function is

instr (string1, string2, [start_position], [nth_appearance])

string1 is the string to search.

string2 is the substring to search for in string1.

start_position is the position in string1 where the search will start. This argument is optional. If omitted, it defaults to 1. The first position in the string is 1. If the start_position is negative, the function counts back start_position number of characters from the end of string1 and then searches towards the beginning of string1.

nth_appearance is the nth appearance of string2. This is optional. If omiited, it defaults to 1.

In SQL Server, we are having CHARINDEX and PATINDEX functions. But they will not accept the fourth paremeter (nth_appearance)

Do anybody know the solution for this ????

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Reporting Services :: Getting Error Displayed When Using InStr

Nov 18, 2015

I have a field that contains a town  ex : New York. Sometimes, the field will have brackets to be more specific ex: New York (Brooklyn). What I need is a formula that will return only "Brooklyn" if there are brackets or  the whole field if there are no brackets.Here's what I thought would do the trick :

=Iif(InStr(First(Fields!Ville.Value, "MW1R017A_IdentificationTravailleur_AdresseTravailleur"), "(") > 0,
Left(Split(First(Fields!Ville.Value, "MW1R017A_IdentificationTravailleur_AdresseTravailleur"), "(")(1), len(Split(First(Fields!Ville.Value, "MW1R017A_IdentificationTravailleur_AdresseTravailleur"), "(")(1)) - 1)
, First(Fields!Ville.Value, "MW1R017A_IdentificationTravailleur_AdresseTravailleur"))

So if InStr returns more than 0, meaning that I have brackets, I'll split at the "(", get the second part and remove the last character which is the closing bracket I don't want. If there is no bracket, I'll return the whole field.Somehow, when there is no bracket, my report overview shows me "#Error" as if the first Iif was true and what's in the true part is not actually possible, because it's trying to take the second part of a split that couldn't split because there is no bracket to split.

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SQL Server Management Studio: Can Not Remove AdventureWorksDB In Add Or Remove Programs Of Control Panel

Nov 30, 2006

Hi all,

I tried to remove AdventureWorksDB in the "Add or Remove Programs" of Contol Panel and I got the following errors: (1) AdventureWorksDB     Error 1326: Error getting file security: CProgram FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL1MSSQLGetLastError: 5.      |OK|   and (2) Add or Remove Programs   Fatal Error during installation (after I clicked the |OK| button).   Please help and tell me how I can solve this problem.

Thanks in advance,

Scott  Chang 

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How Do I Clean Up The SQL Server (ctp) From ADD/REMOVE Program Without The Change/remove Button

Oct 12, 2006

I have uninstalled the CTP version of the SQL Server express so that I can install the released version but CTP version is still listed in the add/remove program list but without the change/remove button. I have been to different sites to find information on cleaning this up and I have ran all the uninstall tool I can find but the problem still prevails. I cannot install the released version without completely getting rid of the CTP version. Please help anyone.



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Remove Duplicate Data

Dec 16, 2004

I have a query that for one reason or another produces duplicate information in the result set. I have tried using DISTINCT and GROUP BY to remove the duplicates but because of the nature of the data I cannot get this to work, here is an example fo the data I am working with

ID Name Add1 Add2
1 Matt 16 Nowhere St Glasgow
1 Matt 16 Nowhere St Glasgow, Scotland
2 Jim 23 Blue St G65 TX
3 Bill 45 Red St
3 Bill 45 red St London

The problem is that a user can have one or more addresses!! I would like to be able to remove the duplicates by keeping the first duplicate ID that appears and getting rid of the second one. Any ideas?


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Remove Duplicae Data

Sep 19, 2005

Hi All,

I have information as following:

Name Age ID
Frew 11 3333333
Freni 23 3333323
Frew 11 3333333

As you can see first row and third row contain same record, how could I remove it?


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How To Remove A Charater From A SQL Data.

Dec 22, 2006

Dear Frineds

I have a hyperlink datatype column in Access database.I import that column into SQL Table.

Now my column in sql table say 'imp_cl 'have all data from Acces table.
But all record are prefix with"#" and at the end of value also have "#".
that means it imported in following way

eg. #//Server/image/img1.pdf#

Now I want to remove this # from both side.As we have around 80,000 record of same type,it is very difficult to do it record by record.

I would like to know aay fuction ,method or programme to remove this "#" from all record.

Thannk you


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How To Remove Dupicate Data....

Mar 24, 2008

Hello All,

I do have redundancy in data for a particaular table.
Can any one please guide me how to remove duplicate data.


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How To Remove From The Incoming Data

May 19, 2008

Here is my sample data

Input text file:
"Name" "25" "00/00/00"

When i store the data in the database it get's stored with " " just the way it looks above

Expected output:I want to remove " " surrounding data.How do i remove???
eg: Name 25 00/00/00

Please let me know


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How To Remove Secondary Data File????

Jan 16, 2003

I have a SQL Server 2000 database with a primary data file (MDF) and a secondary data file (NDF). I would like to remove the secondary file and only have the MDF. Is this possible?

Thanks, Dave

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Remove Null From Pivot Data?

Jan 17, 2015

I have a pivot query returning data ordered by a timestamp. In any give second only a few of the columns will have data, the remaining columns are NULL. I would like to default the NULL data values to the previous NON NULL value by timestamp.

Current Pivot Table:

Time RowA RowB RowC
12:15:12 NULL NULL 50
12:15:11 97 NULL NULL
12:15:10 98 25 51
12:15:06 101 NULL 50
12:15:05 100 NULL NULL

What should be returned:

Time RowA RowB RowC
12:15:12 97 25 50
12:15:11 97 25 51
12:15:10 98 25 51
12:15:06 101 NULL 50
12:15:05 100 NULL NULL

I know that I can do this user a cursor and handling the output is code, but I would prefer to do this in a single set based query.

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How To Remove Repetitive Data Rows?

Apr 9, 2008

Hi, i am very struggle to find out.

My input table consist of TWO columns. And this is my table
Time Action
17:42 SELL
17:43 BUY
17:44 SELL
17:45 SELL
17:46 SELL
17:47 BUY
17:48 BUY
17:49 SELL
17:50 SELL

When ever ACTION columns data are repeating remove that repetitive data rows.

(i mean to say Bold characters rows want to remove)

And finally my output should like this

Time Action
17:42 SELL
17:43 BUY
17:44 SELL
17:47 BUY
17:49 SELL

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How To Remove {CR}{LF} And Tab {t} Characters From Source Data?

Nov 7, 2006

I have built a SSIS package that reads in data from a SQL Server 2005 source database into a flat file destination. The Row Delimiter is {CR}{LF}. The Column Delimiter is Tab {t}.

The data being read from the SQL Server database contains both {CR}{LF} and Tab {t} characters in various fields on several rows.

How can I process the input data from the SQL Server to remove these characters before passing it to the destination output file?

Sorry if this is obvious to all, but I am only just starting with SSIS...

Many thanks


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Programmatically Remove Varbinary Data From Table

Mar 29, 2008

Hey all,
I have a profile table for members of a website that allows them to upload an avatar for use throughout the site. I decided to add the option to just remove the avatar if they want to no longer use one at all and I am stuck.
I am running an update statement against thier entire profile incase they change more then just removing thier avatar but of course when I try this statement.
myCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@avatar", "")
I get a conversion error, which makes sence. So what instead of "" do I need for code to just insert empty data to overwirte thier current avatar data.
Any help would be great, thanks for you time.

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Remove Double Quotes From Column Data?

Jun 17, 2014

I imported data from flat file to SQL Server database table. After execution one of column got data with double quotes. It look like:

22222.....02/14/2014....."Smith, John"
333........02/14/2014....."Brownies, Alian"

How to remove quotes?

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DB Engine :: Cannot Remove One Last Data File From TempDB

May 19, 2015

In tweaking performance of tempdb by adding add'l data files I want to reset back to defaults and remove all add'l files I've created.  I was not able to do it for most as they were in use, but by starting the server in single-user mode with all other sql services shut off, and using sqlcmd I was able to use the ALTER DATABASE tempdb REMOVE FILE <tempdev#> to remove the files... except for one.

I have also tried using the command:

ALTER DATABASE tempdb MODIFY FILE (NAME = tempdev#, FILENAME = '<new location');

Restarted SQL server, and tried the ALTER DATABASE ... REMOVE FILE again but am always denied with the message that the file can't be removed b/c it's still in use.

I also tried to shrink it with EMPTYFILE but that also fails with the message that a page is a work table page and can't be removed.

I really need to get tempdb back to just one data file but am unable to find a way to remove this last data file.

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Unable To Remove SQL Instance In Add/Remove Program

Mar 8, 2007

I need help,

I am having a hard time removing my SQL instance inside the Add/Remove program. After i select the SQL Instance name and then I tried to remove it but it won't allow me to delete it. There isn't any error message or whatsoever. Actually, when i try to log it in my SQL Management studio, that certain sql instance name is not existing according to the message box. Is there any way to remove the Sql Instance in my system?

I appreciate your help, Thanks

IS Support

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Cann't Remove Data File From User Database

Mar 15, 2004

We are running SQL server 2003 with SP3. I'm trying to
shrink a data files with the emptyfile option so I can
eventually remove the file using the alter database
command. However, I get the following error message when I
run the alter database command:

Error: the file PRADATA4 cannot be removed because it is
not empty.

The file that I'm trying to remove still has 62 extents on it.
I looked MS Knowledge base 254253 and 279511 on this problem but they say it is corrected by SQL server 7.0 with service pack 3.
commands that I'm running are as follows:



Can anyone help?


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How Can U Remove My Post ? Data Migration From AS400 To Sql2005

Apr 17, 2007


Yesterday I had posted a query of How to transfer the Data from AS400 files to Sql 2005 tables with DTS and the error I received for the same. I am not able to view the replies since it has been deleted. Pls repost the same. I posted the query expecting for a solution but instead my question was deleted..... the very purpose of forum is defeated.



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SQL Server 2008 :: How To Remove / Uninstall Management Data Warehouse

Aug 12, 2010

I have tried to set up the Management Data Warehouse on one of our production servers, but it is not working (not collecting any data) so I want to completely remove it and try the installation again. There does not seem to be any remove/uninstall option.

How to completely remove the Management Data Warehouse?

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (SP1) - 10.0.2531.0 (X64)
Mar 29 2009 10:11:52
Copyright (c) 1988-2008 Microsoft Corporation
Enterprise Edition (64-bit) on Windows NT 6.1 <X64> (Build 7600: )

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Value With Data Type Nvarchar - Convert To Decimal And Remove 0 Infront

Jan 21, 2014

I have value with data type nvarchar:


How can i convert to decimal and remove 0 infront? but those with 0.xx would not remove the 0 after the dote.


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